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  1. Echoes
    2012-11-16 09:25
    Oh, yeah. You tend to check out character songs a lot more often than I do. I sort of get those name-puns too, that's cute. I'd pay to see that recording if that was the case.

    Anything that's 8 and over is just amazing in my eyes, that's probably what I'd call the cut-off point for what I consider "favorites." And I do have a lot of stuff with those ratings... just not a lot if you look at it percentage wise. :P I'm sort of harsh with the numbers because I like reserving the higher sports for the best of the best, but I *like* most of the stuff with lower ratings too, I just don't like it *as* much. The dislike cut-off point is probably as far down as 3, anything I've given that is pretty much overwhelmingly negative.

    Aye, of course. I can't concentrate on anything while I'm listening to anything where people are talking either, so if I'm writing I turn that stuff off as well. Otherwise my head just starts spinning. Hey, I didn't figure out jack, you told me how to do it! And it worked, which is awesome. Thanks for the positive feedback, and I hope you didn't mind me hijacking your segment.

    I prefer it when they wear it for a supernatural or silly reason. I'd hate for them to actually have an injured eye from an accident or something. Eye trauma makes me shudder just thinking about it. That's what I meant when I described it a potentially creepy thing to like. I mean I don't really mind it if it's part of the story in an integral way, but I'd hate for people to manufacture injured characters to pander to people like me. That's not really what I want or why I like those patches. As for Ali Project, you're entirely right that it can be hard to tell one song from another. They've got a unique style, but they tend to stick close to it and rarely deviate. I guess the only one I really listen to on any consistent basis is the Rozen Maiden one.

    I had forgotten all about the Indiana Jones review, actually. I don't think I've seen more than one of those movies, but that franchise is a lot more approachable than Star Trek is. I should rewatch that review, and I think I will! Hopefully the new Plinkett will be up soon, since he announced it two weeks ago and said he wad done making it and only needed the editing part, I think.

    That's handy, at least. Don't worry, I didn't think you hung out at /b/ posting pictures of naked children, trolling people's funerals or whatever else they're up to these days.
  2. Soverence
    2012-11-15 21:57
    I hear yeah, gotta always start somewhere, but the world pretty much revolves around money right now so without money to spare its really hard to have a positive change that we want to have. Even if we give you know like $100 dollars to a charity, $100 split between 1 million people isn't a lot.

    Well I think that is how a lot of American's perceive anime as, just simply cartoon. I feel like it has gotten a little better since I first started watching anime but if talk to anyone who is over the age of like 23-25, they pretty much ask me why I like cartoons so much. Youtube got bought out by google and that was pretty much the end of its free reign. There are certain things that I think the producers have a right to remove like someone just posting there songs, but I am always against when they make people remove stuff like AMV's or Remixes of songs or funny mashups because even though the source material is the same, the product is totally different.

    I don't honestly know anyone who still uses MSN or AIM, i used them during middle school and then after that they pretty much died out. I feel like there was a lot of stuff I did only during middle school, like playing runescape which looking back it was actually a terrible game but at the time I thought it was the bomb xD.


    Yeah, as I said both opening and endings of Toradora! were really well done and fit the anime very well. There was only one actual song used yes, but I was speaking more toward you know the music used in dramatic moments, the background music. I felt like it had the most impact in the arc, minded I am speaking of a anime I haven't watched in awhile but that was how I felt about it the first time through. It might be because the Christmas arch had most of the revelations about the characters though that the music stood out the most to me there.

    I don't honestly remember all that well, I just know that the one from the original world died and the one in the second would got the memories of the one from the first world eventually. Yeah, a Yandere in real life would be something I would never really want to meet, I would probably be afraid for my life. Ahhh right, you have never played the games. In the oreimo games Ayase ends up with Kyosuke in one of the routes (also SPOILER, she falls in love with him in the novels as well) and if you at certain points lie to her, she freaks out on you and stabs you to death o.o ... yeah ... xD I think what they were going for in the anime was honestly a more realistic Yandere if thats even possible. Yeah, she is pretty much one of the prime example of a tsundere, and that isn't really going to change either xD.

    Each movies villain was really different and had different ways to get what they wanted which I really liked. A lot of series are just like "this guy wants to rule the world by killing this guy", villain dies "the new villain wants to do the same thing as the last guy in the SAME EXACT WAY". Yeah, I will agree, the best villain was the Joker, but I can see the best plan being the fear one.

