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  1. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-04-12 23:52
    Kaioshin Sama
    I think it helps that I always have user invisibility on so that I can appear in a thread out of nowhere with absolutely no warning and fire off an entire paragraph or two in a couple minutes.

    By the way, have you ever been able to decipher what the whole attention to detail thing is about exactly? It seems pretty ambiguous and like something that could apply to just about anything let alone a specific anime studio. I'd be much happier and probably a lot more receptive to pro-Kyoani arguments if people would point out things that are actually tangible with regard to their shows as opposed to what I refer to now as the mythology of Kyoani.

    It'd also help if they'd tone down the exaggerated praise that always seems to get thrown at the company for par for the course material. I really do swear sometimes that all some of those people watch are Kyoani shows because they seem to have little experience or awareness on where they actually stand in the grand scheme of the industry and that they didn't somehow invent most of the things they get praised for. Like you'd swear they think the anime industry has only been around for 5 years or something.
  2. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-04-12 22:48
    Kaioshin Sama
    Yeah it's based on the cliches I picked out of a negative rep I got. Remember when I made that post about the April's Fools Joke on Nichijou? Well somebody took offence and send some long rambling message about how I've always hated Kyoani and I would just recognize their, "execution style" and "attention to detail" that I'd be able to appreciate their shows more and if I can't do that then just go back to my mecha and loli anime.

    People that know how I love to role play would probably recognize that the loli thing a year or two ago was essentially pure bullshit, although I genuinely enjoy most mecha anime. Anyway I decided to go with "execution style" for a couple days because let's face it, it sounds pretty badass, and am going with "attention to detail" atm as you well know. Probably going back to my own custom title pretty soon though.
  3. LunarPriestess
    2011-04-11 12:24
    I was wondering if we could be friends.
  4. Konakaga
    2011-04-10 20:41
    LOL I am honestly tempted to read that...
  5. Konakaga
    2011-04-10 15:52
    Also I wonder if the "magic" used involves some kind of CGI animal...
  6. Konakaga
    2011-04-10 14:31
    I had a whole theme of Lucky Star on my desktop for a while[where most of the icons came from aside from Konata Firefox one], however after some stupid update or another for windows I couldn't it to work so I just manually made use of the icons as I wanted .
  7. Konakaga
    2011-04-10 03:03
    lol ya my desktop either implies the Nanoha universe has perfected the technology for two women to have child[theoretically possible, think it's been done to animals in labs ] that, or they approve cloning >.> and while the younger version of Nanoha looks old enough to have hair; I have no idea how the younger version of Fate has that much hair when she looks just born xD. However I just choose to ignore these issues since it's cute .
  8. RadiantBeam
    2011-04-08 08:38
    Episodes aren't supposed to start re-airing until mid-April, right? If I heard the news correctly.
  9. Konakaga
    2011-04-07 21:55
    Oh that serues I've heard a fair bit on from others actually, but I haven't seen it yet, though I've heard a 16 year girl not only got dumped by her parents, but then abused in the first episode <_<.
  10. RadiantBeam
    2011-04-07 21:54
    I like it. I finished watching all of the current episodes today, and I find it rather fascinating. I'm curious to see how it will end at this rate.

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