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*Graphic Designer

Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Echoes
    2011-10-26 03:33

    I use that too, but it's hard to find what you're looking for when you don't even remotely remember what happens in which episode.

    I'll have to get some sleep, thanks for the extended chat.
  2. Echoes
    2011-10-26 03:14
    Hey, thanks, I really appreciate that!

    I had fun looking through the episodes again for screenshots, been a long time since I've seen it, especially the first season.
  3. Echoes
    2011-10-26 02:58
    Yeah, pretty silly stuff there... just when you think you're read it over, you realize that you've consistently typo'ed the name
  4. Echoes
    2011-10-26 02:23
    I guess I must've just gotten in some auto-hypnotic groove of writing it that way, and somehow never noticed.

    I heard someone reference that horrible "Lucy, you got some splainin' to do" line earlier today... maybe it got stuck in my head. Lucy/Lousie, homophones. That would be pretty funny, but not very plausible.
  5. Echoes
    2011-10-26 02:10
    Me too. Nothing that happens from here on forward is my fault; it's all on them.

    That Louise thing is just bizarre. I have no idea how that happened; but I fixed it now, in addition to some typos.
  6. Echoes
    2011-10-26 01:45
    Moe makes beasts of us all.... we can't be held responsible. >_<

    I made a post at the blog, by the way.
  7. Echoes
    2011-10-26 01:31
    Jesus, what's wrong with me today, I keep making these posting mistakes.

    I guess you build a tolerance for it, but I'm an impatient bastard when it comes to ordering stuff.

    Soon he will wake from his deathless slumber and grant believers sweet oblivion, and something far more sinister to the rest.

    I like your style. I hope there's some spillover, I got some space to spare in my room... hell, I'll throw out my TV, my bookcase, even my bed if necessary.
  8. Echoes
    2011-10-26 00:49
    Ah, alright, thanks. I do want to get into internet shopping, but the wait for the stuff to arrive seems like such a nightmare.

    Ia Dagon, Ia Cthulhu! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! *faints* ...

    What happened? I just woke up in a pile of my own blood with a weird tattoo on my forehead. I must have been drinking.

    I know. There are a lot of girls we would have to put behind bars then, though.
  9. Echoes
    2011-10-26 00:23
    Yeah, maybe I need to do exactly that.

    I was just going to shoot up some heroin. Your ideas are much, much better.

    You and me both. That voice is insane..
  10. Echoes
    2011-10-26 00:00
    Haha. I probably should get something going... there's so much stuff I want that I can't buy here. Then again, that's a pretty good reason not to do it as well. :P

    I'm working on something. But I got another four dozen characters I need to bring to life first.

    Oh yeah, I saw those. Now that's gooood moe!

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