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For Gnomeregan!

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  1. Sephi
    2010-03-02 15:56
    My hunter is my Alt atm, focusing on my Paladin. Joined a raiding guild with my Paladin and we got Dreamwalker last week. Going for blood queen now. But meh.... Tarren Mill is going offline every raid evening... so we haven't been able to progress Tanking encounters can be quite fun, and at the same time boring when you don't have to do much and have 40% more thread in Omen

    Haven't kept myself up to date with Anime lately. But if you know a nice fantasy/Action anime i'm all ears
  2. Demi.
    2010-03-01 22:01
    Yes, though now I get to watch Nanoha get raped in seeding. Same with Chiaki when her seeding match happens tomm.

    Since you don't seem too interested in any of thecurrent Fate figures -- here are two others (movie ver.) currently being made. They're not painted yet though.

    As for Nanoha -- I'd go with the exceed Nanoha, since you did say you liked that one. It's a good figure.
  3. Full Metal Coast
    2010-03-01 21:49
    Full Metal Coast
    no i havent had a chance to see the results yet but if hitagi made it it has just made my day.

    havent had a chance to get started on Sora No Woto yet but it is certainly on my to watch list.
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2010-03-01 09:43
    Yo. Well our club has been up and running since the week after new year, and what was a slump in turnout has turned into a slight boom once uni started. Almost had 30 people turn up 2 weeks ago and a record number of females.

    Seto no Hanayome and Clannad ~After Story~ is close to finishing so putting up replacement nominations for them. Seto is our "fanservice/ecchi" slot, which our teenager audience likes (and which I hate conversely lol) and we are putting up Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Air Gear, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and High School Girls as nomination replacements for our members to vote. Clannad we are converting into our shoujo slot, due to the big rise of female members, and disinterest in the romance genre by our male audience in general. Nomination replacements are Kimi ni Todoke, Kobato, Skip Beat and Vampire Knight.

    As for ISML Phase 2 I'm happy yet disappointed. Senjoughahara Hitagi getting in made me happy, but characters like Amamiya Yuuko and Shihou Matsuri not (the former being my favourite female character) made me sad . They still have a slight chance in Phase 3 though. Realistically speaking though, it will be Senjougahara and Horo that I'll be rooting for and do decently in the main tournament.
  5. Noe
    2010-02-28 19:34
    I'm pretty much tired of going to school and at the same time, don't feel ready for college yet, so it's half and half for me. Yeah, I have decent grades as well and took a majority of my AP (college-preparatory) classes in my junior year which made my application to colleges more attractive. I really don't have much motivation for almost anything out there...I'm pursuing an accounting major but I'm not that fond of math. It only deals with percents and fractions though.

    Ah..I'll probably be sleeping/at school by then.
  6. Noe
    2010-02-28 17:03
    Noe problem. It's pretty much easy connect to when I'll show you the auto-join on connect/identify auto but our conflicting time zones make it harder to coincide.

    Yep, just about ~3 more months left of senior year. I'm here for the AP exams. I'm pretty much disappointed that the fall term is starting up so soon (August 23rd, 2010).
  7. hinakatbklyn
    2010-02-28 13:42
    My personal favorites Koromo, Yami, Yuuhi (and an add in) Alice (Pandora Hearts) Couldn't handle the top characters. I was also having trouble with the fantasy predictions up until the final round. I was all correct on the final round predictions of phase 2.

    I kept up with most of my original choices (mentioned last time). I'm still venturing forward with Sora no wo to (although slower than usual).

    I try not to watch too many episodes in a series on the chance it gets officially licensed, but I wanted to find out about one of the later railgun episodes. Good thing I did.
  8. Ithekro
    2010-02-28 13:10
    Doing fair I suppose. We operate on US Arygos, which doesn't have any reputation that I know of.

    As for series...I don't know. I short of jump around. I was into several science fiction (space) series from Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Harlock and that style shows, but also things like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Poni Pani Dash, and some of the random comedies. Then there was Clannad. I usually don't get into all that many shows a season. usually just one or two with sometimes "discovering" an older series at the same time (Strawberry Marshmellows for instance in the last month or so because I was reading some of the older Minami-ke post comparing Kana to Mia..that and Kholdstare's 2010 ISML video).

    Umineko because it seemed like a good idea, though I still haven't finished it (only about four more episodes to go). It isn't quite as bad at people say, mainly because I can understand way some things were not done/used. Namely the non-use of some music because quite frankly the music would overpower the scene and drowned out the dialog. It is perfect when you can only read the text with sound effects, but actual speaking would compete with the song since it is the words that are the scene, not the music.
  9. Noe
    2010-02-26 16:40
    I really don't have any other characters that I want to get into the regular season for ISML. I'm just voting for the sake of voting.

    I don't like that many guys in anime neither - Tomoya from Clannad, Lelouch from CG, Guts from Berserk, Hei from Darker than Black are most of my male favorites.

    Ahh~ same here although I haven't seen much lately due to school. Gonna graduate from high school in June and starting up uni in late August which is soon.
  10. Xacual
    2010-02-25 23:59
    I'm pretty bored with WoW actually lately but that more has to do with my current semester of college classes being ridiculously difficult compared to last and not having really time to play.

    Current anime season is good but again not much time to follow anything other than really Durarara.

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