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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Knightrunner
    2011-03-01 06:53
    lol I slack off to sometimes, but I guess not compared to some people I know. Those slackers never get things done except copy people's works. Well, I'm going to get some sleep.
  2. Knightrunner
    2011-03-01 04:02
    I see. I'm still up late in night because I need to finish my lab journals before I get some sleep. I don't know why work keeps piling up.
  3. Knightrunner
    2011-03-01 03:51
    Are you hanging out in skypea more often?
  4. LightMusicBand
    2011-03-01 02:59
    hey there, yup received your message. and yes it is always good to talk to somebody, even on the internet. but i don't have skype, so i'll just settle in with animesuki. and i'm also in it for the cake! yummm... XD hehehe.....

    hey, just noticed, you have 104 friends here. weee, that must be really fun.

    so, how's life? (hope not as boring and predictable as mine. at least it's March now, 1 more month of school to go. i could smell the salt in the air already, if you know what i mean.)

    well, have a nice day.
  5. Melpomene
    2011-02-28 23:51
    Haha, I am pretty difficult to be creeped out. I'm sorry to worry you, I have been overwhelmed with the things I got myself into. If you saw me you'd probably think I was fit too. Perhaps a bit thin, but healthy. Maybe I am like you friend. I was given a yam soup by my manager. She things I am not healthy enough, you health nuts are ganging up on me!

    I suppose that is true, another of my photographs have been used recently too. About a few days ago. Really? I didn't know belly fat can do that. I'm glad I am rail then. Last thing I need is diabeetus. I'm not athletic, but if I am coaxed I'll try anything.

    So true so true. Haha, I think so too. I wore it downtown to a re-enactment party and slouched back in my chair and a guy leaned over and smelt me. He took a big wiff of my hair. I was irrate! You cleared that up quite nicely! I think... How goes your song writing? It's been a bit since I asked~

    Oh god! That is really dangerous indeed. What were you thinking when he was like that? I can imagine it was a frightening event. Haha, I can see what you mean. I just pictured most of the men in my studio as girls... and now I am deeply disturbed. Did your school have any other events?

    BTTF: The end is nigh~

    DH: I use almond oil in some of my recipes because they said it's good for you. I adore almonds and couldn't eat them dry. I love the smell of coffee and expresso. I waver when I smell it for too long. I'm like you sticking to tea~ Though Lao Cong Shui Hsien can be really strong tea.

    ACO: You went to hypnotize me and hypnotized yourself? *prod prod*

    WW: Oh definitely, things happened in a rather silly fashion, but I was very prepared. So myself and a few friends dealt with it as a team. So now the issue is toast. Thanks for you worry~

    ACS: A wise decision. *Makes the same notes*

    JATA: You've very strong empathy I think? Like you can feel the emotions of others? I'm glad you're pursuiting this path. Ignore my cyncism if it pops up. I agree, there is no excuse for violence of any kind upon a loved one.

    IJ: So it's futitle! How evil, I wonder if there will be a blocker program to get rid of those as well. Do yours cover the video screen?

    RC: I love sour candy! Toxic Waste, Warheads, Shockers. I eat them so much, the store two blocks away carries all there. Mixing it in salad is excellent. I like mixing a little bit of lemon in soda water. Is that so? *looks at her rotten apples* That might explain my appointment this week. Or are we pelting them with this fruit?

    Arnold: I'm glad! I should get you to argue my cause with them. They say it's too dark for Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey fit the role really well I felt. Ace Ventura, I remember so many boys copied him in my school. Though we were all super young so it's only natural.

    TM: Shaquille made more than Kazam... I am very very afraid. What in the world is Steel? I'm not sure either, I just browsed them briefly at the store. The movie made me laugh out loud which is rare. I'm usually a giggler.

    TWOO: Thats Charles for you, he is in the music department near my studio. If anyone were going to figure it out it would be him. He's been a music instructor when I wasn't even born yet.

    Durable products? Dare I ask what usually happens to them? Oh very much so. I listen to classical and movie soundtracks. I rarely listen to anything with lyrics unless it's a choir. It was a shock for a lot of people.

    It's definitely neat, the new theory is that the earth plates didn't drift, but rather expanded. That is to say the earth is actually growing in size rather than drifting. It's super interesting. I sneak into the science department to see what they are up to.

    It's pretty creepy. Especially when they are in flocks too. It's cute when couples do it due to their connection and affinity. The others are just trying so hard to match that they become like the borg. So we're similar, kept being called unique and left it at that. Nowadays I am called a "hippie" drives me nuts. I dress too well to be a hippie. Also I wear victorian inspired clothes. *grumbles*

    P.S. What would they smell like if they are bad? My oranges still look okay, but I doubt they are okay...

    P.P.S. Oh yummy, that is fine dining~ Eight Legged surprise, high on protien I would imagine. Haha, yes quite similar to humans~ There is one difference between bugs and humans (even though some might prove me wrong) we have layers of conciousness. There are as many stars as grains of sand they say, perhaps even more. Each star is it's on system. Definitely something out there. I am doing a project on aliens this week. I am not sure if I am going to do clay, water colour, or paint.
  6. Knightrunner
    2011-02-28 23:46
    Thanks for the message now I feel like talking to people more here lol Maybe I should practice talking to other people IRL too. I'm kind of wondering but I see two pictures in the message one is about Haruhi and the other is K-on. Is there suppose to be a third?
  7. Suomi
    2011-02-28 22:05
    Thank you for your lovely message! I would be glad to chat on AS, or msn/gmail/yahoo if you have those, as I don't have a skype.
  8. Hooves
    2011-02-28 21:57
    Thomas Alexander Yoon... A unique name
    I'm usually on Skype when I get on just to check my messages, but I can stay around for a chat when I see you log on... But only because the cake tempts me.... Nothing else...
  9. Hooves
    2011-02-28 18:23
    Well my post count has gone down due to inactivity while I got stuck in a visual novel game where "I CAN'T SAVE!!!!" Ahh!! That was such a rush, I had to quickly finish that RPG game that had 6 chapters and they were very decent in size. Also yes I'm entering in March, but it may take me awhile to think of a confliction story, after reading everyone else's entry so I don't steal the basis of their story.

    Hmmmm.... I really don't like it when people are sick Try your best not to get sick again papermario! (Of course that's silly to say, but that's what I tell myself) but literally, do be careful for signs that will appear on you. I originally thought I had a feeling of sneezing and coughing, but it eventually lead to a fever (which in the aftermath, I promised myself I'd never get affected by it again!)
  10. Hooves
    2011-02-28 17:31
    Of course! Being busy has finally become a hobby of mine I'm sequencing my time to watch the 12 episodes of 8 separate animes into nighttime. While I play various amounts of Visual Novel games when I get home from school (Currently playing Da Capo II and Tears to Tiara) also thinking of a plot to write for the next competition theme "Confliction"

    I saw in the thread you were badly sick, was it the case you told me earlier?

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