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  1. Full Metal Coast
    2009-10-28 22:04
    Full Metal Coast
    great to see another aussie on here. just read your comments anti-pracy thread and i agree with your views 100% its shits me how far behind we are.
  2. Kirarakim
    2009-10-28 20:56
    I edited my original post because I thought it was too long but I guess I wasn't fast enough because you ended up quoting it anyways.
  3. Xellos
    2009-06-03 00:38
    Thanks. We're struggling a bit on the heroic side due to a bit of attrition and inconsistent play, but we should be fine. I'm not sure where I said anything about questioning why people aren't downing a certain boss though.

    I'm interested in Eden of the East but haven't gotten around to dling it. While several anime are keeping me entertained atm, nothing has really stuck out as outstanding.
  4. RWBladewing
    2009-06-02 21:03
    I happened to see this quote in the discussion thread and I think it sums up my opinion pretty well.

    "The emotional side of me is pleased with this filth being gone.
    The rational side of me realizes that it's horrible stuff, but doesn't actually harm anyone."

    I hate censorship of any kind and this is just one more piece of ammo for the idiots who want to ban violent games. Would I ever play a game like this? No. Would everyone who would play one go out and do the same thing in real life? No. As someone else in that thread said, it's not a crime to think. The people who would do something like that in real life will just find another outlet for it now anyway, such as actually doing it in real life.
  5. RWBladewing
    2009-06-02 09:58
    I have a mixed opinion of it really, guild was pushing too hard and I was getting burnt out really fast, this provided a pretty convenient way to end all that. But on the flip side watching everything I'd worked for over 4 months get wiped out in an instant by a bunch of selfish pricks, and then having nearly everyone I had liked turn out to be pricks themselves, wasn't all that enjoyable. I kept raiding as long as I did because I considered a lot of these people friends and now I utterly hate every single one of them except 2, pretty ironic. It's not really a big deal gameplay-wise though. With my gear and experience I could get into almost any guild I wanted, but like I mentioned, I am bored with the game and don't even want to.

    Eden of the East is good, I am very curious to see how they will be able to resolve that kind of a plot in only 11 episodes (they probably won't). I really like the mystery of it and I look forward to it every week, up to episode 8 now.
  6. Xellos
    2009-04-11 11:48
    In a word, I like TTGL because of its execution. The series knows what it wants to do and accomplishes it in a brilliant matter with hardly any deviance. Yes, it's over the top, excessive, and maybe ridiculous at some times. However, it feels right in this anime and the animation, designs, music, and characters all compliment each other.

    I liked the characters; Kamina obviously for his braggadocio and "coolness" (my vocabulary fails me atm). I eventually liked Simon after watching him grow from an unsure youth to a reliable man. I can not say I particularly liked Yoko, but I did not hate her either. I wouldn't say she's a mix of Asuka and Haruko as she lacks the deep emotional brittleness of Asuka and the insanity of Haruko. Instead, she strikes me more as a more calm Misato.

    Anyways, TTGL is a great series for me as it was highly entertaining on various levels while not being completely shallow.
  7. RWBladewing
    2009-04-10 16:25
    Apologize if this seems like eavesdropping or whatever but I read your paragraph about TTGL, I have to say it's pretty interesting that most of the things you mentioned as hating are the reason why I loved it, haha. Kamina and his wild and no-nonsense personality, the music, the over-the top action, etc. Again those are matters of opinion, but I'd like to contest what you said about Yoko. Honestly, I don't feel she is "cheapened" at all because she serves exactly the purpose she was meant to. You may have a great amount of respect for women and dislike fanservice, but I really would not portray that character as a victim treated terribly by the creators, because it's quite obvious that fanservice is her entire reason for existing. What you see as a betrayal of a possibly great character is actually her doing exactly what she was meant to.

    Oh yeah, and galaxies as shuriken. You just cannot go wrong with galaxies as shuriken. I love that insanely over-the-top action.
  8. Xellos
    2009-04-10 07:55
    I don't mind what you think of other series. After all, personal taste is personal taste.
  9. Xellos
    2009-04-10 05:16
    Why don't you like TTGL or Gainax?
  10. Xellos
    2009-04-08 10:03
    The series is Chrome Shelled Regios or Kouraku no Regios. I wouldn't say Felli is the only thing going for it, even for me. It's been a pretty decent action show so far. As far as the Death Note manga goes, I believe they were aiming for 108 chapters because 108 represents the 108 sins (or something like that) that humans have to face and overcome in Buddhist belief. So they were going for the whole symbology thing for w/e reason. In any case, I agree that they should've just went for a natural ending.

    No, I haven't read that review of MGLN. I don't usually read ANN tbh, hah.

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