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  1. Eragon
    2012-03-08 11:23
    If that's the case then I probably will come to like her in the coming episodes.
  2. Eragon
    2012-03-08 11:09
    Yeah I get that. Kurisu isn't a typical tsundere and my reason for not liking her thus far is not entirely because of that. It's probably got more to do with the fact that she is too much of a realist which in turn, in my eyes, makes her look like a pessimist - not that I don't like being pessimistic about things that defy logic, but sometimes it gets a bit much.
    I don't really have an opinion about Mayuri - she's shown to be too oblivious for me to care.
  3. totoum
    2012-03-07 19:08
    Don't worry,everything will be fine

    If someone can contain Okada it's Sayo Yamamoto and Takeshi Koike.

    Though maybe you might want to look further into that restraining order just in case
  4. Eragon
    2012-03-07 09:11
    Right now I like Okabe's character - he's interestingly weird. The other character that I like mainly because of the voice acting is Daru. I don't like tsundere characters in general, so no love for Kurisu.
  5. Eragon
    2012-03-07 06:05
    Yeah, the first 8-9 ep seem to be there just to fill up the space. I admit the comedy is good at times but the rest just feels like they are desperately trying to build up the tension.
  6. Eragon
    2012-03-07 04:10
    Hey, watched 11 ep of Steins Gate and its just as you said, the first 8-9 ep are pretty slow and uneventful. But its gotten interesting since the last ep.
  7. totoum
    2012-03-06 14:40
    The only Yuri story I'm following actualy is Sasameki koto 2 volumes in and I enjoy it.
    I wasn't sure about Girl Friends because its french editor specialises in thoughtless Yaoi that's more about fanservice than plot,I thought maybe this would be the same but with girls,but since that's not the case I'll look into it.

    As for BRS,I personaly enjoy what Imaichi's done with the action scenes,love the long takes and extreme close ups and the cartooney chara designs,but looking in the BRS thread I'm definatly in the minority.
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-03-06 09:41
    I've seen you bash on Okada a lot as of late . Not that I really mind, and I do know you do have different tastes, but totoum and I can tell you that Okada was not always like this. It is true lately that she is a bit "mad with power" and has significant "protection from editors", largely due to being an behind the scenes industry superstar (Okada won the latest Animation Kobe Individual Award in 2011, which was won by top tier directors such as Miyazaki, Anno, Kon and Hosoda in the past).

    Unfortunately, it is series where Okada is invovled with more "obnoxious" and "loud" series that otakus tend to praise a lot. I'm talking about stuff like Toradora and Anohana here, and I'm fairly sure you know what I mean by this. As you already know, Toradora was a romcom with significant amounts of "loud" "anime comedy" and "fanservice" whilst Anohana ... I'll just use 0utf0xzer0's words and say it was Okada's version of doing "Key". Hit to the current season and you can see what fuss Aquarion and BRS is making atm, and you can see Okada's "obnoxiousness" here too, though I admit I'm quite enjoying Aquarion from a guilty pleasure point of view. BRS though... ugh lol. Makes Anohana look subtle in comparison.

    Now hit the back button a bit and we get series like True Tears and Wandering Son. And tada, here we get great genuine, subtle dramas which was the reason I became a Okada fan. About half of Hanasaku Iroha were like this too, but unfortunately, for it to sell, the other half consisted of fluff or just ridiculously bad episodes like ep3 where pre-orders actually spiked massively (I raged at this btw if you have a look at the threads). True Tears and Wandering Son btw bombed.

    So in the end, it comes down to Okada being too popular for her own good and the fact that what sells in the current industry is loud, obnoxious moe, fanservice or melodrama. Hence, she's only HALF to blame lol. I actually said in the Okada club thread (I created this btw lol) that I'm worried that I'll never see something like True Tears ever again. Not much appreciation of subtlety or good story writing unfortunately, but that's how the industry has been working as of late...
  9. zebra
    2012-03-05 16:05
    Oh that's so professional!

    Too bad about the floods .. and your job situation, hope it'll turn around soon!

    Ah I just don't watch that kind of stuff ... or drop it. Chihayafuru is really nice, though. I think you were even the one who recommended it to me :3
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-03-05 09:03
    Lol you didn't know? I already called it on the upcoming Spring 2012 thread that next season will be a battle of the three fangroups (Kyoani vs Type moon vs Nishio Isin), but the best anime of the season (for me) will likely be the Watanabe x Yoko Kanno collaboration with Uchuu Kyoudai (if it's anything like Planetes) or Jormungand being potential dark horses.

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