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  1. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-02 22:25
    Speaking of low thresholds, I finally bailed on Guilty Crown. Honestly, the supporting writer was doing a hell of a job trying to save the series, but I'm afraid the core-- the cast-- just doesn't work. The fact our lead is such a prick towards women, trying to use them for affection is just too much. And I have plenty of pitiful characters I enjoy... Yoshino is truly the destroyer of franchises.

    At least Shana's recovering.

    As for the Gundam series you hate, I guess I've never really gotten into any of them. ;p But even the ongoing Age is worth watching. It's not the best anime around, but it manages to be more mature then certain ongoing series.

    Chihayafuru is still queen though.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-02 01:51
    Lol Double Zeta; yes it is a very good theme song I admit.

    It's just that talking with it to Reckoner who enjoys the original Gundam series for similar reasons to me makes me rather wary since it's a really huge mood whiplash from the last series and having a lulzy continuation to a serious plot just seems a bit off. I dunno; I have a hard time with these things. I'm gonna watch it eventually, but it'll be a long time before I want to sit down and invest in yet another 50 episode series. I don't have that much patience for longer series-- recently I've watched 2 50 eps series-- Zeta Gundam and Kemono no Souja Erin, the later I'd say you should check out. Please don't let the first few episodes mislead you, the payoff is quite strong later on.

    I don't really see why Kamille or Amuro would be that bad considering the grand scheme of anime male leads. Amuro Ray starts off as wishy washy and it's possible not to like that, but he was never meant to be a soldier, plus being treated by the corrupt federation as a possible threat was not healthy on his psyche either. I suppose he's not the most exciting guy, but for its time, he wasn't bad either. I don't think he's a prick at all (Unlike Shu lawl)

    Kamille doesn't even have the typical pitfalls of the mecha pilot sterotype. Yes, he starts as a prick that starts a hissy fit after being called by a few names, but it takes about a dozen episodes for him to harden into a dedicated and sensible soldier. He's actually really level headed if you take everything into context-- seeing the deaths of his parents right before him and at least 2 love interests killed before him would break a lot of people, but he manages to show concern for others and also for the greater good. Plus in the end he makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the threat to humanity is removed. His character develops a lot, and by the end he hardly is the rash kid he was at the start.

    So while yes, Gundam (especially Zeta) had some really annoying characters (Katz, those kids, Reccoa-- yea Tomino's attitudes towards women are kinda lol, but typical for the time) at least they're properly dealt with in the end.

    That being said, Tomino didn't create ZZ to kill off the franchise. If anything, the depression hit during Zeta which was why the later parts are so excessively morbid. By the time ZZ came, the antidepressants must have been kicking in and so I guess to compensate for all these dark topics came an excessively optimistic incarnation (ZZ comes immediately after Zeta). It's a bit jarring at the least, but the whole thing is pretty interesting.

    It is hilarious to see him go through all those random emo spells... ;p

    Thus far, despite Gundam having so many incarnations, most of them have been entertaining even if all weren't so high quality. 00 I guess I liked the least, could absolutely not get into it due to lack of concern. 0083 was probably closest to what you'd dislike (the cast is rather dislikable) but at least it had a decent story, and Gundam Seed I've been told to avoid like the plague because it involves Guilty Crown's writer.
  3. Haak
    2012-01-01 04:44
    Fate/Zero is eligible because tenchnically it's now two seasons and not one and the first season has finished airing.
  4. Reckoner
    2011-12-31 20:10
    Well rather than quibbling about individual characters (That would most certainly lead us nowhere), I'd rather address this which is why I brought this up...

