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  1. Last Sinner
    2014-03-09 00:14
    Last Sinner
    A question I wanted to ask both you and R3 - something a good friend posed to me last night.

    Why is it that a a consensual yuri relationship is considerably less mainstream than the more dysfunctional yuri relationships?

    Would like to hear your thoughts.
  2. Last Sinner
    2014-03-07 21:58
    Last Sinner
    The perils of cauling a guy cute/pretty. But I get your point.

    I don't mind a bit of cute now and then, but...the degree of sugar/detachment from reality I can take is only so much and is lessened because of what happened IRL the last few years. Something like The Ambition of Oda Nobuna I can enjoy because while cute, it's still darn fun, thrilling, actiony and sometimes bloody. And as for something like Bunny Drop, Rin is just too darn nice to deny.

    But when I see the umpteenth incarnation of a VN or yet another high school flake out or another teen angst fest, it just falls flat. My friends regularly claim one thing getting in the way of them liking titles lately is the homogenous nature of the art and the character styles.

    Paranoia Agent is win. Any Satoshi Kon title is win. The man was one of the few creators I truly admired. His death was crushing for me. It is also disheartening The Dream Machine will probably never be animated. Paranoia Agent was sheer genius.

    Oh, I have a fair idea of why those clowns are so offended by yuri. It's hilarious that these clowns were able to watch Junjou Romantica, Free and the like. Yet if someone mentions Marimite, Aoi Hana, Sakura Trick - they're up in arms. I think it comes down to the nature of those titles. The titles with implied yaoi have no requirement to be serious. They can laugh and joke and squirm all they want. Then when it's yuri time, suddenly the possibility of a serious relationship is present and they can't be laughing their face off. So much yuri-ish titles from a decade ago were very jovial/it's a teenage thing and in recent times, stuff like Yuruyuri treated it in a similar fashion. Now that there are authors willing to write yuri from the perspective of being lovers intent in spending their lives together, it probably contradicts what they perceive yuri to be and seems impossible for them. And yeah, these were people that either need bloodlust or tryptophan level of slice of life cuteness. So when it's neither, it's probably the end of the world as they know it. I'm sure the downstairs department is a factor as well.

    And there are good authors out there for yuri. Milk Morinaga, Asagi Ryu, Saburo Uta, Rokuroichi - just to name a few. But since the more primal/simple reactions are what people seem to want more, I guess material by these authors goes over the heads of too many.

    Well, I did see Kaiji like that, but most people I knew watched it solely for the deaths and seeing Kaiji's endless struggle. And lately I've learned that people from anywhere seem to mainly view The Garden of Sinners as a supernatural thriller whereas I saw it as an exploration of morality, viewers being forced to pick a side, but most of all, how and why the human spirit endures through the depths of hell and comes out relatively intact. But I get the feeling most people just wanted to see Shiki and other people fight it up, which just completely misses what Nasu does when he writes. He's creating worlds were you can't have your thrill without a prick of conscience or feeling empathy for those involved. Or at least that's what he intended - I've found things tend to be far simpler and more primal for many than it is for me. Perhaps that's why Attack on Titan and Psycho Pass flicked the switches of so many people last year. I'm not the type that gets something out of watching the world burn. If people attest that there is beauty amidst destruction of a society/town/person a la Fate/Zero or Psycho Pass, I'd say that The Dark Knight did a far better job. Or in an anime context, Le Chevalier D'Eon. From a game context, the dual punch of Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus are superior in terms of a context not too far removed from anime. In terms of being more in line with reality, Spec Ops: The Line is the king of them all in the game realm.

    I think the in-fighting goes both ways. Champions of the old school claim that everything is the same now and that nothing innovative or with a proper story can be found anymore. While new genners will often refute the notion that anything can be good on the basis that if the art style isn't modern, it automatically has to be bad. There's ignorance and elitism from both sides. There were always many bad titles in both times. There were also good titles to be found in either time. But good luck trying to get people to believe that.

    What you say about Kaiji, the nature of humanity can somewhat be found in Tool - Vicarious.

    Pity we're an ocean apart. I'm sure the convener of AVCON would have asked you to do a panel with me and let loose some stuff on screenings and the quiz night too.
  3. Last Sinner
    2014-03-07 19:04
    Last Sinner
    And let me get another thing straight - I am well beyond seeking to fix the ills of the world. There is only so much one person can do amidst a world of over seven billion people. Humanity will not get along in general anytime soon. As long as I have a few people I can trust and find enough things to find respite in to get through a day, that's all I need. I don't care what other people think anymore. As long as they're not breaking the law or making someone else's life worse, they can do whatever they want.

