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  1. wontaek
    2011-06-12 11:33
    well guess I need to write an apologia

    1. Absolute number of ISML votes not from top 2 countries in voting has steadily gone up. This number for 2011 is bigger than ever. The statement is true even if you say votes not from top 3 countries.

    2. If you check the previous records for KBM, Super Best Moe, Chinese Saimoe, and Japanese Saimoe, you will find that kuudere-like submissive types tends to lose to tsundere types or those with more complicated personalities. KBM is repeatedly accused of being Best Tsundere Tournament instead of Best Moe Tournament. I do like to mention that KBM and Super Best Moe still holds record for most voters in a match that was open to International voters with 3 or more languages supported, thus shouldn't be left out in discussion of moe tournaments. Please also note that 2007 Super Best Moe was the spark that lead to creation of ISML.
    3. As I repeated mentioned, I grew up in the 1970s watching anime, many which going back to 1960s and one, 1950s. I did try to engage people on the oldies by having historical characters in 2010 ISML exhibition. The main reason I seldom mention those series is because few wants to hear about them.
    4. The 2 key Kanade moments are likely to be the last Kanade scene in ep 1, and also ep 5. It portrayed Kanade as lonely person who may be being misunderstood by the SSS members. They left a lasting impression on many, especially those who are more likely to be moved by visual cues instead of dialogues and plot advancements. It is rather clear that in AB, Nakamura Yuri is the one who sets things in motion. Whatever the reason, these plot movers don't seem to get the attention they deserve, whether in Western or Eastern worlds. In contrast, those that somehow stumble upon right combination of cute visual and catch phrases enjoy much adulations of fans. Still, I think most of winners of moe tournaments do possess some qualities that is worth pondering, even though it might take sometime before you can realize that those qualities exists.
  2. Akuma Kousaka
    2011-06-09 16:23
    Akuma Kousaka
    Maybe I should have specified that I got into the WWE at around 04/05ish, because I didn't contradict myself at all. I can't even say which time period I like more because my primary exposure was/is the PG Era, and perhaps looking up some old matches from the longer-staying superstars but nothing else otherwise. But how did it seem like I contradicted myself?

    And every series could actually take on all the traits of similar works before it, but that wouldn't necessarily make them as good or even within the same range as their predecessors. Because from what I can gather, you value something dramatic and story-heavy over the light fluff that's common today, and that's fine. But modern shoujo would still be under fire even if the overall content was at a 180, since some authors will always be better than others. For example, the action fan in me would take great offense in placing Dragon Ball Z anywhere near the heights of Fist of the North Star.

    With that said, do you have any anime or manga you like that seem to go against what you normally prefer? Or titles that you dislike which you were sure were going to click all the right buttons?

    Spoiler for shows:
  3. Akuma Kousaka
    2011-06-09 01:37
    Akuma Kousaka
    I can't say that the selection of shoujo manga or even shoujo anime in general that I've completed is particularly large, but I absolutely do not believe in the properties of one era being superior to the traits of another time period. Sturgeon's Law doesn't discriminate between years, and nostalgia-tinted judgments just leave me with a scowl. Sorry, it's just something I'm dead-set on avoiding.

    As for NANA, I tried watching the anime once, and stopped at around episode 4. But that was years ago, so who knows how I'd receive it now. And the manga is out of the question until Yazawa-sensei feels well enough to complete it (was that illness anything in particular, or was it just one of those...things?). And knowing the fact that the original story isn't even done yet while the adaptation has finished its run could ruin my expectations on the manga's conclusion.

    I've heard about that scene for volume 15 before. My memory on the series could just be failing at this point so I might be inclined to look back sometime. With that said, thanks for reminding me about Shibahime--she was just all-around fun and endearing to watch (or read), although Reiji still holds the place for my favorite character.

    ...I also noticed a few WWE comments a bit further down. My viewing history starts at the transition period from the Attitude Era to the PG Era. However, I can't say my interest is going to stay once Triple H and The Undertaker hang it up for good.
  4. Akuma Kousaka
    2011-06-08 10:49
    Akuma Kousaka
    Heh, 100-ish episode shows. I wonder what it was like growing up in that time

    I remember them getting together even before the 10th volume mark, and it certainly didn't feel like I was being pulled around needlessly for 3/4 of the series (although it's been at least a year-and-a-half since I've last read it, so I'm not sure). Now for myself, I found the introduction, turmoil and liberation of Soichiro to be the strong point for me. Or maybe it would be better to say the entire Arima Family Drama. And yeah, I appreciate Yukino for not being such a doormat--I wouldn't have voted for her on ISML otherwise (actually she was one of the few I recognized).

