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  1. Echoes
    2013-01-19 06:49
    Their productions are usually cute and gorgeous-looking enough to not need to rely on any sort of overt sexuality for sales. Which is nice.

    Oh right. There's that aspect to it as well, the used games thing. God forbid someone buy something used; that's just way too out there! Borrowing, renting and buying used has always been an integral part of gaming. Most people just can't afford to buy every game they want to try new.

    Those things are alright.... You know, if you've already paid for the month's meth supply.

    It's just such an inviting picture. I'm waiting with baited breath to see if the rest of the package, which includes that keychain, arrives today. I never really watch English trailers (or all that many Japanese trailers, to be honest), but I went and looked at this one after you mentioned it. Yeah, pretty stupid. Then again, Strike Witches ain't exactly Shakespeare, so it's hard for me to be upset with them for making a dumb trailer. Funimation is the expert at licensing any and everything which contains copious amounts of fanservice. Onto the next item, I didn't know Aniplex had a live stream, and I'm not sure if it's news or not either. Bakemonogatari already has a blu-ray boxset release. I own it, so I'm pretty sure about that one. Is it a cheaper release? Ah, the one I have is a limited edition, so perhaps a regular edition? Regardless, Nise getting a release is pretty nice! As much as I like Nise though, I'm not sure it's quite at the level where I want to shell out 200 dollars for it like I did with Bake... what with the toothbrush and pervading sense of overindulgent lechery that brought it down a notch.

    Cool, cool. That does sound like a lot of fun, and the laid-back, welcoming attitude is a huge plus. I'll definitely let you know when I feel comfortable with it. Moving out would be a huge help in that, but I'll have to get lucky to pull that off as quick as I'd like. Percentage-wise, Oslo is actually the fastest growing city in Europe, and also one of the most expensive in the world. You can probably imagine what those two factors do for the housing market... the rents are absolutely ridiculous. Good luck ever syncing up with me though, what are we, like 9 hours apart?
  2. Echoes
    2013-01-18 20:22
    It was KyoAni-style fanservice. Classy fanservice, but fanservice nonetheless. Not that I'm really complaining, we could all do with a little more class in our life.

    They're certainly more blatant and bold with their nickel and diming. I'm sure it's not all that different from how businesses maximized profits in the past; just a new avenue of exploitation which is so obvious that it's hard to not be appalled by it.

    Yeah, there's a lot of stuff your money would be better spent on these days. With all these orders I've been making the last year, I've grown to associate those brown cardboard boxes with pure joy. Those bland, boring little things. It's quite something.

    Glad you like it! I absolutely fell in love with that picture myself; it was pretty much the perfect picture I could have gotten out of the series. That or a nice picture of Kuroneko looking scornfully towards the horizon. I liked the picture so much in fact that I also ordered a keychain with the same picture, which'll hopefully arrive sometime soon as well! I can see how Strike Witches would be very awkward. It's a guilty pleasure; super-guilty. I never would have put up anything more risque myself either; even this is pushing it for me. Not like any of my friends will really know what Strike Witches is anyway (as far as I know, anyway), but there's always that Google-fu, and while I've no problem admitting I (at least partially) enjoyed the show, it's not the kind of stuff I'd like people to think is my bread and butter, if you know what I mean.

    Oh right, Skype. I'd forgotten all about that, I should get back on that. I have a (presumably crappy) cheap mic lying around here. A proper anime chat sounds great! However, there are a few hurdles I'll have to overcome to get to that point. A shameful admission here, but I'm actually living back home again currently. I'm in a transition period (a euphemism for being unemployed if there ever was one), but I'm actively taking a course, trying to get a new full-time job and hopefully move back out into a place of my own. Currently, I'm wall to wall with one of my sisters, and speaking English to myself in my room would probably embarrass me. I know that's a little silly. Talking to a native English speaker in itself is a little daunting too, but I think that'll be fun once I get past the initial shyness. Don't take this convoluted explanation as a roundabout way of saying "no"; it's just me being (more than) a little embarrassed about my current life situation. Once I've moved out, I'll be able to chat for sure, and maybe before that too, if I'm "feeling brave tonight." It's genuinely something I'd really like to do, make no mistake about it. I had a friend over a few nights ago and the topic shifted to anime (which it very rarely does), and I noticed I just couldn't shut up about it, so I guess I got a lot of that stuff pent up.
  3. Echoes
    2013-01-18 08:50
    Good point, good point...

    Ah, alright, I guess I missed that. And by that I of course mean that I intentionally saved it, knowing I'd have a post-ending Hyouka craving!

    Gotta love that. Paying for what you already own. Having to maintain constant internet access to play the single player aspect of a game you bought with hard-earned cash. All that jazz. Gee, I'm sort of glad I don't buy many games these days.

    I'm exactly the same, I used to like watching television, but now it's like poison to me. Who needs it anyway, like you say, we're making great accomplishments here in our little fandom! Speaking of fandom, I got a package in the mail yesterday that really cheered me up. Which I really needed. I just got a huge unexpected bill which is a complete pain, and I think it was a completely unfair charge as well, so that was bothering me a lot. But, good package!

