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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2014-03-26 05:11
    Guardian Enzo
    It is, but selfishly it would be nicer to know a publisher was willing to translate all her novels into English...
  2. Archon_Wing
    2014-03-26 04:43
    I'm really glad too. Sometimes you feel the awards are just a meaningless gesture, but hey sometimes faith gets rewarded.

    Also, Shinkai's working on something again.
  3. Triple_R
    2014-03-20 23:27
    Thanks a lot for that! It might be awhile before I reply to it though, just so you know.

    Today was busy for me between a Montreal Canadiens hockey game and Thursday being my biggest anime-watching day of Winter 2014.
  4. Triple_R
    2014-03-17 06:27
    The White Day art was great in general. But yes, what I *really* liked was the Madoka girls. They came up with some really nice "normal clothes" for the main cast. So thanks a lot for sharing!
  5. Soverence
    2014-03-15 16:06
    So I finally got done with my placements for this season, got put right back into Plat. 5 which I am glad about, would have liked to went higher but I would have screamed if they put me back into gold 1 again. I really don't see the issue with mid, it feels the same to me as it was last season for the most part, only difference is that vi and panth are coming out of the jungle instead of lee and elsie .

    For me I guess my play list would look like:

    Top - Shen
    Jungle - Amumu, Vi
    AD carry - Kog'Maw (He's still relevant, don't jungle me :'( )
    Support - Annie, Soraka, Janna
    Mid Lane - Annie, Malzahar, Xerath
  6. mystogan
    2014-03-13 12:36
    i have finally started watching Le Chevalier D'Eon, and yes it is everything that i was looking for, thank you very much for bringing it up somewhere that i took notice of it.
  7. Archon_Wing
    2014-03-11 20:57
    The whole Mikasa's abs thing is stupid. Interestingly it was started because the author received demands for fanservice, and as you can see he pretty much decided to not demean his characters to that kind of bullshit. People don't get it.

    Anohana is centered around Menma as a plot device, but in reality most of the show is about the characters. Understandably, this is still a weakness but I don't think it's as pronounced as many would claim. The end kinda went off the rails and wasn't that good, but I don't think it really matters.

    I'm not exactly convinced that shounen is some kind of sinkhole, considering that Fist of the North Star and the Togashi Duo of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter have developed some of the most notable characters and meaningful relationships between the male characters as well. And what about Kenshin? Which of course brings up male characters in anime. I think there are a lot of good male characters ranging from the cold and calculating Akagi to the ever so pouring his heart out Kaiji. Attack on Titan itself has strong characters in the form of Armin and Levi, both of which show their care for others in an exceptional way through development in the form of the former, and character revelation in form of the later. Sure, I would say that Eren's single minded potential sociopathic tendencies probably made him an inferior lead but that's how the cookie crumbles. The fandom is irritating as hell and should be ignored.

    Steins;Gate has Okabe, who develops into someone that must balance reality with wish as well as dealing with circumstances he is most uncomfortable with on a constant basis.

    The relationship between the four male characters in Little Busters! are the main strength of the show; a feat that is fairly unusual for its genre. The concept of group camaraderie is exceptional and reminds me of older Star Trek; another series that focused more on interpersonal bonds in the context of ridiculous happenings.

    Fate/Zero has one of the most interesting antagonist-antihero relationships, though certainly Kirei has more to talk about than Emiya. And as a side note, I think it showcased Rin's character as a little girl more effectively than Deen had portrayed her.

    And what about Ghost in the Shell; Batou and Togusa are on different levels cybernization and the story went into their thoughts concerning their humanity rather well. And then there's the subtly paternal leader with Aramaki, who does care deeply for section 9 and pulled all the stops and gambits so that they all could succeed.

    I never really saw the Major as an object of desire or wish fulfillment. You can accuse the movie of sexualizing her, but I really don't think it's any more overt than anything else anime tosses at us. As for the perception of intention, it may or may not be intentional.

