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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. blaze0041
    2011-03-02 06:08
    It's only been the first week of my 2nd year, but it feels like I've thrown into the deep end... I still feel it's going to be a good year!
  2. Melpomene
    2011-03-02 04:10
    Skype group voice? I can't imagine how that would be. Ah, this is something you two worked on together? Pretty scary isn't it?

    Definitely, as you seem to spring forth with new information. I've only breathed out of my mouth when my nose is really clogged. Mouth breathing actually drives me nuts. The sounds ugh! What do you think about "fad diets?"

    They are indeed! All that H1N1 fiasco. I think it's that immortality I was talking about. I eat poorly, I sleep poorly, I am around people often, and I don't seem to get sick. I'm not sure how I do it...

    Oh, the one who would enter the room and be like "Don't notice me don't look at me?" Or something else?

    BTTF: Yes it definitely spurred out talks~

    DH: I agree, there is so many herbal combinations to make us feel better. Caffeine is very bad, I have been cutting it out more and more.

    ACO: Thank you, it's something I always felt~

    ACS: It's the cheapest in town. How foul!

    JATA: Hmm, maybe I have given up. I haven't thought of it that way. I just figured I would work on my life, myself, my own happiness and not think about love. As I have been working on things with myself I think about it less and less and less. Thank you for the encouraging words, I just don't know hahaha~

    IJ: That is awesome! What did you do? It's a great flawless method. Don't get me started on how I get rid of door to door solicitors.

    RC: Ew, *waves hands at you* How do you know all that stuff eeesh, I will go soon enough. *shivers* eesh.

    Arnold: You've recommended me some great movies, so it's my pleasure.

    SPvsTW: Yes, it is time to talk about Scott Pilgrim haha. Oh god! So you were stuck with it and had no hope of escape. Friendly torture? He sounds like my kind of fellow. Haha, "It's milk and eggs *****" The jump clap at the end was hilarous too. Oh yes! I love that movie so much.

    TWOO: *smiles sweetly as she pulls out fisherprice headphones*

    Thats really kind of you to want to give it to someone here. I didn't know people could get close like that online. I'd lean towards the philanthropy myself. The second time? I'm definitely seeing a theme here.

    Hmm, I guess it's about the balance. I can't really say how I am. I'd say emotional based on my paintings, it's why being called cold threw me off. That is neat, so they deal with people who have encountered this stuff? I have seen shows where they discredit things too. Have you had any experiance with ghosts or esp stuff?

    Oh pish posh, the screaming is half the fun~ The flailing is the other half, and not cleaning it up after is the icing on the cake.

    Really, I am so going to abuse that. I ate healthy on Saturday and Friday. Crappy on Monday and crappy today. So tomorrow I will eat healthy. Time for another frozen pizza then!

    Ew, the desert spiders? The African Jumping spiders? No thank you~ I always had the need to learn more I attended Korean schools for about 2-3 years.

    These big spiders are 45mm. They are called Tegenaria Duellica or "Giant House Spider." You can hear them walking across the floor. The jumping spiders? I think I have seen those on a National Geographic. It shows, with all of the useful facts you've shared with me.

    Oh my, how kind of you. I will take a look in the camera bag. Sometimes I take it out and put into my computer and then just toss it in the bag without inserting it into the camera.
  3. Kev-kun
    2011-03-02 01:00
    Hiya Thomas. Haha thanks for understanding ^^
    Hm quizzes eh? Were they really that tough?

    Oh hopefully you get better ^^ Im doing fine, lots of homework and assignments but alright thanks ^^
  4. Melpomene
    2011-03-01 23:26
    Hope nobody gave you the grump grump response. I was like, what the heck, I have skype... what do you wish for? Who is Otaku Guy? So I just responded with what I could think. I can't imagine it being any good no. Pfft, I have a policy not to die until I achieve exactly what I want. Be very afraid!

    Oh I got you. So if you do that enough eventually you've got a spring of knowledge to draw upon. I need to start caring more... So what was your latest scientific investigation?

    I'm glad to hear you've gotten better. That is good, all these weird illnesses named acter creatures creep me out. When was the last time I was sick...

    I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that. Ah I see, I was the same in highschool. I'm only known for planting demons to scare people, and hacking the info tech lab.

