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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Luna91
    2010-12-24 05:59
    Thanks for the birthday wishes paper mario-san Aww your too sweet, you dont have to, your already so busy! haha x.
  2. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-12-24 00:30
    poetry is free expression, so it just can't be bad
    Yes yes thats true! But you see I am a very paramoid person....? I guess you can put it that way
    anyways even if the poem you did was short it was still cute ;p
  3. Kev-kun
    2010-12-24 00:05
    Haha that should be nice as well ^^ Have fun over there ^^

    Iya~ not all the time

    Well you certainly got that right, there's only a couple at my school who are gifted, i suppose I should get them together and play with them ^^ I'm the only keyboardist/pianist in the whole year!!! Lol

    1. Yeah I suppose so, but its rather strange, like you know how Asians are all respectful and all, completely different so its strange...

    2. Hm.. Agreed, that is the best ^^

    Oh really? Lol for around here its Christmas week, so there's only boxing day on the 30th Haha Yeah I certainly would feel bad also...

    Haha there are some hilarious ones aswell I laughed pretty badly at some of them...

    Haha yeah so I guess I'll Cya after Christmas then ^^
  4. Hooves
    2010-12-23 22:27
    Oh my, I was surprised by the very long text message from Sofiel you are very popular around her papermario
  5. Yuno
    2010-12-23 19:54
    ~Yule-tide Wall O' Text~

    They're probably a negative stuck up prodigy hung up on himself. Haha, at least that is what I think since it's quite arrogant to say such things. It is what makes being a human being so beautiful... We adapt, we grow, we learn, and are always perpetually on the path of survival. I'd like to stick around and see it some more~ hehe

    We've been conditioned thanks to the movements of the early 30s - 50s about the rugged mans man. There are other factors and mentalities that sprung up after the wars that made people rather insufferable in regards to emotional openness. It is funny since before that we had many ages that pushed self expression very far. You were considered no one if you weren't in touch with your creative and emotional side. These would be the Victorian, Enlightenment, Renaissance, and Elizabethen ages that I am speaking of~ So screw post modern society, do what we've been doing for centuries XDD

    I just finished the first season of that series today. It would be lost on me otherwise. You could say I am the Midnight Lost Child. I seem to replenish every new day. I've always believed that "Tomorrow was a new day with no mistakes in it."

    The story behind my name. Originally my birth name was Amanda. I was indifferent to this name and simply did my own thing. It had very little significance to me in any regard. However, one of my deep best friends Sarah helped me through so much. She took care of me in many regards and helped me deal with a bit of my childhood issues. She was always supportive and I her. We were like sisters. In recent years somewhere around 2001 she commited suicide due to extreme abuse. I hadn't a clue what was going on. However, something she told me was to keep going and that she believed in me.

    Fastforward to 2003, and my aunt Elizabeth gained cancer, now you know that my family doesn't care about me. If I died today no one would mourn. Possibly no one would notice I went missing for months. Elizabeth was different. She used to take me in as a kid when no one would. She used to take me to restaurants and show me a kindness no one has ever done. She believed that while everyone else saw me as an abomination, I was amazing. That my birth was both special and unique. That I should be proud of who I am and what I deal with. She would defend me when the family would assault me (sometimes physically). When she got cancer, no one helped her same with me now. People watched her slowly die without taking her to treatments or calling anyone. I did my best, but from the hospital I could only do so little. You can imagine I tried my hardest. I even tried to get her transfered to my hospital since she lived in ontario (where I was born). Anyway when she was dying and everyone gathered around. Her suffering turned to a smile and she looked at everyone and said "You're all f***ed up."

    After she was gone, and Sarah I could barely hold on to anything anymore. Then I decided I would take them with me. I would honor the kindness they gave me and the wonderful memories in a sea of utter darkness. So I changed my name to Elsa. EL from Elizabeth and Sa from Sarah. With my name change, I am able to carry with me an honor the two only people in my life who loved and cherished me.

    Haha, I thought you'd say something like that. Yeah, in this case they should be a little pushy. I am very careless when looking after myself. They know this and they are angry that I've been skipping appointments. So if I don't show up tomorrow before staying in hospital I will get repricussions. Which is probably something along the lines of a scolding and beans all Xmas for dinner *yick*

    Thats right, and it's something I am just now learning. Sometimes people like me will relinquish their life over to someone so that it is easier. However, I have found some nasty people who aren't worthy. Taking my life into my own hands is the best thing I have done. I decided it in August, and I am just now seeing the fruits of my labours.
  6. animesushi1239
    2010-12-23 17:02
    GYYAAA! That's alot! Well My all time favorite is InuYasha<3 Ive seen so many other animes but I have to log off right now so I'll tell you later.
  7. Hiroi Sekai
    2010-12-23 16:31
    Hiroi Sekai
    Angel Beats!
    Azumanga Daioh
    Card Captor Sakura
    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
    Death Note
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Hayate no Gotoku!
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    Lucky Star
    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
    Seto no Hanayome
    Shakugan no Shana
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    To Aru Majutsu no Index
    Zero no Tsukaima

    Those are my favourites so far^^ How about you?
  8. animesushi1239
    2010-12-23 16:20
    So what kind of anime do you like?!
  9. animesushi1239
    2010-12-23 16:14
    It's alright i sent you a invite
  10. animesushi1239
    2010-12-23 16:06
    Ok!! haha mmm buddies??

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