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  1. xlilyx
    2011-02-27 05:11
    Hello my dear friend. Lovely speaking to you again. Sorry for the delay again. I am very well thank you. How are you? I was just reading your last message and found two song I adore. Take On Me and Thriller. Two of my favourite 80s songs, two real classics! I'll check out Tears For Fears that's another new one. Ah thank you so much for the link, that'll help me a load. Haha I had a feeling you might know Hanako Oku's song. I'm very pleased you loved the songs I sent you. Oh some more just poped up in my head: - A bit for up beat then all the others I sent you. (Soul Eater - Resonance) - :3 beautiful! More relaxing and lovely music and singing. - Rie Fu's Tsukiakari from Darker Thann Black.
    Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!
    I have heard all of Naruto and Bleach's openings and endings and I love every single one of them. Actually the two you sent me are both favourites of mine. Thanks for sharing I'm listening to them now.
    It's brilliant talking to you again.
  2. Kev-kun
    2011-02-26 21:00
    Hiya Thomas, Sorry for the late reply, so much stuff going on with school...
    How have you been as of late?
  3. Melpomene
    2011-02-25 22:19
    Hi, long time now speak. I will blame it on being dragged into my local theatre troop. Anyways~ I didn't know that it is quite possible. My doctor is always annoyed with my eating habits. What are your feelings on yams?

    Haha, I am an okay photographer. I only got one award and a magazine used one of my photos. My doctor stresses a lot, I must be doing something wrong. What kind of problems do belly fat lead to? I haven't heard of this before~ I poke and poke the chubby bellies. I attempted badminton the other day, but I ended up just standing there lol.

    Falls on deaf ears everything you say to them. Anything to obtain the all mighty dollar. The dress is pretty, and worth it. Only one? That seems... that is wrong. two beats per bar... music bar... I'm lost -.-

    I was freaked out, but my science teacher told me it was merely a cosmetic change. So I had fun with it. Haha! your school sounds like a lot of fun if they have a day where people cross dress. Thanks... Homie?

    BTTF: Oh yes, you've started a doom that can not be stopped. You'll see 2012 somewhere in December... stuff will happen.

    DH: Dry and hard to eat? That is suspicious, where did you get them? I was an expresso junkie so I am glad you avoided it. I'm the same, never drank alcohol or wine and also don't plan to. Agreed *sips her tea*

    ACO: *blinks* Why are you in the corner. *starts poking you with her pointer stick* Whatcha doing over there?

    WW: Haha, you could say that~ I am often misunderstood. My activities have taken a huge toll this past two weeks with situations turning sour.

    ACS: The produce is more fresh. I just realized how a walmart would have to... ewwwwww... *stops shopping there*

    JATA: I got away scott free too. Oh I see, and that spurred your path onto Chivalry? Hitting your girlfriend is somewhat common here I noticed. Too much anger. Glad I live a "nun" existance.

    IJ: You know what I speak of haha~ They started popping up on almost every video I stream or watch. I get my news online, so when those things pop up... I want to hulk out. I see closing them does nothing?

    RC: *blinks* Yes, I quite love the sour taste and I ate it to prove a point to my director. I haven't had any fruit since then though.

    Arnold: Whoa, Jim Carrey doing them would come out creepy I think. Have you seen him in Cable Guy? I am like the only person in my area that likes that movie.

    TM: Oh no... a Comic Book movie? Those rarely work out. Though I liked "Scott Pilgram Vs the World" Haha, his Clockwork Oranges >.<

    TWOO: It's impressive. I think I pinpointed the change, but I had to have my friend help me out. Does that still count?

    Hmm... TV, does having it on in the background in the studio count? I am so behind on the times still despite resources improving. I liked the songs you've shown me, they were added to my rotation. My friend was asked where I got those songs since it is out of the ordinary for me.

    I agree, I wish they taught it better too.

    Moved the same!? I've seen it, in the malls I watched it. Yet I find it cute when couples move the same. Lets just say I didnt even know there were crowds. I've had people try to put me in places. What about you, have you been "filed" before by people?

    P.S. I'm so glad you told me this, I ended up throwing out a bit of food. I have no knowledge of fruit and their lifespans.

    P.P.S. It's the skittering is it? Hmm, is it a fear that they'll get into places they shouldn't? Jump out and show up in places they should not? I love bugs, I leave them be a lot. Speaking of fears, do you believe in Aliens?
  4. LonelyGirl
    2011-02-25 07:36
    Yeah I got work in a few hours, I didnt realize it was this late.
    Some other time then
    Night Night~!
  5. LonelyGirl
    2011-02-25 07:12
    Yeah whenever I feel like I'm rushing I scrap whatever I wrote down and restart to see if I was actually thinking clearly the first time I wrote it. Although I wish I had an editor because being the High School drop out I am I'm not entirely sure of my use of grammar and sentence structure. Which causes me to re:read all of my works multiple times to see if it sounds correct. Reader's Digest you say, I will definitely keep that in mind but I wonder if they will publish someone as young as me.