    BTTF: But I want to see what happens >.<! The glorious death of all things! It's a once and a life time thing~ (Oow, I hurt myself with that pun)

    DH: I bet you I'd hate the taste now. It's one of those things. Very cool~ I typically go to tea option before standard medicine.

    ACO: You'd be destroyed along with it - dost thou love nature to that extent?

    ACO: I do, I can trust nature quite easily, but myself and other humans. Not so much.

    ACS: Thats right Wa- I mean... *whines* no cheap places near me.

    JATA: Hmm, that seems the case, but what they do hurts one another. In my mind if I loved someone as bloody unlikely as that will be anymore, I would see them as me. If they hurt I will hurt, so naturally I'd not want them hurt by me or anyone. I already lectured someone today about it so I dont' think I have it in me.

    IJ: That happens to me often too. I get pamphlets for my internet saying: "Have you tried us yet!" I eventually called them and pretended to be a confused customer. Eventually they took me off the mailing list because they couldn't deal with my incoherence.

    RC: Doing my best, but my doctor is freaking out over my latest physical saying "Oh no you need another blood test." So I have to abide.

    Arnold: I agree. Warlords is one of the more recent Lian Jie movies. It is such an interesting story and heavily political. It's like political meets virtue and the struggles there in.

    SPvsTW: Definitely the death of Nickolodeon. Oh god, did your friend dislike it? I lost myself in that movie and the time. I was so histerical when the Vegan police showed up. What was your favourite part?

    TWOO: *taps foot then wags her finger* Oh I believe it was. Now you must be punished.

    The hinges are what broke. Hmm, so the top half basically broke off for you? 3Ds... I saw that, I probably won't get it with my schedule. What is the difference between 3DS and the original? 3D? It was new? Eww, did they replace it for you?

    Both worlds are fine, as an artist I tend to lean more towards the spiritual side of things. I often find logics can be too harsh for certain situations. Though I have been "cold and calculating" before, go figure. What is parapsychology anyway?

    Ohh, I see it is an annoyance. It makes me want to hurl fireballs at them. I'd prefer "free spirited" since I do what I want when I want.

    Thanks, somewhat. I mean I had frozen pizza tonight and thought if I ate two vitamins I'd balance things out. I take it this is a bad assessment?

    I woke up, had the longest shiver ever, and then ate a huge breakfast in hopes that I'd digest any 8-legged created I might have eaten. I learned about the term in the 4th grade; it was fascinating

    Mmm~~ eight legged cuisine. Just as long as I don't eat the huge ones that show up in the summer I'll be fine. Thats neat, I didn't learn any neat terms like that, though fourth grade I was really lazy. I think that is when I made my "Mask of Set" You were in korean schools then right?

    Once I find my smartcard thingy for my camera you bet. I lost it in one of my shootings, and I am hoping I just misplaced it somewhere.
  5. LonelyGirl
    2011-03-01 23:01
    Heyy!! Sorry I took so long to reply, I was asked to play at a small restaurant yesterday so I was busy all day and I was extremely tired when I got home so I couldn't reply then.

    I love Google <3 its like the most helpful thing in the world lmao
    And I really need to look into this Reader Digest thing, it sounds like fun ^^

    Doctors or lawyers huh, my father actually wanted me to go into medical and "follow the family trend" but I thought it was boring. And the only thing fun about going to like pharmacy's was looking at all the pretty colored pill bottles lmao
    I guess college isn't my thing then, oh well I don't think I need it anyway.

    I don't think I could ever cover a song and post it on the internet like a lot of people do, I would be afraid of the feedback. People are scary
    And YES! I sleep with my guitar, I wish I could marry him lmfao xD

    Here in California we never get "freezing cold" weather but it does get chilly here, for us at least. You can always tell if someone is a tourist when they are walking around with just a T-Shirt on when its 60 or something lol

    I think Gibson is better at making guitars then Fender but when it comes to bass, Fender is tough to beat. And 2 MONTHS IS A LONG TIME!!!

    25 people is a lot though, especially when they are all staring at you, its creepy... And I love classic rock! Guns N' Roses, ACDC, The Rolling Stones etc.. But all I listen to now is J-Rock/J-Pop besides the Beatles of course
    Fender Stratocaster!? Is it white like Jimi Hendrix's?