    No....Just, no...Look, putting characters through conflict is obligatory. Making them be tested and show their true character - yes. But sadism?! No! That's verging on sociopath behaviour. To create characters and make people care about them only to send them into a living hell that the author delights in?! That's disgustingly self-indulgent. And if anything, it's a trait in both Urobuchi and the snippets of Vonnegut I found online to be very glaring. I'd put my characters to the test but not to a degree I want to see them in misery and thrive off it. That's just wrong. To create merely to desecrate - that goes against the purpose of creation. Creation's purpose is to generate resilience within the population and to make them strong enough to survive and prosper. In a literary sense, creation's purpose is to provide a test for the reader, to expand their ways of thinking and to leave them better after reading than before. I don't consider sadism a quality that is desirable in any form of life or beneficial to readers.
    See this is where you and I perhaps share a fundamental disagreement. I don't see it as the creator's duty to impart some sort of constructive life lesson for people... Sometimes there is meaning in destruction itself. Tearing down the walls we put around us as human beings to make us see ugly truths, making us realize how fragile our existence can really be at times. Urobuchi Gen is someone I find quite brilliant at doing this, and it's why I appreciate him as a writer.

    Yes, sadism can be very enlightening. It's unleashing these ugly truths on the reader, and displays how horrifying things can really be.

    From my perspective, creation in literature is all about imparting one's will, and soul onto the readers. It's to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas, no matter the content. The works I usually consider the best in anime in particur, thought literature more generally, are those that manage to communicate meaningful things to me. If it's to show an ugly truth? Sure. That's something I highly valued in series like Ergo Proxy, Texhnolyze, and hey, even large portions of Monster (Though of course Tenma never went in the deep end). This is not to say I can't value other things, it's precisely why I love the message in Haruhi, why I admire something like Legend of the Galactic Heroes so much, and so on.

    Urobuchi Gen may be a sadist, but he isn't a sadist without a cause from my point of view, which is the impression I'm getting from you.


    Anyways have a happy new years!
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-12-31 14:36
    Yes, that is "m" as in masochist. And actually, I don't find it that difficult to tell when she's teasing. Not because she's a bad actor - in fact, she's really good at it - but because most of her teasing follows certain themes.

    So my brother and I marathoned Last Exile up to the most recent episode of Fam. Liked the original - no real surprise since I love "airpunk" settings. Plus, I like the Claes/Lavie pairing (although the love triangle angst was a bit annoying). Still digesting Fam but I'm almost certain I'll end up liking it too.

    Also, my brother tells me I'm not the first person to think this, but I'm thinking that when Dio talks about Alvis having lost people close to her in Fam, I'm thinking that's probably Holly Mad-Thane. Bit character in the original, has lots of scenes with Holly in the "interquel"manga... and her voice actress in the original (a then 14 year old Kana Hanazawa) is playing Alvis in Fam.
  6. Triple_R
    2011-12-31 14:06
    Your rhyming ability is quite impressive. Bravo, good sir!

    That was very well-wrote; steamy but also classy due to how powerfully poetic it all was.
  7. Triple_R
    2011-12-31 12:50
    Love your new sig. The Girlfriends manga was really charming, and appealed a lot to the big yuri fan in me. I'd love to see an anime version of it some day.
  8. Archon_Wing
    2011-12-31 05:21
    lol well.. that was unexpected. I bet Triple_R would want to see this.
  9. Dilla
    2011-12-30 14:59
    WWE has really been lampshading the anti-Cena movement recently. The last three rivalries have brought up the mixed crowd. What's funny is that the new anti-Cena shirts that came out recently has sold out and is now on backorder.

    It'll be interesting to see how long Bryan keeps that title, I'm compelled to watch WWE Smackdown again now that Orton will be out for at least 6 months with a back injury. Maybe Christian can get back into the title hunt. It sucks that Del Rio is out for two months, though. Luckily, he'll be back for Wrestlemania.

    Carolina needs 1) DT 2) CB 3) Safety help, a shifty WR to groom in replacement of the 33 year old Steve Smith can be considered in later rounds as well.
  10. zebra
    2011-12-29 13:03
    Thank you for your christmas greetings! Back at you, but I'm a little late.
    Well, at least I can wish you a happy new year

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