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Arabesque Arabesque is online now

Licensed Hunter-a-holic

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  1. Reckoner
    2011-10-14 21:54
    You're alive!
  2. Blue-kun
    2011-10-13 19:34
    Indeed it has! As for the new season, I haven't checked too much, but Fate/Zero was, as expected, really well crafted and I'm enjoy every second of it. It's got great pretty much everything, and it's good to see Kajiura doing a score which I can actually enjoy! Other than that, Bakuman S2 seems to be more of the same, which I guess is cool, because I enjoyed the first one, and Hunter x Hunter reboot was a pleasant surprise. I watched a bit of the original, and I remember liking it, but for whatever reason didn't really continue. Can't miss this chance, now, in particular since the visuals are pretty nice!

    That pretty much covers it... I guess. UN-GO and Guilty Crown I'll check in an hour or so. Oh, and yeah, watched the first episode of Ben-To, which was sorta funny and actually had a pretty nice action cut, but I don't think I can bother grabbing it every week, haha.

    What about your impressions?
  3. Flower
    2011-10-13 17:23
    Yeah ... ikwym ... I have a listing of committed to watch and tentative watches.

    Here is the new list:


    Carryover from Summer 2011 - Copihan, The iDOLM@STER, Busou Shinko: Moon Angel

    New this season - Tamayura Hitotose, Chihayafuru, Morita-san wa Mukuchi S2, Mirai Nikki, Towa no Quon


    C3 Cube x Cursed x Curious, Boku wa Tomodachi, Guilty Crown, Un-Go, Ben-To

    Gah ... where will I find the time? *facepalm*

    - Flower
  4. Last Sinner
    2011-10-11 03:25
    Last Sinner
    Thanks for the frined request.

    How have you found this season thus far?
  5. Last Sinner
    2011-10-06 10:31
    Last Sinner

    Ever heard of this movie before? Never heard of Madhouse doing this project until just now.
  6. Flower
    2011-10-05 14:14
    So then! What have you watched that you liked thus far and what do you anticipate watching during the Fall 2011 season?

    For me atm I am watching:


    Tamayura Hitotose (the one I looked forward to the most)
    Chihayafuru (a pleasant surprise)
    Morita-san wa Mukuchi S2 (new material! yay!)
    C³ - Cube x Cursed x Curious (not fully committed to this one yet)


    The iDOLM@STER
    Busou Shinko: Moon Angel
  7. Last Sinner
    2011-10-04 10:30
    Last Sinner
    'Anta Baka?!' Report is up. I loved doing that.

    Did you see the news tonight about Kenji Kamiyama's revelation of his latest work? I watched the live stream tonight on NicoNico. It's a freaking Cyborg 009 film remake! What, I am shocked...I did not like the preview vid I saw. Felt rather inferior to the 1968 version.
  8. Blue-kun
    2011-10-04 03:28
    Haha, it did! Thanks a bunch, Arabesque! How goes life? Been incredibly busy these days, got myself an internship and all! Cheers!
  9. Last Sinner
    2011-10-03 00:26
    Last Sinner
    I actually got asked to re-do that panel at another convention. Made it a bit more newbie friendly and picture oriented. Worked better than the original. Video of it soon.

    Well, I'm into Stein's;Gate now. I just need HD versions to watch - it's pretty important for a show like that.

    Aussie market is getting better because Siren Visual came in 4 years ago and now have resources to take noitaminA titles, alternative titles and watchable moe titles. They're giving Madman series competition, who are very mainstream, however their swift license of Stein's;Gate was welcome.

    Finished my first series of reviews today. A humour article coming up soon. If I have time before the next review series, I'll give some thoughts on October ep1s.

  10. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-10-02 11:51
    Hiroi Sekai
    Don't worry about it, thanks for accepting

    That KamiNomi cover album sounds epic, hearing Kanon sing Ai Oboete Imasuka and all those other awesome songs too.

    Until then, gonna spend moments of extreme joy in Gokigen Ikaga, sadness in Omoi wa Rain Rain, epicness in God Only Knows, and bittersweet in Ai no Yokan. This soundtrack is brilliant.

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