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A Confession of Hate

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  1. Marcus H.
    2012-01-12 21:57
    Marcus H.
    It's actually in my signature, too.
  2. Irenicus
    2012-01-12 19:58
    Yah, it's ridiculous. I'll probably grab Complete eventually, though not right before a college semester. You know, books. X(

    What I fear the most regarding Civ5 is how the one unit-per-plot works out. It sounds like a really, really bad idea just to counter the stacking problem. Lots of things can be improved over patches and expansions and mods, but such a fundamental issue is pretty hard to get around...

    My suckage in Civ4 has a really simple reason which you nailed right away: I'm lazy! And kind of inefficient. Although I learned to manage my own workers, for the cosmetic reason that I got reaaaal annoyed at workers creating forts (which takes forever, and kinda ugly) to gain resources out of a city's radius, I still am not very good at optimizing them beyond "Wheat - farm now, then link to city - river plains - cottage (if running a cottage economy)." I'm especially bad at chopping, which is why it was good to see you at work against that huge jungle in your game and see how you timed them. Another thing is that I often get too lazy to micromanage specialists in cities, and that's a big part of the game especially since Civ4 is optimized for specialized cities, even in a cottage economy game.

    Though, to be honest, even if I suck at it, I think the specialized cities model of Civ4 is considerably better balanced than old school, and apparently Civ5's (what were they thinking?) legendary city spam.
  3. speedyexpress48
    2012-01-12 19:57
    Well, you're pretty much everywhere on this forum
  4. Irenicus
    2012-01-12 16:09

    For the video, it was educational to see how other people play, so thanks. I actually lost my Civ4 copy somewhere...have to try and dig it up, or just purchase it the next time it's on sale on Steam or something.

    And of course a PC that laughs in the face of a Civ5 zomghumongous modded map playing at Marathon speed. But that will...take a while.

    A warning though: I suck. AI owns me at my best (okay, not at Settler or Warlord level...and Noble, and probably Prince).
  5. bhl88
    2012-01-12 10:04
    XD lol impossible xD. I don't have the game yet.
  6. Marcus H.
    2012-01-12 09:44
    Marcus H.
    My username there is Orix.
  7. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-11 23:32
    I already thinked of 5 good ways in that Signum can get rid of Cinque, seriously, what a way to stick the Idiot Ball on to the poor Blazing General xDU
  8. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-11 17:31
    To be fair, i sticked to my promise of absolutely avoid commenting on Nanya's work on the FFT thread. If a trouble arised, this time i can't be blamed for it xDU.

    Altough Nanya's update from yesterday almost got me to broke my vow, but somehow i was able to contain myself xD
  9. Last Sinner
    2012-01-11 12:06
    Last Sinner
    Hey, they did those convos, not me...

    Undertaker will retire after WM28. He's been in the shadows ever since WM27. The pyrotechnics accident at Elimination Chamber in 2010 and the face injury he got from Mysterio a few months after really left their mark on him. Who knows with Hunter or Dwayne?

    I would never deny Edge's loyalty, look, in-ring skills or mic charisma. But I never bought him as a face or heel. I just couldn't. As for dead in their youth, add in Umaga, The Big Bossman, etc.

    CM Punk is more of a tweener at present. He's going to be set up to be the face of the company once anti-Cena setiment is stirred enough and The Rock owns his face at WM28. It's in Miami - Dwayne is winning or Miami riots. That said, I think Jericho is going to 'win' this years Royal Rumble and beat CM Punk at WM28. 4 RR winners in a row have lost at WM. That streak has to end and the whole return of the Y2J gimmick means 2012 is the year Jericho will get pushed hard.

    The belt thing is a generational thing. Flamboyance and Attitude era fans don't need the belt on their faves to believe in them. PG era people do. Undertaker and Jericho had enough respect, history and fanfare to have their popularity persist. Cena was the beneficiary of 7 WMs in a row in the title match and 'convincing' people he was the face of the company. The kiddies and their parents bought it. Anyone around long enough to know better didn't. As for HBK - ultimate political player. The more I learn about him, the more I despise him. I can't stand the guy aside for his two WM matches with Undertaker. But yeah, I agree with you on the belt thing. But the current gen associates the belt as what matters now, so there be an issue.

    I'm mainly watching for Jericho's return, Daniel Bryan unexpectedly getting WHC (that guy is a rare case of true talent) and for R-Truth's hilarious madman storyline. Ah, Little Jimmy.
  10. Flower
    2012-01-11 08:16
    Thanks for the heads up on that ... I missed a spot!

    And changed it back ... also updated the post I made to reflect what I have seen recently.

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