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  1. Kev-kun
    2011-11-01 03:03
    Haha no probs ^w^ BTW HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (even though we don't celebrate it here )

    Yeah indeed it does... All of my friends are like "You Chinese, no speak?" (Ok a bit of overexaggerating ) But Japanese is somewhat easier, but either way, it also has its difficulties -.-

    Oh I see... Sounds like an excuse just to get money But I would say that it would be alright... Tablets... and movement... Don't get it

    Hehe yeah he indeed 'LOVES' his games... But... they're all dating sims... like BORING!!! Get some variation Keima!

    Wow we made a bloodsite Although Ayumi FTW!!! HAHAAH!!!
    Haha just sums up most of my genres at least ^^ Eh? How troublesome I'd better read those for your effort!! I'll get back on it of course!! Idolm@ster is one of them right? You watching Shana finale by any chance?

    Haha and they're so close by!! JAPAN QUIT BEING STINGY~~~
  2. Echoes
    2011-11-01 02:10
    What I find nice about the show is that you don't really need the symbolism. You can take it or leave it. It's has an interesting plot and good characters without needing to go all the way down the rabbit hole, unless you want to. Shinji being whiny is the one complaint against the show that I just find stupid. Everything else I leave up to subjectivity, but saying that the reason you don't like it because the kid is whiny is a bit silly. That's the point of the show, for two reasons. One is that he's a distraught 14 year old boy with father issues, no self-esteem and a bunch of other issues. Secondly, it's meant to show more realistically how it would really turn out if it happened like it does in so many mecha shows, and the world's fate was left in the hands of emotional, vexed teenagers. It's fine not to like that, but to say the show would have been better it it had been absent is missing the point.

    It's sort of like saying Clockwork Orange would have been better if only Alex wasn't such a douchebag.

    Ah, good thing luck was with you that day. It's very understandable you'd be uncomfortable driving after that, heck, I'm uncomfortable with driving now, completely without any bad experiences. I'm not a car person, though. I doubt I'll ever own one. I wouldn't call it a phobia, but I don't think I could ever be comfortable behind the wheel. About my mother's condition, it's apparently called "thrombus" in English. She has one of the world's rarest blood types, which predisposes her to it, and she's had it twice. She almost lost her leg the last time and has to have major surgery. An expert had to cancel his vacation and fly home to do the procedure. I'm still thankful for that.

    She is a cool lady, and her character design is very nice to look at. I've no knowledge of the manga, don't really read a lot of that, but yeah, Kanae Itou is always a joy to listen to. Such a recognizable and adorable voice.

    I haven't played much further yet, mostly due to finding out that Boardwalk Empire's second season had started. I've been out of the loop. But I think I'll play some more later today, now that you mention it.
  3. Echoes
    2011-11-01 01:36
    It's highly psychological, filled with symbolism, both religious and secular, and a plot that has high aspirations. A lot of people don't think it delivers, and that the symbolism and psychology is shallow or tacked on. Needless to say, I don't agree, but it doesn't bother me either.

    There's no point complaining I suppose, but it's good to get it out sometimes. My mother was in for something very serious, but they're both alive today, so I can't complain. Good thing nothing serious came off the car accident... I guess that's the only benefit of my family never having a car; no accidents.

    Ah, a lot of people go crazy for Ayumi. I like her too, but the series has so any awesome characters that she's sort of pushed to the side. I'll always love Elsie.
  4. Echoes
    2011-11-01 01:13
    A lot of people think it's pretentious. And there's the eternal complaints about Shinji being too whiny, which I think is completely missing the point of the series.

    Seems to be a lot of unfortunate happenings lately. No reason to feel guilty about it obviously, but I can imagine it's very depressing. I've had periods like that too, it doesn't feel good. I remember once when I was younger both of my parents were in the hospital at the same time.

    I'll try to think of something. That's a good choice for a rewatch, Kami Nomi is lovely and goes down easy.
  5. Echoes
    2011-11-01 00:50
    Yeah, I know roughly what to expect from it. Seen some artwork and whatnot. I'm watching Sailor Moon at the moment, albeit extremely slowly, and I expect they're somewhere in the same vein. (Although I've heard that Sailor Moon gets a little more serious later.) Evangelion's ending is questionable, I usually skip the last two episodes and watch End of Evangelion instead. Evangelion is my holy grail, but it's a very personal thing, and it's one of those shows I don't expect everyone to like, and can genuinely say I don't care if people hate. (And a lot of people do.)

    I'd pray if I were a praying man, but all I can do is hope for the best. Must be rough, hopefully you'll get some news about her soon.

    Thanks, you're very understanding.
  6. Echoes
    2011-11-01 00:19
    What I've seen has generally been good, but like I said, they're very few in number. I've seen and enjoyed Nanoha. At least the two first season, the third one was just alright. Madoka was great. Of course, it's to the mahou shoujo genre what Evangelion is to the mecha; the antithesis of all its genre traits.

    Wow, she was found in some bushes injured? That sounds horrible, I hope she's alright. It sounds like it could be traumatic, even if the injuries aren't lasting.

    I'm sure you're right about that, but it's hard to just let go of thought-patterns you're accustomed to.
  7. Echoes
    2011-10-31 23:38
    I hear ya, it looks like a lot of fun. I'm actually very inexperienced in the mahou shoujo genre, and eager to explore it, so it's a good choice indeed.

    Yes. I hate that thought. The fact that anyone you meet could be a psychotic killer or violent rapist is not a pleasant one. Can't let that sort of stuff get to you, or you'll end up in the ward, but it's scary stuff.

    You're right, I'm a bit hard on myself with that sort of stuff too, so if I think of something that I find just alright, I usually scrap it.
  8. Echoes
    2011-10-31 21:22
    I will,, someday for sure. But right now I got too much current stuff, not to mention Sailor Moon, to keep me occupied.

    It's pretty messed up, but it sounds a lot like someone who was severely psychotic to me.

    Yeah.. I just don't have that inspiration. I find it hard to write about small things.
  9. Echoes
    2011-10-31 20:21
    Sounds cool. It's a show I want to check out at some point in the future, but with what I already have on my plate, it'll be a while. I've liked everything I've seen from Clamp thus far, though that admittedly isn't that much.

    It's a pretty messed up story, I could hardly believe it when I saw the headlines. I'm guessing he must have been insane, given his writings on the wall, but nothing is known about his motive yet.

    Yeah, you do that... I don't know if anything can top this, but I'm sure it will at some point. :P

    October is already over in my time-zone. :P I don't really know what to write about... blogging is hard.
  10. Echoes
    2011-10-31 19:05
    I'm pretty open-minded, but I still find that one hard to swallow, or even understand. Music is such a big part of most media. I prefer watching stuff too, that's why I only let things I've seen run in the background.

    Ah, I've not seen that yet, but it's got a good reputation. There's a lot of Clamp shows that I want to see, actually.

    Let's fund the science, we must get to the bottom of this!

    I got something a little worse than that. I read the newspaper today. One guy got killed, and two heavily injured, at a Halloween party. The guy who killed them wrote "GOD" on the wall in blood. The scene looked like it was straight out of a horror movie, bloody handprints on the window and all. Oh, and 5 rapes in one night, including two 16 year olds. Jesus Christ...

    Wow, haha. That's the last term I expected someone to search for. "Boobzilla", really? And two people? That's insane.

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