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  1. Echoes
    2012-12-24 10:05
    Alright, that sounds pretty promising overall. I'm sure that an improved diet will be a benefit overall as well, so there's that. I could definitely benefit from that myself.. Eating nothing fried and/or spicy would be a tall order for me though, so I don't envy you that part in particular. I love spicy food.

    Aye, anime is definitely Satan's Achilles heel. It's a true fact. There's very little Asakura overall in the series, but I think she makes an impact when she does show up. Her battle with Yuki in the first season is one of those scenes that was really formative in my early anime years. Really groovy stuff.

    I'll probably have to wait to finish it up for a little while, what with the holidays hitting now, but I definitely will get to it soon. I think going in with the expectations that it'll take a small plunge in quality at some point will help me enjoy the show for what it is, but we'll see.

    Alright, thanks, I'll take a look. I understand that you cannot part with the Akari shirt. It sounds like the most awesome one. Stepping away from the in-character stuff, it strikes me as the most "niche" shirt you have, Yuru Yuri not being that much of a hit compared to the rest of the shows on those fine T-shirts. Which is all the more reason you need to spread it around. Ah, we're already making good use of the Plinkett references. I'm proud of us.

    Christmas actually starts today in this part of the world, present exchanges and such usually takes place on the evening of the 24th, so I'll be a little busy with all kinds of family affairs for a while. For better or worse! Just wanted to make sure I wish you a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays before it's too late. Hope you're able to have a great one, despite the health issues.
  2. Hooves
    2012-12-23 20:53
    Yo, in case you're still mad at me over it. I'm sorry for how I've acted last year, or all those months ago.
  3. Dr. Casey
    2012-12-23 15:31
    Dr. Casey
    hi, new friend

    Hooves mentioned you on his page some just now, in case you feel like checking it out.
  4. Echoes
    2012-12-22 14:54
    Ah, I see, so there's a chance it won't be snuffed out right away, that's unfortunate. I guess there's not much to do except just what you said, follow the doctor's instructions and try to take it easy and don't let it bother you too much. Easier said than done, of course.

    It's hard for me to nail down in a few words what each numerical rating means to me, but I can definitely agree about the 10s; those are unforgettable favorites I'll never part with. They say "you can't take it with you", but screw that, I'm not leaving my Evangelion and Shiki boxsets behind. Moe Yuki is great. It was all about that Asakura for me though. Great to see her again. She's appealing in a very strange way. I guess that's also true of Haruhi herself, now that I think about it.

    Neat, maybe that'll give me the push to finally start finishing it. Building a computer is a great skill to have in this day and age, and will probably only get more useful as time goes on, so yeah, you picked up a winner there! It's certainly better to take your time and make something worthwhile rather just regurgitate something out there, into the internet aether. God knows we have more than enough of that already. I know exactly what you mean about playing HD videos without issue. I finally replaced my computer earlier this year myself, and I used to have real trouble playing a lot of files, but now they almost always play smoothly. It's a great feeling.

    Ah, alright. Do you know any place that does offer a good selection of wall scrolls? There's plenty on Amazon, but a lot of those are bootlegs, so you don't really know what you're getting quality-wise. I remember you telling me about the Akarin one, got to love that! If you have to choose which one not to wear, I think you should stay in-character and not wear Akari's, though. That's just the way things go for her! I might've exaggerated slightly about the shirt's size, but it's pretty damn big! I don't know anyone who would fit into that. Then again, I don't know any other My Otome fans... (You bought your clothes at the Portly Gentleman Used Clothing Store, you cheap skate!)
  5. Soverence
    2012-12-22 13:33
    I would say so, people are usually different online and offline. Well people's basic interests and beliefs don't change from online to offline, the way they go about them usually do. Personally I enjoy chatting to people online more just because I feel people are a bit more honest and forward about what they need to talk about then when they chat in person. Also just getting to chat with so many different people is a blast in general

    Okay, now I get what you mean. I agree with you as well, it is a very far-fetched theory at this point but you never know. Back in the 1500's Copernicus was pretty much ridiculed and eventually killed for his idea that the Sun was the center of the Solar System but in the end he was right. I like trying to keep a open mind to all theories until we have solid proof for one because you never know which one might be true. The mystery of the universe is pretty much the only reason we have astrology so I will certainly agree that it makes astrology a blast and one of the most interesting topics

    Personally I love the horror/mystery genre, but I feel like they are two of the hardest genre's to actually write well. They usually need good use of leading the reader and you need to be able to make sure not to pace the story too fast (give up information too quickly) or too slow (it drags on). Well all writing needs those things, I feel they are much more important in the horror/mystery genre. Yup, I mainly write for myself already, I really don't have any intent to try and publish any of the stories that I write. Even if I am writing for myself though, I still want to improve and get better at writing.

