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  1. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-04-27 04:04
    Doesn't matter regardless. Reverted back to my old avatar and title. I would like to use that "Hiromi Desk" one, but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to see the desk so it loses the effect.
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-04-26 23:52
    Pretty sure Enzo is a bigger Cross Game fan than a TT fan so I don't see him dropping his Kitamura Kou avatar anytime soon
  3. Triple_R
    2012-04-26 16:08
    "Unlimited Hate Works"... lol! Nicely played, sir, nicely played.

    Thanks a lot for adopting the Sayaka avatar.
  4. Flower
    2012-04-26 15:33
    D'awww ... a kawai avy for you this time, eh?

    Very nice!
  5. Triple_R
    2012-04-26 11:58
    And here is your new avatar for the coming week, courtesy of Coldlight!

    I'd suggest the following User Text for it: "Wink to Triple_R"
  6. Blue-kun
    2012-04-25 17:19
    Haha, I remember the AGE thing. Honestly speaking though, I ended up liking the character designs more than I did the show. I gave it a bunch of episodes and was actually pleasantly surprised by how it kicked off. Some neat rescue plans, sacrifices and all. It was very Gundam-y, behind the kiddie-ish designs. However, and ironically enough, the show started going downhill for me from episode 5 and beyond, which, supposedly, was what Hino said would be "the really cool episode"!

    But yeah, Gundam fans I'd say are pickier than people who watch Kyoto shows. It might be related to the fact that a lot of Gundam fans who are willing to get into debates about it are those guys who have been following the franchise ever since they were younger, so really, the expectations are always really high. And I guess they're "real" expectations, from fans who actually will not refrain from criticising the show if they feel it's not delivering what they initially thought it would.

    On the other hand, sometimes I also feel that a lot of the Kyoto praise is very... superfluous. There's a ton of "Kyoto Animation fans" who simply repeat the same "it's very detailed", "great animation" mantra but are, for the most part, unable to properly explain why this is being said. This became more apparent the more famous the studio grew, too, which I guess is just the price being paid for said recognition of their works. Coupled with the wide appeal of their more recent Kadokawa titles and how easy they are to enjoy, pretty much anyone can join the bandwagon for "Kyoto" fans, haha.

    Still, and while I do try to keep myself away from that, it really wouldn't be much of a stretch to call Kyoto Animation my favourite studio in the industry, but that's because I /really/ enjoy their work "philosophy", if one might call it that. Like I told someone else, if I were to make a football analogy, Kyoto would probably be the Barcelona of the anime industry. They might not always win, but they know perfectly well what they're after and how they want to attain that. Working with the same principles over a ton of years and keeping an in-house staff just gives them something that few other studios possess, and it's that particular bit what I enjoy the most. Of course, one might argue that it gets 'predictable', but I don't mind. There are all those other studios and equally talented freelancer dudes working in partnership to create those "innovative" and original works which I'll end up enjoying a lot, too.
  7. Blue-kun
    2012-04-25 10:49
    In that case, then sure, I'm just going to side with you here. There's no defense possible for outrageously bad E8 is, and people who come up with the trolling thing simply aren't worth the trouble. Actually, that's the issue with the Internet these days, words people just throw around as if they have some incredible meaning. 'Troll', 'moe' (which apparently works for everything that is slightly cute now) and so on.

    Either way, I don't even like talking about studios in the first place, because there aren't a lot of them which you can be sure what to expect. Take DEEN for example. Sankarea is a really neat show, looks good and it has some nice direction as well. If I acted like "OH GOD DEEN" I probably wouldn't even give it a chance, since it means it'll be bad from the get-go. Same applies to J.C Staff here, who knows how LB will turn out. However, same way people go "oh god DEEN", I'm sure it's 'understandable' why there was such a backlash on their announcement as the studio in charge of LB. People come from three really loved Kyoto works, and they expect nothing will be able to top that off. It's not unnusual, just a bit funny.

    Oh, and in that same vein, Kyoto is an exception. I can safely talk about it as a studio since it has a ton of in-house staff, so at the very least you KNOW you'll be getting a good looking show where technical bits are concerned.

    Anyhow, you're welcomed. I think I get treated as the big bad KyoAni fanboy simply for defending it way too early, so it's also nice when I see some people acknowledge that I'm not going 'blind fanboyism' here. I'm willing to hear what anyone has to say, and I'll simply present my point in return. That's what arguments are for, right? :V
  8. Triple_R
    2012-04-25 10:41
    Oh, wow, that's a great offer, lol. No prob on helping you out, though - What were you saying was pretty clear, people were just being picky about your actual word choice, lol.

    Alas, I'm currently cut off from my comp so this might take me a bit. But trust me, I'll have an avvy for you soon.
  9. Blue-kun
    2012-04-25 10:13
    As to avoid more offtopic there -- I don't know, I try not to follow Haruhi conversations. Did people really try to justify E8? I mean, it was terrible, the only justification I can give was the one I gave there. It wasn't of their own accord that they did eight episodes which were basically the same. Kadokawa simply forced them to. But other than that, there's really no excuse and no way to go around and call E8, well, good.
  10. Last Sinner
    2012-04-25 09:18
    Last Sinner
    Some jerk intentionally wanted violent sex titles. Obvious troll once you see his reasons and rep.

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