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  1. Echoes
    2011-10-17 15:29
    There is no off button. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. The younger you are, the easier it is, I think, even if it's not from birth. Younger people just have a natural way with learning things... which makes me sort of worried I wasted too much of my time. :P

    There aren't *that* many homeless people or anything, but there are a lot of parks around where I live, plus it's near a river, so it's an area they tend to congregate in. As a general rule, most people who are addicted to heavy drugs (mostly heroin here) could be considered dangerous. Even those who are nice overall won't be pleasant to deal with when they've missed a fix. Most of them sustain their habit begging and committing petty crimes, but they're generally not out to hurt anyone. They're desperate people, so accidents do happen. Because of the high level of welfare and social security in Norway (it's a highly socialized country) it's rare for someone to be living on the street if he is not at the very least a hopeless alcoholic; but more likely a hard-drug addict. In fact, the word "homeless" is almost never used in Norwegian. A person living on the street is referred to as a"narkis", which is derogative term for someone addicted to narcotics. I've had both good and bad experiences with these kinds of people, and I have a great deal of sympathy for many of them, as I reckon most of them had some pretty messed up circumstances that led them down that road. A good deal of them do things to sustain their addiction that make sympathizing with them almost impossible, though. /rant over

    Nice metaphors, I'm not surprised you like writing. It's a nice idea, getting input from different perspectives all gathered in one place. I was taking a stroll earlier and thought of something I could write a post about on your blog, but it's just a one-shot, not something that could be made into a series of posts... I think.

    It's good that you're thinking of your folks. Seems like a lot of people these days don't do enough of that. There's nothing worse than seeing someone who's a complete ingrate and don't even consider all the effort that went into raising them. If you've ever seen "A Goofy Movie", the saddest scene to me was always when Goofy was sitting alone in the car, rejected by his son for taking him to a "lame vacation." All the guy wanted to do was spend some quality time with his son. Luckily there's a happy ending, but that scene always stuck with him.

    Being an only-child is getting a lot more common. My parents had unexpected twins, they were originally only intending to have two kids. Also, all three of my siblings are girls, and nowhere close to my age (oldest is 17 and the twins are 14), so I never considered them "friends" growing up. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, there's a whole bunch of noise and a lot less attention growing up with three younger sisters, I can tell you that much.
  2. Echoes
    2011-10-17 14:03
    Sounds like she is indeed. My mother's pretty sharp too, though we disagree about a lot of stuff, I always enjoy having discussions and debates with her. Learning a whole new language is always a challenge, and a lot of us take for granted how intricate and messy English can be to learn from scratch. My native language is much the same, even people who speak it fluently as a second language often fumble some of the grammar, because there's simply no easy rule to follow on a lot of it. I respect anyone who makes an effort, I've tried my hand at German, and quit pretty quickly. :P

    I'm not sure, it's probably something to do with food, yeah. I'd wager that it's helping the homeless and drug addicts (often one and the same), as there are a lot of those around unfortunately. But it might be something completely different.

    I find that everything gets better on a dark, rainy night. There's one here right now. I like to save a lot of things I enjoy for the night and evening. I just don't feel right early in the morning. It has its moments, but I largely prefer the cover of night. You're right about the audience thing, they'll keep you on your toes, for better and worse. Once you raise those expectations, there's no going back!

    Ah yes, the ATM question, that's a classic. It's funny looking back at all the misconceptions and straight up absurdities that filled my mind back then, but I suppose it's nothing to be ashamed of, everyone has to go through it. I know what you mean, there's a debt you'll never be able to repay right there, but I'm sure your parents are more than happy with their investment. Creative gifts are something parents appreciate especially, I think, it shows you put some effort and thought into it. I wish I could pay them back somehow too, especially considering they're far from rich. Raising four kids will do that to you.
  3. Echoes
    2011-10-17 12:00
    She says sympathy is one thing, but empathy is the step above.
    Exactly right.

    That's pretty funny. I was just walking by a volunteer center earlier today thinking about what they actually do in there. Maybe I should go down there and volunteer at some point.

