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  1. Triple_R
    2012-02-29 17:07
    Spoiler for Nise Episode 8:
  2. Triple_R
    2012-02-29 16:32
    Well, I'm over it now, lol

    I just found it sad how a lot of people were calling it "Best Anime Episode of the Year!" when we're only two months into 2012, and also since I'm really liking a couple current anime shows that I think are excellent almost across-the-board.

    But yeah, I probably angsted too much over that, lol. I've slowly been learning that there's a few different franchise fanbases within anime, and that they go beyond just KyoAni. SHAFT has them, Persona has them, Fate/Series and Type Moon has them... now that I'm learning this I get a better idea of what to expect on a popular franchise's subforum for episode threads. I'll take things with a bigger grain of salt in the future.

    It's hard for me to relate to, because I'm first and foremost just an anime fan. I like some SHAFT shows and I like some KyoAni shows and I probably like the offerings of those two sudios the best out of all the studios, but I don't feel any sort of fan loyalty to the studios themselves. Like Demi Soda, I think that writers, directors, etc... are more important to how good an anime is than the studio that produces it.
  3. totoum
    2012-02-29 13:24
    I actualy almost only read paper manga,I'm just lucky that in France there's quite a few choices in manga (a lot more than animes),yes there's a delay compared to japan (Liar Game is up to Vol10 here compared to vol 13 in japan) but in general I can take it.
  4. Sumeragi
    2012-02-29 13:12
    Well, I can go on and on about multiple characters, so that's why I limited myself to one each.

    Tell me what series/characters you want in doujinshis. I'll try to see if I can get some nice doujinshis (obviously H, since non-H is pretty rare) from my collection.
  5. Sumeragi
    2012-02-29 13:02
    That's a really difficult question. But if I had to choose one characters each.....

    Misaka Mikoto and Hiiragizawa Eriol.
  6. totoum
    2012-02-29 10:17
    Well as I said,that was more of an irrational rant than real critism.When I say I though Akiyama was "all right" I mean by that that he did live up to the manga version which means that yes he's freaking FABULOUS

    I guess part of my fustration and why I vented on you is that lately (not just in this forum) I heard people raving about the live action show and yet I never hear a word about the manga,maybe it's just a bad coincidence.

    The Liar Game drama actualy came out before the One Outs anime so the outcome of One outs wasn't a factor.
    I'm a huge baseball geek,my issue with one outs (saw a couple episodes) was more about how it portrayed baseball rather than the fact it had baseball,can't remember details though (Just remember thinking "that's a load of crap and there's data out there that proves it" after hearing what a character was saying) so maybe I'll give it another go someday
  7. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2012-02-28 06:07
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    Mmm I don't mind stuff with a strong base beat to it, but I like to be able to hear other instruments as well rather then just WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP sample-a-thon. I will say some of it is quite catchy, but really its not all that original.

    I don't mind electronic/techno/trance though its kinda good for the mindless stuff. I dunno about the new Chemical Romance stuff I heard a month or so back it was all right I guess, but not as good as I remember. Mmm Prodigy, someone I heaven't heard in some time.

    Oh yeah, RadioHead is coming to Aust later this year. That is quite awesome. Can win some VIP tickets on Triple J. Just need to call em when you hear Radio Head songs. Listening to Paranoid Android atm, one of my favs.

    Actually, there are a lot of old bands... Coldplay too.. Smashing Pumpkins, The Verve. I guess the Gorillaz too, but they aren't all that old I guess. Mmm there are older things, like say Nirvana, but those others come to mind (by mind I mean when I check the collection, lol) and all are better and more interesting then this Dubstep sample craze we have recently.

    I'll sneak Muse in there as one of my preferred bands, even if they are a bit of a hit and miss at times.
  8. Soliloquy
    2012-02-28 04:02
    Milk Morinaga's drawing style intrigues me a lot, I have to check her stuff out one of these days. Well I'd like to see your recommendation. Thanks
  9. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2012-02-28 02:28
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    Ahh, heh, yeah it's been like that for years for me too. But I haven't really followed any bands for a loooong loooong time. I just stick with it though since I do enjoy the songs they play for the most part. However, some of the newer stuff coming out kinda makes me facepalm. ie Dubstep.
  10. totoum
    2012-02-28 00:05
    Crossdressing is just one trick out of Okada's arsenal,she doesn't pull it off nearly as often as her reputation would have you believe.
    The whole fractale production was a huge mess,Okada is credited as scriptwriter (and indeed some of her trademarks made it in) but a lot of it is in fact Yamakan and the ending is 100% Yamakan.

    Speaking of crossdressing: I've been holding back this rant in me for a little while but I can't take it anymore.
    The liar game drama.
    Akiyama is all right,nothing to complain about here.
    Fukunaga's character is I guess all right,except he's not the Fukunaga from the manga,I can't stand seeing a badass crossdresser like him turned into some sort of comic relief character.
    Nao's character developement was mostly thrown out the window,someone else said it best :"Akiyama is Nao's mentor in the manga and her babysitter in the drama.".
    Oh and the games are really simplified (especialy round 3),though that I can understand considering the time constraint.

    I say that having seen S1 gave up a couple episodes into S2.
    Yeah I know I sound like one of those anoying manga readers that can't stand changes,but I can't help it.

    There's also the fact that the success of the drama likely means I'll never get to see an anime version.

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