    Is college as hard as people make it sound? I always hear about people dropping out so I would imagine its hard stuff but just how difficult is it?

    I would love to hear an electric version of my Mato but I have like this bond with her that wont let me get a new guitar. I've thought about getting an electric acoustic but I think Mato would think that I'm replacing her if I did that, then she wouldn't forgive me, that would just break my heart
    Do they make like little tiny amps that don't need to be plugged in that I can like strap to my waist or something because I've always thought about if those existed but I never checked. Maybe it would require some kind of charging for power first for that to work though.

    You've been to Canada?! Lucky!! I have never left California but its not bad here, its cozy but I would love to see the world like England, Italy, Japan etc...
    I think it would be beautiful in other countries.

    I agree Paul McCartney is the best!! And I love Gibson Les Pauls!!! They are so pretty and I love the way their bodies are shaped.
    Porno Graffiti... I used to have their song Melissa on my ipod but it got wiped when my iTunes crashed, I don't remember where I heard that song though.

    400+ people!!! I would faint just standing up there!!
    What kind of music do you guys play and are you somewhere on the internet where I can listen?????

    Wait your 19 years old and Im 19 but your like crazy more successful then I am!!
    And you know all these big words lmao Thats weird
  6. Knightrunner
    2011-02-25 06:38
    Usually IRL I have to make the first approach to become friends or buddies. I guess I have this serious school aura or something that prevents people to approach me.

    Edit: A person can know me for years and still cannot read my mind or know who I am. I'm just glad if somebody gets the basics down though.
  7. LonelyGirl
    2011-02-25 06:03
    7 Chapters and within a month I would say its pretty good. You can write faster then I can lol I'm afraid that I'm going to slow for some of my stories and in all honesty I don't know how people become discovered, I just kinda submit my stories around the area I live to bookstores and publishers but none of them have called me back or has gotten a hold of me yet. I figure eventually somebody is going to notice me and would want to make my story an actual book lol And inspiration from Japanese Visual Novels, that my friend is interesting indeed and unique on top of that! I LOVE IT <3

    I never did like the whole idea of school for another four years or so anyway, college always seemed like a big drag to me what with the tuition money and school all over again. But I guess its working out for you so good luck with that!!

    Is the electric guitar fun? I would get one but I cant really perform outside with one can I? Oh! and if Osaru is constantly falling apart might I suggest sending it in to a Guitar Center or something to have it repaired to its original state?
    Whenever I play my Acoustic I always get this calm peaceful feeling like I'm standing outside in a beautiful grassland I would love to see one for myself.

    And OMFG I LOVE PAUL MCCARTNEY!! "Band on the Run" is amazing and so is "Jet" and "Let Me Roll It" I actually use a Paul McCartney Guitar Pick and its the pick I use whenever I perform outside
    "Colors" is an amazing song by FLOW. Although I recommend "Tasogare Summer Days" from their album "NUTS BANG!!!" Im like obsessing over that song by them right now. And Actually there is another band I just recently found out about called Ellegarden and I am obsessing over their song "Koukasen"

    Being in a band would be awesome!!! I love music <3 But stage fright would be an issue for me, I get terrified very easily But not just that you want to be an Author and start a company?! Thats ALOT, you have my blessings and I wish you good luck in achieving that.
    And wait how old are you? Because you said you are attending college so you must be older then I thought you were.
  8. LonelyGirl
    2011-02-25 05:23
    How long have you been writing "Knowledge"? And if you don't mind me asking what was your inspiration for the story? I love to know where people get their ideas for awesome stories from, its very interesting to hear they're answers.
    In a way I guess I should thank my teacher for if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be where I am right now although I am often told that it wasn't worth not finishing High School because apparently you cant live if you don't go to college in todays economy, its to hard to get a job. Well whoever said that is a liar cause I'm doing just fine by myself, although money is a little tight sometimes, but what can you do

    I play mostly ballads and sometimes pop if I can find another singer that wants to jam lol But Pop is kinda hard to play on my acoustic ( which I have named Mato ) for I am not the best guitarist in the world but I can play basic chords and stuff.
    I listen to both English and Japanese Music although I prefer Japanese. Although I listen to mostly Rock and Pop.
    My Favorite English Band is The Beatles and My Favorite Japanese Band is FLOW and you can defiantly read my story once I type it onto the computer for I lack the money to buy a scanner

    Oh and what is you want to do in the future? Are you trying to become a famous writer like me and Otaku Guy??
  9. Butter Fly
    2011-02-25 05:18
    Butter Fly
    So this is a set of your favourite number
  10. kona~chan
    2011-02-25 05:15
    You're welcome. and im doing fine thanks..
    btw congrats for winning EMDAS

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