    I never saw that commercial but it seems like a really strong message to come from just a commercial. Okay, now I understand what you meant. Society likes to rank things more by their outward appearance or supposed value then their actual worth or usefulness. Our politician discussion a paragraph below should be a good example of this School really doesn't measure how well a person will do in life, it only measures a person's general knowledge for what we deem important.

    It is certainly a bad attitude to have, but I have to admit I probably have it as well. Even if we wanted to change the system, how would we change it in order to actually make it better?

    I just finished the series, I pretty much spent the last five nights marathoning the series and I don't regret it. Personally I think it is one of the best series I have ever seen, I am mad I waited so long to watch it Even though they are separate stories, they helped shape the world and slowly reveal what the overall mystery was, but yes on the surface they were all separate stories which I liked the concept of a lot. I kind of had a feeling about half way though the first season that the nurse was somehow involved in the murders but I didn't expect the whole conspiracy behind Rika.
  6. Echoes
    2012-12-22 06:00
    Oh, alright. That sounds unpleasant, I have another friend who had the same sort of problem earlier this year, and it was causing him quite a bit of discomfort. It's always good to get the a proper diagnosis instead of waiting in limbo, though, and it sounds like you're working on resolving it, which must be at least at little comforting. Do the doctors have any idea what sort of timeframe you're looking at when it comes to alleviating the symptoms?

    Me too. I'm not particularly generous with 9s or 8s I think, but much more-so than the 10s, I keep those close to my heart so I can only hand them out in the most spectacular of circumstances. It feels damn good when you finally do, but I've actually taken back a couple in retrospect and demoted them to 9s. I think there are a lot of people who still have the first season as their favorite part, but I do get the impression that it's still a minority, albeit not a small one. Since the movie came out, that's pretty much what I've been hearing most people hype up as the best part of the franchise. Maybe part of it is that a lot of people were let down by the second season and were just really happy to get something else Haruhi-related at that point? Either way, taking MAL as an example (dubious source for judging quality, I find, but good for gauging what people think), the first season has an average rating of 8.33, while the movie is rated at an incredibly solid average of 9.02. The movie is in fact the 8th highest rated show on there, and the sample size is huge. I do love the movie, but I think what would really make me feel as good about it as you do would be a little trimming, maybe half an hour or so.

    Fun is good. Fun is all I ask from most shows. It's funny how quick you grow accustomed to improvements in hardware, to the point where you go back and think "how did I ever get by with this piece of junk." We gettin' spoiled, and fast! I can't blame you for getting caught up in games. It's the modern plight, we're doomed to spend our days in front of our monitors playing the days away. We have to accept our fate. And when it's actually serving a purpose of taking your mind off of things, then hey, even better!

    Damn. You're decked out! A triple knockout combo of Idolmaster goodness. That is a really nice wall scroll in particular, great color and just an awesome picture in general. Where'd you get it? I've only got one anime t-shirt, which came with a special edition of My Otome Zwei I bought. It's like an XXL or something so I can't really wear it... guess that goes to show what Bandai imagine their fans to be.
  7. Echoes
    2012-12-22 04:57
    Sorry about the belated reply, had a pretty rough week. Are you doing alright now? Me? I'm pretty bad, but at least it's Christmas, right? I'm actually surprised you find hospitals calming and sanctuary-like, but it does make sense from a rational point of view. It's a place of healing, but that's what not what comes to mind for most people when you think about them, unfortunately.

    Those are all great choices for 10s, outstanding shows (and movie) to be sure. I'm in somewhat of a minority in that I still think the first season of Haruhi is the best installment in the franchise, but the movie is an excellent watch as well. I've got the DVD and I was watching some of the extras about a month ago, like them going to Australia to record the music and the choir. Fun stuff.

    So more of a redemption from mediocrity rather than an a return to greatness, then? What is undeniably great if you getting your computer though! (Although I suppose it was bound to arrive eventually... ) You gonna be putting it to use soon?
  8. Knightrunner
    2012-12-21 20:45
    I'll probably will have to email the department directly or something. Thanks for the help. In my university the class schedule is open to the public. Easy find.
  9. Ryonea
    2012-12-21 07:37
  10. blaze0041
    2012-12-21 05:30
    Oh man... if you want retina-exploding levels of graphics, there's a nice bunch of Skyrim mods out there that should catch your eye (though I'm afraid I am unversed in mods in general, though they're easy to install for Skyrim).
    Another game that has retina-exploding graphics is Max Payne 3. If I remember right, the Witcher games, Far Cry 3, and Frostbite 2 games also feature this.

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