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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Knightrunner
    2011-02-17 21:41
    When you said dub do you mean the one with Ash or Pokemon Chronicles? I think they should animate the manga because I believe it is way superior than the anime. The kento characters are the best though
  2. Knightrunner
    2011-02-17 21:24
    Thanks for letting me know

    How much of the Pokemon Special Manga have you read?
  3. Tsuyoshi
    2011-02-17 06:29
    Hey, Pulp Fiction was indeed amazing If you liked that, you should also check out Jackie Brown and Get Shorty in case you haven't (tho the last one wasn't made by Tarantino, it was just as hilarious )
  4. Melpomene
    2011-02-17 05:44
    Have to sleep, but I will respond tomorrow. Today was an epic day! Hope you had a good day.
  5. Knightrunner
    2011-02-17 04:08
    I'm wondering if your ever going to update your fanfiction. Seems like it has been deserted for a while.
  6. Melpomene
    2011-02-16 07:35
    It defeats the purpose? But but! It's so good and thick and yummy. I can't drink the other stuff, it's like coloured water. Yick, it is water that Skim Milk.

    Mhm, there is great sunsets in the areas I have traveled. So I photograph them. Oh whoa, so that is why you have a lot of people worrying over that stuff. Do you worry over the trans stuffs? Haha really? I like pokeable bellies. I used to poke my dads belly endlessly. Though he is usually built pretty big. Do you work out or jog to lose weight?

    Yeah, the dress was worth it. I was pretty upset, I tried to fight it though it changed nothing. Do you do a "book store crawl?" Where you move from store to store typically used ones? Same, I am picky about what I wear so I can spend a long time in the store. The same ones indeed! My mother hijacked them from me though. 2/4 signature? Ooh I like jazz, I am liking the song already.

    Yeah, some chemical turned my hand completely black. Any strange school stories for you? The demon hand is pretty much my biggest. Very boring. I am trying to build social networks here, but it is proving difficult for an introvert. Hehe thanks for covering for me

    BTTF: *pat pat* It's okay you still unleashed a burning terror~

    DH: Oh yum! I like almonds~ Thanks, I was scared out of my expresso habit I remember everything well. You're smart to do that, have you had coffee before? Tea is better and more elegant.

    ACO: *Waves hand in front of face* I don't feel hypnotized, I feel a little sleepy though...

    WW: It's still downloading (forgot to turn it on today). I will tell you what I think when I see it. Hmm, I would say it is neither questionable or suspicious, but others would say differently.

    ACS: Lol, they're everywhere. I'd imagine that Canadian Superstore is putting money back in to Canada as opposed to walmart right?

    JATA: Haha thanks~ It was funny, he should have been scolding me. oh, that is right you follow chivalry so being able to protect is important. What started your path on chivalry?

    IJ: Very, have you noticed the adds at the bottom of screens that rise up? That is to oppose Adblock Plus and pop up blocker.

    RC: What was that about brain washing? *looks at you suspiciously* I had a lemon slice today >.> Does that count?

    Arnold: Haha, I suppose you are right. It wouldn't work with anyone else. His lines only work for him. If anyone else said what he said we'd think they're weird.

    TM: Oh god... I will avoid this like the plague then. It sounds like you had a horrbile time watching this film?

    TWOO: Thats incredible! I hear Disney finds copy cats for voices of characters whose people passed away?

    Oh I think I have seen that before. A lot of sweet heart singers turn into sex selling sell outs. It's rather disappointing. Oh whoa these are good! Is this from a movie?

    Ah yes, I remember that and then there is a potential big crunch. An interesting theory I came across recently is that the plates of the earth didn't seperate, but rather Earth is growing bigger. So at one time earth was small and it was one land mass, then as it grew it shifted revealing ground water. I love science >.<

    Haha the "S" sins I like it XD It is scary isn't it? Yet you see people following each other and doing whatever one else is doing. I take it you aren't a person who follows "the crowd" right?

    No no, definitely not. It's that our debates get so heated. Though often times our beliefs are the same. I just choose to take a contrary position to irritate him.

    P.S. I will have to throw them out- wait worms? Really from fruit? I thought it was a beef thing :O

    P.P.S. With the long beard and shaggy hair? Most definitely! Is it that they can crawl on you? It is curious this fear because I find bugs so interesting. Bugs are everywhere, so I decided "may as well learn about them." Awwh, well those girls are idiots don't mind them.
  7. Melpomene
    2011-02-15 18:35
    Ah crap I drink so much milk. I usually drink it when I take my vitamins and a bit before bed. I used to drink it much more regularly a year ago. I was called the "Homo Milk Monstress" because I would often get through a carton quickly.