    I've taken the plunge. There's no turning back now. Full disclosure, Strike Witches isn't actually one of my favorite shows or anything, but I thought it was a very cute picture, and one of the nicest wall scrolls available from rightstuf. (They ship incredibly quickly internationally by the way, really pleasant surprise.)
  4. Echoes
    2013-01-16 06:47
    That's what makes it hyper, it stops when the goal has been reached; it knows when enough's enough!

    Older episode as in it was released in another format previously? I didn't know, but it was nice to see a little more of the characters after the series had ended. Even if it was just fluff.

    Oh, I'm sure there would be plenty of "DLC" with alternate voices and costumes....

    I'd like to think that I watch anime more its actual quality than because the alternative is bad, but yes, that's the unfortunate truth of the matter. Television sucks, and I'm so glad I don't even own one anymore. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like I'm getting something positive out of watching anime; even the not-so-great ones. Maybe it's the thrill of the hunt. When you need to track something down of your own volition, it feels like you've accomplished something. (Even though all you did was sit behind your computer screen and watch cute girls and pretty colors.)
  5. Echoes
    2013-01-16 01:52
    Granted, the grass is always greener on the other side, but hey, pass some of that hyper-metabolism my way! In fairness, I think mine is pretty good as well, I've just been a little lazy/indulgent the last half-decade.

    I'm sure I will. The promotional art looks cute, very K-On-ish. Which is fine by me. I just watched the extra episode (11.5) of Hyouka as well, so I'm getting my KyoAni fill.

    Killer app defined!

    I'm in complete agreement on that, I generally dislike sitcoms. A lot. Seinfeld is the only exception. I'm sure there are a few others I've enjoyed, but there's not a single other one I care to ever rewatch.
  6. Echoes
    2013-01-15 03:46
    Yeah... losing weight sounds easy on paper. But you gotta have that mental fortitude... which I sorely lack! It'll be easier once I can get some exercise outside without getting frostbite though.

    I wouldn't really know how to categorize it, but let's just say that it often makes me more conservative than I'd like with my viewing. Phobia is likely a hyperbole, but I should work on loosening up a bit. Tamako Market looks super-cute. Straight to the top of the list!

    Finally an app I'll even remotely care about!

    That's understandable. I've seen all of the Seinfeld episodes several times over, it's probably the only sitcom I actually like, and even cherish. I guess the Wii did pretty damn well without the HD, but it's now a necessity, so I understand why they finally made the upgrade.
  7. Echoes
    2013-01-14 10:13
    Sounds deeeelicious. Weight can be a concern for anyone, and while being overweight is definitely the bigger concern societally speaking, you can go too far in the other direction as well. You shouldn't really let it get to you that you don't measure up exactly to the standard set by your friends though, as long as you're healthy, it's all good. Everyone has a different genetic make-up, and we're not all meant to fit into the same pair of pants. Easy to say, hard to live by, of course. I'd love to lose a little weight myself, not too much, but just a little to get back to the size I was maybe 5-6 years ago.

    Yeah, you got that right. I think I got a minor phobia of that happening. You know, wasting the first watching of something great and when I look back on it my bad state of health/mind will eclipse the actual quality of the series in that memory. I suppose it's not the end of the world, but anime is my most treasured hobby, and I try to put some effort into making it something a little special whenever I find that show I just adore, you know? For the gaming thing, that's certainly good advise, but the stuff they type can be almost as bad sometimes. (And I usually play games where you need some semblance of communication to win, so you sort of have to type a little bit here and there...) The guys who yell "dumb retard", "stupid faggot!!!" etc over the mic are definitely the absolute bottom of the barrel, though. Forget that, they made a hole in the bottom of the barrel and crawled under even that. I just don't understand the mindset of people who act like that. But I guess that's a fruitless discussion to start, not even worth the energy it takes to type it out, I think.

    We're definitely in agreement there! It's usually much better to get something strange that fails to live up to its ambition than something mediocre and trite. That's true about Airi, I guess you'd be on the lookout for that. You don't strike me as the creepy "I want to lock her up in my basement" sort of otaku. You're the nice kind. As far as I know....

    It's good that your parents are looking out for you. I got a huge winter jacket myself. I don't know if you've seen that Seinfeld episode where the group is going to a party and stop to shop for wine and cake. The jacket George is wearing in that episode that makes him knock over all those bottles. Yeah, that's me! Free HDMI cable, huh? That's neat. I actually just had to buy one of those myself.
  8. Echoes
    2013-01-14 08:24
    I want to do that too, I haven't really been able either. I'll order myself up the most chili-filled thai-food the area can offer once I shake this off. Or maybe just a huge pizza with garlic dipping sauce to start things off. You definitely sound slim enough already! I'm a little more hefty. Although I wouldn't describe myself as fat, I should probably lose around 10 pounds to be at the right weight for my height.

