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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-12-25 02:12
    Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you too. Was originally planning to reply tomorrow, then my dad and one of his brothers were discussing phoning the other brother (who lives in Perth) and I went like "right, Australia is like 16 hours ahead!".

    Had my uncle over for dinner tonight and ended up discussing what sort of tactics we used in Dragon Age (there's a reason why he's been my favourite extended family member about as long as I can remember). On the downside things have been a bit more eventful than I would have liked, as the old Yugoslavian guy who lives in my neighbourhood had a heart attack. According to his family the paramedics did manage to stabilize him enough to transport him to hospital so we're keeping our fingers crossed.
  2. Reckoner
    2011-12-25 00:07
    Thanks! Merry xmas to you as well!

    I'll definitely get around to responding to your latest replies sometime soon.
  3. Tempester
    2011-12-24 23:25
    Now that that's out of the way, shall we discuss something we both would probably like? Maybe the October season?
    October season anime? I actually haven't started on any of them yet due to my current "pick it up when it's finished" policy for watching anime, but a lot of them I do plan to watch. I'll address the shows that you seem to have been watching, judging from your blog. Fate/Zero is a definite pick-up, but I'm reluctant to watch the TV release since I've heard that the violence was censored. I hate it when TV broadcasters chicken out over that stuff even though it's on a late night slot anyway. Last Exile S2 looks spectacular. Haganai looks amusing and sexy. I've heard a lot of praise for Un-Go, so that one's guaranteed. Mirai Nikki could be thoroughly entertaining, and I'm already digging the OP. Judging from people's reactions, Guilty Crown could be entertaining for either its action or just for picking apart its flaws.

    Other October anime I plan on seeing are Ika Musume S2, Tamayura Hitotose, and Mashiroiro Symphony.

    I'm enjoyed my current tactic of taking anime 1-2 at a time at my own pace, so it will be a while before I finish all of these.

    Have a Merry Christmas!
  4. Tempester
    2011-12-24 21:59
    2. It's the kind of show they'd be embarrased by. As in if they had to show someone else what anime is like, this would not be one title they'd show to other people. This is the type you show the reclusive nerd or the seasoned otaku. This is not what you show to relatively normal/mature people generally.
    I can understand and respect the other reasons, but (I hope I'm not too offensive here) this seems to indicate extreme insecurity. It's understandable to feel embarrassed by the prospect of other people discovering your strange choice of an anime, but hating that anime for that reason doesn't seem justified to me.

    Your last inquiry - magical girl shows for older fans?

    Princess Tutu (early 00s)
    Cardcaptor Sakura (late 90s)
    Rayearth (mid 90s)
    Cutie Honey (1973, was actually a sci-fi show but started a lot of the tropes that later appeared in Sailor Moon)
    Sally the Witch (1968, think this was the first)
    Thanks for the list. I'll eventually look into these series if possible. Hilariously enough, all four of those reasons you stated for why the 1998 generation doesn't like Madoka can apply very easily to Cardcaptor Sakura.

    And on a final note - opinion/discussion threads like the one you linked are havens mainly for people who like the show. Openly talking about not liking it usually starts a flame war or is a way to get hounded for weeks. Case in point - my recent attempts to politely and openly talk about Fate/Zero episodes. The moment something that counters the majority opinion, all hell breaks loose and the ones going against conformity must be culled. It's one aspect of AS that I don't like. I miss the days when Code Geass was airing, the conversation was very open, brutally honesty and it was on for young and old. Now, it's more like 'For hardcore lovers of this show only.' Threads like that tend to gravitate fans that like it. Those that don't stay away - for their own good and to keep the peace. AS is but a subsection of the online community. Places like ANN, AniDB, A-P, MAL, etc. attract completely different people/atmospheres/sentiments.
    I can't respect people who take conflicting tastes personally, and I think that the wise saying "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" should not apply to discussion on entertainment. Someone recently told me that saying an anime is bad in front of a person who likes that anime is actually attacking that person, and I couldn't disagree with them more. I enjoy Animesuki for the few level-headed people who know how to have a fair discussion, but the disgusting and often rude behavior of the "STOP HATING WHAT I LIKE" crowd often makes me lose faith in this community.
  5. Tempester
    2011-12-24 21:57
    Terribly sorry for the late reply. I tend to procrastinate when replying to long messages.

    Interesting's definitely one of the nicer things I've been called recently. Well, I'll reply, but keep in mind not everything I say may be to your liking.
    I am an advocate of free speech in discussions on entertainment. I may disagree with your opinion on Madoka Magica, but I'll always defend your right to bash it.

    When this show first aired and my friends and I investigated, we already had solid theories about where this show would go and how it would end after two episodes. And they all came true.
    Well, you and your friends must be quite smart and genre-savvy, considering the multitude of fan theories and speculation for this anime.

    Visuals - Typical Shinbo. I despise him more than any other director. They're a distraction to hide the glaring weaknesses of his work. He's catering for the instant gratification junkies. Good luck to them. I'm not ever being part of that crowd.
    Oh, Shinbo. His direction is something that's easy to like, and contrarily easily to dislike. I've personally gotten a bit fond of his directing style, but his empty cityscapes still irk me.

