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  1. hinakatbklyn
    2010-02-01 20:39
    Evening there. (or is it morning?) Actually it's not that I'm familiar with where it originated from, but a particular entertainment show outside of anime that actually uses that music. (hope it's the same one I'm thinking about).
    No matter how many more good titles show up later on, the 3 titles mentioned as my favorites, I have no intention of getting rid of. They are keepers as well as now Hayate no Gotoku.
    I still find time after work (if interested) to check current titles out (DVD, TV, or online).
    (News off topic) It sounds like 3/4 of the anime over in your area could be yellow or red flagged at this rate. May be getting out of hand.
  2. Demi.
    2010-02-01 16:19
    Not much happened today. Work, picked up 3rd volume of Kimi ni Todoke, ran around doing shopping for mum, got my 9th level 80 in World of Wacraft, couple of random h dailies on Mage main and I already have to go to bed. Hopefully I can fit in anime soon.

    That is, if Australian bureaucrats allow it!

    Apparently A-cup breasts are now completely illegal in Australia. -_- My post on the Sankaku thread is the VERY VERY VERY long one with the +0.8 score.

    Big WOW fan, I see. I never really got into many MMO's, and WOW isn't one of the few that I did. They're entertaining, but I do like to see a game end. It's what makes me feel accomplished, lol..A cup breasts...illegal? But some full-grown adults have that size. Regardless of that, it's pretty silly. People should be allowed to enjoy what they like, so long as it doesn't hurt another in the process, orz. It''s one logic, many people just don't seem to grasp. I havn't read your comment, but I probably will after I finish this post.

    And ISML is back. Wonder how our faves will do in the prelims.

    Cute new avatar. Interesting pose for Fate.

    Truth be told, I'm not looking forward to another year of ISML. Too exhausting/tiring since I put more effort into it than the average voter...or probably pretty much every voter. Hopefully my favs do well, at least.

    Thanks. Once I saw that face I couldn't resist...Though I wonder how you realize the pose when you don't know the original image. : D
  3. Demi.
    2010-02-01 16:12
    I'm going to reply in two posts, because the character limit will exceed before I can manage replying back to all three comments within the same post, heh.

    I think KS is just more sensitive than normal if it's related to ISML. Which is fair enough, since it's his baby after all. And people in general can lose their cool rather easy. When I did my 2009 poll votes, I wrote a bit of sarcasm and sincerity in comments. 2 people got mighty angry and negative repped me. The next day, I posted a VERY sarcastic link to a Valkyria Chronicles review by an Aussie guy who utterly ripped it apart and someone gave me all that rep back. *shrug* Some people don't like people who dare to be opinionated. But frankly, I'm annoyed by people that aren't. Or those that are without providing a basis for their opinion. If someone can provide a good basis for their argument and also tolerate others, then I respect them.

    Few opinions annoy me, however, there are a efw when I can't see where the person is coming from. I hate it when people try to give false labels to something just as a means to bash it. And it's those times where their opinions stop being opinions, and I just get frustrated listening. 4chan seems to incite those feelings often...Otherwise, if it's a legitimate unbiased opinion not fueled by hate, I'm fine with pretty much any opinion.

    Hype...I think I lost that in my early 20s. I make up my own mind. Having a 40 year old anime mentor who's been watching stuff for 3 decades helps.

    Three decades? He's got me beat. Though there were times where I watched one series on a daily basis, so few rival me in terms of series watched...I have come across a few on MAL, though.

    Keep forgetting that one. I need to get hold of Now and Then, Here and There. I hear good things about it.

    It will nto disappoint.

    23 well qualifies, hehe. Although some security guards were still asking for ID when I was 25... -_- Can't watch anything to waste time, anymore. I can't tolerate anything that is bad. Unlike my mentor, who can watch anything, literally.

    Witht he way I look, they'll probably be asking me for an ID until I'm well into my mid 30's. ;_;

    Thanks for liking it. What amuses me though is they think it was taken from rap?! was taken from a METAL song! XD Rewrote the lyrics somewhat but kept the general flow. I'll link it when I get home. Bet you'll laugh when you see the source. KS would kill me if he knew. XD

    I'm not a large music fan, so I really had no idea where the lyrics may have spawned from. It was a fun read all the same.
  4. Full Metal Coast
    2010-01-29 02:18
    Full Metal Coast
    well thats pretty gay. but meh what can you do.

    na didnt go to waicon i didnt make it back in time.
  5. Full Metal Coast
    2010-01-28 21:03
    Full Metal Coast
    Hey mate long time no speak. Europe was absolutely amazing Freezing like ive never felt before but still amazing.

    ha i know how you feel i have just been so busy since i got back that i havent been able to watch anything or find out anything about any good new shows (but thanks for the recomendations will definitely check them out)

    yeah i have to agree with you i find that having an opinion on here can be very harsh to the reputation meter but what can you do some people just do stupid/childish things. anyway dont let it get you down.

    also that article WHHAAAAT? that is so random but i had a good laugh
  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2010-01-27 13:30
    Hey. Haven't seen you posting much lately, apart from that one nomination post in the ISML thread. How you been doing?
  7. Demi.
    2010-01-26 08:16
    lol, although people seem to disagree with that when the regular season roles over, and I start raging at all the ridiculous results...Although to my defense, I usually do it pretty calmly, but it pisses Kholdstare off either way.