    I didn't know about your writing style in particular, but I enjoy dark and gloomy fiction to a great extent. I don't write much, but I'm a pretty "dark" person, though I don't usually talk about it, since I don't feel like dragging other people who aren't ready down the rabbit hole. Fundamentally, I think reality is pretty messed up, and I often enjoy fiction that revels in that fact, whether it's actually set in our world or not. Of course, I love stuff that exaggerates and puts focus on escapism and wholesomeness as well; otherwise the world of anime would not be of much interest to me. Even gloomy ol' me likes moe.

    Gratitude is a wonderful thing to be on the receiving end of indeed. I think that's another thing that's just inconceivable as a child; being happier to give than to receive. At least it was to me. I could never understand how someone would get more joy out of giving presents than receiving them on Christmas.
  4. Kev-kun
    2011-10-17 06:16
    HAHA yeah I'll stop Don't even get how those people day all that uh... language?

    Yeah I can totally tell that feeling is great, nice and peaceful ^w^ Although I'm curious whether you encounter monsters when sailing. Like in spirit tracks you encounter monsters while on the train... so just curious

    Gomen gomen!! Really I do apologize *scratches head* No worries blood's all cleaned up? I suppose >.< Next would be uh... Keima and his games? Yokkyun!!

    Haha yeah I suppose your right... Although I don't get it CORRECT!! Naruto will utterly incinerate the... contents of your wallet!!! Umhm.. well aren't all one-shots like that? And indeed the manga art really DIDN'T HELP!! ARRGGHH!!

    BTW are you up to date with the hayate manga? Or are you up to where uh... the anime ended? And also... Season 3's soon ^.^
  5. Echoes
    2011-10-17 05:47
    Empathy is the greatest tool in our arsenal. Since we are, as you say, greedy (and also selfish) by nature. Therefore, putting ourselves in their shoes is the easiest way to avoid being a jerk. It really is as simple as "Hey, I wouldn't want anyone doing that to me, so I won't either." Obviously this isn't applicable to every case or every person, but it's a good rule of thumb.

    It's funny how you gain new understandings as you grow. (Separate from gaining knowledge.) There really is something called "life experience", and some things you cannot just be told. There are things you can gain a complete intellectual understanding of, and yet not have any true insight on. Being a soldier in war is an extreme example of this, and I think parenting is another. You know what it's all about, you know about the feelings involved, but until you experience it yourself, it's hard to truly understand it.

    That was a cool entry, a neat little story and a very original idea. It is a dark take on it, but I like that sort of stuff. You've got a knack for this blog-business. It's nice of you to offer me a spot, I'll really consider it, and let you know if I think I've got something worth posting in mind. I'd never post anything like the stuff I post here in the forums though, that would defeat the point and drag the blog into mediocrity.

    That's good. There's nothing like people being genuinely appreciative of what you're doing, that makes it all worthwhile.
  6. Echoes
    2011-10-17 04:09
    Aye, when that's at all feasible, it's one of humanity's great strengths.

    Luckily three hour waits are rare, yeah, even at the worst places in town. I try to be a nice guy when it comes to that stuff, like you, I know it's not necessarily the their fault. I've never had my patience tested like you though; I honestly do not know how I would react if I had to wait that long. My friend works at a cashier at a super-market downtown, and he often tells me about some just horrible customers. One guy spit in his face because he wouldn't sell him snus (a type of really disgusting chewing tobacco.) I mean, that's just insane.

    Public embarrassment is a strong punishment in itself, and that stays through for most people most of their lives. I think a lot of parents end up too far to one extreme. Very conservative parents sometimes smack the kid around and leave him terrified of doing anything creative or fun, while too liberal parents just fail to instill any sense of right and wrong or respect for them as an authority figure into the child, leaving him either an uncontrollable force of destruction or a spoiled brat.

    That's true, you can write about what you want, when you want. Ain't no stoppin' you. Idolmaster is obviously a fantastic place to start in my mind, this episode especially, a lot of good stuff to cover. I'd like to collaborate on something with you, but I've never blogged, or written any sort of extended piece on any sort of entertainment, so I'm not sure if I'm up to snuff. Don't know if I'd know what to write.

    Good impressions can't hurt. A good word here, a good word there... it adds up. Haha, tourist buses to boot, that's one tough work-day right there.
  7. Echoes
    2011-10-16 13:41
    That's good, taking a pro-active stance on things.

