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  1. Last Sinner
    2011-11-29 11:00
    Last Sinner
    I'm hearing so much lately of people raging about Guilty Crown and dropping it after thinking it was going to go somewhere. If there's one show form this year I'm glad I detected early to drop and cease, it's that one.
  2. Triple_R
    2011-11-24 13:08
    Remember the whole mWo (Madoka World Order) thing I had going on for awhile?

    Well, I just noticed something very funny.

    This, my friend, is official Madoka Magica artwork.

    Notice something about how Madoka is holding her hand there?

    If you need further hint, compare it to this.

    Too Sweet!!! Hollywood Magic indeed...
  3. Last Sinner
    2011-11-21 22:09
    Last Sinner
    I think talking about series openly is generally only condoned in the General Anime forum. Threads about specific series tend to be 'talk about it only if you like it or GTFO.' Meh, those fans helped me get turned off the series faster, really. Which is fine by me.

    Well, one of the reasons I respect you is because you say it like it is, which is a quality Australians value highly. So you'd be more than welcome in my parts.

    As for what the writers would think - I think the pre-orders hitting profit numbers and looking like the 2nd highest selling noitaminA title for this year is all they care about. Sales and quality rarely correlate.
  4. Flower
    2011-11-21 16:34
    Ftr it looks like someone did report the thread - a mod swooped in already.
  5. AvianWing
    2011-11-19 12:11
    Since the protagonist always need to scale to the level of the enemy, I guess it's inevitable that they need to nerf saber a bit. I'm a bit sad to not see Saber at her full glory, though =P
  6. Stiletto
    2011-11-18 20:01
    Didn't know it was a secret. Here I thought I was being original. Ah, oh well.

    Yup, you got it. I prefer calling it tomodachi Sukunai or some other variant. Remembering Japanese titling isn't my strong suit. Love the show so far, only real slice of life I've been able to really get into for a long while now.

    Yeah, the fights so far have been pretty eye catching. Though I'm hoping they'll be abit more drawn out since it just feels like they're ending too quickly. 'Least for my tastes. :P
  7. Stiletto
    2011-11-18 16:15
    I use to take it seriously, but I learned its better to butthead and be dickheaded for the enjoyment of it.

    As for my top anime, its in chronological order on my currently watching. Guilty Crown is my top, followed by Zero, followed by T-Suku.
  8. Stiletto
    2011-11-18 16:09
    Good to have you.
  9. TheEroKing
    2011-11-18 14:17
    thanks. i didn't have anything else to do
  10. Last Sinner
    2011-11-18 12:49
    Last Sinner
    Well, it was an amusing conclusion to ISML.

    But I digress. This week I watched Monster. It's now my #1 series. It's utterly levelled the way I thought about anime/manga and drawn it up anew. It saddens me botched epicness sells so well yet a perfectly crafted masterpiece of writing, multiple plot lines and intricate characterisation was ignored, at least in anime form - the manga was popular in Japan when it was coming out. But I think the newest crop of anime fans would be near incapable of understanding its brilliance. Things have changed so much in the last few years. If Monster came out now - I doubt it'd have been recognised at all. The fact the English license is being sat on and not released makes me sick. I want to own this show in the worst way. And I probably will never be able to...

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