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For Gnomeregan!

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  1. RWBladewing
    2015-01-27 11:14
    Nice avatar but Audrey is best girl.
  2. Triple_R
    2015-01-26 21:27
    Yes, I've heard a little bit about HuniePop, and I've seen some artwork for it.

    From what I've heard/seen, it seems to be a VN-inspired/styled game, but American-made with American/English character names. I really like the concept behind the game, and I've been considering getting it myself.

    Have you played it, LS? What do you think of it?
  3. Archon_Wing
    2015-01-16 23:12
    Ohh, it was a lot of work reaching there; don't remind me of the number-- I stopped counting a while back. xD

    Hope you are doing well.
  4. Triple_R
    2015-01-13 07:43
    I liked Kantai Collection's first episode. It looked pretty good - movie-caliber at times, even - and the characters are somewhat diverse and very likeable. I'm not sure if it's something you'd go for, but it might be worth a shot.

    Kancolle and Shirobako and Aldnoah.Zero are the only Winter 2015 shows I'm following so far. So I'll definitely keep Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata in mind. I looked it up on Wiki, and it sounds more interesting than most LN adaptations are.
  5. RWBladewing
    2015-01-12 15:58
    Yeah it's been certain for me for a few days actually. All reports around here were that the deal was already done by Saturday night and they were just waiting to officially announce it. I was already pretty convinced it was happening as early as Friday, when there was suddenly a ton of talk about him all over radio stations and websites when previously there had been none.

    I'm actually pretty happy about it. He didn't have the greatest record but he's still highly regarded, seems to be very popular with players, and most importantly has head coaching experience. We FINALLY went for experience instead of just going for a mediocre coordinator or college coach nobody has ever heard of, like we have for the last....damn, I don't even remember anymore. Plus I always find it amusing when former serious rivals switch over to "our side".

    I've heard the Roman thing is all but assured at this point as well. Don't know much about him but I do know that this season's coordinator Hackett is among the most hated men in Buffalo, with many people blaming him for absolutely everything wrong with the offense, so I don't think many people are going to complain about this. There were reports that Hackett had been held back by Marrone which I believe are at least partially true but you can't tell rabid fans who are out for scapegoat blood anything.

    Only thing I am worried about is that I think we are probably gonna lose Schwartz, as he runs a different style defense and seems to be unhappy about this hiring. I just hope the adjustments Ryan makes will keep our D as effective as it was this season.
  6. Triple_R
    2014-12-26 05:39
    Just so you know, I liked the first of the two doujins you PMed me recently (I haven't checked the 2nd one yet). Thanks for that!

    Replying here since your PM box is full apparently.
  7. RWBladewing
    2014-12-20 15:20
    Let me guess, Trump got DDoSed because he had the "nerve" to complain about people being assholes in his chat? The level of entitlement chat trolls have has become downright astounding. I've seen several suggest that the streamer personally owes them a debt because they are directly responsible for their success and thus they have the right to act however they wish. Some even seem to think that the assholish behavior itself is an inseparable and desired part of the stream.

    As far as BM when I'm playing, I immediately squelch anyone who uses any emote besides greetings or well-played, and will always concede when it's clear I've lost, so at the very least people will have a harder time getting their jerk kicks with me.

    Man, you must have seen some crazy stuff lately if the Code Geass stuff appears tame in comparison. I remember they had to close the shipping discussion thread there because people just couldn't stop flaming each other.
  8. RWBladewing
    2014-12-19 08:39
    Yeah, I gave up trying to discuss anime here long ago. What finally broke me was when I posted that I liked the first 2 episodes of Total Eclipse and then it went downhill from there, and I received an anonymous neg rep that said something along the lines of "screw you, the first 2 episodes aren't even in the original VN." Was like, if this is the extent to which people are capable of having a discussion, forget it. I don't have any anime-watching friends IRL either because somehow it seems everyone I meet goes out of their way to willingly conform, in true No Game No Life fashion, to just about every negative stereotype there is, especially asking me about titles that I utterly despise. No, I don't want to hear about how Naruto and Bleach and Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are the most bestest anime ever. No, I don't want free hugs and no, you can't glomp me. Etc, etc.

    I do sometimes still read the series subforums here though and they can be hilarious in how terrible they are. Anything beyond "I like this character and this show they are totally awesome" eventually devolves into a flamewar because the very idea that someone might not like even a single aspect of a show they like always manages to drive some people into a frenzy. The fact that some threads and even subforums here have had to be temporarily or permanently closed because people can't stop insulting each other is hilarious in the saddest way.

    On a sidenote I can't even imagine what it would be like to want to talk about Hearthstone and not know anyone who plays it. Several streamers I follow have just outright dropped that game because of how utterly toxic that community has become, with roving bands of backseaters just searching Twitch for anyone playing and jumping into all their streams to scream about how they're doing it wrong. I took one look at the game's official forums and immediately X'd out.
  9. RWBladewing
    2014-12-18 12:55
    Yeah that pretty much sums things up for me as well. The only thing I find creepier than the little sister is how many people apparently seem to have a sexual fetish for preteens with poor hygiene, if the merchandise that has come out for this show is any indication.

    What gets me most about about the reveling in being a NEET thing is the level of downright arrogance I perceive in how they do it. The degree to which they go out of their way to tear down the "normal" girl with common sense is almost shocking. So much "you're one of THEM so you could never understand, you'll never be on my level"-style crap in every episode. By the time it reached the episode where the main character beats her every single time in a series of games of chance due to bullshit statistical assumptions where "most likely outcome" magically equates to "100% chance" I'd had more than enough.

    The social stereotype stuff bugs me as well because it's an issue I've been having to deal with for years now. The scariest part is, it seems so many people actually champion this show because it speaks to them and idolize these characters as awesome. It concerns me even more due to the ridiculous elitist backseat gamer culture that has developed around Twitch and Youtube Let's Plays. This whole "this guy is doing it wrong, I am the best of the best so he should do it like me, and I'm going to tell him he sucks and should die irl because he isn't doing it like me" mentality seems so in line with the personalities of the main characters that I can't possibly view them positively. I feel like soon, being an asshole in general is going to be right up there with being a NEET in the stereotype of gamers and this show did nothing to dissuade that.
  10. RWBladewing
    2014-12-18 09:20
    I saw your post on the Most Disappointing Anime of 2014 thread and am curious about your opinion on No Game No Life. Can you elaborate or link me to a post where you already did? That series ended up being bizarre for me in that I thought I liked it as I was watching it but then every time I look back I think "actually that show was really bad" and I start to dislike it more every time. I'm interested to see if your reasons are similar to my own.

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