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*Graphic Designer

Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. JRendell
    2011-04-03 10:39
    Will do, will do.

    My 3DS is broken
  2. Kev-kun
    2011-04-03 07:46
    Hiya Thomas, sorry for the late reply.. Pe assignmenr =.=

    Yep that's true.. Mario Kart was a stunner.. 3D goona rock our world!!

    New on the 3DS Skype camera plugin!! Includes a mic and record features.. Out now!!

    Yeah I've memorized Everything.. Trigonometry.. Anime... Anime

    Haha yep that would be convienient but I'd feel sorry for all those artists out ther..

    That's one annoying company who's tardy or no reason.. *sigh* so many probs with shipping these days.. Such an annoyance ne? BTW where is it ordered from anyway?
  3. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-03 02:48
    I personally don't consider it as a Mahou Shojou but I wouldn't disagree with somebody if they said it was. But are the character transformations really magic to begin with? Theres nothing that actually says that its magic.

    Don't be greedy, share!! Haven't your parents raised you better?! lmao jk xD
    But all I wanna do is roll around on my floor! Its really comfy and it smells nice

    We can't meet up afterwards because during work she'd be all I could think about! I'd get distracted and not pay attention!! I need her with me :P
    Oh Im sorry lmao "The Only Kind" from now on lol It totally sounds like a dimension thing.
    12 by 17 T.A.G. or just 1217 Tag. lol :P

    lmao Harry Potter aint got shit on me xD lmfao
  4. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-03 01:00
    Madoka Magica needs to go away. Like now.
    Not really Im sure its fine but Im dont really like Magical Girls, Shugo Chara being an exception of course.

    I wish I could have them both here in person, that would be awesome!
    I still need to finish that show, but I've been lazy recently :P

    It was so adorable! I didn't want her to move but people were staring at us so I had to wake her up >.< I wish it would have lasted longer Dx
    I love 12 x 17 total ass grab. Thats like the best kind of ass grab!!

    I wish I was a wizard. I would be all magical and stuff, it would be sweet~
  5. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-02 23:46
    Yeah I mean seriously go look at Madoka Magica. Im sure they're are worse characters >.>

    Thats so smexy its not even fuuny! I've only watched the first episode so far but I want to watch more!!

    Actually according to her she was up all night, which would explain her sleeping against me at one point, before I woke her up lol Vanilla ice cream is da best!! xD Screw that chocolate bull crap, its vanilla all the way.

    I think actually that they are using a wizard to cast spells on the 3DS to make the 3D appear without glasses, I mean obviously xD
  6. JRendell
    2011-04-02 22:59
    Ah I'm glad to hear. I've been uber busy as of late. Havn't really been able to get on the pc for any more than a half hour or so. Just enough time for a few chapters of some manga!

    Are you getting Crysis 2?
  7. JRendell
    2011-04-02 22:33
    Just goes to show eh?

    Anyways, how have you been lately?
  8. JRendell
    2011-04-02 19:52
  9. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-02 16:21
    Im sure shes not as bad as people make her out to be. The internet is a very cruel place after all. >.>

    I hope she is awesome, anyone who dresses like that has to be awesome!

    Today she came in the store around 6:30am when I was stacking the shelves and hugged me from behind, which scared the crap out of me so I dropped what I was holding lol
    The rest of the time we just chilled in the store, we barley get anybody in the morning shift, kinda why I usually take it So it was basically just us for like 4 hours. We talked about her school and about the world and its current state. Up until the end of my shift, after which we walked around and talked some more. Then she bought me ice cream It was Vanilla!!
    After like two hours she said she had to go, so we ended up going our separate ways.

    I wonder how they get the 3D to adjust to your eyes, I thought you needed glasses to do that.
  10. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-02 05:14
    Shes sound like the coolest person in the world lol I wish I had a little sister that would do that!
    Im going to check it out Kuroneko looks like a Tsundere, is she? But I am diggin her outfit! I wish I had one like that!

    I miss her already!

    You dont need 3D glasses do you? Cause I think that would be stupid. :P

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