    Very neat, I can imagine you would. I hope that most see the light of day. You're welcome, you're my online chat buddy~ Ah, an idealist interesting. That they are, I photograph them sometimes. What in the world are saturated fats? I hear people worried about those and transfats? Haha, I see, I am skinny skinny. If I had fat it would be long gone by the morning~

    I can imagine, here I was whining about 50$, though mind you the dress costed me 300$. Awwh, they'd really appreciate it I think. Really? I tend to spend at least an hour in a bookstore. Clothing stores it's usually fifteen minute spurts. Those are the same headphones! The intro parts? How will it start?

    Oh okay, where I think for sure I am hands on. Science for us were fun, we even worked with chemicals that I accidently turned my whole hand black for over a week. It was so funny. We called it my "demonic hand" and no one wanted to touch it. Oh I hear you, I don't have family where I am either. My parents are far far away. I have a brother and a few sisters, but they're also far. Haha, I can't explain anything about art unless I show you physically~ I have no shame

    BTTF: But but! You have to *pouts* save padme!

    DH: Eww, it is like eating chocolate dirt. The dark chocolate I like is made from raw coco and is one of my favourite homemade chocolate bar recipes. Coffee stains your teeth, weakens your bones, disrupts your sleep wake cycles, and gives you bladder problems. I know this because I used to drink three expressos a day. Tea is much better Luo Jie <3

    ACO: Oh my! I am both curious and frightened at the same time. What would you make me into?

    WW: Cool, I started a download on it just now. I intend on watching it tonight. Haha, other activities~ I can't really discuss on here though.

    ACS: Haha, Wal-Mart is everywhere. It's even in Japan from what I gather. There is also some in Germany, Britian, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, Korea, and one in China. Only places without are parts of South America, Africa, and Middle East (since it's decitant american filth)

    JATA: Yes, sins which is clearly stated in the comandments @_@ It's not rocket science people! I always imagined being protected, I am not very strong really. Though I did hit a guy named Herby with a huge heavy book. The principle spent his time laughing rather than disciplining me because the book was poetically entitled: "Gone with the Wind." Herby was also being a sick perv.

    IJ: Pre-roll ads, I hate them with an undying passion. They load fast and play LOUD then the video comes on *buffering* evil. This is really out of hand don't you think?

    RC: I loath to eat fruit :<

    Arnold: Do you remember the riddle of steel? God, so many people thought that was so cool apparently.

    TM: Thankfully I have never heard of Tank Girl, and is there a reason there are marsupials in that movie? Rapping >.< Ugh... Wire work? Was it a really old movie? I know in Chinese movies you can see the wire work until around 1993ish.

    TWOO: Whoa... Whoever took over is extremely talented to mimic the previous voice! That is impressive, yeah totally crazy~

    What does it mean to sell out? I heard that a few times when people are talking about music. "Oh he is such a sell out." These songs are all really good, I think you're weaning me into a genre here~ I've always liked jazz and such, very popular in my foster family.

    What is Big Bang Theory?

    It would be like how people see aliens. It frightens me when people talk about how they want perfection. Perfection is stuffy, strict, and not spontaneous. Three things I dislike. We'd all be wearing the same clothes and thinking the same things *shutter* It's funny because the term Utopia means "No Place" in greek. Thomas More has a good satire book on Utopia.

    Thanks, it's what keeps us talking for so long. Our debates can be pretty heated. We also get so mad at each other during the debates. A few friend were worried for me because of how heated we were getting. That is cool that you and your dad talk a long time too~

    P.S. How about one month?

    P.P.S. Ah like there were NOTHING at all. You'd probably befriend a football called Wilson. Yes, they are very useful they keep out more dangerous spiders and insects. I love insects I enjoy entomology a lot. How would you make sure? Ah, then it is relatable haha~ It makes you quite approachable. Where as those guys who are like "I FEAR NOTHING I AM A BUFFET OF MANILNESS." I don't touch that with a 50ft pole.
  8. Luna91
    2011-02-15 07:25
    i was like that at the beginning!! haha i just got over it
    yes...moolah!! lol
    wow...that sounds interesting...i guess ^^ it sure is and uni is something to look forward to going back wasnt for me haha
  9. Melpomene
    2011-02-15 06:43
    Mhm~ I'll drink a glass of milk to that.

