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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is online now

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Melpomene
    2011-03-05 22:50
    I can imagine, it breaks the forum wall when you talk with someone via voice.

    Indeed, To cut out things or limit what you can eat and can't. I just see what I like and eat it. You're right healthier is a lot cheaper.

    That’s true, if my father had it his way I'd be in a bubble. They do! I make great use of them. Your illnesses sound annoying~

    Same here, too quiet. Awwh, thanks I enjoyed my friends energy though. It was indeed! It didn't really bother me though.

    BTTF: A few years ago it was incredibly tragic. He told me once to let out my cheeky side and be free. So I am two years late, but oh wells.

    DH: That is really crazy to do that! Doesn't their bodies show them warning signs or anything?

    ACO: Haha, I give little cause for argument it seems :3. Indeed, they're only caring about what effects them. A common flaw most people share. It's that mentality I wouldn't mind wiping out. Oh execution via making them eat every piece of garbage they littered.

    ACS: So I wouldn't see them here. I love Italian food quite a lot, so I wouldn't mind invading Little Italy. Where Chinatown has tourist trinkets, tea, and incense!

    JATA: I agree, and I have a great mother. Sure she'd made mistakes, and others might view her as lousy, but I don't. I once said to my mentor that it will find me. When I am ready it will.

    IJ: They used to do that too, but I kept hanging up all the same. You could try... Hmm, randomly yelling things like "Butts and pee pees!" pretty immature, but it will annoy them. Then hang up. They try then leave you alone? *thinks back to that one time a few months ago* You're lucky! Oh you should! Once you're on the black list thats it. My brother got on black list with one sentence, lucky jerk.

    RC: Oh is that so! Well I am not going still/yet >.<. Oh no no no, the chest bursting is but a minor set back I assure you~

    Warlords: Very crazy, I had to help the director, get a project done in time, attend support group, meet with my mentor, get out a synopsis to my consultant, and attend a class/seminar/whatever for my avocations group, since somehow I am spearheading it. *exhales* It definitely keeps me busy, but sometimes I burn myself out.

    SPvsTW: It tanked! How how? It was so funny, I laughed so hard and enjoyed it so much. I am shocked that it didn't do well. Hmm, I haven’t seen Inception or Megamind, though Inception sounds really familiar. Definitely, the stuff they put out last year is laughable. This year is off to an interesting start.

    TWOO: Oh yes! OHHH YES he does, every boy band...type thing has whiny stuff that is nauseating. *Finger hovers over the play button* It's even worse... it's a REMIX!

    My house is always clean too, on occasion the trash and dishes pile up. That is usually due to my schedule though. It is my house! Someone tell them that >.< *gets out a nerf bat* So you're computer is a grandpa too. Mine needs a serious overhaul or upgrade to new. iPhones here are a nuisance! During class people are texting, or getting calls. It's so distracting. I once saw while waiting in line for Harry Potter a group of friends in costume, instead of goofing off they were all standing still texting. It was creepy!

    Hmm, so you'd say you were a clairvoyant in a sense? Twenty-one in a row sounds amazing to me. I don't think I could guess five cards in a row. My ceathers have an uncanny ability to when I arrive. As I mentioned in chat it was because of my turning a heavy situation to light hearted. I didn't know I could do that until it was brought to my attention.

    *Evil Grin* What do you think?

    It's like a metallic "My life is fail," as it groans and whines to nothingness. Mmm, my cream drink~ It tastes like something *laps it up* Actually I use skim for certain recipes and such. I just can't see it as a drink... it's not delightful. That is true you're a health guy, but cereal with... skim...

    You are are you! You know how many people in my social circle would be yelling, "Don't tell her that!" right about now if they saw this? The night sky off of the ocean can have a clouded ominous empty feeling. I wonder if that is what bugs you? Yet the night sky out of the city is so beautiful. Hmm, this gives me some idea anyway. I think so too, I should at least fear that. Quiet towns can lead to some interesting scenarios. Didn't the chainsaw massacre happen in a small town? English muffins 2 loafs for 6.00 and frozen pizza 3 for 10.00.

    The art is the fun part, the presentations are somewhat boring. I try to make it humorous specifically if it's a statue. I give statues a personality and talk to it. If it's a painting I sound bored when I present it. Unless it's a topic I like to paint.

    P.S. We had a lovely first chat, though *pokes your still green status* I wonder if I should bug you while you study. You see green means "GO!" The kitchen of doom is now the kitchen of "Somewhat Niceness."
  2. Hellychan
    2011-03-05 16:45
    Thank you papermario! ^^

    *sorry for being late*

    And I can see that your EMDAS are going well! ^.^b
  3. Melpomene
    2011-03-05 16:19
    Sounds neat~

    I made drug jokes and things like that when I used it first. Yep, and even ones that are local. Local fad diets by local detritions that apparently no better than us. I can't be bothered with that stuff. Thanks.

