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  1. SuigetsuKun
    2010-03-21 16:57
    How are you?
  2. BlackNhite
    2009-02-20 10:53
    Have you seen the latest Naruot chapter?
    Really, Pein should have been in Metal Gear, he has such a New Age ideal in mind.
  3. BlackNhite
    2009-02-10 15:20
    Ah, it's always nice to know that you are not alone in the world right?
    I'm in the college comp lab right now and this guy like two seats away from me is watching One Piece.
    I feel so elated all of a sudden...
  4. BlackNhite
    2009-02-05 22:09
    The online Diplomacy, old post man.
  5. BlackNhite
    2009-01-27 20:02
    You'd think not huh?

    I gotta set up a message in the forums to attract more players to our little game. How many have you set up since you joined?
  6. BlackNhite
    2009-01-27 19:56
    Niggas were ridin' motorcycles...
    Really, it looks a lot like MGS4 in just about every aspect. The majortiyof advertisement centers around the Middle East, there's a band of rebel fighters, the military is atempting to occupy the area for whatever reason, ect.
  7. BlackNhite
    2009-01-27 19:47
    Based on the trailers for RE5, the plot contained there is further elaborated in Degeneration. At this point, Umbrella's chemical supplies have reached the Black Market and there's some compny called... Tricept or something like that? Theydid a hostile takeover of another pharmacutical company at the end of the movie and I guess they play some part in the game.

    There's some big fiasco going on with terrorism and the viruses as chemical weapons.
  8. BlackNhite
    2009-01-27 19:40
    I do want to see Spiderman 4. Just becuase they had one utter collapse doesn't mean I've sworn off the series, why else wuld I also be hyped for the new X-Men?

    Just finished watching Resident Evil: Degneration. Quaint I suppose, Leon doing Parkour... they just wanted to take a hash at the RE4 vets with that one...

    I also got a peak at RE5 from the Special Features; Wesker's back as a main villian and it looks like the co-op play rumours were true, Chris has a partner now.
  9. BlackNhite
    2009-01-27 19:31
    The thing about Ressurection... well, for one it was an actual movie rather than a series so the time constarnts were even tighter. Mostly though... it's not worth buying. The plot is barely half the raw-ness of the original; I expected this to focus on Afro taking responsibility as the world's number 1 warrior but that pretty much became a side-story with the main focus being Afro trying to reclaim the #2 headband so that he can fight the chick who stole the #1 headband from him and kept going on about ressurecting and torturing his father.

    The action had it's points, particularly the fight with the three cyborgs and Afro's brush with the "current" Number 2 who I'm fairly certain had Gaara's voice actor (so yeah, Sand Coffin vs Sam Jackson). Overall, hit and miss.

    The best part bad as it sounds was the ending; even with such a botched plot things tied up fairly well and they have room to make another sequel with how odd that last shot of the movie was...

    Rental, no purchase: final verdict.
  10. BlackNhite
    2009-01-26 17:41
    Shit, I just got back, sorry I didn't see that note you left on my page until just now...
    I did find the Powrpuff Girls Full Edition and ten bucks cheaper than in that spot I scope out in Jersey. Unfortunately, they were short on One Piece Third Voyage but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise: I got that CG Resident Evil movie from Capcom and I'll probaby be watching it soo enough.
    Also, last night, I caught Afro Samurai: Ressurection.

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