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  1. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-31 13:01
    I saw it and can't resisted the temptation to use it just for kicks and giggles xD

    fun indeed xD
  2. Last Sinner
    2011-12-31 12:55
    Last Sinner
    Well, you gave an amusing short piece of hate. So I figured I'd better give one about love in return. Why on earth it ended up that way, blame it on my daydreams about females making out and getting down with each other. I really struggle to think of a couple to write about where I like the guy as he originally was, so I seem to feel more comfortable when writing about two women. I can't say I've seen a case of romance in anime where I truly dug the couple. There's always at least two factors that rduce the 'Awww!' factor and make me facepalm. My IRL friends and I once had a series of messages back and forth talking about all the watchable romance anime we had seen and saying what we liked and what drove us nuts, all coming to the conclusion any romance anime would drive us bonkers before finally giving us satisfaction in the couple. I thought since it was Christmas and your piece gave me a temporary obsession with rhyming, why not just dive into the deep end and write something utterly abusurd yet deliciously yurilicious. I did alert Triple_R to its existence but no word yet. Maybe he's more in shock than you were. ^^

    I saw your top 10 list. A good list. Although on a personal might be a bit disgusted at me. I've really tried to get into the Gundam franchise. But most of the series drive me bonkers or bore the heck out of me. G was okay because of Mister Asia. But the only one I've followed up and kept watching is...*drum roll*...Double Zeta! And I can imagine you facepalming after reading that. Sorry man. Kamille, Amuro and everyone else - I lose my mind quickly over them. Judau and the antics that cast get up to - I dug that right away. The sticking point for me is Judau is not a prick like most male protagonists are for me. He may be a bit in denial at times, but for the greater part, the guy just does what he has to and goes with the flow. I know that series made Bright look a lot more stupid than he was in the first two series and that it's really a parody series that was meant to kill the franchise since Tomino hates franchises. But...ANIME JA NAI! I love that theme so much! And that cast is...likeable! Something that's freaking rare for me in any Gundam title I've tried! Typical I'd like the Gundam series that a good deal of people consider the most unlike the franchise!
  3. bhl88
    2011-12-31 08:32
    2 million points = despaired ultimately
  4. TheEroKing
    2011-12-31 02:41
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year in advance
  5. Last Sinner
    2011-12-29 13:19
    Last Sinner
    With a lightened heart I did sleep
    And did my best not to weep
    Were the events of last night real?
    Could my shattered soul finally heal?
    At the stroke of twelve my door did knock
    Matching the timing of the clock
    Eagerly I did attend
    Much nervous energy to expend
    Standing there in front of me
    Was perfection as wonderful could be
    From her gentle face a smile did beam
    ‘Are you the woman of which I did dream?’
    ‘I come from a land afar
    My humble name is known as Char’
    She placed her hands on my heart and dome
    ‘This is the place I wish to call home
    Everything I have is yours
    And within it I will bring you scores
    Of devotion and eternal care
    For your kind heart and body fair’
    Walking gently into my house
    Clad in a light blue blouse
    Her long blonde hair shone like gold
    With radiance that could not be told
    Skin creamy and soft I did sense
    Leaving my mouth open and body tense
    The shapely outline of her thigh
    Left me unable to sigh
    My breathing hard and my heart aflutter
    My being melting like newly spread butter
    Her glimmering purple eyes hypnotised me
    My whole body shaking with glee
    ‘I needed no words in order to woo
    Tell me what it is you want me to do’
    ‘I can wait no longer, this I do plea
    I have but one request –ravish me!’
    Her lips embraced me with a greedy kiss
    Sending my soul into pure bliss
    It was for her I did exist
    Her divine form I could not resist
    But with a gentle caress
    I reached forth to her quivering breast
    And firmly took it in my hand
    Barely balanced where I did stand
    Before we yielded to the floor
    Her yearning face pleading for more
    As her mouth teased me around my neck
    Gracing it with a gentle peck
    Her hands reached down below
    Revealing where my juices flow
    Without mercy or shame
    She plunged forth until I came
    Within my heart awoke the flame
    I would then proceed to do the same
    Her heavy moans gracing my ear
    In rapturous pleasure without fear
    This heady climax would not relent
    Until both our bodies were spent
    At each other we sent a smile
    Laying embraced and naked for a while
    After which we proceeded to dinner
    With the aura of a winner
    Again our lips would blend
    I hoped her presence would never end
    Indeed with me she chose to stay
    In every life forever and a day
  6. Last Sinner
    2011-12-29 13:17
    Last Sinner
    As I knelt in the snow, I continued to grieve.
    ‘Bastard! Who dumps someone on Christmas Eve?!’
    A perilous chill ran to my spine from my knees
    Forlon and motionless, ready to freeze
    ‘Is love but a disease doomed to be cured?
    A heartless trap into which I was lured?
    No longer will I remain dismayed
    But regret being a fool he played
    In misery I may linger for a while
    But tomorrow will be the day I smile
    I will find a way to love once more
    And mend this heart which he tore!
    Yet if I ever again see cock
    I will nail it to the chopping block!
    Foul, reeking stench of fen
    I forever forsake the company of men
    Never again shall I be a thespian
    From henceforth, I will be a lesbian!’
    A flash of light struck my eyes
    Then to my extreme surprise
    Came forth a fair young lass
    Figure more refined than stained glass
    ‘Attention, my dear, my presence won’t last
    For I am the ghost of Christmas past!
    My name, if you seek it, is Honey!’
    Such beauty could never be bought with money
    ‘Beautiful spirit, what is the reason
    That you come to me during the silly season?’
    ‘Moments ago, I heard your cries
    Resonate starkly across the skies
    For I am a warrior of love
    Sent to you from the heavens above!
    To your broken heart I will tend
    A lover forever to you I send!
    Return to your home with haste
    Or my daring plan will go to waste
    Stretch your weary legs and take flight
    The next spirit shall arrive at midnight!’

