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  1. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 21:46
    Couldn't help replying to your post on dec's profile...
    Welcome to the board, where arguing leads to a metaphor of monkeys sling poo at each other ^^
  2. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 21:13
    Oh, WTH.
    Let's just talk out in the open, shall we?

    I post lengthy stuff too XD Though I try to avoid that now, cause I don't wanna waste my and other people's times if they don't find what I say interesting.

    Your posts are interesting though

    Most of it was NSFW, but most of everything is, but I thought I saw more fanarts (really beautiful ones) appearing and some modest doujin or stories. Maybe they were just ressurected stuff.

    I wanna see those so-called beautiful fanart. Can you give me a link?

    ~He couldn't lie to her even though she would have been an ideal piece.
    ~He used everyone, even Rivalz, but couldn't do it with Kallen.
    ~She appears only with her kiss in his memories and for a long time.
    ~His sayonara and desire to have her live on.

    Now, I'm really thinking that they should have given us more insight on Lelouch's thoughts about Kallen, and all the others as well. As it is, everything will just be speculation.

    We may not have been blatantly shown Lelouch's development towards Kallen, but something should have happened/Lelouch should have realized something about his feelings/relationship with her. (picture drama exposition please)

    I can see Nunally finding love in her future but never forgetting her brother, I cannot, really though, see Kallen moving past Lelouch that easily. From her character song, what Kawaguchi said about her character, how her family was, and how the epilogue was handled, it just feels like she is going to do exactly as her song said: Long for the day they reunite and she can cry in his arms. Which, is somewhat depressing since she says she can't cry a stanza or two before that. Which I interpret as her saying that, until she sees Lelouch again, she won't show weakness nor her true feelings to anyone. She'll live to see Lelouch's dream survive and then join him when everything is over and finally be at peace. Its somewhat depressing but since she is happy with that decision, I can't fault her for it. If she is happy living for Lelouch and loving him for the rest of her life then all the power to her.

    Yeah, despite knowing she's happy in the end, I'm kinda sad for Kallen. Her ending was bittersweet. What 2chers keep saying about her circumstances --> 切ない (painful, and such a perfect word to describe it) <-- makes me feel for her.

    ...might be why people stopped shipping Gino with her... or they just realized their ship sunk in the epilogue.

    I'd rather have Gino with Anya. But the GinoxKallen fanart are so cute (darn, why are they drawn so well). I just leave it at that. They're cute. That's it.

    Some people were arguing for GinoxKallen from their closeness in the wedding pic in the epilogue. People were arguing madly about it a while back in the romance thread. You should check it out...

    Var's logic bomb posts are too numerous, so I'm directing you to his post history before he was banned. Check them out when you have time:

    He's also the one who came up with the infamous overanalyzing gif XD

    And here are Tael's posts:
  3. dec4rhapsody
    2008-10-07 18:00
    LOL, I've read your posts....
    It's just that arguing in AS often leads to bans....
  4. incorrupts
    2008-10-07 16:15
    Shirley is COMPLETELY forgotten even from Sunrise. After her death, she was not even in the official charts. ;__;
    I could go on about how awesome Shirley's chara was but most people see her as a girl with a hopeless crush to Lulu. Such a shame, really. :/ {are you on Livejournal by any chance btw?}
  5. incorrupts
    2008-10-07 15:10
    Kallen, they do defend her i can tell this. lawl
    Shirley, well that is a teary story, trust me. "^^
  6. incorrupts
    2008-10-07 14:33
    Nice posts on the romance thread. ^^
  7. dec4rhapsody
    2008-10-07 03:13
    Thanks for the info...

    Sigh...shipping war is more than bloody here...and I think arguing with CXL shippers makes no sense....*tears*
  8. dec4rhapsody
    2008-10-06 03:26

    You said there was an increase in Kallen Lelouch doujinshi?


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