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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Hooves
    2011-01-19 23:45
    Having short posts from papermario... I find that surprising actually o.o
  2. Lost Cause
    2011-01-19 21:22
    Lost Cause
    Crazy indeed! You live in the "Great White North" and I a transplanted southerner live on a military base in Virginia! I gotta ask (forgive me) but do you ever see moose...on your doorstep? Somebody once told me that moose roam around up there like dogs! Closest I ever got to a moose was watching one meander about in a zoo. And of course the Rocky and Bullwinkle show!
    Living on a military base can be scary sometimes, your driving to the base commissary and come to a stop sign, then 4-5 M1A1 Abrams tanks rumble across your path! Or 30-40 Marines run by singing cadance or practicing CQB! Then there's the fun loving sailors who seem to be able to make fun of just about anything, while maintaining a professional demeanor! And let's not mention the Seals when they drop in! Crazy? Oh hell yeah!
    Really?! The traditional New Years dish over there! COOL! And can that pasta maker make mosgocholli noodles? See we love this dish most of all (I just did lasanga tonight!) and wouldn't mind trying my hand at canolis!
    I thought so! The reason I asked was that I remember a tv show back in the late 90s where the main character drove a '62 T-Bird! It was fabulous!! And there was 'Nash Bridges' whee main character drove a '71 Hemi'cuda! And that T-Bird had those built in headrests, it was very unique looking.
    "ridiculous media, terrible references, and 3 insane people"O.O YOU KNOW MY COUSINS!!!!@.@! YE GODS!!! x_x Just kidding! Because if you did know them you'd be running REAL FAST to the next scene of the calamity! You know you could ship that bid to me via PM! Linda
  3. Hooves
    2011-01-19 20:50
    Nei Nei papermario. Is something the matter? Your not getting the occasionally long posts that I usually see around the time I visit your profile? Especially with the very long discussions you have with Sofiel.
  4. Lost Cause
    2011-01-19 19:45
    Lost Cause
    Hi Mario! Well you've never seen my cousins in action or you'd understand! As for Nigel well he's semi-retired now but still he's always ready! And since when isn't "awesomly" not a word?
    I knew I'd screw up the name of those noodles! But yeah Sobo noodles, buckwheat huh?! I never would have guessed it! I'll definetly be looking at the Asian food stores around my area too! Now why do they (the Japanese) usually prepare said noodles in the summer?
    OOH!8) a '61 T-Bird! NICE!! Was that the one with the built in headrests? Having seen the movie 'Bullit' I'm also rather partial to the '68 Dodge Charger! And another favorite Ford of mine was the Galaxy series.
    A "normal" Saturday for you, but "insane" for someone else? Hmm...the plot thickins! Linda
  5. Hooves
    2011-01-18 23:57
    A problem would be what would I expect to do for the competition of the thread

    February hmm? That's just 2 weeks left o.o
  6. Lost Cause
    2011-01-18 23:09
    Lost Cause
    Hi Mario! Dont worry about it! I undestand how technology can be a drag! So I take it you finally won? I should introduce you to my ancient laptop "Nigel". I call him that because like an old British solider he continues to "press on"! I've had this guy since my college days and though he's getting long in the tooth he continues to keep "a stiff upper lip mum!"
    I like the smaller T-Bird myself, but my all time favorite muscle car is a 1971 Plymouth Hemi'cuda! These things are just wicked cool!
    Ah a pasta maker! I must get me one of those as I love pasta and would like to do my own noodles! Can you make diffrent sorts of noodles on it? Like the short fat kind?
    Speaking of noodles and Japanese cusine, where can I find Sobor noodles, and how exactly do you prepare them? I've seen them enough times in various anime, that I just got to try 'em!
    Sorry if I made you hungry(my talking food prep does that!) and your Saturday sounds...intriguing! Your friends sound somewhat like my cousins!@.@ but less likely to "borrow" a police car to go to church!-_- Yes, they've done that, church in the morning followed by supper in the pokey!! So did y'all watch any anime? Linda
  7. Hooves
    2011-01-18 18:55
    Hey there papermario! How goes the preparations for the Fanfiction Competition thread? The thought sounds tempting that I might even join in although I'm not really competitive and just like to support people, your competition is giving me thoughts.
  8. OMchan
    2011-01-18 11:22
    Thanks a lot.
  9. Kev-kun
    2011-01-18 08:26
    Hi again Thomas... Haha ok, thanks for understanding ^^

    So how've you been lately?

    Haha that's awesome!! Going to search for it tomorrow or the day after, so looking forward to it ^^ I don't mind swearing, as long as it doesn't go to the extreme... Haha with your family? Sounds fun ^^

    Haha Yep it truly is fun... college does sound quite difficult... But I can't help but laugh at people who are serious.. lol...

    Eh? Really? Strange.... *flash of light*.... I almost... remembered something....

    1. Haha everyone wishes that now, don't we? Hm... True... you can't really show emotions and stuff online... so its quite 'hidden' I suppose..

    Haha I see.... I'll visit soon... ^^ So what's the next stage for the comp? Haha yeah Shugo Chara is awesome... Reading the manga right now HEHE!!
  10. Kev-kun
    2011-01-17 07:28
    Hiya Thomas.. Sorry or the late reply.. No Internet access XD

    Haha really? I wanna watch it!! Lol, nah it would be about double here... 20$ as always XD But yeah I think it would be a bad move to watch this with my family

    Yeah free time equals boring to me.. I guess that's why I like school socializing and having fun with friends ^^

    Hm?? What were we talking about again? (Fuko incident if you remember...)

    1. Yeah that's true, charistmatic peeps are awesome lol.. Hm.. Agree with that one.. People do act differently online...

    2. Haha thabks for the encouragement ^^

    Yep yep, I'll think of something soon enough!! (hopefully ) hm.. Yeah sure, I'll be sure to vote for it!! Haha cool!! I just started watching, good comedy IMO ...

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