    Oh whoa, next year! I bet you are excited. How many of you are going? Have you guys planned out the trip yet? Happy Valentines Day to you too, and it is your day as well. That osunds like a wonderful time spent. I love sunsets. If you believe I think you will someday for sure. Oh lots of eating out, that can be a problem. It is better than instant no? I'm guilty of instant lately... What about you?

    80$... You've trumped me in any cost I can think of. Too many jokes can come of that, but I think it's not a bad thing wishing to do a girls out adventure. Most guys are too afraid to do it. Oh no my buffet of manliness is under attack!! I do, I tend to be quite slow and don't flutter from shop to shop. I also only try on things I want to buy. They are, big bulky things with cushiony earpads. They rattle when you move them about. Sound similar? Keep me posted of your song's progression I am really curious what goes into make one.

    Exactly! According to several tests, I'm evenly distributed throughout the learning styles. Still, I never took a special interest in math, but more business. Earth Science sounds exciting! Korean schools? Hmm, I wouldn't say "better", but I had more interest in it than my public school The Korean school was in my country as well; I've only been to Korea once on my first birthday. Oh, a spreadsheet is a table of information. It's used to show off several different statistics at once.

    Evenly distributed? Does that mean you've got to change it up? Or open to every style? Business is very useful in this age. It was, we used to go on trips to farms and creeks. Lots of hands on. Do you have family still living in Korea? Oh whoa, you explained that so easily.

    BTTF: *evil grin* You are fulfilling your destiny...

    DH: Oh I know the chocolate you're talking about. Yick, I don't eat that either. Coffee is vile and leaves a nasty taste in my mouth (and makes me thirsty).

    ACO: Lol! me addicted to fruit? You've got your work cut out for you mister master mind.

    WW: I've added it to my list. I have to see this movie. It goes along with some of my "other" activities I took on late january.

    ACS: Oh no, they've spawned everywhere. And the creepy thing... they are all laid out the same! I'd love to see how they'd view walmart~

    JATA: I agree with your mother. God is an essence of love, a being who cherishes all creation. I just pictured me using kungfu/jiu jitsu and it's just all wrong...hehe

    IJ: Ugh, taking a comedy too seriously is the worst. You're trying to enjoy yourself but others are arguing about the plot.

    IJ: I know! The video is clearly a joke too. I mean come one. Have you seen the producers? Ugh, arguing the plot, that is so silly to do on youtube... I mean youtube is far from a proper message board.

    RC: Whoa! *Suddenly forgets everything* What were we talking about again?

    Arnold: Hehehe! The snake transformation! What was the point in that? The movie was so ridiculous and funny to quote to people. They immediately think you're nuts.

    TM: Ah you saw it!? The inserts of philosophy were bloated and airy and didn't really have a point. The action was blurry and stupid. I felt motion sickness while watching it.

    TWOO: Luckily we have the original trilogy on DVD^^ I still have difficulty hearing the change in Scar's song! :O

    TWOO: Excellent, so watching is earier done then said When does it change? Can you pinpoint the exact time? Maybe I can notice it then.

    IAMMW: Both of us have been dancing the limit I think. I really like these songs! I can see why you and my mother are attached to that time period now. I'm glad you enjoyed it. They're great background music.

    Hawking Tune XD It's definitely interesting. I've learned so much from those songs.

    Ah, I agree I always accept people who are sincere in there apology. I agree with you, we aren't perfect far from it, but that is what makes humans beautiful, their imperfections. I enjoy flaw.

    Really? What is the usual interest? My father and I go on and on about history. We skype about history things I have studied or he studied. It's silly how long we can talk about it.

    P.S. Awh shucks~ Thanks. I will have to think about those, because I have apples and haven't touched them yet... What is the life span of apples? or oranges?

    P.P.S. I used to share "Completely Alone" but I have experianced that and I am stronger for it. Hmm, Heights I don't mind, spiders I actually have a few about my house (Shamis and Scotty), what do I fear... Right. I am afraid of someone loving me then suddenly stop loving me. It has happened yet I still don't overcome that fear. I don't think you are a Scardy Cat quite... gah whats the word, relatable?
  10. BaKaBaKaOtaKu
    2011-02-15 05:54
    yeah! aza! fighting! L0L.

    XD so, what course are you gonna take up in college? XD

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