    I was a star wars fan, and I still enjoy the movies and the KOTOR were really good rpg games so I will be interested to see what they do. I am probably not going to follow it super closely like I do with other stuff but I will probably go and see the 7th film either way. The original trilogy was better then the newer trilogy, but I think too many people bash the newer trilogy because I didn't think it was all that terrible.
  3. Echoes
    2012-11-15 09:55
    Ah, so that's who she played. I thought that might've been it since that scene was the only Nana-related sexual thing I could recall, but to be honest I couldn't remember Momo's name. Hey, I wonder if Takehito Koyasu was in the booth with them while it was going on, or if he recorded his lines separately. :P

    Yeah, what rating you end up giving most often is very different from what each rating means. Since you're the one doing the selecting when it comes to what to watch, it'll naturally skew towards the higher ratings. Otherwise you'd be doing something wrong, picking mostly shows you didn't really like. That's especially true when it comes to anime, since most things that suck just get dropped early on, while when you're watching a movie, you're much more likely to just stick with it to the end regardless due to the relatively short length.

    That's a good way to live. I love music as well, but I don't listen to it nearly as much as you do. I tend to enjoy hearing people talk, so I listen to podcasts, debates and such in addition to music.

    No worries, I don't have unreasonable expectations from this one. She definitely looks a lot like Rikka. I hope it's a new trend. I love those medical eyepatches, every character who has one of those is awesome. Sounds like sort of a creepy turn-on I suppose, but it's purely a visual thing. Ah that's right, Ali Project did that opening... hadn't heard anything from them in a good while. Last one I remember is Code Geass. They're really hit and miss for me. I love their Rozen Maiden opening, but others I'm really meh on. I'll get to that Chuunibyou episode tonight!

    Hahaha yeah, those are brilliant. I have checked out his other stuff as well. It's really good, but unfortunately I can't fully get into the Star Trek stuff. I've never been a fan (well, more accurately I've never been exposed, I've nothing against it per se), so most of that stuff just flies straight over my head. He's still funny in those though, and I actually watch their Half in the Bag review show where he reviews stuff not in his Plinkett character. Nothing beats a Plinkett review though, and there's a new one on the way according to their website. Can't wait for that!

    Guh, 4chan. I seriously can't stand that site, though I'm sure there are corners of it that aren't as bad as the notorious stuff I'm referring to. See, there's another thing I hate. I just can't stop!
  4. Echoes
    2012-11-15 08:29
    There are too many characters in that series for me to keep track of, I can't keep all of those voice actresses straight in my head. Kanae Itou was Nana, I think? And Hanazawa Kana was Mikan. That was before I really knew of her, and I didn't understand why I found Mikan so cute back then. Mystery solved! Then Takehito Koyasu is in there somewhere as her Lala's guard or something. I love that guy, but speaking of awkward roles, that guy will pop up literally everywhere. And God Bless for him it.

    That's a reasonable system. I'm a bit of a stickler in that regard, since mine differs from most people's, but I gotta stick with what I find most comfortable. Almost any system is fine as long as you're consistent, but the one I can't stand is the "7 is average" rating system. That seems so counter-productive, you're setting up a huge amount of nuance for the bad shows, but hardly any nuance at all for the good ones. I can't say I've never given a 4, but I've never given a "1", yet. Maybe I will when I finally sit down and watch "Angel Cop."

    When I hear a song, I'll usually be able to identify the show it came from, but as for listing the names and whatnot off-hand, that's something I can only do for a certain selection of titles. Usually the stuff I really like, but a lot of random stuff gets stuck in my head too.

    Ah, so it does get a little more creepy as it goes along, that's fantastic. I've enjoyed what I've seen regardless, but horror in anime is a rare treat, so the more I can get of that, the better.

    Combining the topics of Anakin being creepy and Plinkett being awesome, my favorite scene from all of those reviews is the part where he analyzes their romance and highlights all of Anakin's romantic missteps, such as "supports fascism" and "creepy sex look." So many gems in there.

    That's true, I do. I guess the only option left for you is to jump on up on the hater bandwagon. Don't worry, we've got bitter lemonade and cookies fashioned from our broken dreams.
  5. SilverSyko
    2012-11-15 05:51
    Mmmmmm, I'm Canadian and I don't pay particularly much mind towards economical or political things. I know the States have had a bit of a depression in recent years but I wasn't sure if that ended yet or not. My lack of a job is mostly just my inabilty to find and keep one.

    Screwing others over is the main appeal of Dokapon Kingdom though. It's a interesting blend of fun and frustration at the same time.~
  6. Echoes
    2012-11-15 03:07
    Yup, To-Love-Ru is a guilty pleasure. At best. Usually it's just dumb. Since my numerical values are skewed a little bit more towards the stricter side, I'd like to know your take; what's does the "6" rating represent in your system? Decent? Average?

    That's impressive. I remember a good deal of the openings and endings for shorter (12-26 episode) shows, but for something like FMA, which has like 5 endings and openings each, my memory doesn't really suffice. And Idolmaster? Fuggetaboutit. But you're quite the devotee of that show compared to me.

