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  1. Echoes
    2012-12-10 07:18
    I don't actually think any of the JRPGs I've played had a vocalized opening, so I've dodged that bullet. The few I've played with dubbed voice acting I've actually had little to no problems with either. I don't know how that's possible, you'd think I'd be hard to please with all that anime-watching under my belt. Guess I've just been getting lucky.

    Damn them for beating me to the punch! I still like spoilophobia better though.

    You do lose some every time you disagree with me, that's why you were getting shortchanged! They're slippery bastards. But once you accumulate 1000 of them, you're allowed to carry a pimp cane and smack random people upside their heads and get away with it.

    I watched episode 9 of Psycho-Pass yesterday. Damn. Were they listening in on our conversation? They suddenly start giving me exactly what I wanted. More Beethoven, more focus on the villain, and some alone-time with, and development for, Akane. It's almost eerie. I'm not going to look for any sort of rational explanation for this, I'm just going to enjoy it.

    P.S. I was at a farm yesterday. Check out this crazy cow. It doesn't show that well in the picture, but its head was enormous. And that's actually a female, despite its horns.
  2. Soverence
    2012-12-09 19:22
    Well there is a lot going on currently over in Syria which does warrant some attention. Although honestly, I hope the U.S. doesn't go and get directly involved again if things start going bad, we need to stop acting like the world police. Space news has fallen out of interest of the main stream media once the shuttle program finally came to an end. Hmm I am just fine with the set of silly/immature jokes I currently have at my disposal thank you very much . Hmm, well as I know it Black Holes destroy / remove matter and White Holes create / insert matter, but what you said could be true as well.

    Yeah, that might have worked out to be a better amount of episodes, maybe even just one more to make it 13 would have been adequate as well. Yeah, at this point its pretty much done so they have to move forward as planned. Reading stuff on the forums though I was glad to read that all the characters actually still play a major part in the final two episodes, I was afraid that they might focus too much on Rikka and Yuuta, leaving everyone else to only play minor parts.

    I can see that. The main reason I watch anime is for the interesting stories, plots, and characters that really stand out, but even so I like for a change of pace every once in awhile. I enjoy a good comedy or parody anime to get me to laugh and sit back and enjoy the ride.

    The characters are just your typical moe genre girls for the most part, which let me make this clear, I have no problem with moe style girls, just mainly what some animes do with them. K-ON felt like a show that was trying to cater to all the possible factions of moe lovers more then it was trying to make a actually fun show. They are a very happy and fun loving bunch to watch, but they are not interesting at all besides that. The characters kind of remind me of the first time you see a clown, (lets assume we both love clowns, make this comparison easier xD) when they do the dance and squirt water on you with the fake flower, they can usually get you to laugh or at least smile. Now imagine that same clown follows you around for a month doing the same jokes throughout the day, it would probably get old pretty quickly. The genre itself is not bad, its just that K-ON is in my opinion a terrible example for it.

    I think the reason why people don't seem to realize it anymore is because U.S. citizens seem to be getting less and less trustworthy of those in power and because of it are getting further detached from them. Meaning we kind of see this sneaking in to get information okay because well, they are probably lying to us anyway so we will do what we have to to get the information we need. Most important documents have multiple digital and hard copies, can never be too safe right?
  3. Echoes
    2012-12-08 20:32
    It goes up to 200? Goodbye sleep indeed! That's pretty cool about the singer doing both the English and Japanese version of the song. I know I've seen that somewhere else, but I can't put my finger on it right now. I guess there Ef A Tale of Memories, but that's not entirely the same thing. I'm a little surprised there even is an English version, you'd think most people who would play blatantly anime-themed JRPGs wouldn't mind a Japanese opening.

    Probably true. I'm a little spoiler-phobic. (Spoilophobic?)

    That Micheal Jackson thing is so strange I still have trouble believing it. But hearing the music, it does lend credence to it, I have to admit. It works shockingly well. That's an old-school device. About as technologically advanced as the one I currently use though. At least mine is smaller now. Bringing the Sonic CD CD (wow, what a horrible phrase) everywhere gives you massive cool points in my book.

    Another whole week of waiting? That's not cool. Way not cool.
  4. Echoes
    2012-12-08 09:31
    I don't know how hard that is to achieve, but even just completing an entire JRPG is a task unto itself. Animated scenes like that are a nice bonus, especially for anime fans!

    You never know! Well, I never know. I think that I'm just not a fan of that urban vice and crime theme in a game setting. I like a lot of those kinds of movies, but there's something that doesn't click with me when you put it into a game.

    Awesome. That track is just insane. I love it as well. But that level can drive me nuts! I had forgotten about that soundtrack thing! I had it for the PC version way back when. Long, long before I had my own computer.