    And I have no interest in inflicting pain on others. Ultimately my success in life will hinder those of others, but so be it. That is an inevitabilitiy of success and survival. But I have no interest in vicarious thrills. I just want to get through my days with a few things I can still enjoy or find solace in. I don't need approval.

    Fire away at me more if you think it justified. Just get where I'm coming from and why. Understand what my original statement truly means and how it relates to what I said about romance to boot. I can't believe in something supposedly innocent or pure, because nothing is. I need to know someone else is tainted before I can believe in them and I'm more than willing to accept their flaws within reason. Cute ends up being a veil to mask those flaws - so I can't trust it.

    Just remember one thing. Female characters comprise nearly all of those I find believable and well-constructed. I can't even name ten male characters I think are good after watching anime for over a decade. And in reality, I trust men less.
  4. Last Sinner
    2014-03-07 19:02
    Last Sinner
    You've hell misinterpreted it....or maybe I rephrased it wrong big time at the start.

    I said I couldn't believe in cute....How the hell does that mean I can't believe any females full stop....

    Fine, you want reasons? I'll give you some damn reasons.

    There were two young women that stayed here last year. They both acted like princesses, spoke down to everyone, talked about nothing about wanting to look pretty and how much they hated other people (the middle eastern one would never shut up about how she hated Asians, for the record since she automatically assumed all Asians hated Middle Eastern people). They would never do a single thing to help out. Most outings we went on became dramas for no tangible reason. All this despite the fact my mother and myself went well out of our way to make sure they were comfortable and got used to living in a different country.

    And what did they do in return? Lie about the both of us to whoever they could on top of trying to split my mother and I apart...Let's just say after believing their lies for a short while, my mother saw the truth and they both had to leave in shame, admitting they were wrong and losing the biggest source of support they had when they came over here. My mother and I have been much closer since and she herself has sworn she isn't letting women lodge here anymore. Now don't imply anything about her - nearly all her actual friends are female and she has been done wrong by men in the workplace and my worthless father. She simply has now been burnt by women too much lately. So we took some young men in this year. And thus far, they've been polite, helpful and nice people. (And ironically...all Asian.)

    Here's another big incident that irks me permanently. The woman who was married to my uncle. She acted all cutesy and bubbly all the time. And then last year, my uncle walks in on her sleeping with another guy. So what does she do? She initiates a bitter divorce and takes everything except the house. Including the custody of their daughter, who my uncle now only gets to see once a month. You know what his daughter is doing now? Attempting eight years old!!! Yeah, that cutesy bitch drove her own daughter into despair and is merely a toy to how manipulative and cheating she is. Thankfully, my uncle found someone else he could trust in a relationship, but saving his only child might be impossible.

    You want more reasons? Remember the club I used to attend? They mainly watch pure moe stuff now. And if it's not that, it's pure violence. That wasn't the sole reason I left. It was because the president's girlfriend got felt up then stalked by one of the regular attendees. And what did that club do? They backed up the guy who did that to her and told me to get stuffed. Along with saying that female characters were only capable of being moe or cold-blooded like Revy from Black Lagoon. That anything involving highbrow or yuri was pure trash and sexist towards them. I don't regret leaving one bit. Cute has warped them to hell.

    And don't get me started on how many people I know/used to know who now constantly spout that if a woman isn't cute, she isn't worth it. Or that if a title isn't cute, it can't be good.

    Cute is a legitimate style/point of view. It isn't the only legitimate one.

    I'll take five minutes of Christine Love's writing of the dual sides of females over the overrated gluttony of cute any day. Funnily enough, Christine Love is able to use cute in her work. But she doesn't pretend that cute is pure and ever-loving for one second. She readily treads into the mysogny that exists within both genders - repeat, BOTH genders - along with the reasons people end up hating each other, while mixing in some yuri since it is something she likes to indulge in. But ultimately in her works, hate eventually leads to love. I find it sad you forget that I even mentioned her when Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus were on sale a few weeks ago. Cute is legit when within context and reason.

    And for the record, I think worse of men than I do of women. Trust me....Women may have done me wrong, but at least they haven't attempted murder, assault, eternal racism and the like on me. Because men certainly have.

