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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. xlilyx
    2011-01-02 06:55
    I totally understand. It's been a habit of mine to keep saying it without thinking! So it's getting very annoying to the people I talk to hehe that's actually the only way I can annoy them. I do truly understand and thanks for talking to me. Okay that's alright then It just I don't want you to be waiting for me to reply to a message. One of my other friends do that and I always feel bad when I reply with a late message but my timing is getting better so yay. ^-^
    Oh I see. It was the first time I've ever heard of the band and that song but they sand very well indeed. I'm sure Toto does have many more classics and I can't wait to listen to some more of his and Billy Joel.
    Haha I see well thank you. But I really hope I don't get you bored and tired as you read my long and I must say my misspelled messages. XD
    FLOW is definately a Japanese ban I have always loved and will lways been one of my favourites. Of course I love to share with my dear friends and I'm glad you liked the song. Oha nd the anime is also amazing. I have also heard of Code Geass and also the song 'Colours'. I love it, it's another of my favourite FLOW songs. How about this FLOW song? Another of my favourite openings ever and from one of my favourite anime's ever. ^-^ Naruto Unleashed 4th opening GO!! by FLOW
    Another Naruto Unleashed opening by FLOW. It's called Re:member.
    I hope you like both of my two other favourite FLOW songs. ^-^
    xlilyx x
    P.S I'm very happy to know you liked the picture. ^-^ I do agree, K-ON has some splendid characters.
  2. xlilyx
    2011-01-02 06:23
    You may have already noticed but I do apoligize a lot. That's actually my new year's resolution, to not say sorry as much as I did last year or not to say it at all. Unfortunately I have said it more then 14 times since yesterday so I have already fail, hopeless me. Anyway, I understand about sleeping more often but I can never fall asleep before morning arrives already! It's just impossible for me.
    That's great to hear as I may not be here for some days now. I'm getting a bit busing next week.
    Thank you very much. ^-^ I love all sorts of music really but Rock and Pop are definately my favourites. But Japanese songs are the best option for me. ^-^
    KOTOKO? I have definately heard of them before. I'm sure they sang a song in an anime I know but they are amazing. I loved the song brilliat pick! Ah yes KOTOKO sang one of my favourite anime openings, Shakugan No Shana's 2nd opening. ^-^
    Like I said before, I like all sorts of music so the 50s and 80s music and songs I'll like or even love. ^-^ Wow Rosanna is certainly a surprising song. I really liked it thanks for showing it to me. ^-^
    And Billy Joel is definately a man I have heard of before. Oh I love this song 'She's Always A Women'. ^-^ Thanks again for sharing and you have a wonderful playlist to. ^-^
    That'salso a great thing to hear. I normally send a very long message so make sure your wide away the next time we talk haha. ^-^
    Ah yes and if you have time please listen to this song, it's another of my favourite anime openings which I just adore and also by one of my favourite singers. I hope you like. ^-^
    xlilyx x
    P.S - ^-^ Thanks I hope you liked the picture. Oh and I love your new avatar, really cute. ^-^
  3. xlilyx
  4. xlilyx
    2011-01-02 05:24
    Ah yes of course sorry. I do agree but I normally stay up late at night to watch anime and then in the moring I wake up at least at lunch time! Hah I better stop watching anime all the time and get more rest. I'm very glad to hear your doing fine today. Ah I see. I get busy very easily now so if I'm late sending you a message I do apoligize. Haha yes I do agree with that as well. ^-^ I love Japanese songs and my favourite singers are Chieko Kawabe and Yui. My favourite band is either FLOW, Little By Little or Abington School Boys. My favourite songs are Sakura Modern by Alan and For You 12 Naruto Shippuden Ending song by Azu.
    I also do listen to english songs but not as much as Japanese songs. Avril Lavigne is my favourite artist (most of her songs are my favourites) and another of my favourite songs is Thank You by Jamilia. I also love to listen to love songs. <3
    I do have many more artists and songs that I can share with you but I may annoy you with the long messages. And sorry for this long message I hope this convesation may go on for a while heh. ^-^
    So if I my ask wht about you?
    xlilyx x
  5. Chimuts
    2011-01-02 05:17
    Happy new year mario!
  6. xlilyx
    2011-01-02 04:26
    ^-^ No problem. Oh I do apoligize for being so rude not to ask you that first. I am feeling very good today but like every other day I am also very tired. How are you today if I may ask?
  7. xlilyx
    2011-01-02 03:27
    Hello. I'm very pleased to meet you. Thank you so much for the friend request.
  8. EnchantingPrincess
    2011-01-01 00:05
    Okay, I actually said it a lot early too but... heehee~ How many more hours now? Me 2

    Me too, I downloaded GIMP (again) and am trying to learn how to do sigs and stuff....but have no luck.... *sigh*
  9. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-12-31 17:18
    Happy New Year
    How are you?
  10. Knightrunner
    2010-12-31 05:34
    Seems like your offline or busy. Good Night.

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