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  1. Demi.
    2009-11-16 05:21
    It sounds...unique. It sure has a interesting group of staff, as I liked most of the series you mentioned. Is it supposed to be a soothing and anime like Aria? Or does it actually possess some semblance of action? Either way, time will tell. It sure does have a interesting title, but I get what the name came from. 2010 is going to be the year of the movie. So many animated movies that people have been anticipating are all releasing at virtually the same time. Unlimited Blade Works, Nanoha movie, and Haruhi movie, just to name a few...or rather, the most anticipated.

    Yeah, I loved that dream sequence episode. Was very nice to see Fate abandon the dream of what she always wanted, for her current life. It shows she has truly found her place in A's, and is unwilling to sacrifice the reality Nanoha helped make for her. Not to mention that she can think logically enough to assess that such things just don't happen in reality. I can't remember how many times I've seen characters be fooled by similar dreams that are obvious traps, yet they fall for it time and time again... Fate was in the first season too though, so can that really be used as a reason for A's being better than the first season, unless you mean Fate was better in A's, than the first. And yeah, I like Hayate too...And also, the Nanoha girls don't age a minute past 25. Forever 25, is the Nano-verse motto. : D
  2. Demi.
    2009-11-16 04:09
    I watched the trailer when you posted it in the ISML thread. At least I think that was you who posted it. Looks interesting, though the the trailer was a real tease so I couldn't gather much from it. I'll be sure to pick it up when it releases, my watch list is usually pretty large. :3
  3. Full Metal Coast
    2009-11-12 20:57
    Full Metal Coast
    cheers for that i will definitely check it out.
    was just wondering where is the best place to try and find good shows coming up in the new seasons or new year?
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2009-11-12 19:05
    That looks like a cross between K-on artystyle with valkyria chronicles plot.
  5. Mushi
    2009-11-10 19:39
    Haha... Shana will always be a favorite, but I'm not hopelessly devoted to any one girl. The avatar is Minatsu Shiina from Seitokai no ichizon, and yes, that's Lisa from Sacred Blacksmith. I really fell for her in ep. 5 of that series. I wanted some new faces from current series for a change.

    Sawako is a very compelling character. Even though she seems like something of a "plain Jane" type, I feel so drawn to her and so anxious about what's going to happen to her. And it's not just her, Chizuru and Ayane's struggles over their feelings about Sawako are being so well portrayed. The way they are agonizing over their uncertainty about her and where they stand with her is making for some excellent drama.

    This is a series that is already approaching masterpiece quality, IMHO, due to it's ability to evoke such strong empathy and emotional responses, while at the same time being amusing and entertaining.
  6. Full Metal Coast
    2009-11-09 21:30
    Full Metal Coast
    thats a pretty nice list you got there. if i find anything that i think you'll like i schwing it your way.
  7. Pocari_Sweat
    2009-11-09 21:04
    It's cool, everyone has different tastes. Personally I can't stand shonens. They almost always have "emo" characters that develop "character" by going through "emo-stages", are dragged and are plagued by fillers. I think the fact that's why I've been more inclined to watch GAR stuff is because I'm getting sick of "emo". I also don't like mechas because of similar reasons, but TTGL and the Macross franchise felt different for me. Probably why I liked TTGL was because it was going a different direction to what all the others mechas were, and the reason I like Macross is because I like their mech designs and the music is quite catchy too.

    I've been saturated with too much romcoms, moeblob comedies and dramas that I've been taking a break with those, though it doesn't help that POWA likes RomComs... On the subject of romcoms, I wouldn't call Nodame Cantabile a drama, but rather a not so over-the-top romcom, that is actually good. The live action drama on the other is over-the-top...

    I don't really think Bakemonogatari is a loli avalanche (bar 2nd half of ep 9 and ep10), though I do hear criticism about how "pretentious" its artstyle is and how some people find the conversations boring, which I can understand, though not necessarily agree. Kinda how some people find the economics and conversations in Spice and Wolf boring. Really comes down to taste. It's like how I cannot appreciate "Japanese romcom humour" but can appreciate "Japanese parodic humour".

    We had a preview screening the 2 weeks ago, where we showed various anime that was currently airing this season, which we do as a "season tradition" thing. The two animes that got the most attention was A Certain Scientific Railgun and Seitokai No Ichizon. I didn't really like either of them, though I am following Seitokai myself because it's the only thing worth watching for me atm (in my current mood). Kimi ni Todoke got mixed responses, as our club doesn't really like drama.

    As I said, Kimi ni Todoke does look decent, but it seems a bit too shojo for me. It already is giving me Bokura Ga Ita vibes, and although that started off really well, it left me a real sour taste at the end. I'm more of a seinen drama/romance kind of person. Animes such as True Tears and Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora are among my favourites drama/romances. Also loved ef, which took a fairy-tale and arguably cliche storyline but executed it superbly and it's probably where SHAFT's crazy artstyle actually worked best. However, I will never consider showing at POWA again considering how it got awful responses a while ago when showed a preview. Wasn't even me that nominated but another committee person who wanted something for the drama slot lol.

    As for our current club atm, we are having a bit of a debate what our future directions will be. Some of the commitee wants more balance in genres, but others just want to continue the action/romcom trend to get more members. As you can see our current lineup is mostly romcoms and actions.

    Hope your club goes well too.
  8. Mushi
    2009-11-09 12:22
    I've seen Kamichu and it was very charming. I enjoyed it a lot. I've got Kurenai and have seen the first couple of episodes. It made a very good impression and I intend to watch it... other things took priority at the time and I haven't gotten back to it yet.

    I'll check into Daughter of Twenty Faces. I took a quick look at the wiki entry for it and it looks like something I'd like.
  9. Full Metal Coast
    2009-11-08 21:38
    Full Metal Coast
    yeah exams are killing me i finish next week and i cant wait.

    i started watching Kimi no Todoke and i thought it wasnt too bad. im a sucker for series where you have huge sympathy for the protagonist. i have to say i was very impressed with adelaide this year they definitely shcocked me with how well they played and i reckon in 2010 will again be a dominating team. my teams are Eagles who were disgraceful this year. i personally think they should get rid of worsfold because he cant do much when he doesnt have a awesome midfield like he did on 06/07. but i also follow Geelong and no i didnt jump on the band wagon i have gone for them ever since 2004 when they picked up Steve Johnson with pick 20.

    by the way watching any other good shows at the moment or reading any good mangas?
  10. Mushi
    2009-11-06 05:37
    Well, I do have my moments where my mood might get the better of me and I come across in a way that is opinionated and blunt. But I do try to be civilized.

    Thanks for the suggestion on Aoi Hana. Downloading it now. I like those "If you liked that, then you'll like this" kind of recommendations. I'm always downloading different series I come across, even if I don't intend to watch them right away. I think I must have about 20 different series in storage that I've yet to watch. So, if they ever do crack down on fansubs and make them harder to get, I'll have a couple hundred hours of anime to watch that I've never seen before.

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