    Playing in front of crowds is tough!! I think its awesome how you could play in front of sooooooooooooooo many people!! I never liked high school everyone there was a dick lol Excuse the language xD
  6. blaze0041
    2011-03-01 18:37
    Thanks for your PM! I've been busy lately, uni has just begun for me!
    However, it seems you didn't leave feedback on Rev. 4 of my "K-On!! is Rock!!" signatures...
    (I should be done soon!)
  7. Melpomene
    2011-03-01 17:41
    I'd imagine you got pretty busy sending out that one PM. It was quite nice, but I think you sent it enmass? Yes, because I am thin a lot of people envy my size and height. So they don't say that I might be eating poorly. Oh I see~ using the "we" are you. So is my mentor the two of you are already a single borg like entity. I suppose resistance is futile?

    I suppose so~ I hadn't a clue, do you random search these things? I'm so curious how you gain this knowledge. Is it an active search or an accidental stumble?

    You're sick? I with my terrible eating habits, lack of sleep, and constantly being around people of late and I am fine. Something seems wrong about that. I hope you get well, and I hope it is nothing serious? No birds or swines?

    That is so funny I am trying to imagine your face when you saw it. Superhero day sounds excellent! Did you do anything for that?

    BTTF: *Stays out looking around*

    DH: Yeah, if I smell it too long or the smell of a double double, I get soooo tempted to drink it. I agree, tea also has a lot of healing agents for various ailments.

    ACO: Hm hm hm~ That is right, destroy all of humanity that way nature may thrive again!

    WW: ^.^

    ACS: Hmm, I as well. I typically go to my local family grocer, but for anything else I could be paying a lot. You've that superstore thingy though~

    JATA: Is that so? Her and I are strongly in agreement. It's rare, and it will be hard I imagine. Especially if people even girls, tease you about it. People seem capable of doing anything to a loved one. It is a product of a decaying socie- Yeah I won't get into that rant we'll be here all day.

    IJ: I took a peak, and there is none as of yet. That is a lot of space for an advertisement. Always they must ram it down our throats.

    RC: Oh those! I used to have those. That's right, never made that quite clear. *takes up her rotten fruit for her appointment on Wednesday*

    Arnold: I was so suprised to see Jackie Chan in that kind of role! I really liked it a lot. I like the movie "Warlords" for the same reason. Though Lian jie has been a dark role before. Pretty close, they had the hair and the outfits. I remember a magazine explained how to do it all. What bizzare few years *shakes head*

    TM: Oh god, I remember Good Burger... What a ghastly thing it was. One of the movies I walked out of. Oh so you didn't go to the movie knowing what it was? Same here! Then I laughed endlessly when the enemy dropped coins.

    TWOO: I do too, I usually sneak into his class as well and he lets me. Only because a certain someone on these forums made me curious about music.

    DS? They're quite thick aren't they? I can see that, Ipod is a silly thing. Crash unexpectedly? Oh dear, was it an older laptop? Oh I agree, Mozart makes some of my more interesting paintings.

    Indeed, as they say the markings near the fault lines are "stretchmarks" I am willing to really sink my teeth into that theory. Oh yes, and a few others. I sneak into Creative and Critical Studies, Science, Philosophy, and Music departments.

    Oh really? It is like a way of thinking they call you that. I am in EGL, and I wear victorian inspired clothes when I am not in EGL. I thought hippies had a much different appearance.

    I threw out all my fruit for good measure. I will get some more later, if I remember

    Oh ew! that is a really disturbing dream. How were you after the dream? Lol, I can imagine rubbing your cheeks in wonder. Ah, so that is what it is called, similar to the search engine, and now it's name makes sense. I typically always describe things metaphorically or artistically. It is why I always like to hear the actual information.

    You're interested in my work? Thats rare~ I decided to do a clay piece. The project is themed "Out of this world." So to my suprise people didn't automatically pick Aliens. One guy is doing the chinese lunar palace (envy). A few others are doing angels, and other things. I'm one of the only ones doing aliens. So I am doing an HP Lovecraft inspired Alien.
  8. Knightrunner
    2011-03-01 06:53
    lol I slack off to sometimes, but I guess not compared to some people I know. Those slackers never get things done except copy people's works. Well, I'm going to get some sleep.
  9. Knightrunner
    2011-03-01 04:02
    I see. I'm still up late in night because I need to finish my lab journals before I get some sleep. I don't know why work keeps piling up.
  10. Knightrunner
    2011-03-01 03:51
    Are you hanging out in skypea more often?

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