    Writing - Urobuchi. Mr 'I crave the abyss, all endings should be like that!' Urobuchi...When I read the Fate/Zero novels and also the author notes, Urobuchi seems to be someone that finds an enemy and self-contempt within writing. As if life is a curse and damnation is all that can sate his soul. It works in F/Z somewhat due to the necessity of the content and some characters are interesting. Coupling such an oblivion-obsessed mantra to moe's like taking ashes, covering them with marshmallows and chocolate then dishing it out to unsuspecting victims. The punch is lost. Furthermore, Urobuchi's tendency to dispose of characters without chances of salvation or hope over and over gets old very fast. It's an easy way out. It's much harder to redeem a character and make them liked by the fans after going through hell and not lower their colours.
    Having seen 3 works of his (Phantom, Saya no Uta, and MadoMagi), I have come to love Urobuchi's writing. His cynicism blends well with his explorations of morality. And yes, I admittedly like how he tortures his characters most of the time. However, I somewhat agree with your point about character redemption. I think Urobuchi's verdict on Sayaka, that she was unsavable and destined to suffer and die from her own actions, was very unfair to her character. Not to mention that it is contradicted by an apparent plot hole because she wasn't even a magical girl in the original timeline.

    Other issues - those nude transformation scenes and ones in the OP and final episode. I felt really uncomfortable seeing those and was waiting for Chris Hansen to burst in with camera crew and his usual punchlines.
    As a lover of female nudity and a supporter of fanservice for both genders, I couldn't disagree more. So I'll just stop here. Not much more decent discussion I could have with you on this one.

    Short version - There isn't a single positive thing I could ever take out of that show. Only negatives. The only thing I can say for it is that there is one title that I despise more than Madoka - and that's Summer Wars.
    Thanks a lot for your input! It's not every day that I get to see such an honest, thorough, and well-written negative opinion on a well-liked anime. I have my own anime which I hate with a strong passion, "Ore no Imouto", but I want to wait until I've picked it up again and finished it before I really start tearing it apart.
  6. Triple_R
    2011-12-24 12:22
    Merry Christmas to you too! Hope it's more eventful for you than it is for Tokiomi.
  7. Triple_R
    2011-12-22 09:38
    I really liked your second last VM on Reckoner's wall. I'm liking Fate/Zero a lot, but your critique of it beautifully sums up my issues with it thus far.

    Well, except that I don't have a big problem with Kiritsugu and Kotomine right now. Their feud perhaps needs more development, but other than that, I'm content with their characterization thus far.

    Still, it's only natural that Saber and Rider would be getting most of the focus, because they're the characters that are doing the most on a consistent basis.
  8. Vexx
    2011-12-22 04:18
    No, if you mouse over it, credit goes to ganbaru for making it... I'm not really very arty
  9. Reckoner
    2011-12-20 21:18
    You know, your views on Fate/Zero seem to really reflect the side of the viewers of the show that don't have any VN knowledge or LN knowledge, so I'm rather quite surprised to hear you say the same things. To me, a lot of the issues like even giving a damn about Kotomine for example are all related to knowing, and understanding his end result in HF of Fate/Zero. I though that given you had seen this material at last that perhaps you'd be far more into his character in the anime like I know many of the novel/VN readers are. Though I guess for many there is an acknowledgement sense of detachment from what they're watching for many viewers. I guess it depends on each person's intrinsic interest in the type of characterization and philosophy and atmosphere being used in the show. Personally I love it, but I can see why others don't.

    As for the episode 11 reactions. I think many people love Rider a lot and because they see the other characters as "boring" they think that means they're in the wrong for thinking that way. Personally while Rider's speech was powerful, I completely understand and sympathize with Saber's ideal. Though I think you are blowing out of proportion the amount of people who want to bash Saber. I guess people don't really understand why Saber would listen to Shirou more than Rider since he gave such a great speech.


    My updates for the season.

    Mirai Nikki --> Just too low of production values plus a plotline that has ran out the laughs of so absurd it's entertaining. Dropped.

    Boku wa TOmodachi/Haganai --> Ran itself into the ground. Incredibly mediocre at this point. Dropped.
  10. Triple_R
    2011-12-20 01:47
    It's scary how many of my favorite anime characters are on your two lists.

    However, I guess I just expect a certain level of drama in anime, and so anime characters doing things that create needless drama (being drama queens or male characters that take difficult paths) is something I roll with. As much as I love Kamina, for example, I don't think I'd want to be friends with somebody like that in real life, because he'd become awfully tiresome after awhile. But it's that sort of "larger than life" and real loud personality that I like in fictional characters. I look at it the same way I do pro wrestlers - being entertaining is more important than being someone I'd want to be friends with.

    As for Tomoya, I admit you have a good point with how he treated Ushio. Yeah, that really bothered me as well. However, I'm a firm believer you can't really help falling in love with a person... but given your take on Nagisa, I can understand how this doesn't really help your assessment of Tomoya.

    Though I consider Kyon to be a good character, it's nice to see somebody else realize that the dude can be every bit as hard to deal with as Haruhi is (just in different ways), so their conflicts are a two-way street. Kyon isn't as innocent in their personality conflicts as some people make him out to be.

    Oh, and I pretty much agree with you on Kuroko (she's the main reason why I dropped Railgun, lol), Mikuru and Renton Thurston. Some other characters on your two lists I don't care much about either way.

    Anyway, thanks for the response. If nothing else, your honesty and frankness are refreshing. You're certainly not afraid to knock down some of the most popular anime shows and characters around, but you don't troll about it either. You're simply honest and up-front about your assessments and tastes, and it would be cool if more anime fans were like that.

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