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  1. Irenicus
    2011-07-15 14:10
    Actually, if it's going at this pace, I'm wonderfully, wonderfully pleased.

    There's plenty of Rin's childhood left to go. In fact they might never even touch the timeskip which sent a lot of people off the kilter (we'll see come episode 6 or so, since the manga itself is split in half -- any less than that and they won't have time for it). It's been a while since I've read the manga, but while there are plenty of information left to reveal and people to meet, as well as serious things to ponder and decide on, there are no major twists in the first part.

    Rin's a smart and sweet child and I'd say she'll be a joy to watch for the rest of the show (I thought the scene where she scolded him was funny and cute). This is proving to be an excellently executed adaptation, though some might argue too straight.
  2. Irenicus
    2011-07-10 00:13
    Oh no, Usagi Drop never becomes distasteful in that way. The relationship is completely non-malicious and consensual. It keeps it clean as you say.

    It's just that,
    Spoiler for extensive spoilers (not detailed though):

    Thanks for the source to the ANN interview by the way. Very interesting answer, that.
  3. Irenicus
    2011-07-09 08:55
    I say, I'm in mortal terror of it myself. =_= I can just imagine the backlash that will happen among the anime-only watchers if they really take it to the "real" ending, especially after all the accolades that this is totally not lolicon. It will be even worse than real lolicon in some ways. :/

    I do feel like they'd probably stop earlier though. Previous similarly adapted series on Noitamina didn't try to push the timeslot too far either. Honey and Clover took more than 30~ episodes to finish; Nodame even longer.
  4. Dilla
    2011-07-02 16:09
    Oh, yeah I know that, I can't help but read spoilers. It was worked, but there was no script. The creative staff gave Punk a mic and told him to say why he was leaving the WWE. Him being cut off when he mentioned the WWE's Anti-Bullying campaign was because the company does not want the program's legitimacy questioned by bringing it into a storyline.

    I also hear that Punk has made demands that would make him more likely to stay, specifically that he wants the WWE to re-hire his good friend Colt Cabana (the guy that was a jobber named Scotty Goldman on Smackdown a couple of years back) and put him on the main roster immediately.
  5. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2011-07-01 01:19
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    its mr hat and clogs
  6. Dilla
    2011-06-27 22:40
    Don't click if you haven't watched RAW.
  7. MrTerrorist
    2011-06-24 02:10
    Your Sig. Tony Taka and Yuri.

    I love it!
  8. Reckoner
    2011-06-23 22:00
    I never even thought C was one of the best shows this season, for me it's always been down pretty low .

    I have nothing against dropping series early on. Dear lord, I'd be a hypocrite if I were to say that since there have been many series I've dropped within minutes and never even looked back.

    All I was trying to point out is that many of the anime ratings in your list don't seem to have any strong consistency. You seem to like certain shows for certain details, but become annoyed with others for very similar things. It all just seems too dependent on your whims.

    When I write off a series, it's usually for very good reasons. I just don't see that sort of thing from you. Normally from your words alone I'd just chalk it up to you just being outside the demographics of shows the last few years in general, but there are so many animes in your list that seem to disagree with that, unless you for some reason have outgrown them all of a sudden and haven't realized it.

    There's also just being downright silly about certain things. They changed the "zawa zawa" in Kaiji S2 in the first few episodes and the music isn't quite as good to you, so all of a sudden a series you saw as great became shit? Such minor complaints really.
  9. Dilla
    2011-06-21 03:23
    Okay dude, I'm going to make a prediction. CM Punk, in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, will beat John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship. . .only to lose it after someone cashes in immediately on a newly acquired briefcase.
  10. Reckoner
    2011-06-21 01:41
    Your post did nothing to teach me about what you like. I'm sorry, but much of what you said isn't even real criticism.

    Lets take your complaints about Serei no Moribito. You're complaining that Production IG spent too much money on it? You were bored? It seems you like strong females and Balsa was everything that and more! I simply don't understand what was "boring" about it.

    You dislike the aesthetics of Kaiji season 2? The music has been complimented by many, especially in recent episodes! A lot of people think Kaiji 2 has been better than season 1 so far. This just seems so random. You can hardly tell a difference between Kaiji and Kaiji S2, yet you hate on it? Sure you're just not trying to find excuses to hate on things?

    You won't watch Showa Monogatari because it reflects an old era of Japan? Biased much?

    Urobuchi Gen is very money oriented? Lolwut!

    I respect people's opinions, but really your opinion still seems far too random. I'd point out the contradicting elements in your MAL, but I'm not going to bother.

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