    It's a great double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can always find something new to immersive yourself in, something new to study or learn about, but on the other hand, it can be a little sad to think about the 99.9% of stuff (and that's just stuff on our tiny planet) you'll never get a chance to learn about during your short life. I guess the vastness of it all scares a lot of people too, and that makes it even more tempting to just accept dogma or easy half-truths and leave it at that.

    Ah, I'm pretty much the same way there. When I'm unsure of the cause of the delay or whatever other issue, I am always hesitant to complain. After all, it's possible that they're working their ass off and are understaffed or something. If I had to wait as long as you, almost three hours in total, I'd undoubtedly at least inquire about my order. I'd start off with something innocuous and be polite about it, just to check if they'd forgotten it or something.

    Talk about polar opposites there, yeah. You need a lot of patience to be a parent, especially if you've got a naturally noisy or energetic child. I understand that people sometimes snap, but it's not a pretty sight. And of course, a lot of people are just plain unfit parents, unfortunately.

    Sounds like a cool outlet for your thoughts. I've never blogged in my life, I just wouldn't know what to write I guess. Is it going to be focused on anime, your life, a little bit of everything or?

    Ah, yeah, that sort of stuff does happen. Nice of you to stay and help out. I've never worked a 13-hour day in my life, I believe, so major kudos.
  8. Echoes
    2011-10-16 05:22
    I don't think you're suppressing it at all at this point. You're actually seeking out people to make reparations to. You're as far away from suppression as you can possibly get.

    I think that's a very good point. Once your confidence turns to arrogance, you stop improving. After all, you don't actually believe that you need to improve, because you're already so good/knowledgeable/smart. Sort of goes back to the simple explanations meme we discussed a few days ago. When you think got something figured out, the learning process stops, and that's a big problem if you're fundamentally wrong.

    Yeah, the intent behind it is what determines everything. It gets bad when they (whether this is something they actually think, or just something that is implicit in their actions) don't respect the fact that they're wasting your time. If the reason he's late is because he just had to play another match of Starcraft or something, then that's obviously pretty rude.

    I get your point with the analogy. Like the child, a mere acknowledgment goes a long way. Just a little nod to know you're not being purposefully ignored. Which can feel like you're being looked down upon; as if you're not worth addressing.

    I don't know man... looks like the stars are aligning; too many coincidences! Good luck on your blog, I'll have to check that out sometime.

    Just a small edit. 13 hours!? You're a trooper, man.
  9. Kev-kun
    2011-10-16 04:40
    Nah bro... Too much of that stuff can get inta ya head bru! Lol I can't do it Have no idea what your gettin' inta bru! (Really I can't do it!! XD)

    Uhhuh... True that... They even have a range from the most thrilling to the most subtle ^^ Really good music there Uh ok... There aren't many games that have those types of atmospheres I suppose... Guess I'll just watch walkthroughs about it Eh really? How so?

    Haha oops!! My apologies!! HAHAHA!!! *nosebleed*

    Yeah it indeed is a bit of a pity... Wish they would just start with the Kami Nomi Translations and all us fans would be happy Hm... maybe naruto? (Jokes!!) To be honest, I didn't really like the one-shot, the art was say.. a bit weird... maybe because I read the main manga before the one-shot But yeah.. It was one heck of an increase of popularity just from one one-shot ^^
  10. Echoes
    2011-10-16 04:24
    It's probably not healthy in the long term, but sometimes, suppression can feel like (and perhaps in fact be) the best option for the time being. As long as you come to terms with it eventually, I look at it as the difference between taking a vacation and quitting working altogether.

    That sounds like a fun exercise. Good thing you did well there, good confirmation that what you've got is more than just a hunch. I've actually read a scientific paper about a study some time back examining that very subject. The results were pretty scary. There's an inverse correlation between thinking you can read people well, and actually being able to successfully do so. The people who said they though they were good at reading people generally scored below average on the test, while those who were more unsure of their ability generally scored higher.

    Some people are just unreliable in general, which does imply that they're not too cornered with others, but I guess they could just be bad with time, like some people are naturally clumsy. A phone call should be easy to managed either way, though. I don't run into that one too often, but yeah, just plain ignoring someone when they're talking to you is the height of rudeness, no doubt about that. It's incredibly condescending.

    Sleep got the better off me once again by the way. Guess that's what happens when you type from your comfy bed.

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