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  1. Echoes
    2011-10-25 21:20
    That would probably be almost as bad as it is currently.

    I feel you, brother. I had to get out of that store as soon as possible. It was amazing, they had like 10 other movies at bargain prices that I wanted to get... and probably would have if I hadn't gotten the hell out of there. "Luckily" anime is really expensive here, so I usually just buy anime movies, very rarely entire series.

    I have to agree, Yachiyo made quite an impression. She's always been a funny, but not very compelling, one-note character, but this episode put her on the radar. I love the scene where she kept getting distracted by being held close to the manager and repeatedly missed her chance to talk to Otoo's wife. I feel a bit sorry for Sato, though. He's so damn cool.
  2. Flower
    2011-10-25 20:53
    Thanks - I did, actually.

    And I've accepted your friend request too. Gladly.
  3. Echoes
    2011-10-25 20:50
    I'd vote for that. At least they would be tasty and delicious.

    Usually that's the case for me as well, at least it is with games. Yeah... 5 retro games versus one new mediocre one. Sounds like a slam dunk to me.

    I watched the two episodes of Working finally. Those were awesome. I can't even describe how great it is to have a series with an entire cast of awesome characters. Even though I have my favorites (Yamada, Popura, Sato and Inami, namely) I'm never disappointed, whomever they choose to focus on. I need to get those adoption papers ready. Maybe I can convince Yamada...
  4. Flower
    2011-10-25 20:38

    No problem ... after all, I am a relative "n00b" in this place after all, and not all that active compared to many others. No big surprises - in fact I was delighted even moreso whenever someone did remember. Like yourself.

    Many thanks.
  5. Echoes
    2011-10-25 20:12
    That's the incomprehensible part, that it actually makes money.

    It's a cliche, but it also happens to be largely true that politicians are full of... s.. omething.

    Yeah, of course, there's more to fill your HD with than anime. Or is there?

    Those prices are pretty insane when you put it into perspective. Especially since so many games these days are incredibly short. 8 hours, sometimes even less. With that price-tag, that's not getting you a lot of bang for your buck. I would pay 60 dollar for an amazing game, one of my absolute favorites, but not for some random game I'll enjoy for a week and then forget about. I'd rather have 5 movies. :P
  6. Echoes
    2011-10-25 19:41
    Talk about lazy thinking, but I suppose you're right. Everything in a movie ends, though, so I guess there's no point in good settings, plots or music by that reasoning. It'll all end eventually, so let's just make it as crappy as possible.

    If you don't feel that there's anyone who can adequately represent you, it's hard to justify voting. Especially if most parties are going with roughly the same platform.

    Yeah, going by average size, a 12-13 episode series is maybe 4-5 gigabyte when the files are 3-400 megabyte a piece. So that adds up to 20 series per 100 gigabytes.... that's a good amount of anime right there. Multiply that by ten and you've got a full HD, that'll usually take a while, even if you watch a lot of long-running series. (I very rarely watch anything over 26 episodes.) Of course, if you like to go and get the super-HD bluray/dvd releases that come out later, you'll run out of space a lot quicker. I use MAL as well, but it's just not enough! My obsessive, hoarding, perfectionist subconscious calls out for more.

    I don't mind ps3 cover either, they don't have that annoying blue, but I still prefer DVDs by far. Not to mention a ps3 game costs 4-5 times as much as the average movie here (and almost 10x more than those cheap ones I found!), so unless I win the lottery, I'll never accumulate a lot of those.
  7. Echoes
    2011-10-25 19:00
    It is cheap, as are most movies that don't bother developing the characters. That should be the basic of basics. Without decent characters, why should we even care what's going on?

    Nothin' wrong with that. Neither with being reserved with your endorsements, nor with writing about the Ace.

    I only do that for anime, for whatever reason. I like to have a catalog of what I have watched, but I don't do the same for movies. If I see a garbage movie, I delete it with a vengeance. I guess if I were hard pressed for space I probably would stop being such an obsessive hoarder, but as it stands I probably got a good 700 GB left out of that terabyte, so no worries anytime soon. :P