    Right. Beer is good for smart-making. In your brain. That's why it tastes so bad, don'tchu know? All healthy things taste bad.

    I was going to ask whether you got the part or not, but I ended up reading the latest blog post before replying and found out for myself. Too bad about that. There's always Monday! And music. And Vesperia.
  5. Soverence
    2012-12-07 08:31
    Yeah, they still have news on it but I feel that space news has not been so main stream for the media as it use to be. More dense then your mom Oooo! But seriously it is so weird to think about it, how something could possibly be that massive and just destroy matter. I like to think that the theory of white holes is true as well, because then it makes more sense but who knows.

    Hmm, I think I would have liked it less if the showed moved at a pace totally similar to this episode, besides the fact it wouldn't have made sense to do so since nothing really goes on early on except comedy and some minor development points which are still done in a comedic way. It gets some leeway to move more sporadically because it is approaching the climax, but I just felt like this episode crammed too much into too little. Not to say it was a terrible episode, just average compared to the other episodes before it. <- well I don't totally agree with this guys review, he hits home on a lot of my feelings about the show. I don't like judging a show before seeing it but based on the synopsis and who is making it, it leans toward a K-ONess style that I will probably avoid. I am open to most genre's as well, but the show has to be interesting which K-ON just wasn't to me.

    I think they kind of died down once all the 4chan twelve year olds started calling themselves members of anonymous. Its hard to keep a group together when there is no leader and no one knows each other. I mainly use the prepaid cards to buy stuff online, one exception is for my league of legends account. Well there is always a risk, it is still safe enough that I am willing to use it. Yeah, hard copies really aren't going to be lost or destroyed in one person's lifetime.
  6. Soverence
    2012-12-06 23:54
    I am not sure if that is true, I think it is possible right now for us to reach mars, but for anyone who goes it is a one way trip. I know there was a private company that was working on plans for a Mars colony about a year ago and was looking for people willing to make the one way trip, not sure if they ever made any moves forward with that. Also last week I guess NASA discovered the second biggest black hole known to man, it has 17 billions times the mass of our Sun ... that is heavy.

    As you said, we got a glimpse of things to come. This episode was a set-up as much as it was a tease. Compared to the other episodes this one felt really sporadic and changed tones every 4 minutes. (starting off with drama/romance friend talk, 4 min later comedy, 4 min later romance, 4 min later serious development, 4 min later comedy, 4 min later drama, 4 min later cliffhanger) Well we see some of this in earlier episodes, it doesn't happen no where near as much as it did in this episode and it brought down the whole experience for me. It felt rushed, like they needed to make a lot happen really fast and lacked pacing. Personally, I am not a big fan of the moe school life genre, Chuunibyou is a exception I found. Stuff like K-ON honestly is really bad so I have no interest in Tamako Market.

    Well Anonymous hasn't really done anything in awhile and even when they did stuff it wasn't that big of a deal usually. But I get what you mean, sensitive data should not be stored on a computer where people can get to it without you even knowing. Like when the Playstation Network was hacked a year or two ago and they stole like 100,00 people's credit card informations, that was a big deal. Having a back up hard copy is a pretty good idea usually.
  7. Echoes
    2012-12-06 13:46
    Ten hours already? (And that's when you wrote that comment, who knows what ungodly amounts of hours have been spent by now!) You're focused. Maybe even fanatical! Maybe it's just that damn good of a game. I prefer you being crazy though, that has more fun implications.

    Didn't watch the second one, I'm still sort of vary of even vague spoilers. You know, in case I end up liking the game! Don't give me that look. Okay, fine, I deserve it. I don't really have extensive experience with any of the games you cite, although I know enough about them to not be interested. Not saying they're bad of course, just not for me.

    Maybe I could find some more I liked if I bothered to search through the ocean of mediocrity out there. But as for now, I've no need. If I want to play Sonic, those 5 more than suffice. Got a nice Sonic collection game for PS2 which has all of them... except for Sonic CD. That's just cruel. It's probably my favorite. That and 2. But I could play through 2 in my sleep, it was the first, and for quite a while only, Genesis game. As you can imagine, I played that one a lot. Got it down to where I could get Super Sonic at the beginning of the Aquatic Ruin Zone. Good times. Now I can't beat those special stages at all though. Sonic 2 has the best music of the series easily as well. I had to turn some of it on right now in fact. How did they even make stuff like this and the Megaman X soundtracks back then with such limited technology? I don't even know. It's better than the vast majority of million dollar, ultra-high tech stuff that gets released today. That isn't just nostalgia speaking either. Most of the stuff I liked as a kid sucked, and I acknowledge that readily.

