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  1. Triple_R
    2011-09-05 23:49
    Do you have any more salt you want to pour into the wounds of Shana fans?

    Also, good luck finding somebody to defeat Kanade if you are going to go out of your way to hurt one of her strongest competitors in Shana.
  2. Irenicus
    2011-09-04 23:20
    I have no idea about the rumour, and I think it's probably nonsense. The anime's producers should know better than to shift gears at this point given how little time they have left and the kind of tone they've been working on so far. The manga series' structure is divided in half by a massive timeskip, so it's really an ideal situation for a season split -- if, of course, they got funding to greenlight the second one.

    Or so I'd argue. I hope I'm not wrong at least.

    I'm still enjoying Usagi Drop very much, though I don't post in the thread because I either don't have much to say/is afraid of spoiling it for anime only watchers. Moreover I'm watching it through Crunchyroll with no account, so I'm a week behind everyone else. So far I really think it sets itself apart by an excellent execution relatively simple and enjoyable material; as for whether it is a bit "lightweight," it deals I think in subtleties and moods (a very Japanese thing to do, that), and I actually prefer it to Kurenai, at least as a whole.

    As I mentioned in the earlier post I wasn't impressed by Kurenai's action and plot, conspiracy and all that (I was like, whatever, eh uninteresting harem, and isn't that kid Shinkurou kind of...creepy?) -- though I was very much taken by the musical episode and the extraordinary way it handled conversations during the slice of life parts (it scripted it so that the voice actors talked over each other like how conversations between friends tend to be in real life).

    As for whether series are getting less heavyweight over time; my opinion is that slice of life, comedy, and romance series have always been what they have always been. The problems, as they were, is that, first, in anime sci-fi is dead, or hibernating, or more precisely cryogenized (:P). We no longer have Ghost in the Shell and the like to give it that edge which I think many fans of the 90's and early 00's generations were brought in by (maybe Mardock Scramble counts?). Serious, complicated ones remain of course -- I found this season's Mawaru Penguin Drum to be pretty high tension, so did last season's (+ continuing) Steins;Gate, among others -- but they don't bring up those dystopian big guns back up very often anymore, at least not without adding in some giant robots, which kind of changes the palette.

    And second, "epic adventure" series like Eureka 7, Last Exile (and frankly I hate to admit this, given that I'm one of the few who thought it wasn't actually very good), Noein, etc., aren't around very much either. This can probably be blamed on the economy, the new 1-cour model, the relative decline of original anime series (which are picking back up, making 2011 kind of a spectacular year so far) and the penchant for adapting light novels in a light way.

    Oh, and I did watch Asatte no Houkou "once upon a time." Can't remember much of it, but I believe I thought it was good, delightful even, though not that memorable. I think I was "spoiled" by the manga -- not in a usual sense, mind. I watched the anime first; I liked it. I read the original manga after, found out it took a certain turn and shift in tone which really left me with a bad taste, and lost interest. It was one of those rare cases where an adaptation took the lighter route, did its own thing, and was far better for it.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2011-09-03 01:42
    lol ty sir. I tend to be very devoted to that kind of thing.
  4. Reckoner
    2011-08-31 21:07
    For someone who champions old anime so much, I'm surprised you don't even have LoGH on your watched list. You shouldn't be parading around with old anime if you haven't even seen one of the best older shows there is.
  5. DragoZERO
    2011-08-28 19:34
    Stopping in to say I love the sig.
  6. Dilla
    2011-08-14 03:39
    Undisputed WWE Championship - Special Guest Referee: Triple H
    Champion CM Punk vs. Champion John Cena

    Winner: Punk

    World Heavyweight Championship - No Holds Barred
    Champion Christian vs. Randy Orton

    Winner: Christian

    Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

    Winner: I dunno. . .uhh Sheamus!

    Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

    Winner: Wade Barrett

    Divas Championship
    Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

    Winner: Phoenix
  7. zebra
    2011-08-02 15:17
    Nice, can yu send me the links?
  8. Dilla
    2011-07-28 20:31
    RAW has been pretty cool lately. Jim Ross the show soooo much better, now if only Lawler would go back to being a comedic heel. Though, I will say that RAW has kind of been like auto racing. Entertaining at the start, somewhat stagnant in the middle, then exciting at the end. It was pretty obvious that the winner of that title match wasn't going to hold the title for long. I wonder why Rey Mysterio agree to this type of stuff so much. If you recall, Mysterio won the WHC at Money in the Bank last year, only to lose it to Kane the same night. And now this. The main event scene is pretty hot right now, if the mid-tier guys can get some more love then the WWE will be more likely to have a more consistent show. Smackdown is doing a better job in terms of that, though I guess that's to be expected since it's the 'B' show.

    About Daniel Bryan, I have this sinking feeling that'll he be the first guy to lose the MitB. Of course, as you know, I've made cynical predictions before only for them to turn out better than expected and I do hope that is the case this time as well. It's pretty obvious that we are going to get Christian/Orton again, probably another gimmick match like No Hold Barred or Street Fight. And with Mark Henry hanging around the title scene, two things may happen - either Orton wins and Henry is the No. 1 contender or the WWE does this like all the other Mark Henry "monster heel" pushes, he interferes in the match to get Christian the SS victory and he fueds with Orton (and maybe have a triple threat for the title, since it is Night of Champions) and gets squashed. I want the to see Christian hold the titlefor as long as possible, so while I think Henry deserves a title run if only for being loyal to the WWE for so long (like Kane), I prefer some form of the latter.

    Morrison is back, thank flock for that. Raw needs him big time.
    The bad part of that? R-Truth will obviously be his return match at Summerslam, and there's little shot of him winning. R-Truth is entertaining, but his current gimmick isn't one that is generally pushed to the main event for long periods of time. Shame.

    I heard that CM Punk and Triple H did a little scene at ComiCon a few days before Raw, where Triple H said he'd be willing to re-sign CM Punk and Punk said 'Well, your wife knows my number.' This only appeared online and was not screened on TV in any way. Perhaps the WWE is finally appreciating the importance of the Internet fanbase and catering to them as well?

    Yeah, pretty cool. Also, check out the non-scripted interview with CM Punk from July 27th. It's pretty nice and he talks about the Comic-con appearance as well as the state of the WWE scene.

    I'm now scratching my head as to where and when Chris Jericho makes his return. It still could be Summerslam, but I'm almost wondering whether there's already enough going on to negate a return then. CM Punk is certainly the focus of attention now along with del Rio, Bryan and Christian, along with a few other solid feuds. Certainly this year's Summerslam has a lot more going for it than last year's. Almost wondering whether it might not be until an event like Bragging Rights that Jericho reappears at.
    Survivor Series or Royal Rumble is my guesses. Don't lie, when HHH was talking about re-signing someone, you thought that it was Chris Jericho, didn't cha?

    I'll get back at you about the panels when I can watch them. I'm pretty much lack an attention span when comes to watching long videos on the Internet.
  9. Irenicus
    2011-07-28 10:17
    Kurenai, huh...

    Yeah, that does feel like it. At least the slice-of-life parts of Kurenai (which incidentally was my favorite part of that anime -- I couldn't care less about the action and conspiracy behind it :X). And of course they both share an older male + young child dynamic. There's a few other anime like that (Aishiteruze Baby comes to mind) but not nearly enough.

    P.S. can I has link for the youtube video of your panel?
  10. RadiantBeam
    2011-07-27 09:36
    I don't know if I'm going to AVCon.

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