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  1. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 00:03
  2. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 00:00
    A whole blog dedicated to Kallen after S1, with magazine snippets, 2ch non-sense and so on...
    I don't expect too much from DVD covers...sigh
  3. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-06 23:52
    Just to wipe out your (and my) prejudice towards Chinese Kallen fans,
    yepp, there ARE RuruKare fans in the Chinese's just they are more negative than me. LOL, and they sorta worship 2ch too much.

    DVD7, whatever, BAH
  4. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-06 23:44
    I think I've tried my best for topic-change....but it sorta failed....
  5. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-06 23:40
    Hey, so you wouldn't join in my TodouXChiba nonsense?
  6. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-06 23:28
    Heh? I am always lurking....
  7. Lolipopo
    2009-01-06 13:45
    Sooorry for the wait, I finally take a break to answer to my profile mess and because...because school sucks
    So you didn't celebrate Christmas ? That's a surprise, I don't thing I ever knew someone who didn't celebrate this (even in french muslim family, it's celebrated xD )
    I just saw Roon pic and it's LOVELY; She needs to color it seriously But out of it, I didn't saw a lot of things but those infamous Kagino pics (Those cluclu fan...until where will they go ) Though some Die hard Kallen fans seem really wish for her to not end up alone and pair up her too with Gino.
    I'm seriously going to ship CC and Tamaki. Classical teasing between two persons who like each other.
    I'm back to put some fuel to the pairing war I'll say xD Though when those infamous exam will be over, I'm going to be on fire about kalulu.
    Yeah, CluClu got most of the good artists it seems while good kalulu artists either let geass at the end to gundam (i'm thinking to Arch), choose to pair her up with Gino or simply don't put their art all over the web (seriously , I found plenty nice kalulu website with nice pics, I was really surprise O_o)
    Now, seriously, we got the better fics. maybe because, it's easier to write something good while sticking to the original story than to turn a story into a fairy world were CluClu is a couple
    Pff I even find some kallen bashing into CluClu pics, something I never found in a Kalulu fic. Actually the only fic I ever found good about cluclu was one were while they were having sex, CC asked to Lelouch if he was thinking to Kallen because she this feeling he was fond of her
    Finally Lelouch's answer was kinda vague with a sort of cold kiss before to left her. Nice Even CluClu fan admit lelouch's hots are for kallen
  8. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-05 04:31
    Thanks...I should have reply to your message earlier....
    Now I have todally freya-ed my nihongo final....

    BTW, my MSN:
  9. blottyparchment
    2009-01-05 01:50
    Looks like majiko!'s going a different direction with her manga. Someone told me Kallen didn't get captured in the China Federation arc. How do you think this changes the story?
  10. blottyparchment
    2009-01-05 01:34
    I haven't read nor watch Berserk and I ought to, one of these days. ^^
    Angel Sanctuary's my favorite too, despite not liking the main incestuous pairing. But there was so much other things to like about the manga.

    One of these animation houses (I hope it's Madhouse) should pick it up for a TV adaptation, I say. They wouldn't need to worry about plot points. Too bad, after Angel Sanctuary, Yuki Kaori never went for long stories. She's such a master at plot twists and the mythological references make sense, actually mean something. Not just some names one decides to use at a fancy whim.

    Oh, what would the character designs of CG be like if Yuki Kaori did them?


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