    They did? Were they naggy? I loved those stations, I use them frequently. They asked me if I was worried, I said "no people are just gross." Oh I see, it lingers~

    I bet, especially when now you're sending messages en-masse to people. Lol, I was the coolest? I had a friend who was hyper and always doing things. So he kept inviting me over and over, even though I was dubbed "dreadfully boring." By my others.

    BTTF: When my aforementioned friend past away, some of his energy passed onto me or something. So now I am always being a bad influence and much more energetic. Like I will tease, trick, come up with crazy games. I will do it anywhere, at any time and could careless about the situation. That’s why I earned the title~

    DH: Someone had a seizure!? Why are they still selling them if people are dying from them? It always baffles me.

    ACO: So I've been told I hate that excuse, it drives me crazy. It does effect them now. Epidemics are spread by that same carelessness. I'd imagine someone who is egotistical like that won't even be thinking about anyone else. So I say immediate punishments to stop the behaviour.

    ACS: I do too, I didn't know there were a little Italy and Korea town!

    JATA: Thank you, it's got my mother pretty worried though. I need to do so much for myself first. Strong emotions are precious, people always try to squelch them in others.

    IJ: Calls I sometimes pick up and hang up immediately. Just an inch off the receiver then *click* So I deal with them easier. With in person, if you let one in, suddenly it's non-stop. The knock at the door, the odd hours of arrival. I can't be bothered. It is indeed! I never get solicitors now~

    RC: Craziness the lot of you! I even have my consultant bothering me to do it now. If you came up here I will face hug you and plant aliens into you.

    Warlords: No worries, take your time. My week is rather crazy too.

    SPvsTW: I did too, I knew nothing about the series so everything was new and funny. I think they were! I was too busy laughing. I agree, and it has been such a long time since anything decent had been out.

    TWOO: *spins the CD center on her finger* Just going to play some of his whinier stuff. You'll do anything eh? Hmm~ so quickly you crack.

    I do, I like to have a bit of space, but my peers would have me fill it with coffee tables, window stands, and things I don't need. What is wrong with this current laptop? iPhones... *shiver*

    That is really neat, so I am thinking you did really well on those tests? Do you feel you have some kind of special ability? I imagine 21 in a row is considered amazing? It sounds amazing to me. I am too, like if it's noticeable maybe other people can feel it? I've been told I have a "mischievous presence" So when I enter people start grinning. My presentation on Wednesday earned me the nickname fox spirit.

    Oh, I didn't even THINK about cooking you up!

    Kind of makes me think of a car trying to start up, but can't. Skim Milk, faugh, it is white water.

    Whoa, so you respond physically to the situations. The night sky? That is curious, what about it was causing that? I am curious, because I am painting "The Night" this week. I think most have a fear of pain and death? That is a very real fear in some places! So you look at people kind of worried about them? One going on at my local market~

    I should peek for it today when I am rearranging things. Thank you! I think it will get my usual laughs~

    P.S. Ah, thank you I will type it in and be online later today! For now I am off to tackle the kitchen of doom.
  4. LonelyGirl
    2011-03-05 08:36
    Thank you, hold your applause xD

    There will be no search engine that can match Google, ever!

    Loitering laws are pointless, its like hey, kick me out today but you just lost a customer for life so who's the real loser here? I feel bad for those kinda people, I wish I could get them better jobs

    YouTube is cool to find awesome covers but the people are a little bit rude, not all though I agree with you there. I have met some fairly nice people there but the rest are trolls. :P
    The way I sleep with my guitar is I have my legs wrapped around its body and I like hug the neck lmao Most of the time I sleep on my side, but thats the way I like to sleep

    Question! If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go??

    Hooray! I'M IMPORTANT!! lmfao xD

    The Beatles, Toto, Billy Joel and Chicago are AMAZING!! Stepping away from Classical Rock have you ever listened to Frank Sinatra the classical singer?

    Isn't it weird that a lot of famous Rock Stars were poor when they were little. A lot of them were if you think about it. And I hate how Hendrix died!! He should have lived longer!!!

    lmao! How did you know!??! Although Mato is a girl name I tell everybody that my guitar is a guy because like the thing is that Girls play Guy guitars and Guys play Girl guitars, I never liked that so when I got my guitar I decided that it was going to be a girl but I didn't name it until after I saw Black Rock Shooter because I couldn't think of a name at the time that I liked.
  5. Kev-kun
    2011-03-04 17:55
    Hiya Thomas ^^
    haha i see.. Some crazy quiz they must be Well as they all say, 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' ^^

    Haha no probs ^^ its good to hear your doing well too ^^

    Btw i watched a vid you uploaded, about masterchef i think? It was hilarious
  6. Mamina fan12
    2011-03-04 13:41
    Mamina fan12
    yeah no prob everybody needs friends right!!!
  7. Melpomene
    2011-03-03 23:41
    Oh I gotcha, so that is what you guys are up to. Sounds like a bit of fun, and a bit of zaniness as well.