    Not that I'm some great prognosticator anyway, but I really don't have any idea what you'll think of the show. I'd be interested to hear if you ever do end up watching it.

    That's a good one too! If you ask me, Barney is doing a much better job keeping kids away from alcohol than any PSA ever could. Then again, I'm sure Homer is drawing in a few, so that evens it out.

    That's how you get by in life, man. Take something away from every experience, especially your mistakes. But that's a tired truism at this point.

    Excellent. Dare I say: Man: 1, Machine 0? No Skynet for us in the near future.
  8. Soverence
    2012-12-06 12:23
    Yeah, a lot of modern technology is based on information that NASA has found well exploring space. Its weird to try and comprehend just how massive the universe actually is, I think walking across my city is a long distance, so trying to imagine the size of the whole universe is hard.

    Yeah, KyoAni sticks with what they know for the most part that is for sure. Dekomori was great in it as always but I really don't have a overall opinion on this episode yet, this episode seems to be setting up for the ending run so depending on how the ending goes will change my opinion on this episode. The comic content of the episode was entertaining as always, that is something that has remained fairly consistent in this series. The drama as I said, I have no opinion till its sorta out, its like we saw the opening to a play, not going to judge till I have seen the whole act.

    They store basically all their information on the internet, the assumption society has is that they internet is here to stay and is basically the future of all information and data storage/sharing (it probably is unless something more efficient comes out which I can't even imagine what could be more efficient). It sounds nice and as someone who loves books I would like to agree, but I can't. Books can be destroyed by fire,water,time just like computers so they really don't serve any better purpose in long term storage. I will agree though, reading a book is a nice change of pace from sitting in front of a computer and there is a nice feel to flipping through the pages of a book for sure.
  9. Soverence
    2012-12-05 19:04
    Yeah, it does sound better the way the media portrayed it and it sounds better to us probably just because it has what we have been hearing it as for years. I do agree it does sound better though.

    I think sometimes people get too caught up on new concepts though, sometimes executing a old concept in a new way can be even more entertaining. Chuunibyou is a prime example of that actually, at its base it is just another moe school life anime, yet the character's and the execution are what make it stand out.

    Yeah, funny how that works sometimes. The library at my school just went through a remodeling and it was weird when I went into my library and they no longer had any books, just lots and lots of computers.
  10. Echoes
    2012-12-05 07:49
    That does look like a kinetic battle system. I can't wait to cast "extreme stars"! That's some manly stuff right there.

    I think I'll feel ripped off too. Watched the first video, and yeah, that's pretty much what I've heard. I am usually not bothered by linearity in games. Freedom, roaming around and exploring is not something that's hugely important to me. (Depends a little bit on the game, but as a general rule.) I generally dislike "sandbox" games. A lot. That's not to say a game can't be too restrictive in what how you're allowed to progress. However, what worries me most from what I've heard is the battle system. Like JonTron pointed out, the whole "game playing itself" aspect. That looks incredibly dull. Man, all this talking about it is making me actually want to try it out to see what I actually think, so I can at least have a substantive opinion on the game. Just the day that I'll be hooking up my PS3 for the first time in a while as well. Hmm...

    I honestly haven't played any of the newer 3D Sonic games. I hated them before they sucked. And before they inspired countless creepy furry fanfics. (Well maybe, I'm not a scholar on the chronology.) I've just never liked them. Tried a few back in the pre 360/PS3 era, and they just weren't fun. The original five 2D games will always be enough for me. Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic CD. That's where it's at.

    As much as I raved on about it, it might impact you entirely differently. You might not think what I described as utterly bizarre is *that* outlandish, and you might even hate it prior to that. I haven't really talked to anyone about the show, because I saved it up and marathoned it once it was over, so I'm not sure what the consensus is. The mentions I have seen here have been pretty negative, though. A lot of that is people who are unhappy with the adaptation and/or hates Studio Deen's work in general. I think going in knowing that it's not going to consistently be a horror show will help level your expectations though, that's what really hit me like a slap in the face.

    It's been much to long for me as well. I was trying to find the clip of Barney screaming "Just hook it to my veins!!" here for my a pithy summary of my feelings on vanilla coke, but alas, I could not. Maybe you remember the scene though.

    Ah, alright. 80 dollars huh, that's gotta sting. Then again, I've paid more than that when you combine even a few of my orders. I'll live, the stuff I order online is a lot cheaper than if I were to buy it in a store here, so it sort of evens out. (Not that they have 95% of the stuff I order available here anyway, but that's a whole other tangent.) Small orders aren't subject to the fee here either. But that only applies to orders under 35 dollars. And with international shipping usually starting at 13 dollars, you really don't want to be making orders that small.

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