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  1. blottyparchment
    2009-01-07 12:01
    We'll just have to trust majiko! on this. She's already done a good job compacting certain scenes from the anime.

    Sisters they shall be! Speaking, I actually wrote a fic where Cagalli took Kira's place. She disguised herself as her brother to escape from a forced marriage. It was kind of stupid, now that I think about it. I didn't get to finish the story.

    I think my skull will break first before my desk. I've been doing it so many times since this year started. First with Akuma to Love Song, then with VK, and now Goong. Do you read Goong? Like I told dec, Shin/Chae Gyo is like rurukare, except they're married.
  2. Lolipopo
    2009-01-07 11:53
    Now I'm worry too, over the next PD.
    I don't care about romance thread, I posted what I had to say, and when people aren't able to argue but with some sarcastic "yeah yeah you are the light of reason", my day is made

    But now this getting me worried too.
    Moe CC was useless I don't want to see it ...And after their annoying marketing pic, we need to continue one the "Kalulu is the inside, cluclu the outside route", I want more official stuff !
  3. blottyparchment
    2009-01-07 11:38
    I hope not. But didn't she just add a bit of spice between Lelouch and Kallen in her first two chapters of the R2 timeline? Did her preference wane over the months? I haven't read the latest two chapters but it's not only their relationship that's stagnant, is it? There's been a big jump hasn't it? The angting over Nunnally is supposed to shape up Lelouch into the better man that he'll be. She could be saving it for later. The question is, will the comfort scene still occur? How different is the China Arc in the manga from the anime?

    Oh wait, what if she's saving the comfort for after Shirley dies, then we also have angsting for imouto-chan? IF Shirley dies...

    LoL, I just realized I said this: Oh, I was kinda liking Kira/Cagalli, until the revelation that they are sisters came along.
    I meant siblings, sorry.

    And the twist in your stomach about PD 7 is getting to me too...Will it be moe C.C. + Lelouch or moe C.C. + Lelouch + Kallen at least? I don't want another fanservice only PD. Bbut PD3 and PD5 were entertaining, to say the least.
  4. blottyparchment
    2009-01-07 11:20
    Oh, I was kinda liking Kira/Cagalli, until the revelation that they are sisters came along. That scene in GSD where Kira saves Cagalli from being married? It's like your typical guy saves the distressed girl she loves from the bad guy!
  5. blottyparchment
    2009-01-07 11:17
    Classes? Just peachy, I guess. Korean is ?? and !! to me and I should be reviewing it, but I'm always here. ^^

    How'd you get hammered?

    Setsuna stopped bothering when I found so much more to like about Angel Sanctuary. Oh man, I realize Kurai had a one-sided love for the protagonist too!

    I feel that the manga filled those holes in the anime. They, how do I say this, connect more from the beginning, I guess? We see more teasing and Kallen even has her chances for payback (pinching him, teasing him about the tabatacchi costume her wears), but so far, it's only the schoolmates who know each other's other sides dynamics we've been seeing. There's not enough of Kallen getting to know the man behind Zero yet, and I think that her fanaticism is even more obvious here. I'm still waiting for reenactments of R2 scenes, so I can't say much yet. But knowing that they've been consistently interacting at school in the first part, the transition from somewhat "friends" to trusted subordinate to even more wouldn't seem that unbelievable. What about you?
  6. Lolipopo
    2009-01-07 09:05
    School takes priority when some dumb people are making idiotic lines to push up their crack pairing. That’s why i’m done with my work for today, I can’t concentrate

    I just saw the romance thread and couldn’t help but post; Seriously there was too many crap. And you, worried ? O_o No please xD If even you you loose your faith, we are lost
    Finally it’s only fanstuff which is worrying us. Seriously, erase all the CluClu/Kagino fanworks and only keep the anime. Do you see any reason to be worry ? Add to this the side material; We could even make a party at beach with fireworks if there weren’t those stupid fanworks which are trying to convince us that Kagino is possible u_u’’

    That’s normal about the dirty thing; Seriously, there is a huge sexual tension between them; Kallen should have been names trinity, then she would have end up pregnant (woman, arrior, and mother !) and I’ll had my Luluko with Blue eyes.

    …She would have been so cute *___*

    We need fanart about her, kallen, and a grave <3
    If only those japanese fanfic writers could write in english BTW…
    Oh and I was kinda surprised while reading akazaki’s doujinshi. Those doujinshi got a plot ! Lulu making a wet dream and Lulu trapping Kallen at school
  7. blottyparchment
    2009-01-07 06:05
    Mythological References you mean like the fancy names to the Knightmares which had absolutely no meaning?

    I never really minded the incestuous pairing in Angel Sanctuary, it was a part of the story.
    Yuki Kaori is a master of suspense and keeping you on the edge of our seats, I don't really see why no one ever picked up her work to turn into an Anime. I'd hope either Madhouse or Bones, both studios do excellent work with the shows they produce.

    It's not so much the incest (I actually like some incest pairings...well, cousin-cest) but the characters themselves. I found Setsuna selfish, single-minded (I sorta have this aversion for selfish characters). Yes, he cared for others, but a big part of him is all about Sara, Sara, Sara. Sara is alright, I guess. My favorite is the demon princess, Kurai - naive and brave. A bit bratty, but she grew up as the story progressed. Now, that I think about it, her character reminds me of Cagalli and Kallen.

    Oh! You really should read Berserk (if it ever finishes) it's such an enthralling story.
    I will. I have the first 40 volumes on a CD. Now, to dig it up...

    I don't know what she's going to do(or maybe it's just me). I haven't gotten the latest chapters yet but I've heard that Kallen doesn't get (or maybe remain?) captured. Maybe it will happen later?

    Come to think of it, Lelouch didn't go angsty-emo yet, did he?
  8. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 04:04
    As for "Why could they not have that in there?" question...
    GEEZ, that would have made RuruKare canon.
  9. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 02:18
    Are you suddenly occupied by Loli?

    I want the Original Code Geass with Stage 26...
    No R2 plz.
  10. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 02:10
    And their kiss was ecchi (sorta), lol.
    Turn 2 remark+Turn 7 request+Turn 9 accident
    good, all of them had at least *some* undertones...

    Not surprised, it's kallen the erorist after all....


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