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  1. Marina
    2013-03-27 23:26
    Hey, you hitting up AX this year?
  2. Knightrunner
    2013-03-20 03:55
    Seems like your up like usual. Old habits of staying up don't die down easily.
  3. Soverence
    2013-03-15 21:10
    No problem, my reply was quite a bit more late then your's so I guess that makes us even. Nice, well at least you know that you will be doing something productive with most of your time for the next 18 months at least.

    I have been pretty good, just got back home for Spring break from college so I am going to use this time to catch up on my sleep and spend a good amount of time relaxing instead of having to study for tests and quizzes. Besides that though things have been quite average for me, college work, friends, sleep, pizza, etc.

    How is the new season of anime looking like it is going to be for you? I am really excited about the Spring season starting up soon personally, although I am not sure how I will have the time to actually watch everything that I want to.
  4. Soverence
    2013-03-09 12:18
    Hiya! How have you been? been awhile since I last messaged you it seems o.o
    2013-02-10 20:55
    Yeaaah.... pretty much the same to me. It's all FE's fault for being so damn good~
    2013-02-09 18:31
    Sooooo, got an opinion on Ni no Kuni yet~?
  7. Soverence
    2013-01-28 17:29
    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! Probably a good time to get your immune system back with flu season in full swing right now.

    Don't worry about it, I am glad that you got around to replying at all . Oh I am sure that the school work has been taking up a majority of that catching up time as well. I would expect nothing less then catching up on your anime, also nice profile picture
  8. Soverence
    2013-01-21 20:54
    Hiya! How have you been? Feeling better?
  9. Echoes
    2013-01-20 05:23
    I lean toward the cute too, by far. I quite agree that cuteness is generally charming, while an overload of sexuality is often tasteless and reeks of desperation. That being said, moe being the powerhouse that it is, huge amounts of cuteness is definitely part of an intentional, overt marketing effort as well. It's just something that appeals to us more, and I also happen to think it's a more respectable approach, since it's harder to pull off. Throwing in perverted angels, bathhouse/beach episodes and huge breasts is virtually effortless (and potentially exploitative.) Designing characters with cute personalities which resonate with the viewer is much more challenging, and therefore ultimately provide a deeper and more lingering sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

    This topic made me think about the differences that still exist between the Japanese and the American anime market. Despite moe being a (I would say "the") dominating force in current anime, and despite the popularity of slam-dunk hits such as K-On, it seems like fanservice is still infinitely more palatable as a marketing tool outside of Japan when it comes to sales than moe/cuteness is. Just considering something like Yuru Yuri (which I know both you and I agree is around K-On's level of quality and with a very similar appeal) isn't even licensed for release, while Sekirei, Rosario to Vampire, Queen's Blade, Senran Kagura (I could go on) are, and most of them are doing very well in terms of sales. It seems like breasts move units, while cuteness barley keeps its head above water, remaining much more niche. I suppose that's to be expected, but a little depressing nonetheless. It also keeps the image of anime being a sort of shameless, crazy thing alive, because that's what people who aren't "in the know" see on store shelves at Wall-Mart or wherever they stock'em these days. I don't really care what the general public thinks of my hobby on a personal level, but it is annoying when people have these shallow misconceptions about anime in general based on a few American releases. Because I care about the medium, not because I fear their judgment.

    I just wrote a pretty lengthy rant, so I think I'll save you from dipping too deep into the piracy discussion just now.

    I almost used this discussion as a jump-off point for a serious discussion too. I think I'm in a mood.

    That's the right attitude, I think. Hard to pull off, I'm not quite at that point yet. But I'm working on it.

    It's the same price-point as their Fate/Zero releases, and a mere half of their first Kara no Kyoukai release! That's the niche within the niche, aiming for a super-limited release to the people who fit both the category of super-hardcore fan and financially well off individual. Ore-Imo is frequently mispronounced, I've found. Was it the "Oray-Mow"?

    That's a reassuring tale, thanks for sharing. Sound like a decent plan, I might just get on that. I appreciate the suggestions and everything, it's nice to be asked to participate, and I don't take it as pressure at all, so no worries there.
  10. Echoes
    2013-01-19 12:47
    I'll definitely agree with that. I love cute. We've touched on this before, but I don't necessarily have a problem with sexy and cute working in tandem. (Although naturally I have my limits, and don't want it intruding where it doesn't belong.) What I've no interest in whatosever is pure sex appeal, without the cuteness element. That just usually does nothing for me.

    Even if that's not the root of the pirating problem (I don't think it is), it definitely legitimizes the pirates. It gives people a reason not to pay; and feel justified in not doing so. And in this day and age, if you give people a reason to fuck you over and not pay, they will; because they easily can.

    Well, people are against everything these days. Some guy even told me to take down my Swastika banner this week! Can you believe it?

    That's good. I'm trying to think more like that myself. Since I mentioned Shakespeare in my last post, I'll bring out this old nugget of wisdom. "To thine own self be true." Right? Society is so restrictive, the older you get, the more you find out how much you really have to conform just to function as a member of it in most job situations. So I'm increasingly realizing how important it is to break out of the mold and don't be afraid to be yourself on your own time. Wear that hat, and display it proudly.

    I read up a little bit about the Aniplex stream and found this:
    In an online streaming panel, Aniplex USA laid out their release plans for Blu-ray releases of Nisemonogatari and Oreimo. The former is due February 26th for $149.98 while the latter arrives the 27th for $329.98.
    Nise being a little cheaper than Bake for the MSRP is a good start. I really do want to own that one as well, both for the sake of completion and because I genuinely did love the show. It's just a hard show to bring up without qualifying it with a "but I don't like it because of the incest episode, I swear!" That Ore-Imo pricing is insaaaaaane though. Over 300 dollars? Give me a break. The DVDs are like 50 bucks. Blurays are nice and all, but that's an increase of about 600% in pricing. Ri-ridculous.

    That sounds like a good time. I have a feeling it'd be nice too. Just gotta get over that initial feeling of trepidation.... and/or find a time when I'm home alone.

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