    I think there is a tendency to focus too much on the Shus of anime. And there are certainly many like him, but there's way more than it, even in anime, just like there are many repulsive portrayals of females in anime.
  8. Archon_Wing
    2014-03-11 18:08
    Another notable example is Ohana from Hana Saku Iroha. While at first she just seems like a generic plucky girl that wants to lighten things up, things are not so easy here, and the resistance from the inside and outside causes a lot of internal conflict. She runs through the whole gamut of emotions that one could possibly ever feel, and I think this kind of stuff at the end creates a realistic character that ends up the wiser after the story. Now, of course, I know you threw the series in the trash after that really bad episode, and yes, the other characters are idiots leading the series to collapse under its own mediocrity, but I think that should be additional credit to her.

    Other picks include Tsuruko from Anohana who was the only sane one in a histronic atmosphere with a decent amount of wit and Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. Sure, season 1 was a bit silly with that stupid outfit, but the main personality from Motoko can't be denied-- she doesn't really give a fuck about what you think, and isn't subject to your desires.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2014-03-11 18:07
    Extended music video really describes .hack sign. If only someone bothered to write a script to fill stuff in, or maybe halve the series. Ironic that it would have worked in today's atmosphere well.

    Dickbrains... enough said about that trash. I think people want things to have a shock value so they put a bunch of tasteless shit so they can be edgy. Something that will gross you out and shake you. But to that I use this analogy-- if one took a dump all of a sudden in public, that might also be gross and shock people. But there's no real value to that. And as for those dickbrains, what they did is pretty much no better. "You think your work is vile and disgusting? So is a piece of shit. And so are you."

    I don't think you and I see much on the subject on characters if you would click on my MAL and arguably I probaly prefer more traditionally feminine characters, relatively speaking. Regardless Lain is a very interesting character despite the lack of input from her but on the other hand having someone that was basically a construct discover the concept of care, respect, and love for not only Arisu but humanity as a whole is a rather subtle development. Of course people just go "omg that's just pretentious bullshit" despite the fact that the concept is rather straightforward. And characters like Shiki and Kurisu are certainly in short supply in anime when they are the most needed. But if you really want mold breaking:

    So I would definitely list Tomoyo from Clannad, because she is just drastically different from every other girl from not only that show but the grander scale of Key things. Probably the only other one is Yuiko Kurugaya from Little Busters that really has her own initiative. Unfortunately, Key has an obsession with girls that can't function on their own and while they've been getter with each work, it's not hard to find moments where you still want to punch the writers and even the better characters sometimes suffer from this.

    Anyhow, while innocence and naivety are supposed to come across as moe, it often gets overused to the point where you again, want to punch someone. Tomoyo is just a bit more unfamiliar with other people's expectations but it's not like she's completely unaware either. But at the same time her straightforwardness makes it intimidating enough for people to not really comment on it, which confuses her even more, leading to some humorous scenes.

    There's quite a few ones in which Tomoyo wants to handle her gender identity by acting more feminine with mixed results. In the end, it comes off to me as just accepting who you are and to not try and twist/bend to other people's opinions who don't even matter anyways. While most Key characters would collapse in these times of existential crises, this is where she thrives and establishes her character.

    A lot of people accuse her (and later Yuiko) of being too "perfect", and this accusation is also levied against characters such as Mikasa from Titan. Yet, if any of these characters were dudes, they'd be cheering for how awesome ass kickers they are. Hmmph. Fear of competent women, I'd say! It was blatantly hypocritical in Titan since Levi is such a fan favorite.

    This is of course more prevalent for Tomoyo in the original novel, but the anime did decently at getting the point across. And don't bother coming in contact in Tomoyo After; since it just decides to ignore all of this for generic characterization and melodrama, and shows why Jun Maeda can be quite the complete hack; not always, thankfully.

    I think Fate (season 1-2 at least) is a decent point for me, since she is probably the core of a lot of the values I hold true. The thing about her is that at surface it seems like a classic pity parade, but then the story doesn't bother to whitewash any of her actions. It's not like "DURR this girl is sad and crying, and thus you should excuse her for any of her actions". And the fact that Fate really doesn't bother being a drama queen and tries to remain buisness like is a strong point considering the age they started at. And Nanoha is pretty unique too. Unlike other magical girls that are ditzy and afraid to fight, we have something else right her... I think RRR can fill the rest.

