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  1. bhl88
    2013-02-08 02:52
    Aka abandon all events you must attend and line up.
  2. bhl88
    2013-02-07 17:37
    Yeah I am. To get an autograph one must drop events.
  3. Sansker
    2013-02-07 02:26
    Madoka is just another take on the Magical Girl type of shows. Is really impressive what they did. I belive the series Black Rock Shooter actually try to copy some of that but ended not so well. In any case you should read my recent rant on StrikerS if you want to know what I think about it in detail, I will search yours.

    So, yes, I am the first to say Nanoha isn't that great. Is just averange at its best and in a 1 to 10 scale I give the first two seasons 6-7 while StrikerS falls down to a 3,5. So far the second worst anime I have seen with Kiddy Grade at the best point with a 2 out of 10
  4. Akiyoshi
    2013-02-07 01:12
    So, Worf has a practical use after all xDU

    By the way, Guild Wars is a PC game or a console game o.o?
  5. Akiyoshi
    2013-02-07 00:53

    Indeed, while it's true Signum just joined the Worf club it's Vita the one who hold the honor to be the character antagonists love to trash at least once per season xDU
  6. Sansker
    2013-02-04 19:38
    I know what you mean. The movie itself, however, had more substance to it than ViVid of Force. Flashy and cheap? yes, but it did give something even if it was really shorted and the extra in Precia's back-story is actually nice. They take what they did put in to the first season, heart, and just added special effect letting the actual good part, the characters, show their little cute and harmless charm that gain me in the end. Is not great but it does entertain a little. Which is more than pointless action and loli fanservice or terrible story and cliché shonen can do for you.

    What I think is the worst part is that maybe Nanoha get too famous to its own good. It sure was nice but it was just among other magical girl shows with nothing really making stand out. That was try to become something else and, as show in the overambitious StrikerS, falls apart because of the simplicity in the origins and concept. That did carries over Force in matters of plot when we have no well explain setting to fill with our imagination and tons of undeveloped characters. While ViVid has boring moments follow by shallow dialogue and really just pointless fights where they try to compensate with visual because of their lack of content. If you look back in to Nanoha and Nanoha A’s you will notice the slow parts tend to be boring and the show really shine on its action bits and more dramatic tone. It was a simple show but it takes itself serious while StrikerS seems to mock itself and not care about anything, that is the biggest problem there for me, the lack of heart that I feel from everyone.

    I don’t think is fear what prevents them from change as much as just laziness. The product sells with this not well think and half cook ideas, what else do they need to do?
  7. TheEroKing
    2013-02-03 23:54
    maybe it's the clothes?
  8. Sansker
    2013-02-03 11:37
    I actually was force to watch the show and I can see a lot of Nanoha on it. Lame characters, cliché moments, horrible premise and weird non-lethal setting that kills drama. Is just boring and the only good moments are near the end when a monster is trying to kill everyone. In fact the only character in that mess I liked was Leo, the princess of the cat people, because she was the only one with any kind of passion for what she was doing and she did have good reasons for her actions.
  9. TheEroKing
    2013-02-03 10:35
    Random pics of the week
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  10. Sansker
    2013-02-02 23:42
    That is why I like Angel Beats! the characters are nice and likeable to me. That alone makes it for the strange story and give me enough conection to not mind the plot twist. Unlike that other series I mention. Come to think about it Tsuzuki is just a lucky with everything he does. He is not a writter he is a business man. Just check Dog Days for that.

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