    Furiously I heeded that which she beckoned
    Making it home with barely a second
    Before me lay an alluring glow
    The purpose of which I had to know
    Within it clad in traditional dress
    Charm and elegance did it impress
    ‘My time is short but my intentions pleasant
    I am the ghost of Christmas present
    My ally has blessed you before
    Now I come to offer you more
    Chihaya is my name, it means passion
    Your plight has invoked my humble fashion
    Do not stray from your heart
    Or happiness and you will forever part
    A companion loyal and true
    Is what I will bring to you
    But before you receive this special guest
    You must pass one final test
    From a woman as luminous as the moon
    Is my colleague that will arrive soon!’

    Waiting with anticipation
    But fearing possible damnation
    A chilling glow entered the room
    And with it a certain gloom
    Who could this forlorn spirit be?
    ‘My mere name is C.C.
    So you wish for someone to adore
    And pledge your heart forever more?’
    ‘Dear gracious spirit, I am ready
    My blood burning and my mind steady
    Whatever you and your comrades bring
    Within my heart lies an eternal spring
    That will flow and never dry
    Even if it brings tears to my eye
    They will be ones of pure joy
    And invoke in me behaviour coy
    Even if it be for a while
    I will strive to make her smile’
    ‘Such dreams I can’t myself conceive
    Yet your pure intentions make me believe
    That you are worthy of this feat
    It shall be you today I will treat
    Never again will you know dismay
    You will be cared for every day
    By a woman who suffers no taint
    With beauty to make any being faint
    You will not have to wait long
    Before your soul is filled with song
    So make sure you are ready at noon
    Then she will arrive and make you swoon!’
  7. Flower
    2011-12-29 05:10
    Oh ho! New avy eh? Nice.
  8. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-29 05:08
    I don't know if it's an attempt of "Author's Saving Throw" by Tsuzuki but at least i like the fact that Signum didn't ignored the incident and is actively trying to amend for her screw up on that fight. And know the bits on the G.O.D. game that sugguest she builded a close relationship with Tohma and Lily, all of that can be developed into very interesting stuff for Signum, just hope Tsuzuki really wants to do that and it's not just another bone he throws at Signum's fans xDU.
  9. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-29 00:03
    It's like a Chronic habit xDU

    ...Tomoyo is a bit unfair, she's a "King of fighters" level fighter in a series filled with normal people(and Sunohara xD).

    I've thinked of praising Reinforce but now the 2nd PSP game revealed that Reinforce wasn't awesome by herself on first place, she was borrowing the awesomeness from "Unbreakable Darkness" xDU

    Curren Huckebein have my attention because she's totally Badass and unmatched so far but her potty mouth and petulant attitude don't appeal to me xDU.

    The part that pisses me off it's that it looked like Signum trowed the towel, she just succumbed without any display of guts unlike almost all the other defeated heroes in the series:

    Vita trounced Nanoha: Nanoha holds up Raising Heart defeiantly even when she knows she's screwed.

    Subaru got blasted by Cinque: Continues rampaging against her and would've continued if not for Sein's intervention.

    Vita got stabbed by Type IV Gadget Drone: We all remeber that one.

    Signum got stabbed: Does nothing and rests on a crater -_-

    ...gritting her teeth or gripping her bleeding injury while raising on one of her knees could be pretty awesome even if she was ultimately defeated but no, she just falls uncousncious and that's it u_u
  10. Akiyoshi
    2011-12-28 23:37
    I was very confused at first but i got attracted to the series by Ringo, poor and awesome girl, the universe seems to hate her but she just don't give up xD! And the Takakura siblings are very endearing each one in their one way. Kanba is just plain Badass, Himari is a very brave maiden and, while not as awesome as his brother, Shouma has a lot of heart xD!

    The ending was mind screwing as hell but i liked it very much xD.

    I love ringo and think she's pretty badass because that's a really good sample of how to handle someone being trounced by life and rise up to the challenge. Be by rising from a trap hole, running after a motorcycle or still struggling to fight while BURNING TO DEATH! Fight with all you have until the very last breath, THAT'S what i want to see.

    Unfortunately Signum is not that kind of person and Tsuzuki is not that kind of writer so i only have my imagination to fill the gaps xDU.

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