    True, I rarely read reviews anyways. A good way to avoid hype is to check the seasonal anime releases, and add the ones that interest you to your watch list...Disregarding all opinion until you formulate your own. Works like a charm. :3

    That much is true. Have you ever watched Now and Then, Here and There? It's a somewhat older anime, however, it has one of the better storylines out there and the male lead is no pushover. Considering his circumstances, it makes his execution all the more impressive.

    I will do. Kimi ni Todoke will likely be watched before the second phase of prelims starts.

    lol, I see...I'm not sure if I qualify as "barely an adult." I'm "barely 23" does that qualify? Though in all seriousness, it could have been better, but it was a nice time waster.

    Read it, was quite well done. All that's left is to hope for the best. ;_;

    Scantily clad may just be a perferance you're not aware of. : D
    ...Although it typically gives more emphasis on the endowed parts of a women, so that could be why. There is nothing wrong with liking that, I do happen to like my lolis as well, though. But I'm split between the two, really.
  8. Demi.
    2010-01-25 04:38
    Well, all i can say is we have a different feel for figure attributes. I understand where you're coming from on what makes a quality figure...But at the same time, when I look at her close-up, I'm not seeing the flaws. Speaking of serious Fate, the movie appears to have taken that serious and unrelenting determination of hers to all new heights. I'd show you some scans, but not sure if you consider that a spoiler.

    I know, I pretty much figured that with the trailer alone. Some Japanese publishers even have Sora no Woto as one of the anime they're expecting to be a hit in Japan.
    4ch and Sankaku pretty much troll everything, anyways. I don't bother going there anymore because it just makes me upset reading all their trash talk. I really did enjoy Aria though, so Sora no Woto might be to my liking.

    I did watch all of Kurenai, I very much enjoyed it. The loli was cute, and the male protagonist actually had a backbone...unlike most male characters these days. I've not got around to Kimi ni Todoke, but with the few anime I've watched lately, and considering it's a newer was to be expected.

    Bakemono was a huge hit in Japan..Do i think it deserved the hype? No, not to that degree. I quite enjoyed it, but I've seen better, and the animation issues were a farce.

    lol, more foreign anime to me. It's funny that despite watching several hundreds of anime, I've just not gotten around to watching hardly any of the newer releases. I've heard a lot about Railgun though...I'd likely enjoy it, but I don't think it's something I would regard highly.

    As for my ISML support list, let's see... (with your style)

    Group 1 - Kotomi
    Group 2 - Misuzu
    Group 3 - Maria, Hina Ichigo
    Group 4 - Rena
    Group 5 - Chii, Nagisa
    Group 6 - Yami, Horo
    Group 7 - Hayate, Enma Ai, Eruruu, Nadeko
    Group 8 - Koromo, Mei, Yomi
    Group 9 - Nanoha, C.C., Setsuna
    Group 10 - Sakura, Evangeline, Isumi
    Group 11 - Rika, Haruka
    Group 12 - Alice Caroll, Hanyuu
    Group 13 - Saki, Teletha, Kana
    Group 14 - Chiaki, Illya, Ange

    Hm, we are actually fairly similar, from the looks of it.
  9. Demi.
    2010-01-25 03:10
    Hm...the Fate looks spot-on to me. Fate may have quite a lot of dere in her, but she still is a very serious character in battle, and I think that Shin Sonic Alter expression fits her just right. What about the Alter loli Fate?

    The swimsuit Fate is nice too, though I did have to put it on hold for Shin Sonic Fate...Even I have my limitations to how much I can spend at one time. ;_;

    I guess this means Hanamaru Kindergarten is my next anime on the list. How many episodes of it has released so far?

    No, not yet...Though I keep hearing how it's similar to K-ON. It's like people like to generalize everything and label them as lesser versions of some more popular anime.

    Minami-ke and FMA Fumoffu are winly. Especially Fumoffu. God I love the comedy in that anime. I think it is only trumped by Great Teacher Onizuka, and about on par with Yakitate Japan. In the comedy aspect, that is.

    Vampire Bund is failing in a similar way that Umineko failed. It tries hard to be serious, and yet all I can help to do is laugh at how corny some of the scenes are.

    Anyways, we need to start watching some series so we can be more educated for when ISML regular season rolls over. Not that I'm anticipating ISML or anything...I put too much effort into campaigning for my girl and I just end up exhausted half the time. >.>

    Ah, pretty nice figures. Like the scantily clad figures, I see. : D
    The last one is indeed the best out of the bunch... I only have one risque figure and it's of Kaname Chidori, heh.
  10. Demi.
    2010-01-24 21:03
    You think goodsmile is better than Alter?

    I heard the FSN movie had a lot of action. Though some scenes were cut that didn't make fans too happy.

    Hm, I see. I'll give it a try then. My lack of anime watching hasn't really given me the incentive to watch new things...But I've got to get out of this slump eventually. Considering Dance in the Vampire Bund was a total flop, I see something to compensate for it, hopefully Hanamaru Kindergarten will do just that. I watched Summer Wars a few days ago, that was a really well done movie. Some drama, a bit of comedy, and a really unique concept. It's not similar to anything I've seen before and I've seen quite a lot of anime series/movies.

    *Looks at anime history* Yeah, 13episodes completed in three weeks. That is pretty pathetic considering what my average typically is.

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