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  1. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-22 20:12
    I was renown for offering page long debating about lots of topics, Justin and Kaijo among others were some of my contendants. I remember fondly the arguings i had with a guy nicknamed Chris X ...he was very good always offering interesting counterarguments and viewpoints.

    I lost my cool a couple of times and got personal which also is part as why i learned to keep things more impartial.

    The thing that got me expelled is part of a fun story. around 4 or five years ago when i discovered TV tropes and wanted to be a troper i didn't knew how to make an account on the site (it was very weird, it doesn't work like a normal forum) so i ended up making a new account each time i visted the site to comment or edit something. Eventually i found the way to use the site an stuck with my "Akiyoshi" account and all went well for years to come day i got an edit i made deleted without a good reason other than "you're Akiyoshi so everything you said is instantly wrong" so i got very pissed and then remebered the old bunch of accounts i had ...after working out my mind i remebered one of those users and password so i used it to re-write the deleted edit which is against the rules of the site (something i was unaware at the time), the person who deleted my first edit denounced me and i got axed.

    I was thinking about finding a way to come back but ultimately decided it was better to take it as a lesson of life and move on ....i still lurk in the community as a bodyless phantom reading the Nanoha thread because i miss some people from the site and like to read their comments as also keeping track about what the Nanoha fandom are up to xD

    What i find funny is that people still talk about or refers to me even after past half-year after my banishment, i'm truly impressed i managed to made such an impact xD!
  2. bhl88
    2013-01-22 20:07
    It's because of his lurve for Signum (editing stuff about Signum and people deleting it)
  3. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-22 19:56
    Yeah, even after getting the axe back in August people still put comments on my troper page. That's how infamous i am xDU
  4. bhl88
    2013-01-22 19:55
    Aki's getting lynched in TV tropes
  5. Lost Cause
    2013-01-22 06:47
    Lost Cause
    Its more of a control thing as far as I'm concerned! They want to control every facet of your life, and do it thru the media, news, popular opinion, and social media. But the nice thing is a line dissenter can stop the heard and make them think, especially if there are a few open minds left.
    And there's nothing wrong with fighting the good fight, as long as you don't sink to their level!
    The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance!
    And those who would give up said freedom for security and government control, will soon find that there new benefactor id both demanding and oppressive. Linda
  6. TheEroKing
  7. TheEroKing
    2013-01-20 09:32
    Random pics of the week
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  8. Marcus H.
    2013-01-19 19:45
    Marcus H.
    I'm enjoying it currently.
    Although it's getting some flak due to its writer.
  9. Lost Cause
    2013-01-19 19:34
    Lost Cause
    Agreed! But not only civil disobedience, but making your voice heard by calling your representatives, and congressmen! Look at Illinois, they got word of a major anti-gun law being pushed thru the state gov't and mobilized by repeatedly calling their reps and voicing their disagreement with the proposed bill. It was defeated, but will possibly come up again by summer, but I have a friend there who says there preparing for the new fight!

    What most don't understand is if we concede just a bit, and let them erode our rights, then what comes next? Think about it!
    And as I've told GundamFan, I will be in the trenches, holding the line right along side you! Linda
  10. TheEroKing
    2013-01-17 23:27
    Wow it's been a year already?
    Belated Happy Birthday!
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