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  1. BlackNhite
    2008-12-01 14:38
    The end of the chapter kind of got me though.
    Right on the last panel they started introducing... "people," the kind you'd expect to see in an episode of Rave Master...
    It was kind of freaky.
  2. BlackNhite
    2008-12-01 14:31
    I was just down at Barnes & Noble and I finally got around to checking out D-Gray Mon.
    I gotta say, the first chapter surprised me. It felt a lot like FullMetal Alchemist just based around situation.
    I only read the first chapter (got a new mp3 player from a neighboring FYE) before leaving; the basic plot is like one giant Thriller Bark from what I can grasp, the main villain it seems has the power to infuse a machine with a human soul but said infusion can only be done when a strong emotional tie (usually another person serving as the medium) wishes for them back. Once infused into the mecha, they become Akuma, evolving bioweapons at the mercy of their master(s).

    Only read the first chapter again, so I'll come back when I know more...
  3. OutSmart
    2008-12-01 12:59
    This one I have now? From Toki Wo Kakeru SHoujo? I think so too. I like the vibe of this movie. The mood is so happy, I've been hunting for nice pics and already have plenty to slideshow as screensaver ^^

    I liked this avatar a lot, I think this female lead is rly nice ^^.

    I dont take credit for it though, I didnt make it, just found it
  4. Aya_Lyka
    2008-11-30 23:16
    woah, really. heheheh, well i wished we also had that holiday here. hehehe.
  5. OutSmart
    2008-11-30 15:21
    plz do ^^. I enjoy that series a lot. It gets a bit lost around the 30's because of the training and preparations for the next story arch but It's always one enjoyable series. The Tv series starts with 3 prologues, one for each main team, you shoul watch them, they give you quite an intro to the series.

    If you meant starting with the manga.. well.. I havent read the manga but I say go for it ^^
  6. OutSmart
    2008-11-30 15:17
    I stopped with gantz's manga at some point. It was still cool, but It was too much to read/see at the same time. Pretty much whats starting to happen again right now.

    Just remembered something I have to add in my w8ing list: Darker Than Black

    I never saw Bleach, but that friend of mine see's both bleach and soul eater every week and he never compared those two.
  7. OutSmart
    2008-11-30 15:05
    Well. I've watched One Piece every now and then on TV, nearly ever got two straight episodes, but I though it was very funny.

    I dont read manga. I read dragon ball's manga and some of Gantz. When it comes to reading I rly enjoy Graphic Novels, alan moore and Frank Miller are teh shit. ^^

    Anime atm I'm seing the on-going Soul Eater every week. Casshern Sins I saw the first and am now waiting for the others (I split the downloads with a friend of mine and he is the one downloading Casshern). Mnemosyne I'm almost finishing, gory anome this one - rly cool aswel. Nearly done with elfenlied aswell, loving every ep.

    Yesterday I started with Paranoia Agent and World Destruction. Naruto, I'm nearly in the part I's ending, trying to catch up with the TV for the last month now. I hit the fillers and kinda lost the rythm. I'm giving naruto a break.


    I'm also thinking in starting to read Soul Eater's manga.
  8. OutSmart
    2008-11-30 14:49
    yup just checked it, we do ^^

    I actually think I became Aya's friend earlier today or maybe late at night yesterday. Not sure though.

    So what anime are you watching at the moment. I found your profile to be very... incomplete ^^
  9. OutSmart
    2008-11-30 14:36
    thx for the friend invite ^^

    I accept it, of course ^^
  10. Aya_Lyka
    2008-11-30 00:11
    hehehehe, so how about you? how was yours?

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