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  1. Reckoner
    2011-11-22 04:14
    Hah, well I know you dislike NGE (Though I have never actually read why), but NGE is the most personally meaningful anime I have ever watched. If you want to talk about perspective, that's an example of it perhaps factoring in a huge difference in a viewing of a show.

    Sometimes characters really do kill a show for me though. Kirino in Ore no Imouto, Maria form Canaan, Saya form Blood+ to name a few...

    Perhaps I wouldn't be watching that many moe shows if I had a girl friend, but then again, that is very difficult in general for me to picture. I've had a few opportunities for relations in my life which I've all turned down for various reasons (Mostly because I don't drink or do drugs and prefer someone who at least isn't overly into intoxicating themselves in one form or another which is quite rare where I go to school...).

    As for where you'll possibly falter in fate... If you've seen the anime, there's really no where you should die. Fate route is the easiest. The only time you might die is when Caster appears, I made a very stupid choice in this scene.

    UBW you'll probably make a couple bad decisions, I know I did. HF is where you'll die like 1000 times if you aren't being careful. Each route basically gets progressively more difficult.

    Tsukihime... It's been awhile since I played this, but from what I remember, Hisui's route was the most utterly devastating for me. I liked Kohaku's a lot, but I think for sheer emotional impact Hisui's wins. I found the far side routes in general better than the near side for whatever reason.

    But yes, as far as I am concerned both animes don't exist... Haha. I recently simulcasted a rewatch of fate/stay night with someone (Saw the anime first and then played the VN much later), and I didn't realize just how badly done it was. Back then I thought the anime was kind of average, but now I think it's just downright awful. I also noticed how bad the budget was, which I didn't the first time.

  2. Reckoner
    2011-11-22 02:38
    Perhaps it could be characters. I tend to notice among my fellow anime fans I'm not as quick to get annoyed by characters on screen as they are, and sometimes I appreciate different types of characters altogether. I mean for one thing, Shinji of NGE is one of my favorite characters of all time yet he happens to be one of the most hated characters of all time in the western fandom, much of which I consider misguided but oh well.

    That being said, I tend to enjoy a very broad array of genres. I try to not limit myself by biases. You say that my perspective in 10 years will be different than it is now, and that may be true to a degree, but that also simply has to do with the issues of concern with people at certain times of their life. Will I care about hotblooded action shows in 10 years like I do now? I don't know if I'll be enjoying something like Red Line in 10 years. Time will tell. As far as I can say now, I hope I don't become more biased as I go on.

    You may be surprised to hear, but I've actually been growing less picky as time goes on. When I first joined this forum in 2007 I UTTERLY detested the concept of moe. Now I'm perfectly cool with it and enjoy many moe shows. I don't see any reason why this trend would reverse itself for me.

    I also actually have played F/S N and Tsukihime before. I am definitely a big type-moon fan and yes I know about Witch of the Holy Night. It's definitely anticipated .

    And as a big type-moon fan, I am very pleased to have this Fate/Zero adaption, as no other Type-moon TV series has been adapted so well (Well there actually is no Tsukihime anime afterall...). I hope Ufotable becomes the Type-moon studio in general much like kyoani has for KEY. They just completely outclass the likes of DEEN (One of the worst studios in the industry at the moment honestly), and JC staff.
  3. Reckoner
    2011-11-22 00:20
    I don't know it sounds like the kind of logic people use to justify why they won't cook healthy food for themselves as they clog up their arteries with McDonalds. It's the modern world and people are too busy right?

    And yes, people are busy, but 3 episodes is what? 1 hour? I usually think the payoff in the end is better, you'll discover more enjoyable watches than negative ones, and it also keeps you in the loop better for anime related conversations which I personally like to have.

    Since you seem to question my MAL rating, you should realize people use different scales. I generally consider things 7 and above to be passable watches, and typically I will have dropped it otherwise (There's tons of anime I've dropped which I hate and could add to balance out my scores, but what's the point of watching so many things I have determined to be trash after 3 episodes?). And when I say passable watches I mean just passable. I grade things like I grade a test. If it's in the 7 range it's a C, 8 is a B, 9 is an A, and 10 is like (Or close to) an A+. Yeah, it shouldn't be that hard to get it in my 7 range. That just means I judge it to be passable, but would you be happy if you a C in some class at school? I'd think not. It's simply not the best grade. A rating of a B is better, but also not perfect, that means you made some mistakes. Really, there's only a certain range of shows I REALLY appreciate out there, and if you wanted to know more, my words mean more than some arbitrary metric. So no, I don't like every series as much you make it seem.

