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  1. Rethice
    2011-11-03 04:14
    I don't know, depends what kind of rage it inspires.

    Even me, in my usual chillaxed state, was sent into a mad berserk rage by Ore Imo.

    Kirino just... Pulled a nerve on me somewhere... Argh - you could not believe the rage. I'm so glad I wasn't active on AS when I watched that.
  2. Rethice
    2011-11-03 04:07
    A Town Where you Rage...

    What the... This almost sounds too good to be true.

    I just wonder if they mean "Rage" or "Angst"... There's a big difference, and the latter irritates me. I will investigate this...

    EDIT- The reason I think they mean angst is because the synopsis kinda sounds more like that..
  3. Rethice
    2011-11-03 03:17
    Silly Demisoda and his Starcraft.

    I've lost count how many times I've watched the first episode of season 1 of Last Exile. It seems like something I'd like, I'd just need to bolt myself down to get started and then I'd probably be hooked.

    So there's no relation to season 1? I might check out season 2, and it might inspire me to watch season 1...

    Yuno's expressions are hilarious, especially the one that seems to have become some sort of meme. She's hot in a "I'll cut your face off and jam it down your throat" sort of way though. :>

    I just noticed you haven't seen Spice and Wolf or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann according to your MAL.. Well, I just have one thing to say about that.

    -Insert fanboy rant here-

    So there. Hope that inspires you to check them out.
  4. Rethice
    2011-11-03 01:57
    I enjoyed the vidya game, and that's pretty much the sole reason I'm stomaching P4 the animation - I'm just curious how well they adapt the rest of the series. Up until now it has been less than good, but my curiousity has gotten the better of me.

    Mirai Nikki I'm following, unlike you I really enjoyed episode 3 and 4. The crappy animation doesn't bother me at all, I've never paid much attention to animation quality in anime unless it's -really good-. (See: Shiney Clannaids)

    Ben-to is hillarious, but I'm getting the feeling it's getting a bit too serious now - I liked the way it started off mocking the concept of death matches for bento, but now it's all about the morals behind it.

    Guilty Crown is... Average, but I'm enjoying it. I don't understand how it's a Code Geass clone though. The MC is nothing like Lelouch, and that fact alone will make the later progression of the show -nothing- alike, as it was Lelouch's ruthlessness that made CG go where it did.

    It's so hard to say what my favourites of the season are after F/Z, it's far too soon to tell. Some of them may turn to shit later on - like Mirai Nikki seems to go up and down, and now that BwT has introduced the inferior extra characters instead of focusing on the awesomness of Sena and Yozora, I have my doubts for its future. Though, yeah, Rika was quite funny. That makes two massively perverted female characters this season (the girl from bento as well). I kind of like that - it's a nice change from the perverted male friends.
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-11-03 01:56
    I'm in your wall, hijacking your sarcasm exchanges :3
  6. Rethice
    2011-11-03 01:41
    Both?... How... Genious.

    Harem end is best end!!

    I don't like any of the new characters. How about you?
  7. Rethice
    2011-11-03 01:35
    Hey if it makes you feel any better if I wasn't trolling your profile page I'd just be refreshing certain thread pages waiting for someone to reply.

    Plus you seem like the one here that best matches my sarcastic trolling style.

    So in short, Meat > Witch.
  8. Rethice
    2011-11-03 01:22
    And I'm at work! Doesn't stop me from slacking off.
  9. Rethice
    2011-11-03 01:19
    Haha, I suppose some people would be silly enough to take me seriously.

    How un-fun.
  10. Rethice
    2011-11-03 01:11
    But cows don't have awesome breasts either... Unless... You find udders appealing?...

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