    But let me get one thing straight - I haven't given up. Last year went somewhat well and this year is going better. I haven't thrown in the towel by any means.
  5. Dr. Casey
    2014-03-07 13:22
    Dr. Casey
    Ah man, this is a tricky one. I don't know much about the MBTI types except for my own, and you're a pretty complicated person to boot. Hmm... going by the brief descriptions on this page, my first guess would be ISTJ. I'm guessing I'm wrong, since the chances of me being correct are 1 in 16.
  6. Last Sinner
    2014-03-07 03:41
    Last Sinner
    I disagree with Clannad. Tomoya realized both him and Nagisa had to grow stronger together, and I don't see that with anyone else besides Tomoyo.
    Except he didn't until he finally met Ushio. As for the rest, I attest Kyou was the one that made Tomoya realise what a cruel heart he had and that he should stop jerking around with the emotions of others. As for Tomoyo, she needed to find a balance between ambition and her personal life as well as being able to handle conveying that to others.

    White Album 2, that is. It's a pretty realistic depiction of people making dumb mistakes while having the best of intentions.
    You will like The Ocean Waves then.

    Steins; Gate; they care for each other.
    Something to look forward to when I try for about the 7th time to finish it.

    No offense, but it sounded like something Mari Okada wrote, except gender swapped. Could you rephrase that a bit better?
    MILFs rule.

    Cute is fine in fantasy but in reality, it's a lie.

    And since I have never gone past Episode 1 of anything Okada wrote - I have no idea what you're trying to say or infer.

    Seriously recommend Christine Love instead, man. Okada is just....ergh, I'll never find the words.

    As for your choices, I will delve into KnK, and Shinkai is a king of romance for a reason. As for the rest, with enough time...
    Watch them in the right mood is the only advice I can give.
  7. Last Sinner
    2014-03-06 22:33
    Last Sinner
    Interesting choices. We both agree on Shinkai.

    Clannad, I certainly understand. But I never felt romantic about it. I always felt anything not involving Nagisa was able to make Tomoya realise he was a pathetic person and needed to better himself to be capable of being with Kyou/Tomoyo/Kotomi. I liked it more from the perspective characters finally found peace and Tomoya was no longer vicarious and actually bothered to try.

    True Tears - Um....since I'm unable to watch it, I'll take your word for it. ^^;

    White Album - So...what is it that people see in it? I found it meh and it makes my mentor want to punch a wall.

    Steins;Gate - That one I understand, particularly since Kurisu is amongst the top echelon of my favourite female characters. However...I still haven't finished it yet. That series is very mood dependent for me. I just can't flick it on and watch it seamlessly. Also....I've lost count of the number of times people have fired out spoilers at me IRL when I've told them I haven't seen it all....really killed my drive to finish it. Since the movie is out, I guess I really should finally get it done. From what I have seen though, Kurisu is definitely the one that makes Okabe finally man up and face reality when he couldn't do it alone. There's definitely something antagonistic and twisted about their pairing, but I need those things to make it believable and likeable.

    I've had too many experiences/events in recent years where I've learned just how manipulative, compulsively lying, cheating, self-absorbed, rude, aloof and vindictive women/girls can be. So, I find myself unable to believe in anything cute anymore, because I found the cutest were the biggest liars and most self-absorbed from my recent experiences. Moe and reality are glaring opposites. Cute is now a giveaway of 'she's bad news - stay the flock away from her' as far as I'm concerned. Moe certainly is escapism magnified because in reality, those cute/dependent ones will leech one dry.

    So hence why I listed the five I did.

    Garden of Sinners - Shiki is complex, full of flaw/sin. But within her there are things to like, what she believes in/yearns to defend she does it with absolute passion. She's a badass. Looks great in a kimono or the jacket. There's a challenge within liking her and Nasu is definitely one to provide a case to believe in such a person.

    Kimagure Orange Road - Madoka literally is the 'deep ocean' her name describes. She is certainly a character that not even herself fully understands. A remnant of a long-lost time where characters like her becoming women/adults was sublime. The gradual scenario you get of why she persists through such a crazy and sometimes damn painful saga on her part certainly makes it all worthwhile. Then there's the twist of those two movies.

    Garden of Words/The Promised Place - I don't think I could name another person other than Shinkai who could have handled those two scenarios. Beauty, complexity, challenging, epic.

    The Ocean Waves - It's the most un-Ghibli Ghibli film but it has an edge I've never seen anywhere else with its potency. What would it be like for two people who should be made for each other but are at points in their lives that their decisions or actions turn things into one crazy saga? It certainly shatters the illusion of 'innocent' young love big time.

    *shrug* But I've found I'm unable to appreciate the simplicity/vicariousness/sugar overload people want in romance these days. I know I won't have many agreeing with my choices. I'm fine with that. I don't regret learning the darker side of both genders. It's essential knowledge for life.
  8. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-03-02 02:37
    have a random gift
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  9. TheEroKing
    2014-03-02 02:28
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  10. TheEroKing
    2014-03-01 14:02
    More waifus for you
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