    My scale is going to look more unbalanced than the likes of yours, but I'm not looking for some sort of huge bell curve like many MAL people try to obtain. Not all my 7's I hold in the same esteem, same for 8's and same for 9's. Again, it's merely an arbitrary metric.

    Lastly, I'm not too sure why you're so fixed on my age. Life experience has very little to do with how I rate things and it's not because I have little of it (And for goodness sakes, I really hate the idea of people using their "experience" as some sort of crutch of superiority to others).

    As for the episode tests... The way you described the first 3 episodes of a series details exactly why I think episode 1 is really misleading. The stuff in episode 2 for me is the real meat of a story. And 3 is seeing it finally starting to get it put in action. So ONLY THEN will I truly know for certain 99% of the time whether it is something I'm going to like down the road.

    But like you said, perhaps we just have two different schools of thought on the matter.
  4. Reckoner
    2011-11-21 18:56
    My response was initially delayed due to not knowing what to say, but given the matter of the discussion I felt it pertinent to devote more time to constructing this post but have ran into trouble due to my incredibly busy schedule as of late (University among other things).

    Now I'm going to say this in the hopes you don't take offense, but I really feel there should be a limit to how much your individual experience distorts your viewing of shows.

    You talk about very serious issues here such as previous bullying experiences due to racism, and you bring up topics like feminism, and while I can sympathize with your plight, I just don't cannot see any reason to bring in these personal issues to THIS DEGREE in things you watch.

    Hey, I usually tend to hate fan service period because that's not what I seek to get out of my entertainment (If I want to feel turned on that badly there is porn afterall...), but a show with fanservice such as Haganai this season isn't going to immediately earn my scorn. And while entertainment in general tends to objectify women (Really it objectifies men too, but no one ever says anything about that), I don't have some absolute law that if there is sexual objectification in a show I'm going to get really angry. Surely it's not a positive, but when I go into a show I try to understand what the show really is first and see if they do that really well. Of course if I don't like that sort of thing in the first place, I just don't bother trying to watch the show at all. But if that is the case, I usually refrain from trying to talk about its place in the genre among other things (Like you seem to be doing with Gundam Age).

    Now you highlight one of my major areas of contention with you:

    Another reason for my 'one episode' rule is my experience doing seminars with some more prominent writers in Australia. I did them with Fiona McIntosh and Sean Williams. And through those, I learnt what it was that leads to writers being successful, what people want, what matters to the buying market, how to be effective with dialogue and storytelling. One thing that came across through them was that publishing houses, editors and customers generally have short thresholds/patience limits. You have to sell your product early if you want them to buy it. So from that, I gained the aspect of needing to have a title sold to me early. A good title generally will sell itself very early through good writing, appealing characters and proper pacing. So I apply that mentality to my anime viewing.
    This is the sort of attitude that has ruined entertainment industries in general. Why do you think so many shows like to throw in so much pandering garbage like Infinite Stratos these days? It's this utter lack of patience in the entertainment industry. We seem to live in a "GIMME NOW" society. We don't allow stories to come into their own. We want everything to start off with a bang and make sure our short attention spans don't go somewhere else.

    I think it's utterly terrible really. It's why I doubt I'll be seeing anymore Monster's in the anime industry again. Monster isn't such an extraordinarily captivating show that you watch with the attitude of "GIVE ME MORE" every episode, nor does it have any pandering to make you like characters for more shallow reasons. It is mostly a show of intellectual interest and appreciation as it wonderfully weaves a 74 episode tale that I found unforgettable.

    Now of course a show has to eventually offer something to keep you going, but how would you know with such a short fuse? I still think the 3 episode test is generally the best one out there because it gives enough time to get past introductions and start getting into the actual story. I feel first episodes of series are often the most misleading of the entire show.
  5. Archon_Wing
    2011-11-21 17:22
    Well, I have to really say your fears about Guilty Crown being insultingly sexist as well as the male lead being an emo insensitive jackass (he really reminds me of someone I hate in real life) were not completely unfounded. Not enough to kill the show for me yet, but it's certainly a dampener. I fear it will not improve and would like to have a word with the writers.

    I've even gotten PMs from butthurt fanboys crying to me because I tell it as how it is even though by and far my positive comments outnumber the negatives. :] That thread was a complete mess-- people couldn't tolerate others' opinions and thread got locked. Why do people always act like they own a thread? It's not just for fans.

    I never attack anyone directly (though I may attack what they say), because they have a right to disagree with me. But, I'm not gonna censor myself because people don't like it. I will take the points of others under consideration, if they aren't petty.

    It's on a 3 episode warning. Shape up or bust.
  6. zebra
    2011-11-21 12:05
    Yeah, I do! Just my type of series. Even with a nice love triangle on top
    Do you have more Anime to recommend in that genre? I can't find many comedy, romance, slice-of life anime these days. There is a ton, but most is not to my liking.

