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- HEROiNEx - HEROiNEx is offline

what bout my s t a r ? ★

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  1. poptart
    2008-08-12 00:30
    oh god... if that ever happens please tell me XXD

    that would be so disturbing and hilarious at the same time. i dont even understand why somebody would say that on here. waa... LOL so inappropriate
  2. poptart
    2008-08-11 23:38
    no... dont look for it...

    it will lead you to some pretty disturning discoveries about these members


  3. poptart
    2008-08-11 20:07
    yeah it was just a bit to much info for me....

  4. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:30
    Will definitely check FF10 out then. I've got a thing for bittersweet love stories; they're so much more compelling than sugary-sweet or destined-to-be cliches. Thanks for the recommendation .
  5. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:24
    I'm not too bad at completing FF games. Although I have a naughty tendency to look up walkthroughs if I get stuck anywhere; unlike you and your brother who tackled it yourselves.
    The real problem is, I'm obsessive about levelling up :S. Got to get all the summons, unlock all the hidden characters and back story, get all the powerful items, level up the stats, own the card games......that's why I usually burn out around 75% of the way into an FF game :P.
    Well, at least in FF7-9. Hopefully, I'll hold up better in the games after.
  6. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:18
    Wow. You actually completed a Final Fantasy game in only 3 days!?! That is short. Just so I can get a better idea of game length, did you get time to sleep and eat in between?
  7. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:14
    I've only played FF7 - FF9. I loved FF7 for making a hero who was vulnerable and conflicted.........but still admirable. And Cait Sith is one of my all time fave side characters (ok, I'm weird). FF8 was a step up from FF7, but RinoaxSquall? They had some serious issues.
  8. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:08
    Haven't played it yet, although of course I spoiled myself thoroughly by watching all the cutscenes on you-tube. From the around 30-40 reviews I've read, it has an excellent story and great characters, but the gameplay is pretty weird. You level up via slot machine (seriously), you can't control's all luck rather than a proper RPG now.
  9. Amirali
    2008-08-11 18:00
    Speaking of FF7, have you played the new Crisis Core game? And if so, what did you think of it?
  10. blue skies
    2008-08-10 23:23
    blue skies
    It was your birthday? WELL HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY DAHLING! I hope it was a good one. Go buy yourself something fun.

    I was a smart shopper yesterday, taking advantage of sales for a change ;D I'm so proud of myself.

    And I do have MSN but oh God, my address is so embarrassing DX I'll PM it to you now.

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  • About - HEROiNEx
    I'm young, but I'm smart and opinionated. Thats all.
    In Ichigo's kimono! : D
    Dance, manga, guitar, writing and readinggg. ;D
    STUDENT. ;D Grade 11.
    PC Configuration
    no clue. rofl
    Currently Watching
    I currently started to rewatch sailormoon in Japanese ONLY. D;
    uhm.. I don't watch bleach that often.. but whatevs. Manga >>>> anime.
    Macross Frontier ~
    >w< SKIP BEAT ~
    .. I would say Inuyasha but that'd be a lie... .__.;
    Ooo. Non-anime - THE O.C -dies- Adam brody, marry me. xD
    kay idk. yeah.
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    - - -【 м o я η ι η g ♥ s k ι ε s 】→


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