    It's a bit obsessive on my end though, and sometimes keeps a show I really like in limbo for an awful long time when I'm either going through a bad time mentally, or when I'm just plain old sick, like now. Right now, that was the case with Chuunibyou, which I still haven't finished. (Yes, it's true!) In a sense, it's a compliment to the show that I put it away for special occasions, but I end up taking it a bit too far sometimes. (Like now, arguably. ) That one I will get to this week though, and that's a promise I'm making to myself right now. There's nothing wrong with enjoying some online gaming of course, but for me, the horrible community really puts the nail in the proverbial coffin and makes me stay away. I don't think I have thick enough skin, or enough tolerance, for that kind of stuff anymore. I'll just stick with what works for me, old and semi-old games without an online component.

    I sure know how to pick'em then, I guess. Anime and strange pretty much go hand in hand, and hey, that's part of what we love about it, so that's perfectly alright with me. I'm just imagining an image of Airi desperately trying to get some sleep while you're blabbering away for the 15th consecutive hour about some random topic. In fairness, I'd probably end up doing the same... well, I'd have to learn Japanese first, but I'd have a great way to practice!

    Cool. We had a White Christmas too. Heck, it's still white! And cold! Did I mention how cold it is? It's cold. If it's doing well as a party console, then it probably succeeded in its goal, I'm guessing. I doubt I'll be buying any new consoles in the near future, but you never know. Does it have backwards compatibility for Wii games? One of the few games from the current generation I actually do want to play (Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse) is for the Wii... but it was unfortunately only released in Japan for some arcane reason. I'm a big fan of the series, but I guess it must've not been doing too hot since they decided to not release it internationally. It's not like I have a Wii anyway... but I would have gone out of my way to get someone to borrow me one to play that game.
  9. Echoes
    2013-01-14 02:46
    Oh, I see. We're both going through some tough times, guess we just gotta buckle up and endure through it. I'm willing to bet I'll get the flu at some point as well, you wouldn't believe how cold it's gotten over here all of a sudden. It's good that you've got a prescription that's working for you, though, I've got some pills to relieve my nausea as well, but I'm not sure they're quite doing the trick. Just having some sort of prescribed medication tends to at least have some sort of placebo-like calming effect. As a silver lining, I've lost a few pounds through all of this, which I'm at least happy about.

    Yeah, I figured that was the questionable part. It's definitely a series where you have to put the somewhat ridiculous premise aside and just roll with it if you're going to enjoy it, I think. I have not dug into the new season just yet, but I'm getting ready to. I want to finish up SAO and a few other lingering shows beforehand, but I'll likely get to it sometime this week. I have this weird thing where I tend to not want to watch something I really enjoy when I'm sick. It's a little counter-intuitive, but it sort of takes away from the experience for me. If there's something I really enjoy, I want to watch it when I'm in the best state of mind and health. (Within reason, of course.) Just a mental quirk I have. So I've hardly watched anime anime the last two weeks. Shamefully, I played some online games to pass the time! .... but I quickly remembered why I stopped doing that and put those away again. Hopefully for good.

    I took a look at your Winter Anime post, and I'll definitely check out a few of the ones you recommended, and probably a few others when I get a good, solid look at the chart myself. Tamako Market and Sasami-san are two I'll at least give a good whirl. Not to place too much emphasis on the studio, but neither KyoAni nor Shaft have let me down lately. And then there's Chihayfuru's continuation, of course! I see you're still enjoying Robotics;Notes as well. As am I. It's more of a character piece for me, I don't really care that much about the plot (at least not yet), but the characters are a lot of fun to watch and the visuals are very pleasant. Like you, I can't exactly complain about a Kugimiya Rie-voiced AI either!

    Mine weren't bad either, always nice to exchange presents and see your extended family and whatnot. Wii U huh. Can their names get anymore ridiculous? That new Rayman game looks pretty neat! Other than that, I don't know much about the system except that it comes with a huge-ass controller with a screen.
  10. Echoes
    2013-01-14 01:12
    Hey. It's been a while. I think talking to you somehow infected me through the internet, because I also ended up having some severe stomach trouble. I'll not give you the repulsive details, but suffice to say, I've hardly been able to keep down food for the last two weeks. I think I must've jinxed myself, because now I can't eat spicy food either.... But that's really the least of my concerns, all things considered. Stupid stomach doesn't know its own good; it should accept what I'm giving it, and like it!

    I actually *still* haven't finished SAO, but I made it all the way to episode 18, and the series sure took some unexpected turns. I've thoroughly enjoyed it, despite a few "that's a little bit too convenient" plot moments. Looking forward to seeing how (and if) it wraps up. Speaking of thorough enjoyment, episode 11 of Psycho-Pass was incredible! And 12 was really great as well, the show has so come into its own and made me eat my own words.

    I suppose it's a little late to ask, but did you have a good time during the holidays? Are you feeling better in general?

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