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  1. Flower
    2011-12-29 05:10
    Oh ho! New avy eh? Nice.
  2. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-29 05:08
    I don't know if it's an attempt of "Author's Saving Throw" by Tsuzuki but at least i like the fact that Signum didn't ignored the incident and is actively trying to amend for her screw up on that fight. And know the bits on the G.O.D. game that sugguest she builded a close relationship with Tohma and Lily, all of that can be developed into very interesting stuff for Signum, just hope Tsuzuki really wants to do that and it's not just another bone he throws at Signum's fans xDU.
  3. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-29 00:03
    It's like a Chronic habit xDU

    ...Tomoyo is a bit unfair, she's a "King of fighters" level fighter in a series filled with normal people(and Sunohara xD).

    I've thinked of praising Reinforce but now the 2nd PSP game revealed that Reinforce wasn't awesome by herself on first place, she was borrowing the awesomeness from "Unbreakable Darkness" xDU

    Curren Huckebein have my attention because she's totally Badass and unmatched so far but her potty mouth and petulant attitude don't appeal to me xDU.

    The part that pisses me off it's that it looked like Signum trowed the towel, she just succumbed without any display of guts unlike almost all the other defeated heroes in the series:

    Vita trounced Nanoha: Nanoha holds up Raising Heart defeiantly even when she knows she's screwed.

    Subaru got blasted by Cinque: Continues rampaging against her and would've continued if not for Sein's intervention.

    Vita got stabbed by Type IV Gadget Drone: We all remeber that one.

    Signum got stabbed: Does nothing and rests on a crater -_-

    ...gritting her teeth or gripping her bleeding injury while raising on one of her knees could be pretty awesome even if she was ultimately defeated but no, she just falls uncousncious and that's it u_u
  4. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-28 23:37
    I was very confused at first but i got attracted to the series by Ringo, poor and awesome girl, the universe seems to hate her but she just don't give up xD! And the Takakura siblings are very endearing each one in their one way. Kanba is just plain Badass, Himari is a very brave maiden and, while not as awesome as his brother, Shouma has a lot of heart xD!

    The ending was mind screwing as hell but i liked it very much xD.

    I love ringo and think she's pretty badass because that's a really good sample of how to handle someone being trounced by life and rise up to the challenge. Be by rising from a trap hole, running after a motorcycle or still struggling to fight while BURNING TO DEATH! Fight with all you have until the very last breath, THAT'S what i want to see.

    Unfortunately Signum is not that kind of person and Tsuzuki is not that kind of writer so i only have my imagination to fill the gaps xDU.
  5. Last Sinner
    2011-12-27 12:08
    Last Sinner
    Nice prose. Gave me a laugh. Hope Christmas went well for you. Would you like a light-hearted/indulgent version in reply?
  6. Hooves
    2011-12-26 01:01
    Happy Holidays to you Archon_Wing and to the current members of the "We Hate Blizzard" bandwagon. Hoping for more animes that suit your interest next year.
  7. Flower
    2011-12-26 00:47
    Well ... I went ahead and did it anyway. Ah well. It was helpful for me to "put all my ducks in a row" at least.
  8. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-25 23:55
    Do you know when the 3rd season of Carnival Phantasm starts?

    I loved the first eight episodes xD! I laughed so hard that tears came out from my eyes xD

    ...also: Saber ...waitress ...EVER!!!!

  9. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-25 23:02
    I think so, i still feel unsettled at the Signum issues by i don't feel at despair. But that probably is the effect of enjoying christmas with my family and having fun with my brothers and nieces xD

    We'll see on mid-january how i hold up things, i guess i'm now more able to look at the good side of things.

    And yeah, Force is terrible xDU.
  10. Lost Cause
    2011-12-25 18:27
    Lost Cause
    So I watched Carnaval Phantasm and IT FRICKIN ROCKED!!!! Now that's my kind of anime! I'm going to watch Fate/Zero later. Thanks for telling me about that one! Linda

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