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  1. Knightrunner
    2011-02-01 05:01
    lol If I run I might lose water weight, but will gain more weight due to muscle mass. That's why I'm lifting weights when I have time for I will not lose water weight. I guess, but I eat breakfast too. I'm usually shifting my sleeping times which may not be healthy at times but this is college and the real world Is your stories kind of like Goosebumps?
  2. Knightrunner
    2011-02-01 04:46
    What kind of novel are you writing? lol how can it destroy your metabolism? I'm the type that can never gain weight unless I exercise to gain muscle mass. I'm more a hot shower person.
  3. Melpomene
    2011-02-01 04:29
    Heh, the videos sounds like quite a bit of fun. I see, I recall someone saying that breakfast was more important. A lot of people choose more sleep, but maybe they won't feel so sleepy after a nice breakfast? I'll have to remember the water thing. I don't drink often enough to feel that energy you talk of. I see, though there is a lady who is 105 in my neighborhood and she smokes regularly. I can't stand the smell mostly. Tea is my choice as well. Any favourites?

    Hypocrisy is definitely everywhere. I don't follow any advice. People love giving advice, but I rarely follow them. Life isn't a problem to solve, it's a reality to experiance. Thats neat, I didn't know that. What guitar are you getting?

    Choose your own path style, I haven't read one of those in so long. I like that kind of concept. Do you get tangled in the web of your plots? How do you keep them organized, seems like a lot of work. Parapsychology is fun, I used to watch this ghost hunting show on TV that had a parapsychologist. Was pretty interesing.

    Both of those that you named are paintings. The rules for painting is a little different. Usually an artist starts off slow and they gain speed as they learn technique. Like when I started it took me hours to make a scene, but now I can draw a whole scene in less than an hour. I did well, but it was a warped drawing. The exercise was to train our more creative mind and get rid of our usual crutches and bad habits.
  4. Knightrunner
    2011-02-01 04:25
    What kind of projects are you working on?
  5. Knightrunner
    2011-02-01 04:24
    Hi, do you take midnight snacks too? I'm not sure why, but my shower is only giving lukewarm water. I was hoping for a nice hot shower to relax my muscles more I live in Central California. How about you? lol I'm making so much coffee now

    When you have a break and start watching you should check out the most recent episodes.
  6. Melpomene
    2011-02-01 03:54
    I see, so it's like 'antics videos.' A good breakfast? Not a lot of people eat breakfast these days. Holy you drink way more water than I do. Does it really help that much? Thats good you don't get mixed up with drinking or smoking, any reasons for that decision? I find when I drink coffee I burn out too fast. So I try to avoid caffine if it can be helped.

    I find it funny to be honest. It shows how people point fingers, but don't pay attention to their own stuff. I didn't know they made guitars for lefties. 2-3 months is a long wait. So you're one of those "yay it's gotten crazy time to sort it out" types? How do you manage that when things get crazy I usually just drop one thing for the other. What is your novel about?

    My art teacher says if a drawing is taking more than an hour it is too long. He used to show us speed drawing and other techniques. One exercise I enjoyed was drawing without looking at your own paper and with your non-dominate hand. To scare them.
  7. Knightrunner
    2011-02-01 03:31
    The new episodes. They both had epic speeches and scenes. Have you seen them? The mangas okay for now. It is 12:31AM so I guess we are in the same timezone. Sorry, I just dosed off with my reading material. I think I'll take a shower break since I notice I'm losing track of time sometimes.
  8. Melpomene
    2011-02-01 03:30
    Thats good you've got people to revel in the insanity together. It sounds like you have exciting fun filled weekends. Though the video camera does sound a bit scary. Questionable? Now it is sounding like even more fun. Where do you get the energy to manage all that?

    I'm usually called lazy. Though I have been known to get into things on occasion. That is definitely a lot. The fact that you play guitar is pretty awesome, how long? Self inflicted to so you can't really complain when it goes out of hand. Holy your own website too? How do you manage school? Or are you out of school?

    Thanks. It can be hard especially if you talk about it. Lack of interest or just not understanding the concepts. Sometimes I make demons out of clay and leave them for people to find when they come over.
  9. Melpomene
    2011-02-01 03:14
    How does your friends take your hyperness? We're opposites, I loath to have projects to do and just do things when I feel the urge to. Four long term projects? How do you manage the time?

    I think art shouldn't be with boundaries so you spoke my mind. It is why I try different kind of art. I'm not even sure what spurred it, no one in my family is artistic.
  10. Knightrunner
    2011-02-01 03:11
    Now I'm wondering if you live in the same time zone as I do. Is it close to midnight around your area?

    Fairy tails and One piece has been pretty good this week I'm surprise. Yes, somehow I have to maintain my sanity for the rest of the semester with this teacher. I guess i'll see how it goes after I'm done studying.

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