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  1. Kunagisa
    2013-06-08 22:34
    He's a successful writer no doubt, considering his charm did capture a decent following. From just spoilers, I can see how his stories are not completely negative, but for me, the plots are just not engaging enough for me to stick to the end; for the same reason, psychological aspects lost to me because I never got to them. To be completely honest, I think the fault mostly lies with me for just being biased against him when I start his series. As such, I never gave him fair judgments (maybe except Madoka, but halfway mark there was nothing remarkable about the series).

    Original anime series is something I always support no matter what. Even if I hate Gen, I'm grateful he still has a role in making them happening. One of these days he'll make a series that I will enjoy, but until then I'll just continue my irrational hatred of the guy.

    As for Shinkai, only the most recent title induced my previous comment about him. I even supported Children Chase when most considered that his fail work. With Garden though, I realize his continue trend of not having clear cut ending just bugs me more than usual due to some personal reasons.

    tl;dr: I am extremely impulsive and very subjective with my judgments for anything not academic or career related!
  2. Kunagisa
    2013-06-02 15:47
    I dislike Gen, everything by him or involving him! I don't really care for people who pigeon-hole themselves into one specific genre (especially when the genre's somewhat associated with negative ... energy?). I watched half of Madoka and half of Fate/Zero and found myself unable to enjoy either (unless it's parody-subbed). Madoka's topic is not original, neither was Fate/Zero, but both popularity was blown way out of proportion, rest of Gen's stuff I dropped with 1 episode so ... then again, ALMOST everyone I chat with on IRC loves Gen, and they would often get pissed at me for bashing him hahaha. Maa~~ different opinions make for better discussion I say!

    I'm also kinda starting to get annoyed with Shinkai Makoto for the same reason.
  3. monir
    2013-05-30 22:14
    haha... that show is a trip!
  4. monir
    2013-05-28 02:36
    Perfect content in an opening post for a Death Flag thread.
  5. Aquifina
    2013-01-24 13:49
    One of the great things about Hyouka is you really have to watch it twice to appreciate it. There are flags to how important that first arc is early on; when Oreki hears her request, he already has a sense of how important an issue it is to her, but like you said, we don't see until the *end* of the series all the social pressures on Chitanda. Her final recollection of what happened--the smile mixed with tears, and her heartfelt thanks to Oreki, who being Oreki didn't really know how to deal with it--was powerful at the first viewing, but the impact is bigger when you know how the story ends.

    The whole arc is also important for Oreki. He starts to question his gray colored lifestyle; he even seems to envy the rose-colored lifestyle, but when he finds out Jun's life wasn't as rose colored as it originally seemed, he finds that his own way of living is reasonable. And when he starts to make serious exceptions to his energy conservation life style at the end, it's not out of envy or self-doubt (or the deception pulled on him during the film arc), but it's because he's fallen for Chitanda.

    And I think it's clear that Chitanda starts to fall for Oreki in a serious way after he solves such an important issue to her.
  6. Aquifina
    2013-01-21 16:04
    For what it's worth, I just wanted to say I appreciated your defense of Hyouka in the Tamako Market Thread over at Enzo's blog. As usual, I'm about a week late in the internet world, so I thought you might miss it.
  7. Last Sinner
    2013-01-16 13:49
    Last Sinner
    If you want the ultimate morality meter that will make you care and leave you chilled afterwards, Spec Ops: The Line will do that. Christ...this game will haunt me forever...
  8. Last Sinner
    2013-01-05 00:26
    Last Sinner
    Overall, enjoyed it. It's less grindy than Persona 4, which is VERY welcome. The characters, the more adult material, its self-parodying yet somewhat serious look at marriage (wouldn't be an Atlus game if it didn't parody itself), the music (Shoji Meguro ftw). Mainly positives. The difficulty curve is what irks me. If you asked me what nights were the hardest, I'd say 5 and 6 (Quadrangle and Clock Tower). Spiral Corridor supposedly looked harder but its tricks made sense to me. Cathedral is a cakewalk. The Empireo is far more dodging Mutton than finding the right path. It felt like the game just utterly leapfrogged in difficulty halfway through then plateaued.

    It's a good figure. Not spectacular, but better than average. As for putting on display, most of my figures are in a cupboard, so nothing to worry about seeing. Besides, around 20 of my other figures are more dangerous than Catherine by far.

    You'd be surprised how much simplicity eludes people.

    Yeah it was fun. Maybe a bit short though. 8.5/10

    It's fine, I get most people are in limo or recuperating lately. Hope it isn't too hot where you are, because it is here. 45 degress yesterday.

    Vincent - amusing torment target? Serious mode, the fact he's got a woman with a good career and family prospects but hasn't acted on it for FIVE YEARS astounds me. He earnt his redemption and second chance, so he deserves to be with someone.

    Katherine - kind of woman that would help someone become a better person. Somewhat overbearing and maybe should communicate more...but more positives than negatives.

    Catherine - The girl's bad news. Self-absorbed and a psycho. Even with looks, she's not my type. Free sex doesn't equate to happiness for me. Nor does a harem.
  9. Last Sinner
    2013-01-02 03:44
    Last Sinner
    After months of not playing Catherine since I got horribly stuck on the 3rd floor of the Clock Tower (6th Night), I gave it another shot on New Years Day. 7 hours later (4 hours of that was cut scenes), I finished the game....with Katherine True Ending to boot. Ironically that was a few days after figures of Katherine and Catherine arrived.
  10. Last Sinner
    2012-12-24 20:58
    Last Sinner

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