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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-06 22:29
    If you say so lmfao xD
    Wow way to be a troublemaker in school you delinquent lmao
    Its cause Im that awesome lol xD No actually I just constantly ask what you guys are talking about lmfao Not to be creepy or anything
    The entire world complains now a days, spoiled people lol

    I still don;t understand how Canada's prices would be so high compared to the USA's. Isn't your economy better in Canada? You should be doing better then we are.
    I don't drive so I don't know what thats like lol Its good that you still get by though.

    Its. Starting. To. Get. Weird. lmao xD
    Haters gonna hate!! lol I read that on someones signature somewhere
    Oh did you now. With a special lady friend??? xD

    Do it, I wanna read it O.O
    How could people not watch After Story?!?!
    Thats like the saddest part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-06 19:27
    What if I had curtains instead of blinds. lmfao xD

    Teachers are stupid, you know they lost if they have to kick you out of the class room :P
    Kevin actually mentioned it to me but I didnt know he told you too So no Im not psychic but that would be awesome!!
    Why would they complain about that? Its food.

    Dude stuff is expense as hell here, being the 2nd worst economical state but Canada is more expensive then Michigan!?! What the hell!!
    I feel bad for whoever drives up there >.>

    Why. Are. We. Typing. Like. This?. xD
    Dude who doesn't like steamed broccoli?! That stuff is amazing!! And OMG I love it with salt
    Epic sunset is epic lol I love sunsets <3 They are so pretty

    No I dont believe you have lmao Please go on xD
    Yui's disappearance was sad but Kanade's was so much sadder! I was like ;_; while my friend was like T_T.
    Clannad was soooo sad That was the saddest show I've ever seen.
  3. Kev-kun
    2011-04-06 07:54
    Yeah it certainly will take a while.. But no matter.. as they say 'patience is a virtue'

    Haha yep, it would be a good device to play on... Although doesn't the '3D' like make your eyes tired pretty easily? Like 15-20 max?


    Yep that's true, artists are art themselves really... express their own way of 'art'

    ... That's pretty harsh... but still, expensive or not.. 2-3 months is a bit tardy ain't it? Wait from US? Isn't that pretty close?!? Oh well... at the end you get your precious guitar right?

    BTW It's Autumn now!! (Spring where you are) Its FULLY FREEZING!!! LOL.. Random much, just felt like blabbering it out
  4. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-05 13:34
    I thought we were talking about my blinds but are you making a request for my clothes? >.>

    Young people are so creative and smart lol
    I want her and Kevin to meet and just watch them destroy each other in wits. lmfao xD They are basically the same age right? I think they'd like each other lmfao xD
    Thats good, it doesn't sounds as bad as people make it sound, maybe I should get my G.E.D. and attend college.

    Everything is really expensive here in America because of the economy, how is it in Canada?

    I like broccoli and carrots but only when they are like steamed.
    I guess cool is better, like late spring breeze temperature, if you can figure how that feels lmao

    I got the day off today and me and my special friend spent it watching Angel Beats!
    It was so sad at the ending She was crying a lot lol xD
    Today was a good day
  5. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-05 05:36
    I might as well just remove them lmao xD

    She is intelligent!! When I realized how smart she was I was so surprised. I was like :O
    She said to her parents that her friends were having consecutive sleep overs for spring break, she hates lying so there for she never does it but she made an exception this time and her parents believed her
    That sounds nice High school was so stressful >.<

    I don't have a iPhone but I heard it was cool. It costs money though >.<

    Shut the hell up!! lmfao jk xD I knew you were gonna say something!!
    I like fruit a lot more then vegetables. Fruit is so yummy
    I hate cold places so I always leave the heater on a lot. The rent is too high!!

    Anything new with you?
  6. Knightrunner
    2011-04-05 03:29
    Dentist and dentist assitance are in the job to torture people. Did they give you the floss speech too?

    I'm doing well. Just typing up some lab work and journal writing. Writing about worm DNA.
  7. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-05 02:41
    Should be schedule a time? Maybe next week Monday?

    Shes so smart Shes staying over for the entire break, but once again she is sleeping
    Do you enjoy going to college? Like compared to going to high school which is better?

    I only have an iPod from them, which do you prefer, Macs or PC?

    I like meat a lot lmfao Shut up and dont say it xD
    Its a lot better then vegetables or fruit but its so expensive!!
    The rent is too damn high!! lmfao I remember hearing that somewhere before. And my electric bill is actually pretty low, but my heating bill is very high >.<
  8. Knightrunner
    2011-04-05 02:03
    Hi papermario,

    Been a while so how have you been?

    I wish there was a way to put a 3 way conversation going for I don't have to jump back and forth to other pages.
  9. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-04 21:31
    Defiantly later lmfao xD

    It was her idea lol ^.^ Spring break is awesome!! I like not being in school because my spring break is everlasting! How exactly does college spring break work? Yes small amounts

    Apple is evil and so is Microsoft!! They rip you off!! Have you ever seen the price to repair an ipod?! Its plain evil! D:<

    Omg Food lol I love food, its like the best thing evah!! :P
    Cant you play guitar? I figured you were good at that.
    Like I posted above, Microsoft is evil!! Xbox 360s are tons of money but not only that you have to pay for the Xbox live and then the game, plus the electric bill!!
  10. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-04 04:32
    I can't do that because I have a guest I need to stop talking like that, shes going to see this one day and be freaked out lmfao xD

    Yeah she asked her mother if she could spend the night at her friends and she came here instead I think her mom would freak if she found out she was here. Im so glad she has spring break, I get to spend all week with her But its not like we do anything perverted here, we have common decency, well maybe a little

    Nope she rips them off like every other company in the world. *cough* Apple *cough*

    I hate school subjects in general >.> They all blow >.<
    I love dancing but Im not very good at it. I can only do some formal dances, like for balls and what not. I wish I could play with Kevin, but then I'd need an Xbox and that cost a lot!!

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