    Misato from Evangelion is also quite a special character for me since she seems tied down by so much baggage, but ultimately she always perseveres to do the right thing. While she does occasionally fall into self pity, there's always the sense that no matter what, she's always trying to find a solution. Some may say she's tied down with her love, but I would say this is one of the few relationships where they are tied to each other. Note that despite all the womanizing Kaji seems to do, he never actually manages to really come down to it. Misato's the working person in this mess where everyone else is just flailing around with their own agendas.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2014-03-11 05:29
    Well glad you finished Erin and liked it. There were some really sketchy moments in the final stretch but the ending was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen. Storytelling works wonders. Your mentor seems determined though I would say that finishing every anime regardless of quality seems to be masochistic and a waste of time, to me at least. And what was their opinion of Uchouten Kazoku?

    Back to teh Yuri, as you might have pointed out to RRR, that I do consider Nanoha to be an utter failure in this regard due to them treating Nanoha and Fate's relationship as well as certain other pairings as a plaything because as you noted, fans wanted to have their stupid cake and eat it too. Then again, we've seen terrible shit in the fandom where people throw fits when they find out favorite character isn't pure and subject to their sick fantasies. It's a bit cruel of me to say this, but sometimes said folks need some natural selection to deal with them.

    I've always joked about Nana^2, but it's kinda scary how that it's quickly becoming the default option. Whatever happens, Takumi should be kicked to the curb, seriously.

    Blue Drop is quite vile though I'm not sure if the anime took the same route. Strawberry Panic is pretty awful and pretends sexual harassment is just another dating method. Fuck off, indeed.

    Of course, while Strawberry Panic can be written off as stupidity, it's not so easy to write off Kannazuki no Miko, because as you said, that piece of crap is actually cherished. Why the fuck is that a mainstay? They're both awfully written characters-- Himeko has no independent thought. She could just be a doll, and Chikane could be masturbating against it and it would still be a better anime. Well, it wouldn't be yuri, but at least it would become the trashy, badly animated smut it always wanted to be.

    Chikane is plain creepy but we're supposed to sympathize with her because who the fuck knows. I guess she looks cool with that hime cut and has that aloof look. She wants to "protect" Himeko. Protect with dat serial killer rapeface at all times. I mean seriously, if she was actually a dude, how would people react to it? Most wouldn't think that's hot now that it's suddenly a guy. Well, some might, because they're sick fucks, but that's another story. I hate these the most-- it honestly feels more like a predator and prey relationship than any actual meaningful relationship.

    Oh, and Chikane didn't rape Himeko with a flute, bro. It was actually the back of her sword. Yep, it's even worse than you thought. Tvtropes claims the anime toned down Chikane's sociopathy namely by cutting out most of the actual assault. Dear lord. Want to punch someone yet?

    See, the whole point was for Chikane to make Himeko hate her so that the later would be able to kill the former to avoid a tragic ending. That's fine and all, but all you really get is throwing crap on the screen and attempting to justify it. Cuz you know, she's totally awesome and hot and if she needs to rape a few people in the name of justice, we've got to find a way to make that right too. All without a hint of irony. Lelouch she is not.

    Fun fact, it was done by Kaishaku, and if you've seen any of their doujin, they just love to demean women a lot. Pity given their artwork. And according to wiki "The name comes from Kaishakunin (介錯人?), an appointed second person whose duty it is to decapitate one who commits seppuku". Right, after their readers kill themselves due to losing enough brain mass due to prolonged exposure to their work or getting a stroke due to its badness, they need to clean up right?

    Meanwhile the anime was done by TNK, responsible for the even more vile School Days. And before anyone says it's just an adaptation work, one must remember they deliberately combined several bad endings for that show to make the most tasteless thing possible.

    In summary, shit writers + shit studio = fucking burn in hell.

    It was funny when we had a certain ending scene for an anime and then people were like to me: You don't get the reference; it's referring to KnM. I hated them for it, because really, I know the reference and that's exactly the kind of association I don't want to make. I pretty much responded with "I don't give a fuck".

    As a side note, as boring as the anime .hack sign was, there was actually a notable yuri relationship that wasn't crap. It was based off trust and respect, and actually reached into some issues of gender and futuristic methods of communication not unlike Serial Experiments Lain. Of course, that kind of thoughtfulness is exceptionally rare, since the previous examples I put out lack them completely, but it's nice someone gives a fuck right? Aoi Hana also seems like one of those "give a damn" show and I'll finish that eventually.

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