    I think DVDs look a lot nicer on your shelf too. I don't own many movies, as it's something I've just begun actually buying and keeping the last few years, but I like how the DVDs look. The size is just right, blurays are too small, plus I don't like the blue casing, it takes away from the theme/style of the cover. You should see Oldboy sometime. I'd say it's the best Korean movie I've seen, but considering I've seen only a handful Korean movies, that statement would not mean much. I'll say this, though, it's one of the best movies I have ever seen. Top 10 material, easily, and one of those movies that I'll never turn down the chance to rewatch with a new person/crowd. Brilliant story and plot progression, brilliant cinematography, outstanding soundtrack and just beautifully put together in general. It has so many scenes that I can just replay over and over in my mind, some of them send chills down my spine in awe, and some of them are just plain bad-ass and crazy in the best possible way. I've just never seen anything like it anywhere else, it is truly unique.
  8. Echoes
    2011-10-25 18:15
    I don't know who came up with this, but it needs to stop. Why do horror movie characters act like idiots who only want to drink, have sex and act like twats? I guess the idea is that you're supposed get sadistic pleasure out of seeing them go, but I think that's dumb. There's always a little part of you that enjoys the kills in a slasher flick, but if you have compelling characters, you got that in addition to genuine fear for the characters welfare. With modern horror movies, you just don't give a damn about the characters... which usually makes the movie a "watch and forget" experience at best.

    I don't remember ever doing any games like that, but that sounds pretty fun. I was just naturally interested in nature when I was younger, which translated well into school work at the basic level. Too bad it didn't last.

    I guess it's the whole "vote for the lesser evil" thing. Is that really what it's come to, I have to vote for someone who's evil? That statement is so cynical that even I have trouble swallowing it. And I'm pretty cynical. I almost voted this year, but in the end I just couldn't compromise enough to fully support even my most favored party.

    Definitely get at least a terabyte. With the increasing sizes of video-files and all, 500 GB just doesn't do it anymore. One terabyte will last a long time for me personally, though, as all I use it for is basically the movies I don't buy, and anime.

    Speaking of buying movies, and going back to Carpenter, I was out doing a little shopping today; looking through the used games stores downtown. Didn't find what I was looking for, but found some damn cheap movies, and these weren't even used. Bought myself The Thing, The Shining and Oldboy. (You seen Oldboy, by the way?) They actually had a small selection of anime as well, so I picked up The Cat Returns, the first Evangelion Rebuild movie and the remastered original Ghost in the Shell movie. All pretty cheap. They were sellin' DVDs like they were going out of style. I guess they might be, with bluray and all, but I still usually buy DVDs.
  9. Echoes
    2011-10-25 17:35
    If he only made Hostel I, I'd cut him some slack. I saw that and was like "Wow, that's messed up", had a laugh at how stupid some it was, and forgot about it. Then he made Hostel II. The exact same movie, except even stupider somehow, and with female characters instead of male. Oh yeah, that's a great concept for a sequel, just swap the genders. Totally inventive and worth making. Practical effects are just so much more fun than computer animated ones. So much more enjoyable to see, and doesn't take you out of the movie the way clearly computer-made things do. That's a big part of why I enjoy John Carpenter as much as a director. The Thing, Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China, even Prince of Darkness.... all practical, real stuff. No bullshit. That's one of the reasons the original Star Wars movies were better too, but unfortunately not the only one. Biological explanations of the force? Are you kidding me? It's like a bacteria? To that, all I can say is "Cool story, bro."

    Ah, I was pretty good at math back then too. Just multiplication, subtraction and so forth... now that I could deal with. Graphs and equations lost me somewhere along the way, although I like the latter now.

    There's no guarantee that they'll do as they say, and usually they don't deliver on even half their promises. That's why apathy is the enemy of democracy. If you just put up with them not doing what they said they would, then that's exactly what they'll keep doing. Of course, finding like-minded people, organizing protests and whatnot... that's a lot of work that even those of us who are interested in politics just don't usually have the time or inclination to do.

    I don't know anything about what quality would entail in external harddrives, except for faster transfer speed I guess? I'm not too good with computer-stuff. I got two old externals with 500 GB each and a new 1 TB one. The latter is one third the size and doesn't even need to be plugged into an electric outlet to function (like the other two do), so I guess technology is moving forward pretty fast in the field.
  10. Echoes
    2011-10-25 16:47
    Heh, I actually had a look at his wikipedia profile to see what other movies he had made... and Hostel in particular was exceptionally successful; 4 million dollar budget, 80 million dollar profit. Looks like he actually didn't make Cabin Fever 2... guess he's off the hook on that one at least.

    Yeah, in general, there's a big difference between a long story that's cut into several movies such as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, and a sequel that's thought up after the fact, often mostly due to the financial success of the original.

    It's a great experience when you got a good teacher and the material engages you. I had tons of fun with that in high school, but not much at any other time during my schooling.

    Watching political debates can be terribly boring. And when they're the high-profile stuff you see on Fox, NBC and so forth, it's just pointless. You're watching puppets who have been instructed in what to say by dozens of advisers and whose opinions are usually either stupid or so malleable they hardly even count as an "opinion."

    With my old and rotten computer with roughly 200 GB harddrive, an external one is a must. They're not outrageously expensive, but they cost a fair bit more than internal ones do.

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