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  1. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-13 21:56
    Rising Dragon
    Yeah, I know, but that's my biggest issue with anime currently. And it's a real problem as it makes discussing anime difficult; you can't really enjoy discussing it with someone if you're constantly wanting to throttle them for being an idiot. It's the main reason I left the Code Geass and Zero no Tsukaima boards, after all.

    Lol, I've been over the hime cut thing with Kaioshin already; he's cool with my stance on it. :V But most of the time I just end up not caring for the hime cut character designs or the personalities usually associated with them. I think there's only like... two hime-cut characters that I actually LIKE, and of the two, only one of them were I like the character design as well.

    (Fram Nara, if you're wondering)

    And yeah, I figured they'd all have their fanbases, but Ruri seems to have the most outspoken one. It was brought up in the Nanoha movie threads (was it you did so or Kaijo?) as an example of character screentime overtaking others, which says something if it's a foremost idea on such a subject. But right now, I don't mind Ruri and certainly don't dislike her, but the mostly negative impressions I keep getting on character preferences on forums certainly has me on edge about her.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-13 21:43
    Rising Dragon
    The only issue I had with season 3's start was the fanbase. "Waaah, it's been so long, I don't remember what happened! Why don't have a recap or something?!"
    *recap episode happens early on*
    "Waaaaah! They wasted time doing a recap instead of going right to the plot! This sucks!"

    I called them out on it and got a neg-rep with nasty messages for my trouble, reinforcing my belief that most forumgoers are assholes and an ongoing season is a terrible thing for AnimeSuki. -.-

    As for Ayase, I'm pretty neutral on her. She's pretty, like Kirino, but her personality... eh. It's not the worst, and I've been told her freaking out over anime and stuff was because of her mom's job or something like that, so I've been fairly understanding of her so far. It's Ruri I'm wary about--I'm not bothered by her character, even though 90% of the time I end up disliking hime-cut girls, but I'm told she's a fan favorite... and 9 times out of 10 that's bad for fandom interaction.

    Kirino's cute as hell, but I think I would've strangled her at some point and I give props to Kyousuke for not giving into that urge.
  3. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-13 21:34
    Rising Dragon
    So I'm caught up on OreImo, and now participating in its forum. Here's to hoping that it won't make me regret doing so, like most of the other damn subforums here.

    As it stands, the only subforum on the site that hasn't made me regret joining it is Shakugan no Shana. And even then, that one came close due to stupidity over season 3's start.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-12 17:20
    Rising Dragon
    Yeah, that was... pretty cruel of her. The second half made up for it... kinda... but that was still fairly extreme. Jeez. I'd've murdered her at that point, I think.
  5. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-12 17:03
    Rising Dragon
    Okay after seeing the first half of episode 11, I can see why the show is polarizing.
  6. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-12 03:53
    Rising Dragon
    Lol. It was weird hearing Nanoha sounding really bitchy. ._.
  7. Sansker
    2013-04-11 18:57
    I don’t deny my part of the blame on all this. In the end I don’t think there was any ill will from any of us just… a little passion on how we present things. But that is done so there is time to move on. I have been thinking on going to other places but I just can’t. Nanoha is a special series for me. It wasn’t my first anime but it was the first that make me start to watch anime on a more regular base so that also keeps it fresh to me despite being a little old. And the new animes aren’t bad they just don’t catch my attention that much.

    I will try to search for other interesting things to do around here, I just barely scratch some parts but I will take my time with that. I hope we can debate some time.
  8. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-11 01:40
    Rising Dragon
    Eurgh, I had forgotten how slow the start of OreImo's eighth episode was, but the ninth episode was surprisingly quick... and went absolutely nowhere. *sighs* I wonder if the other seven episodes are going to be as zigzagging.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-09 19:16
    Rising Dragon
    Just when I think I've caught up, I find more crap I got to catch up on. -.-

    Finished up Haganai NEXT, only one episode left before I'm caught up on Little Busters... and then I find out that Ore no Imouto has a second season, when I'm still on episode 8 of its first season...
  10. Akuma Kinomoto
    2013-04-09 06:55
    Akuma Kinomoto
    In this case the silent audience really lent itself to the mood of the match. Maybe speechless would be what Hunter-Lesnar was going for.

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