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  1. Xacual
    2010-02-25 23:59
    I'm pretty bored with WoW actually lately but that more has to do with my current semester of college classes being ridiculously difficult compared to last and not having really time to play.

    Current anime season is good but again not much time to follow anything other than really Durarara.
  2. Noe
    2010-02-24 20:48
    True true. 'Variety is the spice of life' as they say, but I tend to be very dedicated/fully committed when it comes to Fate. That seems to be a plausible reason then - displaying animosity towards a factor that reminds you of a tragic past. I found Kamina alright and I appreciate his significance/death because it symbolized Simon's strength and further growth in the series. And taking a look from that list there, I also highly enjoy Code Geass (both seasons) and it's still considered to be one of my all time favorite anime. I find CG and TTGL to be similar though - both mecha filled with drama that have profoundly entertaining aspects that sucks in the audience with an intriguing plot. Well, Nia did play a vital role in the series.

    Ah, you live in Australia. I live in Florida so those are completely different time zones.
  3. Last Sinner
    2010-02-24 17:28
    Last Sinner
    Zzz wrong place....
  4. Noe
    2010-02-24 17:00
    I've been watching anime for a good amount of years and find it adequately brilliant. (at times) Yeah, the other partial half is filled with long-winded dialogue that is hard to follow at times but I dunno, something about it appeals. Hm..won't go any further on this matter lolol because I actually enjoyed TTGL to a great extent. I found every episode to be highly entertaining and relayed one series of events nicely to the other. (even though I loathed Rossiu)

    Okay, download mirc --> You don't need to register your copy at all and it's free. Start it up and click 'Continue' --> fill in whatever for you name/email and for your nick, it's basically your username so think of something creative. On the left, it should say 'Rizon' but if not, go to 'Servers' beneath the 'Connect' title and select the folder that says 'Rizon.' Go to File --> Connect then type /j #Feitoism and I'll show you how to register your nickname and other useful stuff.
  5. Noe
    2010-02-23 17:07
    I wasn't exactly hooked into Bakemonogatari at the first ep or so neither. It was a series of progression for me and episode 12 (I think) was one that really shined. Ah're not the only one that can't see its reasoning behinds its popularity.
    I should probably re-consider downloading Hanamaru again.

    Kino no Tabi had a really great OP + ED and seeing the world/towns through the portrayal of Kino's was a great directional perspective. It's pretty similar to Mushishi I'd say when it comes to traveling and experiencing different places. I don't know, something didn't click with me when it came to viewing Mushishi. Haha may seem strange at first for Honey and Clover to have a character like that but the other aspects make up for it.

    Hitagi's strength is mid-high but not too much and yeah, I see Mio as being a juggernaut.

    Do you use IRC by any chance? I'm on a journey to recruit Fate fans into my channel.
  6. Noe
    2010-02-22 19:53
    I'm not really into the workings of SHAFT so don't know much about the fanclub haha. Ah..for me, I'm particularly liking Bakemonogatari, it has this unique aspect to it that simply attracts me. Supercell's ED is also *awesome.* If the last 2 episodes don't air soon though, my overall rating for it might drop. About Mina...a lot of controversy over her design. lolol

    I for one, didn't like Mushishi. It felt kinda dull at times, I preferred Kino no Tabi more. Minami-ke first season was very good and then the rest following was so-so. Hm..I should start back up on Hanamaru then. I also like the Aria series and Hidamari Sketch is also great from this season.

    Same here, Nodame's a really remarkable series; Honey and Clover too. Baka Test certainly has a lot of hype. And are you predicting any new comers that will have a shot at the tiara in ISML 2010?
  7. Noe
    2010-02-22 16:36
    I started to read some chapters of the Bund manga before the anime started to air. I liked it but as usual, the anime adaptation just doesn't live up.
    Out of that list, I'm seeing Sora no Woto, Katanagatari, and Nodame. Hanamaru's on-hold for now. Nodame is especially good, forgot to mention that in my previous post. Gyabo~ + music & funnies.
    Baka Test is also alright-good (with its comedic effects) but I feel as though it's going nowhere.

    True..not that many good stuff in next season neither. --> 2010 spring if you wanna take a look.
  8. Noe
    2010-02-21 21:10
    Why hello there. I'm okay and yourself?
    From the latest season of anime, I can't really say I'm liking many, the amount of ecchi in the shows have really increased. Durarara! is alright though. The next season should hopefully be better with Major 6th Season and possibly a few others. The ISML results are pretty much expected..can't really say much when Fate's not participating at the time being. All I can say is that she scored adequately well in seeding.
  9. Mushi
    2010-02-20 16:42
    Yeah, I am liking Sora no Woto... quite a bit, in fact. The girls are really starting to grow on me. Thanks for nudging me in that direction. Episode 7 was excellent, I watched it twice. It's definitely the most serious and dramatic episode so far. With her gentle demeanor (and the seemingly mundane nature of their outpost), I never expected Filicia to be a combat veteran.
  10. Full Metal Coast
    2010-02-18 21:16
    Full Metal Coast
    yeah but on that argument why isnt someone more deserving in her spot for example Kanami Chidori: Tsundere-Yes, KyoAni-Yes.

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