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  1. Arabesque
    2012-03-01 16:16
    Pretty well actually Thanks for asking. How's things on your end?

    Ah, Okada. I have no idea what to make of what's going on with her. On one hand, I think that she had (somewhat) earned the fame she is now enjoying now, but on the other hand looking at the quality of her story, plotting, pacing and the over blown melodrama ... I can't help but facepalm. The Black Rock Shooter anime is probably the primary example of just how low her writing had sunk in quality (then again, I think it's just a general reminder of how low Noitamina had sunk, as I had feared it would, despite trying to deny it for the longest time, but I digress)

    In any case, it seems more of case of protection from editors that is causing her stories to suffer, that and her wanting to branch more into writing different genres (which I wouldn't have minded, had she not sucked so hard at some of them ... and she's apparently still wanting to continue working on them ... *sigh*) In any case, it looks she might have found herself the perfect place with Aquarion EVOL, which I had been trying (key word here ) to catch up to (up to the 6th episode atm) since it seems like she can go wild as much as wants to without it seeming out of place or having any sort of pretense about being intelligent or discreet. Plus she seems to be having fun so it comes out being rater enjoyable so far ...
  2. Archon_Wing
    2012-03-01 07:04
    lol, now why would you watch something you are gonna hate anyways?

    But don't mind me. You're right-- the greatest crime of that scene was that it was fucking boring. You can't even fap to it; pretty worthless.
  3. Sumeragi
    2012-03-01 06:14
    A glimpse at my archives indicates the following:

    Mikoto: At least two dozens. I'll get the best ones for you, including a non-H series.
    Code Geass: Needs to have my brothers send me the full copies.
    Clannad: I'll dig, it isn't that difficult.
    MGLN: I avoid the series, sorry.
    S;G: Never gathered any, but I'll look into it.
    FS: Never seen quality ones.
    Horo: Shouldn't be too difficult
    Haruhi: Need to go through my 60+ collection.
    Maria-sama ga Miteru: Believe it or not, never touched the story, so no collection.
    Girl Friends: Unfortunately, there is none, not in the entire Japanese doujinshi community.

    Give me some time to get the doujinshis organized and consolidated for downloading.

    I'll write an essay about why I like Mikoto later. Stay toned~♥♥♥♥♥
  4. Tempester
    2012-03-01 03:45
    People seem to be making a big deal out of Nisemonogatari lately. I don't even know if I like or dislike Bakemonogatari anymore (the spaced out airing of later episodes killed any opinion I had of the series), but from what seen from and heard about Nise, it seems that the fanservice was ratcheted up to outrageous, probably overdone levels. And how the heck can a toothbrushing scene be sexy? Even though I love Madoka Magica I have no clue what makes the Monogatari series so popular. Is it just the moe appeal of the characters, or is there something strangely gravitational about Shinbo's direction? All I remember from Bake was TALK TALK TALK.

    And I don't see any reason why you'd get banned for that signature, but who knows? Animesuki might prove to disappoint me yet again.
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-03-01 02:07
    My main issue with the scene is Koyomi's lines - somehow they gave too much of an "air of reality" to him being attracted to his sister, which makes it seem more creepy than tongue in cheek. 99% of the fun of Monogatari fanservice comes from the tongue in cheek embellishment (which is half the fun of the rest of the show too) of the scenario/sexual tension, which I find amusing in a surrealist/absurdist way. Giving the scene too much of an air of reality undermines all that, which is why I consider this one of the worst Monogatari fanservice scenes I've seen.

    The "air of reality" given to Koyomi's attraction also has the side effect of coming across as really, really weird given the lack of much reason for him to be attracted to his sister.
  6. Triple_R
    2012-03-01 01:44
    Wow, you might have disliked it the most out of all of us, lol.

    Bold sig! I wonder what comments that'll earn you, ha ha!

    Like yourself, I found it kinda pointless. I honestly did think Karen looked erotic in it... although it's kind of silly for a toothbrush in the mouth to do that, imo. XD
  7. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-02-29 21:14
    Okay....but what actually happened in it...Something along the lines of Nadeko's arc having no visuals? Someone got laid? Visual orgasm for the masses? Why all the fuss?


    I donno, I liked Bakemonogatari because it actually combined service with hilarious dialogue, character interaction with some plot development. Nisemonogatari? 3 out of the 8 episodes were devoted to entirely faffing about and was mental masturbation for NishioIsin (he even said so himself). The dialogue is still there, but character development is extremely slow and there might as well be no plot.
  8. Tempester
    2012-02-29 18:21
    Heh, it's fun to watch a really old anime once in a while. It gives a completely different feeling from modern anime, and usually in a refreshingly good way (although that's partly thanks to Sturgeon's Law). I haven't seen Yamato yet, but I've watched Space Pirate Captain Harlock and liked it. Matsumoto is quite a creative visionary. I should try another 70's anime this year, maybe Mirai Shounen Conan.

    The most recent anime I finished is Brigadoon, a Sunrise action comedy-drama. It's one of those anime that almost nobody watches, and I know it's really unpopular when Hyouge Mono has more viewers. Despite this, it was an utterly entertaining blast to watch, and it's actually in my Top 10 of favorite TV anime now.

    Liar Game is one of those 100+ manga (I have a huge backlog) that I plan to read someday. I'll have to wait for it to finish first, though, since I only read completed manga these days.
  9. Triple_R
    2012-02-29 17:07
    Spoiler for Nise Episode 8:
  10. Triple_R
    2012-02-29 16:32
    Well, I'm over it now, lol

    I just found it sad how a lot of people were calling it "Best Anime Episode of the Year!" when we're only two months into 2012, and also since I'm really liking a couple current anime shows that I think are excellent almost across-the-board.

    But yeah, I probably angsted too much over that, lol. I've slowly been learning that there's a few different franchise fanbases within anime, and that they go beyond just KyoAni. SHAFT has them, Persona has them, Fate/Series and Type Moon has them... now that I'm learning this I get a better idea of what to expect on a popular franchise's subforum for episode threads. I'll take things with a bigger grain of salt in the future.

    It's hard for me to relate to, because I'm first and foremost just an anime fan. I like some SHAFT shows and I like some KyoAni shows and I probably like the offerings of those two sudios the best out of all the studios, but I don't feel any sort of fan loyalty to the studios themselves. Like Demi Soda, I think that writers, directors, etc... are more important to how good an anime is than the studio that produces it.

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