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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-19 19:47
    It just randomly froze and stopped working? Thats weird as hell. at least it didn't randomly light on fire How much did the new one cost?
    Yeah well I guess, my hand is now 85% healed and I just had Kuroneko's apartment key made earlier today so now she can just come in whenever. Money is getting a little tight again but I have been spending it a little much recently, that doesn't really worry me though cause I have like $6,000 saved up.

    I really cant see it from what I'm told. Dunno sometime I wonder what if Christianity is correct, does that mean will I go to hell?
    I can actually move my fingers fine now but I cant open my hand all the way yet. lmao shes been extremely affectionate recently

    I don't know of any planetariums around here but I've always wanted to go to one!! I should look around to see if there are any around here.
    Do we really have a lot? Like whats the percentage?

    Oh yeah I forgot that happens if you plead insanity, thats dumb :P
    Politics are pointless!! People should just be like "hey lets all get along", it be so much simpler if it was that way.

    I've actually been putting it off recently I will have the account up by the end of the week.
  2. Kev-kun
    2011-04-15 23:15
    Hiya Thomas... Um dropping by to say hi?
  3. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-15 03:48
    We would trade chickens!!! Like they did in the "old country"
    Im just sayin, who says little children dont like sex? lmfao
    Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I've been doing some thinking recently about the future lol

    Oh I see, why is it that some people describe "heaven" as a slave encampment? I remember reading it on the forums at one point.
    Even though its still sprained it doesn't hurt anymore to write/type and my forhead is completely healed She is such a good person and an even better "friend" if you know what I mean lmfao

    Not to change the subject but I wish we could see huge planets and tons of stars at night, I was walking around at like 1am yesterday and I couldn't see any stars Wouldnt that be cool though?
    I think Kevin and I actually had this conversation before, hmm.....

    Overruled!! Sit back down!
    Yes, yes you may

    Kinda annoying I think lol As long as I dont have to do it a lot I dont mind it though.
    Yeah, they are actually pretty useless in general

    We are actually having "Skype Error Messages" when trying to log in so we are just going to make another account instead, I dont wanna deal with this crap lol
  4. Knightrunner
    2011-04-12 01:12
  5. Knightrunner
    2011-04-12 00:05
    How is Canada? I'm thinking about a back-up plan to move there if everything bad is going to happen in the US.
  6. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-11 05:46
    Not in society's views where everything matters >.> But like that matters to me anyway I wonder how the world would be if we were in charge. ( You, Kevin, Kuroneko, and I )
    What if the little children enjoy it? o.O

    Wow, for some reason you didn't come off as a Christian to me at first. I guess you do after thinking about it, so hows that treating you?
    Yeah the anger and rage I saw coming but I guess head butting the brick wall outside and punching my door weren't good ideas It felt good at the time... Now my hand hurts and its kinda hard to type =/ I am doing fine though lol Kuroneko is coming here after school to help me out Shes so nice ^_^

    The government sucks but if you think about it everything would be out of control without them, double edge sword?
    Dont they have mufflers on their cars? They are called mufflers for a reason. Or is it the actual people?

    Objection!! The defense is clearly lying, he is obviously cooler then I am.
    He must be insane to think that xD

    oooooooooooh now that makes sense lmao I was just like "What?" xD
    Dude that sucks!! Go petition for a 24/7 one lol I doubt that'd actually pass. xD

    I will try to get her Skype from her when she comes over later today and I will tell her to message you guys
  7. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-10 22:29
    I hope theres not
    Im a pedophile?!?!? O.O Really??? I always thought of it more as rape if anything but its not even really rape.

    Are you a Christian? Just wondering.
    It didnt go to well... It went kinda like this ; Awkward - Nice - Awkward - Angry - Awkward - Angry - Furious - Very Loud Screaming - Unjustifiable Anger and Rage - Understanding - Anger. It could have gone a lot better if my father wasn't the way he is and now Im at home with a bloody forehead and a sprained hand. =/

    The government is very evil, period. lmao
    Why did you pick that place to live if its so loud?

    Its the best kind of ass grab
    Nope your cooler, period, end of story, kthxbai

    I didnt take it as a dirty joke.... What are you talking about?
    What gas station isnt open 24/7?!?! I thought that was a universal thing.

    Yeah she does have a Skype but according to her "Yeah I have a Skype but I'm rarely on because we only have one computer and my parents love the internet, actually Im not even sure if I have a mic. You need one to talk right?"
    But yeah she has one.
  8. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-09 05:21
    Is it wrong that I want to touch her in her sleep?
    It actually is lol Cause your behind her so she cant push you away and you can have your way

    I dont know. I hope everybody gets what they want and there are multiple "heavens". But a part of me says that cant be true and it makes me want to defy religion and say its impossible for it to exist. So im kinda stuck in-between. What about you?
    Im kinda looking forward to it but facing my dad is going to be hard. Thats why Kuroneko is there, for support It better be there! Imma be mad if its not D:<
    Yeah, YOU DO!

    They secretly infiltrated the government and are brainwashing todays generations of kids!! Bastards!!
    I feel so bad for you I'd shoot myself if I were you. lol jk

    Yeah totally not an Elementary school or anything!! A Middle School!! lmfao xD
    Yeah but God told me you were the coolest person in the world so HA!

    You want to watch? O.O
    You totally would... lmfao xD

  9. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-09 03:47
    Im sure you guys will be friends in no time
    lmfao I'll just take your word for it I prefer my method of hugging from the back and kinda moving on from there.

    I want to live a shorter life then 80 but you never know I might change my mind. I love the topic of life and what happens after, its such an interesting thing to talk about.
    My "blankey" was left behind when I left my house Im actually meeting my parents this Sunday with Kuroneko. The 1st time in 4 years. If my "blankey" is still at home, I want it back.
    I would totally kidnap her if you know what I mean

    The have so much power because they are Nazi controlling bastards.
    I hate loud horns! They always go off when Im trying to sleep!! D:<

    lmfao thats kinda close to what I said to Kuroneko after like an hour and a half of taking. lmfao xD Stalk that middle school!!
    But your listed under cool in my dictionary, and last time I checked they weren't wrong

    I would totally molest the hell out of her lmfao xD :P
    Hey guess what.

    P.S. Go buy some!! They are amazing!!
  10. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-09 02:10
    It should be up before the end of the week, look forward to it!!
    Yeah totally! Just walk up to her with a rag and be like "Hey does this smell like chloroform?" What a good idea!! Theres nothing messed up about that at all lmfao xD

    The sad thing is that it will never be fixed. Its going to get worse and worse as time passes on, one of the many reasons why I don't want to live a very long life.
    I like it better then sleeping for one long period of time. I wish I still had my "blankey" lmao I miss it so much!! Dx
    I like how Black Rock Shooter is so fucking cool. lmao xD

    Someone should do something, I would :P
    Its funny watching from the sidelines A bit to loud though

    Yeah totally
    If Im so cool then for such a cool person such as myself to say someone else is cooler then they obviously must be cooler then the original person who was so cool. lol That hurt my head writing that out

    Its cause shes that awesome. Nobody could ever match up to her skill and power.
    Wow you totally would just do that.

    P.S. Peanut butter M&Ms are amazing.

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