    That's good! .. and too bad. Still crossing my fingers for you.

    No, I haven't seen it. Oddly enough I got a de-recommendation for it a long time ago. So I can't really say anything about how realistic the depiction of Germany is. Looking into the synopsis it's certainly an interesting setting, since Germany was still divided at that time (and my parents were newly weds XD).
    That it begins in DŁsseldorf is especially interesting since there are many japanese immigrants there and it's the place that holds a "Japan day" every year.
    Normally, Germany/Germans/German isn't reflected right in anime, it's over the top like many depictions of America. That's fine though, I'm pretty sure the japanese culture is way off in our movies / series mostly, too
    But I can't say about Monster - it looks like a serious setting, so who knows. .. but even if they were true to the scenery I'm sure they only picked out the pretty spots
    I've been to most of the cityies in the description, including the non-german Prag. Frankfurt and Munich only briefly, though.
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-11-20 16:42
    Monster has always struck me as a broadcast revenue rather than DVD revenue centric show Ė the one place Iíve heard itís a hit in the west is French cable TV. Actually, Iíd say that the relative strength of broadcast revenue and DVD /Bluray revenue explains a lot about anime in recent years, as the way I understand it the former has been weakening considerable since around 2007.

    (Know what else has aired on French cable? Kurenai. Which as you know isnít even licensed in English markets.)

    I met my girlfriend through doing cosplay photos at conventions so I our tastes might be a little more otaku than those of most couples that watch anime. Iíll start with the stuff we watched together after it aired:

    Moon Phase
    Revolutionary Girl Utena
    Bungaku Shoujo (the movie, I think we saw the OVAs separately)
    Bakemonogatari (Bluray cut)
    various episodes of Azumanga Diaoh and Sketchbook.

    One of the major reasons I still havenít gotten around to Kara no Kyoukai is that she wants to see it and isnít available most weekends. Thatís probably my top priority for Christmas break, then. She also expressed interest in attending events for Serial Experiments Lain, Toradora, and Haruhi (all of which she has seen) but was too busy to attend.

    And as far the stuff we've watched as it airs:

    Fall 2010:
    Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

    Winter 2011
    Madoka Magica
    Wandering Son

    Spring 2011:
    Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
    A Channel (stalled)

    Summer 2011:
    Steins;Gate (carryover)
    Mawaru Penguin Drum
    Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
    BakaTest II
    Yuruyuri (stalled, then she watched the last few episodes without me)

    Fall 2011:
    Mawaru Penguin Drum (carryover)
    Mashiro-iro Symphony

    We were going to watch Fate/Zero together but that kind of fell through because sheís been super busy and thereís limits on how long Iím willing to wait before watching new F/Z episodes.
  8. Triple_R
    2011-11-18 18:00
    Yeah, that sounds about right for Monster. I probably was in that brief gap. I will pick it back up soon.

    I've already watched the first four episodes of Asatte no Houkou. The age-switch plot device they're using is a very compelling/interesting one, and I'm glad that they're playing it straight and seriously. As much as I liked the old Ranma Ĺ anime as an action-packed comedy, I have to admit that I had initially hoped upon first hearing about it that it would have explored the difficulties of constant gender switching in a more serious way.

    With this in mind, I'm glad that Asatte no Houkou isn't playing the age-switch situation largely for laughs, but rather is seriously exploring how this is a "Careful what you wish for" situation with numerous practical consequences. I definitely can see some nice themes arising out of that.

    I also find the three or four major characters of Asatte no Houko (particularly the two female leads of Karada and Shouko) to be very likable and well-portrayed.

    So good choice there!
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-11-17 03:52
    Will add it to the list of things to watch with my girlfriend over Christmas break - given that she was apparently a huge fan of the show when she was around ten or so (as in, can still remember what clips are from what episodes ten years later), I think it would be kind of wrong not to invite her.

    BTW, I've actually seen - in full - and liked Monster, although my gut feeling is that a lot of this had to do with the (brilliant) decision by the then president of my university anime club to split the series into twelve 6-7 episode blocks and show them weekly in the course of a single semester. Mushishi on the other hand just did not work for me at all.
  10. Triple_R
    2011-11-17 01:17
    Do you like anti-voting? You keep talking about it on the ISML thread as if it's a good thing.

    Also, why would Homura or a PMMM girl get anti-voted in ISML? They didn't even get to be in ISML this year, which in my view, is a total joke!

    By the way, did you finish watching Madoka Magica after? Because I heard from somebody else that you dropped the show after one episode.

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