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  1. urca
    2011-11-08 21:21
    thanks a lot .
  2. hinakatbklyn
    2011-11-08 12:35
    I checked the timeline of the first episode with the date the series got licensed here. It's possible I would of only gotten through 1 episode before I end up following license procedure by waiting for the series to be released anyway.

    Since I'm getting more opinions, I'll check it out.
    Interesting though how quickly I caught on to Boku wa Tomodachi with the majority of the characters..... including Kobato.
  3. Triple_R
    2011-11-08 12:15
    Yeah, I also found IS easy to watch. Given it was only one cour, that made it easy for me to marathon over a couple days or so.

    The 1st episode of it lowered my expectations so much that it wasn't hard for me to like it and mostly enjoy it the rest of the way. My own series rating for it would also be about 7/10.

    It is underwhelming overall. It did have a few nice intense scenes (I particularly enjoyed Ichika and Charlotte vs. Laura and Houki), but I think they chickened out in the end.
  4. hinakatbklyn
    2011-11-08 12:07
    From what everyone else is saying about Stein; Gate, I'm asking myself the same question.

    I don't want to make excuses that I let first appearance cloud my judgement, but I think that may be the case that "delayed" my watching the series.

    Much different (and much more serious) shows, I've seen in the past (Witch Hunter Robin, Wolf's Rain, Blood +, Gilgamesh, Big O) were OK, but didn't really work out for me. The similarities between all of them was the background relied more on being realistic than colorful.

    But since there a license for the series here, I can always wait and get it on DVD or Blue-Ray.
  5. Triple_R
    2011-11-08 11:32
    I intend to get to that soon. MAL had hacking issues for awhile, so I actively avoided the site for awhile. It's probably save now, though. So I'll probably start updating my MAL soon. Will inform you once I'm done that.
  6. Demi.
    2011-11-08 10:19
    Ahh, so close to giving me that 4th bar. But thanks. :3
  7. Archon_Wing
    2011-11-08 03:36
    *Stares at your wall*
    *Stares at ISML results*

    Hurr... I guess there's one thing that could be worst than saimoe (and make less sense), and that would be pro wrestling.

    Well, I don't follow up on it regularly, though I do watch the amusing review videos here: Though what I gather the WWE championship and the Triple H vanity title World Heavyweight Championship (sorry, that's what I called it back then) have as much value as a used condom. Which is roughly the value of the saimoe championships too.

    Though I hear this CM Punk guy is making some waves, and seeing that worked shoot promo of his was strangely refreshing. I admit he had me almost fooled for a second.

    As for Kurisu losing, that is definitely horrific. Kugrie is arguably the John Cena of anime-- an otherwise talented individual who's forced to continuously limit their abilities to a stale and terrible gimmick that happens to sell. In this case it's puddle-deep shallow loli tsundere. We've been exposed to the same crap since 2005 (Hey, coincidence?). And yes, if we all somehow watched Hidan no Aria in a huge stadium we would indeed be chanting "Same old shit! Same old shit!" Yet it won't die no matter how much we demand it.

    Although, in regards to all of these, I'm not really butthurt anymore as I am laughing at the situation. In general, almost all my non voting posts regarding those threads are trolls. Though honestly, there's nothing get offended about at this point.

    But it's good you can legit vote again, instead of randomly throwing your support to whatever random side you care about slightly more.
  8. Dilla
    2011-11-08 00:07
    Honestly, I can't really get into TNA and it's not for a lack of talent, either. There are a lot of wrestlers there that I love/loved; like AJ Styles, Jay Lethal (not there anymore), Consequences Creed (not there anymore), and James Storm. In it's early days, I didn't like it because it tried too hard to be a WCW-like rival (taking shots at the WWE with in-ring promos, moving to Mondays, etc.) to RAW. Now, I avoid it because jumping into a promotion mid-storyline sucks and since TNA likes to overbook a lot, I don't really feel trying. Maybe I'll try again after Victory Road next year since that's when the "new" season starts.

    I'm sure that the Panthers will find a way to lose, just they do every week.

    Seriously, we had the worst luck this season. I hate to reflect on 'coulda, woulda's, but with some lucky breaks, the Panthers could at least be a .500 team right now, easily. This offseason, I imagine the front office will look at shoring up the front 4 on defense.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2011-11-07 13:39
    Many of these are just not your kind of characters, so any advice on actually voting is futile.

    Flip a coin, randomly select, click vote, post a complaint on these forums about how you don't care about [x]

    -Standard ISML build procedure.
  10. Rajura
    2011-11-07 07:16
    Well, I've been extremely busy. I had been on nights for ~6 weeks (finally done with that for now).

    I still loving seeing the borderlines... it's like dealing with a 2 year old... only with a 2 year old, you sometimes actually make headway (I exaggerate).

    However, having a medicine and psychiatry clinic every week is wearing me out at times.
    I am doing consult/liaison psychiatry for the rest of the year. This can be fun some days... but on others, the pager blows up, and I get asked to see like 12 new people (in addition to follow-ups).

    I can't wait for a vacation (that will likely come in May/June). *whew*

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