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  1. Triple_R
    2014-03-07 16:53
    Fascinating wall discussion between you and Archon_Wing. I hope you won't mind me jumping in on it a bit.

    I agree with you that each gender has its own distinct dark side. And I also agree that knowing this is very useful.

    This may surprise you, since you know that I'm a moe fan, but I also largely agree that moe is pretty divorced from modern reality. That's actually partly why I like it - It's easily imaginable, but I don't think it exists to any significant degree in real life. So that makes it unique escapist fantasy.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2014-03-07 13:13
    But Tomoya, he did get a job and shit, becoming a family man. I would say he regressed into crap after Nagisa died, so that's pretty telling.

    Ocean Waves... eh, I'll look it up.

    And Steins;Gate has some really development.

    I'm sorry you didn't get the Okada joke, but yes I considered it a bunch of hate-filled, sexist drivel. It's kinda hard to not get offended when it concerns half the population when it considers I wouldn't want to say that to a number of people I respect and care about. I mean this is the internet. Sure there's no women on it, but what happens if I happened to be one? Would you have to make an exception? To me it's no different from speaking to a black person and going "oh damn black folks always steal and kill and shit while playing basketball over dead people's bodies. But not you! You're not really black!"

    It's not like generalizations aren't wrong. There's usually a large element of truth. Many women are "manipulative, compulsively lying, cheating, self-absorbed, rude, aloof" and so are men too. Maybe most people are. But this world isn't so black and white, man. Sometimes these flaws run along side a larger spectrum of traits.

    I'm not really trying to be PC here, I could give you a bunch of life experiences of which I've learned to recognize people as trash and be right anyways. I spent a lot of life thinking the world was full of hated and evil, and I never got along with authority figures. Sure some of the more relaxed teachers would think I was sorta funny, but other assholes that thought I should have their respect just because they were in that position. But of course, I grew up in an Asian family, of which a culture that stresses collectivization and blind worship and respect for authority.

    My cousins would tell me to show elders respect for the sake of being older. They were really just trying to help; they knew I hated them but at least by offering a token of respect I'd at least get them to get things going along peacefully. Of course, I was younger and more vindictive, so everyone ended up hating me for it. And I ended up hating them for it, even if they were trying to help. And I made it pretty clear that some people had their time limited and I'll be waiting for the day their corpse gets tossed away like a bunch of trash.

    And for this reason, I associated the other fellow students who followed the rules strictly to be a bunch of suck ups and they needed to relax. But that was stupid of me. When their parents would yell at them constantly and maybe beat them up for a B+? And that's considered a good joke? It was really a good thing my inner family wasn't bad about these matters.

    Which came to my fortune that I came across someone that was aware of the situation but were above it all. Society is cruel, but unfortunately, it's not simply a reason to just flail one's arms and give up. Overcome and outlast those trash. If you get caught up in all the hate, then everyone that's hurt you as succeeded. Because you only think of them and will simply lack the power to overcome it. I never saw her again, and it's not like the advice was very unique either, but sometimes it just takes a little bit.

    I think a lot of us see a lot of injustice in world and seek to overturn it, and then just fall into despair when you can't seem to do anything. But I only know one thing. As long as you are surrounded yourself in hate and expect the worse from people, defeat's the only possible option, and I feel that you are still wrapped up in it. You've seen worse days, and it's dumb to think that som self righteous moralistic douche from across the ocean that doesn't know you and doesn't even understand the context to going to change your life in a day, I admit. But it's not going to stop me from saying stuff like this.

    Why do people lie and manipulate and do bad things to each other? Everyone has their different reasons. Some are sociopathic and downright evil, you'd agree. But what about others? Maybe they're doing it because they're been hurt too, and feel it's the way the world works. See, this is the exact reason why dwelling in hate can never work. When you think it's the norm to hurt other people, the rest is a self fulfilling prophecy. Hurt them before they hurt you.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2014-03-07 00:54
    I disagree with Clannad. Tomoya realized both him and Nagisa had to grow stronger together, and I don't see that with anyone else besides Tomoyo.

    As for Tomoyo, while bettering himself was part of the story's point, it also wasn't the main point. The point of it was being able that Tomoya just needed to realize that Tomoyo was going to accept him for who he was regardless of quality and he just needed to stop being a dumbfuck about it. That's why Tomoyo's the best girl, lol.

    White Album 2, that is. It's a pretty realistic depiction of people making dumb mistakes while having the best of intentions.

    Steins; Gate; they care for each other.

    I've had too many experiences/events in recent years where I've learned just how manipulative, compulsively lying, cheating, self-absorbed, rude, aloof and vindictive women/girls can be. So, I find myself unable to believe in anything cute anymore, because I found the cutest were the biggest liars and most self-absorbed from my recent experiences. Moe and reality are glaring opposites. Cute is now a giveaway of 'she's bad news - stay the flock away from her' as far as I'm concerned. Moe certainly is escapism magnified because in reality, those cute/dependent ones will leech one dry.

    No offense, but it sounded like something Mari Okada wrote, except gender swapped. Could you rephrase that a bit better?

    As for your choices, I will delve into KnK, and Shinkai is a king of romance for a reason. As for the rest, with enough time...
  4. Soverence
    2014-02-14 21:00
    Well I mean top has always seemed like a boring back and forth trading scene to me, I have never liked playing there but I guess the isolation makes it seem like the 1 on 1 up there is a lot more important. I haven't minded the changes so much for mid, but I have never really been playing the top tier champs anyway so I really felt like nothing changed for me. ADC is hard, you need to have a support who knows what they are doing which can be a gamble if you don't bring one with you.
  5. Soverence
    2014-02-08 15:59
    Hey, how have you been? How you liking the season 4 changes now that some time has passed to actually play and judge it?
  6. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2014-01-23 19:16
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    swoit, this is good to see.
  7. Tempester
    2014-01-22 10:38
    If Sakura Trick is commercially successful, maybe we'll see the dawn of an age where yuri in anime becomes less "they're just best friends, I swear! *wink wink nudge nudge*".

    Mushishi, Love Live, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure... yeah, I'm pumped for Spring too.
  8. Tempester
    2014-01-22 10:10
    Greetings, mate. Enjoying Sakura Trick this season?
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-01-20 01:49
    Was aware of the campaign, I need to remember to mention it to a few other Spice and Wolf fans next time I see them though.

    I recently learned that one of the guys I sometimes hang out with at Vancouver and Seattle area conventions is heavily involved in the group promoting this release (Sekai Project). There was one time where we attended a maid cafe event, then hung out drinking sake and chatting with the (identical twin) star performers from said maid cafe.

    Sexing up a totally normal con story to make it sound wild and scandalous? Who me?
  10. Rajura
    2014-01-19 22:22
    Thanks for the info! It should be good (of course, there is no way any of these characters could be better than Holo)!

    Let's hope it gets the green light.

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