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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Echoes
    2011-10-28 00:36
    I agree, he wasn't very progressive on the feminism side, that's outdated for sure. He's someone I take things away from, not someone whose entire life-work I can agree with, or even like. If you're sensitive about the religion issue, which is perfectly natural; most people are, I'm just going to leave that one as is; no reason to rock the boat.

    I was just sayin', I'm not a disastrous cook or anything.... though accidents do happen. :P
  2. Echoes
    2011-10-28 00:19
    Sure, differences in philosophy I suppose. I think a good deal of the negative observations he makes on (human) nature happen to be true, or at least have a lot of truth in them. I take some positive things away from it (like free inquiry, individualism and self-reliance, but he is undeniably very gloomy in many of his perspectives.

    Hopefully... you never know, maybe I burn everything. I spilled boiling water all over my leg and foot earlier this week. >-<
  3. Echoes
    2011-10-27 23:23
    I love Nietzsche, but unfortunately he's one of those people pretentious people like to just scam through and quote to pretend to be smart and philosophical. :P He's a great thinker, though, and ravishingly intelligent. I got "Also Sprach Zarathustra" on my shelf.

    That does sound pretty damn delicious, man. Those crab cakes struck a cord with me. They would go well with some vanilla coke. Another 40 minutes left. >-<
  4. Echoes
    2011-10-27 23:01
    People say a lot of things are dead. Usually it's a huge over-statement. Nietzsche being the most infamous example.

    I go to 7-11 sometimes, when I'm just out with friends and need a soda or something, some pastries or whatever. And sometimes when I want a vanilla coke... :P

    By the way, I don't think I could get any more hungry at this point, so feel free to tell me. :P
  5. shinku no kage
    2011-10-27 22:49
    shinku no kage
    I know...*sigh* But I guess its just more to look forward to next weekend.

    Thats Disgaea for you. I put in a good amount of time in the DS version to get Plenair up to Lv.8000-ish equipped with the Yoshitsuna and Super Robot Suit x 3. Not far enough to kill Prinny Baal with one hit but strong enough to take him down alone. Muwahaha~

    It actually wasnt my original goal. I was originally going for a PS3 and a new HD TV but I didnt get that far. But yeah, if I didnt set a goal, to treat myself, then I'd just lose my mind.
  6. Echoes
    2011-10-27 22:39
    Words of wisdom, man... words. of. wisdom.

    I like old-fashioned chivalry. Some might see it as somewhat contrary to modern feminism, but I think that we can leave the chauvinistic aspects of it behind and still keep the good bits.

    7-11 sucks. Insanely expensive, and the incredibly unhealthy and costly food isn't even tasty. That's just bad. No real groceries to speak of... a frozen pizza, but I want a real meal. Less than 2 hours until the first grocery-store opens. I'll buy myself some egg, bacon and vegetables then and make myself a meal. If only I can endure. >-<
  7. Echoes
    2011-10-27 22:21
    Yup, and when something is stigmatized on top of that, well... there's not much chance.

    I like the sound of that.

    By the way, I'm so damn hungry now. Been watching cooking shows for 3 hours, and it's the middle of the damn night, nothing but 7-11s open.
  8. Echoes
    2011-10-27 21:51
    Yeah. Once again, it's back to the mental block where people end up with the impression that they know what it is, and that stops investigation.

    Spoken like a true English gentleman
    Now that's a compliment!
  9. Echoes
    2011-10-27 21:25
    When something becomes that demonized among the public, it stifles, and sometimes completely chokes, any discussion. That's bad for everyone. Ignorance never helped anyone.

    I think that's a prudent choice. Those annoying ingrates can wait, there's puzzles to be solved!
  10. Echoes
    2011-10-27 21:06
    It has been a horrible influence during the last century, especially in China and in the Soviet Union, but I also think it's one of those thing that has been demonized to the point where people's perceptions of it are paper-thin and based more on stereotypes than on what the ideology actually entails. Not to mention the great diversity present within Communist thought. It's more of an insult now. "You're a communist!", and that ends the discussion right there often-times, which is ridiculous.

    You've got a lot on your plate. But the episode is something you can just chill with when you want a few laughs, not something you need to focus on. I like to have a few things like that, especially since anime can never serve that purpose for me; since I'm reading subtitles, which requires focus by definition.

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