    Thank you, I did have nasal spray, but as I don't get ill I passed it on to a friend. Yes thank you, they are and there is some new one going around called the "Paleo Diet" I can't be bothered to be that mindful of what I eat. Today I ate pretty healthy.

    It was pretty crazy for a lot of people. I acted normally. Very overblown, thankfully they made it so many places have hand sanitizer stations so I can cleanse my hands. Hmm, that could be it for sure. What about you do you get ill easy or would you say you were average?

    Really? I did speak somewhat, but not enough. I had very few friends, but I was the Yuki Nagato of the group. That is good that you are more cheery now, I am a lot more open too.

    BTTF: I'm often considered a bad friend lol~ Thanks. It's definitely fun to look back.

    DH: Water is the best tasting thing when you are so thirsty. Caffeine is the enemy haha~ Oh energy drinks is a ridiculous fad here. EVERYONE at the campus drinks them. Aren't they just pure caffeine?

    ACO: Sad, yet quite true. I hate how people just toss things on the ground. Smokers..if I could just hang them all up on a line and flog them. They don't care about their health, their loved ones health, other's health, and the environments health.

    ACS: Found a gem uptown, and I will be buying from the China town markets from now on.

    JATA: It's quite alright, I just shut that side of myself off. I live day by day as I improve myself and my life. The topic actually came up with a friend, I told him I just don't think that way anymore.

    IJ: That is so funny, and I didn't know they had to stop calling at a specific time. Though 9pm is quite late to be calling with that crap. Those times are for family or whatever. That is funny I bet he was shocked to find out you weren't spanish. He got mad? That doesn't make sense, when he is the one calling you. When anyone comes door to door I am antsy to let them in. I play up how suspicious I am even going as far as pushing them in the house while I look quickly behind them. I ask them repeatedly if they were followed. Then I look out the door again. By now they're really uncomfortable. Then I talk to myself like: "I know, I am getting to that!!" Usually by now they are trying to leave. I try to keep them, but they insist they have other places to be. I'm black listed apparently, so no one solicits me anymore.

    RC: It's so- I wanted to go the other day, but I will pass for a bit. I keep saying "next week." A friend of mine said she'll fly up here and make me if I don't do it by the end of the month. Hope you aren't that crazy

    Warlords: Let me know what you think when you see it~ It's a good movie.

    SPvsTW: Haha, is chicken vegan? That is so bad! It's so funny! I can totally picture the vegan police in it though. When I first saw that car and everything I was like "What the heck?" The movie delivers punch lines so well.

    TWOO: *Pushes play as Auto-tune takes over the poor crackly sound waves* Just a little of this~

    That is a very good way of thinking. I get teased because my house is quite bare. It's just me though, and I don't need anything more. I'm glad you have turned that way. Haha, I don't really blame you. You're computer's bane.

    Hmm, I agree to that definitely. If I start to figure myself out I often surprise myself. That is really neat, but could you explain to me what each of that indicates? Predicting a string of 21 cards is kind of amazing. Did you get them all right? The Psi wheel I am a bit lost on though. My mother says I have an "Old tired soul." Haha. Thats really neat, has anyone else felt that presence?

    Enjoyment ^.- Remember it's best to have things well done rather than rare~ So we need to make them extra crispy.

    I do, but I get a... what did they call it? A crash? Where I get super tired and unable to focus. Yay, I will drink homo-milk to that!

    You screamed? Oh my you are quite scared of spiders and such. I didn't think people could have that reaction on the video. Hehe, you're so hard on yourself, I think it's okay to be afraid like that. If you were super manly there is no way you can be comforted. I am a steel wall of colossal manliness, fear me for I waver for nothing, but 2 for 1 sales!

    I haven't bothered to look for it. I should probably add it to my piles of things to do tomorrow. Why am I not doing it now? I am behind and have to turn in my alien tomorrow.
  8. Lost Cause
    2011-03-03 20:55
    Lost Cause
    Will do Mr. Mario! I'm just announcing the event as per the wife's orders.
    And pass the word along to her other friends, thanks!
  9. Lost Cause
    2011-03-03 20:47
    Lost Cause
    It's time!!
  10. blaze0041
    2011-03-03 18:28
    I hit a brick wall when I tried to add "Zildjian Cymbals" to Ritsu's one... Oh well. I guess I'll try again later...

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