    K-On! was amusing, but my faith in KyoAni pretty much shattered with Nichijou. And I'm not even sure that anime works with the moe'/slice-of-life label when the aesthetics are somewhat unorthodox... I can't say adapting anything with a look that's somewhat alien to the most common denominator is a good decision.
  5. Akuma Kousaka
    2011-06-08 09:45
    Akuma Kousaka
    It [Octave] is something of a darkhorse and goes largely unnoticed, so I'm not surprised.

    And quite, I suppose the really good stories are the ones where they get together and conflict will still persist. Or else Kare Kano wouldn't have persisted for 20-something odd volumes.

    I don't particularly have a strong opinion one way or another for K-On!, but Mary Sue should be the last thing to describe it. The characters don't have anything remotely close to annoying perfection, or rather there's never a chance for it to show since I find that the Mary Sue is only ever obvious in bolstering the morale of everyone around him/her during conflict, which K-On! doesn't have.
  6. Akuma Kousaka
    2011-06-08 01:05
    Akuma Kousaka
    I would have actually enjoyed Girlfriends more if Milk went beyond the time Mari and Akko hooked up much the same way it was portrayed for Nana and Hitomi in Kuchibiru. The former felt like a yurinized variant on the "stopping after the 'will they-won't they' is answered" trope that's prevalent in most romance works. So I'd say the lack of emotionally heavy content in the latter is made up for by having glimpses of Nana and Hitomi's lives after they got together, and balances out with Girlfriends. But if I wanted to experience all of their strong points simultaneously, then Octave surpasses both of them.
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-06-07 15:43
    My “group” is actually just a group of friend, although several of us attend the same university club. I think you’d have trouble finding many anti-Anno clubs around here… Eva was (along with Bebop and a couple others) huge on late night cable in the US, and that seems to have spilled over into Canada. Also, in general, I think the fans of pre-90s shows are vastly outnumbered by 90s fans in the local scene, although that’s probably in part that most of my experience concerns university clubs – tends to affect the age of members a lot.

    That said, I think a decent number of people have seen the original Mobile Suit Gundam. And I remember some of the older members of my university anime club had seen Rose of Versailles, which is definitely high up on my list of older shows to see. Most of them have graduated by this point though.

    My friend is a little different from your typical Eva/Anno fan. He actually went through a bit of a depressed phase at one point and I think he feels a certain connection to some of Anno’s works because of that. In fact he’s outright said he’s pretty sure he perceives them differently from people who haven’t been through that. And yeah, its specific to depression era Anno – he didn’t care for Rebuild at all.
  8. Dilla
    2011-06-07 15:10
    Lol, true, true. But in my defense, the WWE has been known to retcon stuff when they feel like they have a better angle some where else. And Jericho's character prior to leaving came off as one that could pull off the Xanatos Gambit. But yeah, that's a storyline that I forgot about ( I was never that big a fan of Jericho tbh).

    I believe Cole or Guerrero were the original choices, but the WWE felt they was too obvious. McMahon is also a possibility in a "lol it was me all along!" ploy, especially after last night when he told Cole to shut up. There are plenty of possibilities. . .

    Either way, it's getting old and needs to be resolved.
  9. Dilla
    2011-06-07 14:01
    It appears to me that Nexus is in Limbo until the situation with Punk is cleared up after seeing McGullicutty getting beat by Santino. I also wouldn't assume that he will make it due to who his father is. Look at DiBiase and Rhodes, the WWE have zero idea on what to do with them right now. Mason Ryan. . .I really don't know, I think the WWE wants him to be the next Batista (Batista started out in Evolution before going bigtime and Ryan looks just like him), but again it could go up in smoke if they are forced to write Punk out.

    I'll wait and see what happens when it comes to Chris Jericho, he's 40 years old (turning 41 in November) so if he returns, it'll be no guarantee that it'll be in a full-time wrestling capacity. I'm starting to think that he will be the anonymous RAW GM and will wrestle only part time.
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-06-07 00:51
    Thanks for the suggestion, although my guess is that the OVA will get shown because the biggest old schooler in our group (a 35-ish Russian guy) is also a fan of depression-era Anno stuff.

    I wouldn't say that the lack of ecchi is actually a huge problem for a "guy's night" since all that really means is that my girlfriend can't make it... it just so happens that we end up watching a fair bit of stuff that's either ecchi or very manly (ie Berserk) at them because that's not really my girlfriends preference, so the term kind of fits. Although I suppose it says something about Nagai's reputation that I didn't realize the new version was ecchified.

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