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  1. totoum
    2012-02-28 00:05
    Crossdressing is just one trick out of Okada's arsenal,she doesn't pull it off nearly as often as her reputation would have you believe.
    The whole fractale production was a huge mess,Okada is credited as scriptwriter (and indeed some of her trademarks made it in) but a lot of it is in fact Yamakan and the ending is 100% Yamakan.

    Speaking of crossdressing: I've been holding back this rant in me for a little while but I can't take it anymore.
    The liar game drama.
    Akiyama is all right,nothing to complain about here.
    Fukunaga's character is I guess all right,except he's not the Fukunaga from the manga,I can't stand seeing a badass crossdresser like him turned into some sort of comic relief character.
    Nao's character developement was mostly thrown out the window,someone else said it best :"Akiyama is Nao's mentor in the manga and her babysitter in the drama.".
    Oh and the games are really simplified (especialy round 3),though that I can understand considering the time constraint.

    I say that having seen S1 gave up a couple episodes into S2.
    Yeah I know I sound like one of those anoying manga readers that can't stand changes,but I can't help it.

    There's also the fact that the success of the drama likely means I'll never get to see an anime version.
  2. Soliloquy
    2012-02-27 23:52
    I recognise the name but I've yet to read her manga. Actually I've seen a bits and pieces of her drawing. I do like them a lot. She is Shoujo Mangaka right?
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-02-27 15:31
    I wouldn't worry too much, Okada generally doesn't try and hide her traps. Fractale, AnoHana, Wandering Son, Hanasaku... in every case, the crossdresser was someone we knew was a guy already. (Though oddly, she cut the crossdressing scene from the Otome Youkai Zakuro manga when she wrote the anime version.)

    That said, I really do find it interesting that both Ordet shows Okada has written are among my least favourite things she's written. I have to wonder if Okada has a grudge against Yamakan, particularly given, well... this:
  4. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2012-02-26 06:33
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    I hate hearing that too, kind of one of the reasons I'm doing Uni now as well. Get into a field they are desperate for workers, wont have to put up with annoyances like that or where the business runs out of work.

    Uni started last week. It's pretty good so far, bit of an overload since I haven't done anything like it for about 10 years, but I'm getting there.

    Death of Triple J? What happened? I must have missed something. It's about the only ecent radio station up here.
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-02-26 04:34
    No, Inori feddoming Shu would be Oisin's take. Okada would just have her squeeling over how cute he looks in a dress. And maybe having her void be an actual sex toy so Shu could destroy Endlaves by smacking them with a giant dildo.

    All joking aside tho, the hint of a possible relationship between Shu and Ayase was one of Guilty Crown's biggest "what could have been" moments for me, and Okada's panchent for relationship trolling would have made sure it happened.

    Re: Black Rock Shooter
    It's considerably better than the OVA, but you'll hate it anyway. Can't say I'm hugely impressed either, I'm starting to wonder how long it'll take Ordet to actually produce a show I consider good.
  6. Soliloquy
    2012-02-26 04:26
    I'm good thank you and the reason I was on your profile is I liked your sig picture. It's a very stylish looking img.
  7. Soliloquy
    2012-02-26 03:05
    Sorry, not sure I understand you. Are you talking about whether I live in Australia?
  8. Guardian Enzo
    2012-02-26 01:20
    Guardian Enzo
    Ah, the Shinbou comment! Well, I don't dislike KanaHana and I don't dislike Shinbou - I just think the both of them are so distinctive that in the wrong context, they overwhelm the material. I love some of KanaHana's work (Kuroneko comes to mind) but I prefer a true actor like Tomatsu Haruka generally speaking.

    I still love Chihayafuru, and I think Another, Ano Natsu, Danshi Koukousei and Natsume Shi are all excellent. I like Symphogear too, though it's a mess. You might want to check out Thermae Romae, which was only three eps. Hilariously cheap, but very funny. Beautifully written.
  9. totoum
    2012-02-26 00:53
    I'll quote Arabesque on this one,posted it in the Okada social group.

    Originally Posted by Arabesque




    My god ... Episode 2 of BRS just overtook Anohana episode 11 by an entire Galaxy of melodrama, stupidity and incomprehensible scenes.Lord have mercy, this has got to be it right? This is the logical conclusion when an anime Okada gets full on Protection from Editors right!?
    Knowing you didn't make it past 1 episode of Ano Hana I know this might be tough for you to imagine
  10. totoum
    2012-02-25 20:51
    Oh and I forgot about Okada.
    Aquarion EVOL:this show doesn't take itself seriously,the premise is already ridiculous,therefore letting Okada loose can cause no harm,in fact she should be encouraged to go crazy,it's not like she's going to ruin anything.
    Black Rock Shooter: Show that wants to create a genuine drama,letting Okada loose on that....not a good idea.

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