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- HEROiNEx - HEROiNEx is offline

what bout my s t a r ? ★

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  1. Langus
    2008-08-10 22:38
    It's hard not to like him, but hey, at least you and your brother have something in common I wish sometimes that my sister gave a damn about anime so I could watch eps with her but'll never happen. Have a good one!
  2. Amirali
    2008-08-10 20:29
    Oh, you were into the FF7 shipping debates too? If I had to choose, ZackxAerith rocks my boat. ZackxCloud is pretty cool also, but more in the "friends who inspire each other" sorta way.
  3. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-10 19:20
    Nervous Venus
    I'm nice, lol.

    I haven't used the forum as much as I'd like to recently. I've been writing a story, translating comics, and nursing two sick cats. I'm going to be off the forums for a few days, so hopefully, when I get back you'll still be around so we can talk more
  4. Langus
    2008-08-10 17:33
    Hahaha of course He's only the most badass ninja in all of manga/anime. Definitely my hero! Plus he's not exactly suave with the ladies which suits me just fine
  5. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-10 00:25
    Nervous Venus
    How do you think " Nervy Pervy" would sound as a new name? Think the mods will allow it? lol.

    And welcome to the dark sid -- err lousy BLEACH OTP thread!!! You have just witnessed my first real outburst in the two years that I have been dealing with this thread, lol. I hope I didn't scare you off now.
  6. blue skies
    2008-08-09 15:16
    blue skies
    LMAO. That cracked me up. I just love you! The scars down his face make him even hotter XDDD.

    And yes, something about your avvie just... ah, I love it. The color is to die for. I've been trying to do some photo editing/icon making, and I just can't figure it out DX. I never get the color right.

    Ugh, I need to get offline. So much to do... I think I'll go shopping instead xD.
  7. blue skies
    2008-08-09 14:30
    blue skies
    lmao, I love Hisagi. I wish he was in the manga more, he's just too cool. His tattoo makes me lol, even though it's probably not what I think it is. Need to get my mind out of the gutter XDDD

    We need more IshidaxInoue shippers! I honestly prefer them to IchiRuki. Cute nerd love, I guess xD. THEY ARE TEH PERFECT MATCH YES >>;;

    And I love your avatar! It's so pretty!
  8. blue skies
    2008-08-09 14:02
    blue skies
    EEEK! You love IshidaxInoue too??! ASK;JAKFJ;AKDSJF;JS I LOVE YOU TOO.

    lol, you are whipping them into shape. What romance there is usually takes a back seat to the action, and people go bonkers over little stuff that could be interpreted either way. Some of these people need a good hard dose of reality XD.

    And IshidaxInoue.
  9. asam_laksa
    2008-08-09 11:57
    thanks, but I really am trying my best not to get myself involve as much.

    Can talk in the Orihime-hate thread......I would post myself in there, more than IchiKiai vs IchiHime.
  10. blue skies
    2008-08-09 11:52
    blue skies
    Of course! You keep saying everything I'm thinking XDDD. It gets so crazy in there sometimes.

    Glad to see you're an IchiRuki shipper who's not totally fanatical though. I am too, but some of the more rabid fanboyZ forget I'm one of them sometimes xD.

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