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  1. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-01-17 10:32
    Unfortunately, it's been hectic for me in the past 2 weeks, so I haven't watched much this season. You can see what I'm watching/following on my about page.

    As for Mari Okada... lol Aquarion. It could potentially be a good so bad it's good show, but I kinda can't afford the time for those atm.
  2. Skyfall
    2012-01-17 10:27
    While a small sample size is probably what contributes to the Romance situation this year, I don't necessarily think that a popular show winning many categories is all bad. So long as the show can be a reasonable representative of the genre (Like Cross Game was, even if I didn't saw it fit to vote for it), then I don't see all that much issues. Preference in what is best in a specific category is subjective, after all.

    What I take issue with in this case though, despite myself loving Steins:Gate (On that note, the VN doesn't have any 18+ material), is it being pushed for the best in a category it doesn't represent. While the romance elements were certainly handled well, it simply is not a romance show by any sensible definition of a romance show. And while the lack of many strong contenders this year is regrettable, I don't think that makes it ok to nominate an inappropriate contender for the position. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    It's like "Hm, romance category, not too much to pick from this year ... wait, Steins Gate was an awesome show that dabbled in romance near the very end of it, I'll put that down instead!". An exaggerated notion by all means, but it's to illustrate how I think S;G has ended up in said category. No one is wrong for liking the romance in S;G, it was a good one, and no one is necessarily wrong for finding it the most engaging pairing (though this has more to do with the drama heavy Sci-Fi spin of the story, rather than the actual romance me thinks), but that still doesn't make it a romance show.

    You wouldn't recommend it for someone who asks for a romance anime primarily ... so is it really proper to have a show potentially win category X, when you couldn't even really suggest it to someone who is looking for shows of said X genre ? I don't know, but I have a feeling that if the shows don't offer significant content of the genre they are advertised as, then the genre categories actually lose meaning and integrity.

    It's obviously a popularity contest to a large degree, and S;G is certainly popular, and rightfully so, but I feel that it featuring so heavily in the romance category actually diminishes the overall value and credibility of the awards as a whole. A less than ideal romance show is still a romance show ... S;G, no matter how perfect one might think it is, will never be a romance show. And that is my issue this year - not a popular show winning many categories (that has been happening all along), but a popular show featuring heavily in a category where it simply doesn't belong (presumably because of its popularity), a category it can't actually represent. I want S;G to win the Sci-Fi award ... but as a romance fan, I don't even want to see it in the romance category, because that's just misleading towards people who might want to pick up the show based on it's award status, looking to find the supposedly most fulfilling romance show of the year, and creates wrong expectations about the show.
  3. Rethice
    2012-01-14 21:01
    Yeah I think Tony's roots of ero-material has hindered his career a lot, the deal he signed with Sega to do the art for Project Diva seemed like a good dive board into a real career, but it seems like it's going slowly for him. I don't have very high expectations of Shining Hearts, but I'm interested to see if, as you said, the writers can match the art this time.

    I don't know though, my love for Tony has diminished over the years - I admire his art as being very high quality, but all of his character designs always seem far too similar to each other - even more so than most artists!
  4. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-12 21:08
    I noted on Demisoda's wall that you were angry over the last two F/Z episodes? Care to share some of the rage; I love to hear about these things.

    Also, I'll be replying to your most recent large message soon enough.
  5. totoum
    2012-01-12 10:40
    Well I'll keep that in mind when I want some romance,2011 had none and 2012 doesn't look much better.
    I stayed away from the tatami galaxy because it's from the director of kaiba and I've got a similar reaction to that one as you do to Ano Hana,but now I figure "what the hell".
  6. Tempester
    2012-01-12 04:41
    I'm not watching any finished series yet, although I did pick up Rinne no Lagrange as my sole current anime to watch for the Winter 2012 season. The most recent TV anime I finished is Tiger & Bunny, and it was an incredibly fun superhero show with great plot buildup and lovable characters.

    I can't blame you for dropping THE iDOLM@STER. Although it is made in such a way to help introduce newcomers to the franchise, the first few episodes are weakly executed and don't have much of a hook to grab watchers who aren't already familiar with the idols. Not to mention the first episode's terrible decision to not give the "cameraman" a voice even though he was going to get one anyway. The anime really hits its stride in the last third with some excellent drama, but it's hard to ignore the more frustrating episodes that plague it.

    THE iDOLM@STER anime mostly focused on Haruka, Chihaya, and Miki. There were a lot of idols who got an abysmal amount of quality screentime (e.g. Hibiki, Yayoi, and Azusa), and I think Makoto was lucky to get a little more focus than those poor girls. Makoto's own episode is episode 17, and it's quite a good episode, although I don't recommend you watch it by itself because a lot of the overarching plot is included in it.

    Anyway, Makoto isn't one of my most favorite idols (those would be Haruka and Iori), but I still like her quite a bit. It's amazing how strikingly deep and boyish her voice is, and when you give such a voice to a girl who wants to be more feminine, it's surprisingly moe.
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-01-12 02:25
    Given what I know about some of your other tastes in anime romance, I’m not actually that surprised you liked the first two arcs of Amagami SS, though I’m surprised to see you think much of Juuichi (I don’t think I could talk about him without damning with faint praise). They’re fun without being too stupid or melodramatic. Now if you like Sae’s arc… then I’ll be surprised. Dating a shy girl should actually make a compelling romance because of the need for the hero to win her trust – but Sae’s arc was not that story. And her personality was poorly suited to the kind of story they did with her.

