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  1. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-11-01 06:05

    But why the fuck would you let Nano.ripe perform live.
  2. TheEroKing
    2013-11-01 03:15
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  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-11-01 01:16
    Did a bit of googling, the picture is from an album released on her 32nd birthday in 2008. Everything I've seen suggests she's still pretty good looking, though that's definitely a studio photo that's probably had at least a bit of post processing applied.
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-11-01 00:14
    I think any big name voice actress who is agressive about pursuing work is going to end up in a lot of guilty pleasure type crap. Even Yuuki Aoi does some and she gives off some serious "don't corrupt the puppy" vibes.

    BTW, is it just me or is Yukari awfully fine looking in her current AniDB pic?

    As for Infinite Stratos... it's honestly hit the point where it's starting to feel trollish to me. Read what I posted on Reckoner's wall for details.
  5. TheEroKing
    2013-10-30 05:49
    Have a blonde
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  6. Flower
    2013-10-29 18:21
    Golden Time and Little Busters I am watching, and I agree - they are good, tho I personally am more engaged in GT. Hocchan ftw afaiac. ^^

    In some ways I think LB:r might be technically better well done, though.

    Kill la Kill is something I have not even tried. I have read plenty of reviews about the eps that have aired so far, and it hasn't seemed my cup of tea.

    Prolly my personal fave of the season in terms of what I am most enjoying and looking forward to is Gingitsune, tho.

    Also following KnK, Asukara, Kyouso and Non Non.
  7. Flower
    2013-10-29 07:46
    Just an expression of friendliness from being in a cheerful mood, I guess. ^^

    Btw, how are things?

    And on a more local level of things are you following any series atm other than hunter x2?
  8. Flower
    2013-10-28 11:14

    Jus' sayin.

  9. TheEroKing
    2013-10-26 13:52
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    Blue or red?
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  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-23 17:05
    I followed one of the Kuroneko links and found another set of Inami Yuri… and in the right hands, she just might be the best Kuroneko of them all:
    Good balance between realness/surrealness + heartstopping cuteness.

    It occurs to me that I didn't really do a good "plainclothes" Kuroneko yet. I didn't look that closely at Mashiro Yuki's stuff since I find many of her photos sets overly long and/or softcore-y, but she actually does this plainclothes Kuroneko pretty well:

    Ririchiyo… I'm not going to sift my sources as comprehensively for this one since Ririchiyo is so popular as a cosplay that I'd be swamped. I've photographed at least eight different Ririchiyo cosplays at local cons, which is quite a bit higher than I'd expect from the show's profile.

    Kanata is really good at capturing Ririchiyo, IMO:

    Some of the materials in Uri's costume are as good as I'd like, but she's pretty decent at the role:

    Horns aside this girl is pretty good. Very bishounen Soushi as well (I'm guessing played by a woman…):

    And since she's such a good Kuroneko, I'll throw in the one Ririchiyo cosplay I know is her (though the last one looks a bit like her, actually - can't tell since the models aren't labelled):

    I should throw in some locals whose cosplays I like:
    DarkenedXStar is pretty solid, perhaps even a bit more so than this photo suggests. Short in real life too, she's done a damn good Taiga in the past (seems to be a popular choice among Vancouver area Ririchiyo cosplayers who also do other characters for some reason):

    Two Ririchiyo/Soushi pairs… seems to be a fairly popular cosplay for couples from what I've seen:

    I feel like this girl is cute in a "girl next door" kind of way compared to a lot of others here - granted, that may be partly my lack of postprocessing work.
    Really wish I didn't have people in the background in the first shot but I wasn't the one who set it up (a decent number of my photos come from joining shoots other photographers have started).

    BTW, for reference Ririchiyo is 145cm (4'9") tall, the same as Kud in Little Busters and well known voice actress Yuuki Aoi, pictured hear wearing substantially heeled boosts with her 187cm (6'2") Gosick co-star Eguchi Takuya:

    (Okay, that's the last of these I do for a while... in concept, these posts are easy for me to write but in practice it takes me a while to dig up all the requisite links.

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