    Another I'm actually halfway through. But I might have to rewatch an episode or two to freshen up, it's been a while since I left that one off. Liking it so far. Great visuals and pretty good mood, though I wish it'd be a little creepier. Not quite getting under my skin. But that's just the horror-fan in me speaking. Rewatching Hanasaku, huh. That sounds promising, if you're revisiting it so soon. I loved what I saw as well (which was only like 5 episodes), but that's a nice indication that it stays pretty consistent throughout. I very much got the feel of a live-action drama when I watched it, but with some anime sensibilities added.

    Yeah. The romance sucks. No chemistry, and no believable reason they'd be wildly in love either. I also find it downright creepy that Anakin as a little kid "thought about her every day." I don't want to know any more about that, and luckily, Lucas obliged me by not elaborating on why it is that they're in love whatsoever. As for the Gungans thing, all I have to say about that is... "Leave a comment on my webzone if you want me to mail you a pizza roll."

    That's perfectly fine, of course. You know me, I don't care if people hate everything I like, but don't you dare like something that I hate!
  7. Soverence
    2012-11-14 11:37
    I know what you mean, but I always tell people don't worry about what you can't do, if you want to change something work to get yourself to a point where you can do something to help, then worry about what your going to do. But as you said there, getting to that point is about as likely as winning the lottery it seems.

    It was, and I think it was because it was slightly strange yet still interesting and funny that it made me want to look around for more. If it had been just your normal funny and cliche stuff you would expect from anime, it probably wouldn't have got me hooked so to say. Well we were just told it was all cartoons, not like we would know any better as kids. Ahh, that is a pretty good series as well, so it doesn't shock me it got you interested. Lol, oh those days when the law had not caught up with the internet yet, how you will be missed.

    I know right? that might be the reason, it makes sense. Skype still is generally liked just because it has a really nice set-up honestly, the layout for the friends list and how to add people is so easy and well designed compared to a lot of the other call/im programs that are out there.

    Yeah, but I usually end up skipping opening just because I marathon anime and it gets repetitive more then I dislike the opening, but there is still a decent amount out there that are not good. The easiest examples are the opening to all the big name animes (Bleach, Naruto, OnePiece) , well they had a few good openings, I noticed most of them were actually pretty bad overall. Yeah, it was really just ambient music, which I don't have a problem with it being that but I just don't think it went all that great with the opening. Well they are suppose to do different things for the series, as stand alone pieces they are fine to compare I think. Honestly, the first ED to Monster is the only ED i actually listened to at the end of every episode, I thought it was that good.

    Well that is because Toradora was such a roller-coaster of emotions, the first half was really light hearted and silly but then became really serious and emotional into the later half so they had to change the music in order to fit those tones. But yes, I will agree that it did have a wide range of music, it just felt a little hit and miss for me with most of the hits happening for me in the like 6 episode Christmas arch.

    It was not the best series, but it was still a really fun series to watch as you said. I know that she became a little better at the end, and honestly I don't even totally blame her for killing her family because of all the stuff they did to her I would probably kill my family as well. What made me think of her as crazy was when she like kidnapped Yuki and has him like tied to chair naked and was like spoon feeding him its just like, no, this is wrong on so many levels. Yes, I will agree I would rather have the psycho liking me then hating me but it doesn't change the fact she is a psycho xD. Maybe I am just not a huge fan of Yanderes, the only Yandere I kind of like at all is Ayase (from OreImo, again) because she is not that bad but still a little bad, but most Yandere's seem to be down right insane. Yeah, that was about it for that OVA xD.

    Yeah, it was overall a good trilogy, I Would have to say the Joker was the best villain easily, just because of the interactions between the Batman and the Joker if for nothing else. Bane was a really awesome villain as well, but honestly not a lot happens directly between Bane and Batman, there is like 2 fights between them, one Batman loses and one he wins. Bane does a lot of things that hurt the people/city around batman more then he does him.

    Speaking of trilogies though, as pretty much everyone knows by now, they are coming out with a new Star Wars movie, how do you feel about that?
  8. SilverSyko
    2012-11-14 02:53
    Nah, I'm actually unemployed right now. The "work related business" I had today was just a workshop about job interviews. I really need a new job soon.

    Well my bud is going to be bringing both of the Zone of the Enders games and I plan on giving those a try. Also may play some Hydro Thunder Hurricane and anything else we think of on a whim.

    The highlight is definitely going to be Dokapon Kingdom though. Oh the rage that game has generated amongst my circle of friends.
  9. SilverSyko
    2012-11-14 02:09
    That was certainly cutting it close.~

    Nah not today, had business with work related stuff. Friday night will be "party time". Planning to take a friend out to a bar lounge for two or three hours and then return to my place and we'll game overnight.
  10. SilverSyko
    2012-11-14 01:58
    Just in time.

    Thank you sir.~

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