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  1. hinakatbklyn
    2010-04-27 08:25
    This may be alittle off for me but if ISML was using college football playoff rules, Taiga would be considered the unbeaten team never allowed to play for a championship and Hina and Mikoto would be the big players playing for the necklace without having to rely on outside matches as a tiebreaker.

    I had a feeling that Tomoyo was going to beat Azusa, but not that close. I could of factored in Rin's match to decide the necklace winner, but I feel it's so much easier to hold Tomoyo responsible. I can still predict she will win most of her matches, but I'll be voting for Tomoyo's opponents for now.

    (Edit) Maybe it's just a spur of the moment for me. If Mikoto or Hina still wins a necklace later, I might change my mind about Tomoyo. But I wasn't really a fan of Tomoyo as I was a bigger fan of Kyou. Thinking about it, even if I didn't have a problem with the results (generally they were expected results) it might be weird if every single character was my favorite. I have my select favorites, I will support them as much as I can without trying to go overboard.
  2. Ahasuerus
    2010-04-23 22:53
    Heya! Yeah, it's sad that newer people are ignorant of what pleasures those older series bring. Seems that they gobble up the newest stuff without a thought, gorge themselves and then go on to the next newest/biggest-hyped thing. Lame. But I guess it can't be helped...

    I'm finding a lot in the new season to watch, although I've already dropped the overtly fanservicey or BL-like ones. Let's see... tracking Angel Beats, Arakawa, K-ON!!, Working!, Night Raid, Maid-sama (may drop), Hakuoki, RAINBOW, and House of Five Leaves; getting Tatami as we speak. Er, type.

    That's some serious quantity AND quality! Nice diversity for a change too. Still watching Durarara!! and Katanagatari from Winter too! Yep, my plate is full. Yay xD

    There's so much good material from the past that I've missed; I'm watching NANA for my "oldies assignment" LOL Great show btw. I just made an epic post about it on my blog (but then ALL my posts are epic LMAO). It's here if interested:

    Thanks for the message/visit :-)
  3. hinakatbklyn
    2010-04-13 21:41
    Alittle slow of me to get into Angel Beats, but I just saw the first episode. I may need a few more episodes to figure this series out, but so far, it's not as serious as I thought it might be. They do have their humor which will keep me interested.

    For some strange reason, I was noticing Asuza predictions over Kyou early on. I was thinking, am I reading this right. If Tomoyo is not having any problems (outside of one match), Kyou shouldn't either. Too bad I favor both characters again, but I'm on Kyou's side this time. I don't see any upsets except for the few close matches.
  4. Kaioshin Sama
    2010-04-12 23:43
    Kaioshin Sama
    The movie is actually turning out to just kind of be Back To The Future Part II with Haruhi characters. Kyon is basically Marty McFly, Nagato and Koizumi together more or less make Doc Brown and Asakura Ryoko is essentially Biff Tannen. Even the whole idea with an alternate time line that has to be fixed and them running across themselves in the previous trip into the past is there. The only part that's really different is that instead of that cool part at the beginning where they go to the future to try and save Marty Jr. they instead have Kyon meandering around the school and going to bed 3 or 4 times over the course of about an hour.
  5. Keroko
    2010-04-12 23:10
    Hectic, but fine. How about you?
  6. Kaioshin Sama
    2010-04-12 22:18
    Kaioshin Sama
    Yeah well at least your not sitting through The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie right now. For a movie that everybody is claiming is so epic I can't imagine anything more dull and drawn out at this point. Seriously the movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes and I'm about an hour and 30 minutes in and barely anything has happened in the last hour or so. There's just no excuse for this movie being this long if they aren't going to fill it with more than a few events that are actually interesting to watch.

    The animation which is gorgeous and definitely taking advantage of the movie format is about the only thing remarkable about it thus far, but I still have about an hour and 10 minutes to go and I'm anticipating Kyoani did what they always do and pack all the interesting parts at the beginning and the end of their feature so that there'll be a hook at the beginning and then when people are finished with it the good parts will be the only thing fresh in their mind. It's manipulative as hell if you ask me, but then again this is Kyoani we are talking about here lol....
  7. Noe
    2010-04-12 17:22
    Hmm yeah, I was rather impressed by Angel Beat's second episode as well. The OP and ED certainly saved it for me. The concert near the end reminded me of episode 11 of Haruhi.

    Haven't seen that show yet.

    Fate will lose to Mikoto tonight...
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2010-04-12 10:48
    Check out Rainbow - Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin. Out of the anime I've seen so far this is at least one tier above everything. Predicting and hoping it will be one of the best grim dark series I will see in a long time.
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2010-04-10 13:36
    2x 3k word assignments due over the Easter Break = hell.

    I did watch a few animes in between as breaks though.

    Angel Beats - Same but different style of "Key". Same in that, it follows the standard "Key" formula - comedic at the start with dramatic elements than gradually turns dramatic with some comedy. Different in that, it is a supernatural/action anime and not a romance/drama. Watched 2 eps, and I'm undecided what to think of it. But will watch all of it just because its "Key". The OP is just gorgeous though <3

    Senko no Night Raid - Grim dark/action set in Shanghai. Sounds like an interesting storyline. First episode was interesting enough.

    Arakawa Under the Bridge - Another troll by Shinbo lol. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei on steroids. I guess Bakemonogatari was just a one-hit wonder for him because the other SHAFT show I like (ef tale of memories) was not directed by him.

    Heroman - Amercian superhero show but Japanified. Don't really like western cartoons (Marvel etc) so don't really care about it.

    Working - For a moeblob show, I'm actually finding it not bad. The main guy though looks exactly like the main guy from Hanamaru Youchien though.

    Other shows I plan to watch:

    Saraiya Goyou
    Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei

    Staying the hell away from the ecchi shows and K-on!!. Talking about K-on!! wtf is with the OP. Chimpmunk Yui supposed to be moe?
  10. Kaioshin Sama
    2010-04-07 22:48
    Kaioshin Sama
    A few years ago people were claiming that Kyoani was going to be the one to lead anime into the next golden age, but I'm not so sure anybody but the most diehard of their fanboys still thinks so now. They've got nothing going for them at this point outside of profit making capability for sponsors. No fresh ideas, no heart and soul, no overall effort, only good animation quality (and even then no longer close to the best) and marketing leverage.

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