    Personally, I had fun with Amagami but could never shake the feeling that they were sticking great heroines in second and third rate storylines. So in the end it ended up being overshadowed by Yosuga no Sora – itself certainly no EF in terms of having interesting and compelling storylines, but I was starving for a good EF/Sola/Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu kind of show and YnS at least provided a little relief for that itch. I do applaud Amagami’s “situation play” take on fanservice though, far more interesting than the usual generic stuff.

    As good as most of the heroines in the show are, Haruka kind of stole the show for me. I have some playful girls on my favourites list (ie. Matsuri Shihou in Sola), and while Haruka didn’t knock them off the list, her sheer energy and zest stands out even among that group. I don't remember her as well as my YnS favourite (Akira, of course) but I think that's because Akira had the stronger story - something which matters to how well I remember characters.

    I agree with most of your observations on how the girl’s looks reflect their characters, although you’re somewhat off the mark with Ai.
  8. Reckoner
    2012-01-11 16:23
    Well that just does not seem like a very agreeable way of viewing entertainment. I worry less about what others are getting out of it of more what I am getting out of it.

    Yes, people will act in depraved manners, and please I am not so naive to think people view entertainment in the way I do. I am well aware of how most people view things on a first level basis when it comes to digesting entertainment. This is not me trying to say I am better than them because I can appreciate the story in a deeper way, it's just me saying I look at things differently.

    I consider it a better feat for someone to put their characters through extreme trial but without getting a thrill from it and making sure their readers don't either and will actually give a damn about the characters and what happens to them. I have few things left to believe in. I'd like to think there are some people capable of creating a dark, even nihilistic piece but not let the reader/viewer get away without a guilty conscience. The reactions I've seen to Fate/Zero indicate otherwise, let alone the real world.
    I really don't seem to agree that Fate/Zero doesn't bring a conscience into it all. Saber has been looking upon Kiritsugu with an incredulous eye the entire show. Lancer has been trying to put his chivalry in front of the usual backstabbing going on. Rider obviously was angry with Caster's actions when he burned his place down. Kariya, though going in the deep end a bit, is obviously incited by Tokiomi and his actions. For all the bad things going on, you cannot possibly say that there aren't characters raising these questions to the audience.

    I think you're letting other people's thoughts and opinions disrupt your own viewing experience perhaps. Yeah, sure, like usual certain people miss the fucking point of a narrative because they only view things on a first level basis. That's why you see certain individuals pissing on the story because the grail war doesn't seem death match enough without more named characters dying every episode, because Saber is a in a moment of weakness she is obviously a boring and stupidly naive character, and other ridiculous claims.

    Yeah sure, people can find it boring or whatever, that's their call. But a lot of the things people want from the story either weaken or change the narrative entirely, which is something I vehemently disagree with. If people want a stupid death match anime, I'd highly suggest they look at Mirai Nikki where shallow characters abound and the story seemingly has little point. It's ignoring the very essence of fate/zero, that being a spiritual quest for its characters for them to wish so. There's nothing wrong with building up characterization with lots of dialogue before getting into the real action. So far, the first cour has set this up brilliantly for just about everybody from my perspective, but I am aware some others may be bored by it.
  9. totoum
    2012-01-11 13:54
    I've always been intrigued by Amagi SS because I kinda like the director but I'm not sure about the obnibus format,it's way burried in my "to watch" list.From summer 2010 there's still stuff like the Tatami Galaxi that I need to see.

    As for 2011 Where are you at in steins;gate?I've never even opened a horizon thread so I have no idea what goes on there and I never got any enjoyement out of the fate zero subforum so I stopped looking at it.
    I'm with you on one thing though,while I don't hate the guy I'm not crazy about rider as others are. (sidenote: I havn't read the novels)
  10. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-10 20:27
    Hmm, *walks by*

    They're not gonna give the Hall of Fame to people that are still hanging around-- Undertaker will probably get his as soon as he retires. HHH/Rock would be a while off.

    Edge getting the belt so many times is obvious-- he's an attitude era relic but that makes him automatically better than a lot of those jokers out there. :3 He also is superior on the mic, a standard for the attitude era but missing today (lawl Orton). He was also willing to work until his body refused. Wrestling is staged, but the bodily harm is very real. Did you know Test is dead? So is Crash Holly And they were only in their 30s. And let's not get into Benoit or Guerrero. But this is definitely an industry that chews people up and spits them out.

    Anyhow, he was an effective as a face or a heel (though better as the later)-- once again, a lot of people these days can't do it anymore. Well... Punk

    I wouldn't have doubted that people like RVD would have done far better had they not got owned by getting arrested.

    But interestingly, being a massive belt title holder doesn't mean that much. If you look at the Undertaker or Jericho, they really haven't racked up 2 dozen world title numbers like Cena or whatever the fuck is around but that's because they don't need it to stay relevant. In fact, I would call this level of superstardom in wrestling to be "Post-championship level", if we go by undercard---> midcard---> main eventer (champion), a post-championship superstar no longer needs a title on the line to steal the show. Case in point-- Rock vs Hogan @ WM18 completely overshadowed that disgrace of a main event, even though the undisputed title @ WM would supposed to be the biggest thing ever. Anything involving Shawn Micheals in the 2000s is this by default.

    If you think about it, those "standard" main eventers like Cena needed the title for people to give a damn. A true draw doesn't.

    Now it doesn't mean you can have them never holding belts, but the really good ones will outgrow the need.

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